The Game
Chapter 7

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Amanda Pierce

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Beautiful women kidnapped. Pawns in a game for the perverted rich.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   DomSub   Humiliation   Interracial  


The next few weeks went by quickly. Ebonita was brought home and after a day or two of rest was back to offering dessert to Erik and Elena. The weather turned unusually cold and rainy for almost a week and Erik and Elena, instead of jet setting to another locale, decided to stay home and let their pets entertain them. The other four pets they would use in the tournament, Rosanna, Chi Tai, Gwinevere and Luana, were jetted in from their other villas and the seven beautiful women were the constant companions of their collectors who kept them busy disrobing and providing carnal pleasure as well as engaging in stimulating conversation.

The following week harked the approach of the games. The tournament was to be held in Hong Kong that year so the seven women and their collectors jetted in early for several rounds of shopping and a chance for Erik and Elena to show off their eye candy and enjoy some sumptuous meals and sex before the games began.

"I ... I don't want to be taken away from you," admitted Ebonita at dinner one evening.

"What makes you think you will?" asked Erik.

"You said you were going to offer me as the prize and if you lose..."

"First, we don't offer you as the prize in any game. The seven of you are displayed to our opponent before the game begins. The opponent chooses who he/she wishes to play for, just as we do. I simply said that as beautiful as you are you will probably be chosen. But as to losing, in all modesty we are excellent players having won the last two years in a row."

"I can assure you we have no intention of losing you or any of our young women," smiled Elena.

And with that the conversation turned to other topics.

The day the games were to begin, Erik and Elena rose late to be eagerly tended by the bevy of beautiful women. Ebonita already knew that there were twelve collectors playing in the tournament, each bringing seven women as playing tokens, one of which would become a prize if the player lost. What she did not know was when the games would be played.

"As champions we may set the time we wish to play and receive a bye if we make it to the semi finals. All others must draw for times as well as opponents," said Erik. "The first round of six games will be played today, the quarter and semi finals tomorrow, and Saturday night will determine the winner. We have chosen not to play until eight pm. Elena and I like the night. We feel more vibrant then."

"I'll say!" chimed in Gwinevere with whom Erik had been especially vigorous last night, bringing giggles from the pets and a chuckle from both Erik and Elena.

While Ebonita would have thought they would spend the day in quiet solitude and rest, Erik and Elena instead spent it in sampling the treasures of each of the lovely women they owned. The stamina of both the husband and wife was amazing to the seven women who were totally spent by dinner time while the two collectors were still enjoying a double penetration of Chi Tai whose high pitched whines of orgasm seems to drive the couple to even greater efforts.

At last they all went out to dinner, Erik in his tux, Elena in a floor length gown and each of the seven pets in gowns of various styles and colors, the only characteristic shared in common being plunging necklines, floor sweeping length and backless vees dipping so low as to reveal cheek cleavage. In all her beauty pageant contests, Ebonita had never worn spike heels, especially five inches high, but all the pets wore them and she had to admit they did wonders for the looks of calves, thighs and feet even though they were quite uncomfortable.

Leaving the restaurant, they were whisked by limo to the private residence where the games were underway.

"Don't you want to know who the winners are so far?"

"Oh, I can almost tell you already, but it doesn't really matter. There are only two players who have the skills to really test our ability. My money would be on them to join us in the semi finals."

"And they would be?" asked the lovely black.

"Maurice, he was the bearded man who walked with a limp..." Ebonita remembered, shaking her head in the affirmative, "and Coleen, who I think you probably remember all too well," Erik chuckled.

Ebonita's eyes glazed as she relived first the defeat and then sexual assault by Carmilita, Coleen's pet.

A few minutes later they arrived at a luxurious mansion built into the side of a mountain. The underground chamber where the games were played was over fifty feet below ground. The seven young possessions looked in every direction at the amazing architecture and plush furnishings. They entered an elevator and were quickly whisked to the huge chamber.

As they entered a game was in progress. Pierre smiled and approached them.

"My good friends, how wonderful to see you again. Sun Ling, our host is engaged at the moment," he said motioning to the board, a life-size board of squares laid out on royal blue felt which covered a major portion of the floor.

"How did you fare?" asked Elena.

"Ah, not well, I'm afraid. Maurice took my lovely Adrianna with a move I have rarely seen before. Beware, my friends, he is ruthless at this game."

"Indeed," mused Erik. How fared Coleen?"

"She also won, although Janeen played well."

"As expected," remarked Erik.

"I ... have a favor to ask," said the Frenchman.

"What may we do for you?"

"I have grown very fond of Adrianna. She is -- adventurous in bed. If you should win her I would like to make you an offer to buy her back."

"Hmmm, we shall see," said Erik looking to the game in progress.

Four lovely women wearing gowns of various designs and bejeweled green tiaras, were scattered across the board while two women, equally lovely, wearing white tiaras, stood near each other on adjacent squares. One woman on each team wore a crown instead of a tiara. Ebonita surmised she must be the queen who must not be "entrapped." Five beautiful women who Ebonita had also never seen before stood just off the playing surface -- completely naked. All wore the decorative yet functional collars.

"Sun Ling has just compassed and taken two knights from Boris. It won't be long now."

Ebonita saw the Asian sitting in the left elevated box while a tall, gaunt and now troubled looking man of dark hair and complexion sat in the right box, his eyes darting over the board again and again.

"Observe and learn," whispered Erik.

"A timer dinged and Ebonita surmised the moves were timed."

"Play or resign," smiled the Asian.

A last futile glance at the board and the Russian stepped from the box and approached his white queen, a lovely girl of alabaster skin and soft yet vibrant facial features. In what was obviously a part of the ritual of loss, the Russian reached up and, acknowledging defeat, grabbed the girl's dress and ripped it from her, She wore nothing underneath as they all had been instructed to do. Now naked except for the heels, she turned and walked to the box where Sun Ling stepped down to meet her. Eyes cast downward, she took off the crown and held it out for him, which he took, smiling in triumph.

"I am yours now. Do with me as you please," she said. Sun Ling took her hand and the two walked the entire circumference of the board while the other players and audience applauded politely acknowledging the victor and his newly won prize.

"Ladies and gentlemen," announced Pierre, who, now that he was out of the competition, seemed to be acting as master of ceremonies to the collectors and their assemblage of pets seated comfortably around the board, "with Sun Ling's victory, as is our custom, there will be a twenty minute intermission while we prepare the board for the next game -- Erik and Elena versus Markus!"

Many applauded Sun Ling who was already headed to a nearby bedroom to "claim" his prize. Pets belonging to the host, Quan, an earlier winner, circulated with drinks and hors d'oeuvres as three or four of the collectors consoled Boris who seemed more upset at losing the game than the beautiful pet.

"Bah, pets are a dime a dozen," he said, "but the game -- oh, how I wanted to win!"

There was laughter and back slapping as he too smiled and accepted his defeat gracefully.

Erik and Elena accepted drinks and waved and talked with other collectors as they waited for the women from the last game to vacate the board.

A short squinty eyed man huffed to the center of the board followed by seven gorgeous women all engowned much as Ebonita and her sister pets. Erik waited until the man, Frauland, and his pets had presented themselves before he and Elena walked slowly followed by Ebonita and the others to center board.

"Erik, Elena," said the man in greeting.

"Frauland," smiled Erik, a nod of the head sufficient in acknowledgment.

"Please, select your prize to play for," said the chubby man following the polite protocol of the game.

Erik and Elena had already scanned Frauland's pets. They, like all the pets brought to the games, were quite lovely with bodies to match. Erik and Elena stepped forward and walked down the line of the seven women.

"You have outdone yourself, Frauland, " said Erik. "They are all so lovely, choosing is difficult."

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