Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Matt finds himself suddenly single. His close group of friends rally round to support him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Group Sex  


Matt couldn't believe that she was going. After nearly twelve years of a committed relationship, watching her pack up to leave was surreal. He could see her making decisions about what to leave, what to take. She didn't even look at the pictures of their life together that hung on the walls and decorated the shelves. The nick knacks that they had collected on various trips she ignored.

Sitting on the couch, just watching her, was torture. He had talked until he was blue in the face. She was going to be with another man and nothing he could say or do was going to change that. She had fallen out of love with him, and in love with someone else - and he hadn't seen it happening.

Matt's cell phone vibrated. Never taking his eyes off her, he answered, 'Yeah?'

'Are you alone?', the soft female voice asked.

'No. She's still packing up the car. But soon.' Matt couldn't keep the pain or the anger out of his voice.

'Everyone is going to Clyde's for a drink tonight. I'll pick you up at seven and I'm not taking no for an answer.' Terry held her breath waiting for his answer. They had all agreed that he couldn't be alone tonight.

'Fine. A couple of drinks with friends. I'll see you then, ' he answered absently. He hung up without even waiting for Terry's response. He watched the woman he had loved for so long take a final look around the apartment and without even a glance in his direction, she headed for the door.

'Wait!', Matt hated the desperate sound in his voice. 'Are you sure?'

'Matt, we've been all through this. I'm done arguing. I'm leaving and you need to get over it and me. I don't love you anymore and I resent the fact that you still want to hold me here when I need to leave. I have to do this. Now, good bye.' And with that Lee stepped through the door and closed it on him and this chapter of her life. The click of the latch had a sound of finality in the dead silence of the room.

Matt looked around. The division of property had been easy for her. The new man was providing a house, a car, furnishings. All she took were clothes, some personal mementos. Matt sat back down on the couch and thankful to be alone, felt his eyes tear up for the final time.

After brooding for a few hours, he finally got up, showered, shaved and dressed for drinks at Clyde's. Black jeans, white shirt, black boots and his bomber jacket. Splashing on cologne, he realized that 'she' had bought it last Christmas. Oh, well. It smelled good.

Combing his thick blond hair, he gave himself one final glance in the mirror. At 38 he was still young looking, physically fit from his work outs at the gym, financially secure, gainfully employed. But that was not enough, it seemed. Hearing the doorbell, he sighed and went to the door.

Terry stood there. She had dressed very carefully. Seeing Matt, she felt the familiar tug of desire. Now that 'The Bitch' - that was how Terry thought of her, in capital letters - was out of the picture, she was going to make him notice her.

The low rise jeans showing just the top of her black thong, the high heeled boots making her ass and thighs their shapely best. The pink belly shirt highlighted her high firm breasts, long neck and soft shoulder length black hair.

Matt just stared for a moment, before collecting his thoughts. Terry had always been around but he had never really paid any attention to her as a female. Why would he? He had loved his woman and never looked elsewhere. Too bad Lee couldn't have said the same thing! Mentally shaking his head, he smiled at Terry.

'Terry! Wow. You look great. I'm ready if you are. Would you like me to drive?'

'You too. And I mean that. Sure you can drive, if you'd like - but I can be the designated driver.'

'Ya know, I just might need one but I hate drinking alone. How about this? Let's take a cab. That way neither of us will have to worry about it.'

'Now that is good thinking! Ready?' Terry held out her hand, which Matt took without hesitation. Just holding his hand made her want to grab him and plant a big sloppy kiss on his gorgeous face, but she had been patient for three years. A few more hours would be worth the wait.

On the street, Matt hailed the cab and gave the address for the club. Terry still had his hand in hers and had no intention of letting go.

Terry and Matt strolled into Clyde's and hit the wall of music, shouted conversation, clinking glasses and the smack of pool balls and cues.

Making their way back towards the pool table, they saw the 'group'. Four men and five women crowded around two high top tables overflowing with beer bottles and mixed drinks. Only one ashtray was on the table and that held quarters for the pool table. Various denominations of bills littered the table, from which their waitress knew whose was whose and what was tip and what was for the next round.

Matt and the four other men had known each other since college. Bob, Brian, Jeff and Mark along with Matt had raised hell together first as frat brothers and then as golf and racket ball partners. They had been through a total of five divorces, six kids, one grandchild and now, the longest relationship of any of them had just broken up.

Matt had been with Lee since grad school. They had never married or had kids, but that seemed to work for them. Not one of his buddies had seen this coming and they were in as much shock as Matt. This did not surprise any of the women present, however.

Terry had joined the group 3 years ago. She was Bob's current sister-in-law. Her sister, Mary, with Julie - Brian's wife, Anne - Jeff's wife, and his sister, Bridget, and Mark's wife, Ellen, made up the female contingent.

For the past year, they had all noticed a change in Lee. She didn't have 'time' to go shopping or gossip or anything that they used to do when the boys were being boys. For a while, she could claim extra work loads and then she was taking 'classes'. But the women figured it out when she started dressing differently, using a different perfume, changed her make up and started getting her nails done regularly. She had another man. No doubt in their minds, but they couldn't prove it and they would never say anything to hurt Matt.

Terry and Mary had finally decided that Mary should say something to Bob. Bob of course thought the girls were nuts. But he did start noticing a few things. After a few months, he finally - in guy speak - mentioned the changes in Lee to Matt. Matt was very quiet and Bob figured he was about to get punched in the nose. But Matt just nodded his head and then told him that Lee was leaving him. That was a week ago.

All the women gave Matt hugs and kisses, much to his embarrassment. The guys just smiled and waved. Within a few minutes, Matt had a drink in one hand and a woman on each side. The group enclosed him, cocooned him, made him feel alive, appreciated and most of all, loved.

Then he saw Terry bending over the pool table to take a shot, one leg on the floor, hips twisted with her ass nicely encased in those jeans. The twitch he felt in his cock surprised him a bit. But what the hell? He was single - now - and healthy - physically anyway. Maybe this wasn't going to be all that bad after all.

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