The Game
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2008 by Amanda Pierce

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Beautiful women kidnapped. Pawns in a game for the perverted rich.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   TransGender   DomSub   Humiliation   Interracial  

Tammy came to gradually, the large oak sculpted table, the elegant silverware and the opulent dining room finally coming into sharp focus.

"Ah, my dear, enjoy your little nap?" came a male voice, rich and resonant. The voice was cultured with a continental accent.

Still a bit dazed she looked to the source of the voice. At the other end of the long table sat a distinguished looking man of perhaps fifty, graying at the temples but his hair still full and impeccably styled, his still trim figure dressed in navy blue slacks and sports coat, powder blue shirt and white ascot. At his right was a distinguished, if not beautiful, woman of the same approximate age. She was bejeweled and wearing an elegant velvet gown.

"Who ... who are you? Where ... am I?"

"Both very appropriate questions which we shall answer presently. But for now you must be hungry," said the man.

He motioned to someone behind Tammy and within moments a sumptuous meal appeared, served by two absolutely gorgeous young women, one a tall, long blonde haired caucasian, the other a classically lovely asian, high cheek bones, black eyes and hair which flowed to her waist. Both were dressed in sensuous evening gowns and stiletto heels. Each wore a diamond studded collar around her neck.

it was then that Tammy suddenly realized that she was also dressed in a similar gown and that she too had a collar around her neck. The other two women took seats along the side of the table, their eyes cast downward, hands in their laps like obedient children.

"I'm not hungry. I demand to know..."

"Now, my dear, I happen to know you haven't eaten for almost twenty hours and even one so accustomed to watching her weight is sure to be hungry by now. Please, let us enjoy this fine dinner. We will answer all your questions, I promise."

Tammy had to admit, despite her denial, she was hungry. Had it really been twenty hours since ... since ... the memories came flooding back now that the drug had largely worn off.

She was suddenly on her feet.

"You bastard!" she shouted. "You had them..."

"Now my dear, calm yourself," said the woman. "You are new and, as such, we are allowing you a bit of latitude, but we expect civility."

"Civility? After what that brute did to me?"

"For those episodes in the elevator and car we can only say how sorry we are. Rest assured both agents have been appropriately dealt with, especially the one who was -- abusive. I assure you we had no intention for you to be harmed in any way."

"But ... but ... why? Why have you had me kidnapped?"

"We prefer the word 'acquired'," he said. "It really is quite simple. You see, we, my wife and I are collectors of beautiful women."


"I do not enjoy repeating myself. We collect beautiful women."

"By kidnapping them?"

He smiled wryly. "Would you have come willingly?"

"Of course not! But ... but..."

"My dear, I said a moment ago we would explain everything. Please sit and eat your meal. Sabrina and Miyuki are waiting."

"Waiting?" she asked looking to the two other women still sitting quietly, heads bowed.

"They are waiting on us to begin the meal and since you are, at least for this one evening, our guest, we am waiting on you."

Tammy was consumed with rage, but she quickly realized that if she was to get the information she desired from this man and woman, she would have to play along. She sat back down and picked up her fork.

"I don't even know your names," she said, staring him straight in the eyes.

"My name is Erik."

"And I am his wife Elena," said the woman.

"And your last name?"

"Erik and Elena is all you need know."

She tried a bit of the salad, found it tasty. Still she hesitated.

"Oh, you needn't worry. There are no drugs. Now that you are here we shall have no more use of them."

"What was that drug? The small man he shot me with a ... a..."

"A dart syringe. The drug is a very new concoction from our industrial laboratories. It is extremely fast acting. As you noticed it suppresses the will, rendering the subject helpless to resist and assures compliance with any command."

Tammy shivered to think what had taken place on the elevator and in the back seat of the car, how somewhere inside her she had wanted to resist yet could not and had seemingly willingly given herself to the monster who called himself Craig.

"Unfortunately, as I explained earlier, one of our agents took advantage of you. He and his partner were only too happy to confess after our other agents used some -- shall we call it persuasive tactics? But let us put that unpleasantry behind us. Enjoy your meal."

He nodded to the other two women who began eating as well, but like any woman watching her weight, each barely picked at her food while Tammy, famished, ate heartily.

"Are they... ?" she asked indicating Sabrina and Miyuki.

"Yes," said Elena, "Sabrina has been with us for a year and a half, Miyuki almost nine months."

"Why? Why do you do this?"

"Because we can. Great wealth brings great power, my dear. We are, in all modesty, fabulously wealthy. Because we can afford it, we have gone many places, seen many things, done the things others can only dream of. But a few years ago we realized we were bored and so, looking for new and exciting things to do and experience, we began collecting."

"But why women?"

"Why not women? We both enjoy the sight of, the company, and the pleasures that a beautiful woman can provide."

"Pleasures? You surely don't think that I will..."

"Of course you will my dear," said Elena.

"You're both out of your mind! Surely you both know that I'll escape at the first opportunity."

"Actually," said Erik, "you'll do nothing of the kind."

"And why won't I?" responded Tammy, indignantly.

"Because of this," said Erik laying a small remote control on the table.

"Going to force me to watch professional wrestling or Nascar racing until I surrender?"

"A sense of humor. I like that," he replied. "No I'm afraid it's even more painful than that. You may have noticed that when Miyuki and Sabrina dressed you while you were indisposed, I also attached that collar about your neck. As you can see, they each wear one as well."

"So? Do you withhold my doggie treat until I obey?

"Sadly, I can see a demonstration will be necessary," he said, picking up the remote and pressing a button.

Tammy did not have time to prepare herself. Of a sudden the most searing pain she had ever felt in her life cut through every part of her body. She instantly fell to the floor, her body jerking spasmodically, her throat constricted to the degree the screams she would like to have uttered never left her throat. Tammy had undergone natural childbirth with Rose and had rejected all pain medication. Up until this moment she had thought that there simply was no pain on earth which would match that of childbirth. She was wrong. Not only was the pain a tenfold increase, it emanated from every part of her body. Already she had lost control and her body spasmed as if in the grip of a grand mal seizure. Eric had been holding the button down for only four seconds and already Tammy was wishing to die to escape the unbelievable pain. She did not know it but the center of the brain which controlled consciousness was being stimulated as well so the welcome relief of fainting was denied her. At six seconds he released the button but it took several more seconds before her body would stop convulsing and she began to regain some semblance of bodily control. She lay, absolutely exhausted and totally defeated still unable to get to her feet.

"I'm sorry I had to put you through that unpleasantry, my dear, but every woman we've ever collected has had to experience the collar before realizing that it is futile to resist."

Holding to the chair and table to steady herself, Tammy rose unsteadily then collapsed into the chair.

"Understand, it gives us no satisfaction to have to use the collar," said Elena. "But you must learn that you are ours now. We own you."

"Let me anticipate your next thought," rejoined Erik. "If you have not already entertained the idea, you soon will that perhaps you could run away, get out of range of the controller. You see my dear, there is a buried wire antenna which surrounds the house and grounds. The moment you cross that antenna your collar will be automatically activated. And here is the most unpleasant part. I gave you only a six second burst from the collar. I dare say you found it rather uncomfortable to say the least, although you have suffered no permanent injury. However, at ten seconds you begin to lose your bodily functions. At fifteen seconds your mind will begin to suffer irreversible damage. At twenty seconds you will become a blithering idiot for the rest of your life and at thirty seconds you will suffer a fatal coronary episode. And please keep in mind that If you activate the collar by trying to escape the grounds or by trying to take it off, we may or may not be able to get to you to turn off the collar before one or more of those unpleasantries occurs."

"We lost poor Katrina that way," sighed Elena. "Such a beautiful girl. We were on the patio on the other side of the house and when the alarm went off we didn't know the exact location where she had tried to escape. It took us almost seven minutes to find her. It was not a pleasant death."

Tammy's mouth fell open. She could simply not believe what she was hearing, yet she knew it was all too real.

"So you see," continued Erik, "you do belong to us now and you will do as we wish."

Tammy was so stunned she could barely respond.

"But ... but ... will I never see my family again?"

"I'm afraid not dear," replied Elena. "If we allowed that there would simply be too many ways you could lead the authorities back to us."

"I won't! I promise! Just let me go!"

Tammy realized she was begging. Hated herself for it.

"That just isn't possible, my dear. You might be sincere at the moment but eventually you would betray us."

"No ... I..."

"Let us talk of more pleasant things."

Tammy knew the matter was closed. They would never willingly release her. Still...

"But surely you will get tired of..."

"Your pleasures? Of course. You see there are other collectors as well. We sell and trade our collections. When a woman is no longer of interest to any collector, she is sold on the black market. Now don't trouble yourself my dear, we always try to find good homes for our pets. Most go to Arab Sheiks, a few to corporate CEOs around the world."

"My God, we're SLAVES!" blurted out Tammy, realizing the irony of a black woman being traded and sold among largely white men in the twenty-first century.

"A harsh word, but ... well, yes. You are here to please us. Do that and you shall be treated extremely well. Fail and ... well you've had a demonstration."

"So I'm to be passed around to be ... used by you and your collector friends?

"And then there's the game."

"The game?"

"Yes, but we'll explain that later. For now," said Erik, "Elena and I wish to be amused."


"Yes, dear," said the older woman, "stand over there and disrobe for us. We'd like to see exactly what we've paid a large amount of money for."

"You think I'm going to take off my clothes for you?"

"Before the night is through you will do a great deal more than that. But for the moment we wish to see the body of a beautiful woman. Now please disrobe."

For the first time there was the slightest hint of a command to his voice.

"I won't!"

"Oh, my dear, why must you try us so?" asked Elena reaching for the remote. "Do you really want another lesson in obedience?"

Tammy knew this was not the time or place to challenge them. Besides, she wasn't sure she could take the pain of the collar again. The pain from the first lesson was only now fading and her memory was all too clear as to what it could do. Tammy was also unaware that the initial injection had altered her brain chemistry in subtle ways so that she would forever be responsive to the demands of those in power. Fear and power would render her unable to resist no matter how much she might wish to. Sabrina walked silently to a console, turned on some quite sensuous music and returned to her seat.

Tammy walked to an open area on the other side of the table and began to unzip the gown.

"Oh, no my dear," chastised Elena. "You are a beautiful and sensuous woman. Keep that in mind as you disrobe for us." As a reminder she hefted the remote in her hand so Tammy could see.

My God, first a slave and now a stripper, thought Tammy, but her hips began swaying and her hands began playing up and down her legs, the same way she sometimes did for Larry when they were alone. She could see Erik's and Elena's eyes widen with pleasure as she moved ever more seductively. She hated this and herself for doing it, but realized she, at least for the moment, had no choice. As a foot came up to rest on the seat of a chair and she unstrapped the stiletto heel then seductively slid the stocking down and off, she felt her face burning. With everything else which had happened, she realized she was embarrassed. Only three men had ever seen her naked. Her first boyfriend had taken her to a nearby nature preserve where they had made love beneath a stand of evergreens. Her first fiancé on a weekend trip to the mountains and Larry. Through the beauty pageants she had grown accustomed to being admired as she walked down runways, but a modest two piece swimsuit was the most revealing thing she had ever worn to be ogled by others -- until now. She was acting sultry, but trying to hold back at the same time. She might have to bare herself to these two, but she wouldn't give them the entire show they wanted.

"You can do better than that," observed Elena her finger on the remote button.

Once again, Tammy had to accede to their wishes. The thought of that collar around her neck and what it could do was simply too much to resist. After dancing across the floor, she unzipped the silver sequined gown and let it fall slowly from her. She now stood before them in a gleaming metallic bra and matching thong. She danced, much to the delight of Erik and his wife, trying to delay the inevitable. When she saw them show the first signs of impatience she knew she could put it off no longer. Her hands went behind her back and unsnapped the bra. Bringing it slowly around and keeping her breasts covered, she whirled to the sensual music. At last she could delay no longer and she allowed the bra to fall to the floor and her firm, full breasts began bouncing and undulating to the rhythm of the music as Tammy burned with embarrassment. Again her two captors were entranced as she turned and whirled, her arms rising over her head and bringing the lovely melon sized mammaries to their fullest.

"Now the panties, my dear," smiled Elena, showing signs of arousal.

Tammy turned to Erik with a look of supplication hoping he might afford her a reprieve, but no such reprieve was forthcoming. He gestured for her to complete her nudity and Tammy's heart jumped into her throat. She continued to dance, using her breasts to entertain the two while the other two captives sat silently, powerless to intervene. However when Elena again fingered the remote, Tammy sensually slid her hands up her thighs and hooked her thumbs under the top string of the thong. As the music grew louder and more rhythmic she slowly tugged and the small garment began to descend. As her neatly trimmed pubic hair began to show, Tammy, still burning with shame closed her eyes and worked the tiny garment over her hips and let it fall at her bare feet just as the music ended. She now stood completely naked before them.

Elena was clearly aroused now. Walking to her, one hand came up to cup her breast and pinch her erect nipple. "Turn around, dear, show us everything."

Slowly and gracefully Tammy turned one hundred eighty degrees.

"No, turn away and bend over," ordered Elena while Erik looked on smiling.

Wondering if she could really do this, Tammy turned, then hesitated, but once again the all too intense memory of the collar was enough and slowly she bent forward at the waist exposing her pouty labial lips and small puckered anus.

"Very nice, dear," commented the older woman who then turned to her husband. "I think we're going to enjoy her a great deal!"

"I very much agree," he said smiling. "Thank you, my dear. You may go now. Sabrina and Miyuki will help you prepare."

"Prepare? But I thought..."

"My dear, the evening has just begun," he said with a self confident smile.

With that the two other captives escorted her to a large bedroom suite that they obviously shared.

Miyuki brought in the gown and other clothes Tammy had just discarded and proceeded to put them away as Sabrina took a small diaphanous peignoir from a dresser, draped it on Tammy and tied it at the neck. It was open except for the tie at the neck and the sheer material hid nothing.

"They will want you to wear this. I'm afraid you won't have it on long," said the blonde.

"Who are they?" gasped Tammy.

"We don't know, but they weren't lying when they told you they were rich. They jet set all over the world. Sometimes they take us with them."

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