Sweet Dreams, My Love

by Crystal

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Crystal

Romantic Sex Story: Can dreams really bring them together?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   .


William Barton finished sending his story in. The sub editor he had spoken to had seemed a bit dense, and William was feeling irritated as he flipped his cell phone shut, put it in his briefcase, and headed for the train station.

He crossed the busy street and walked down the steps to purchase his ticket and then went out on to the platform.

He glanced at his watch. He still had twenty minutes before his train was due, so he could relax for a while. He sat down on one of the benches and closed his eyes.

Seemingly unbidden, memories of a vivid dream that he'd had the previous night arose. He smiled faintly as the tantalizing images took over.

He was in a bedroom, naked, sitting on the bed. He poured himself a glass of wine from a bottle on the bedside table. He was waiting for someone, but he did not know who.

As he was taking his first sip of the wine, the door to the bedroom opened and a woman entered, also naked.

She seemed to be about five feet seven or eight tall, and sensually curvaceous. She had chocolate brown hair that fell to the middle of her back in thick waves. Her warm brown eyes lit up when she saw him, and her generous mouth curved in a smile.

"Have you been waiting long?" she asked, coming towards him seductively.

"No." William answered, as he poured another glass of wine, and offering it to her said, "Some wine?"

Thanks." She accepted the glass, her long fingers curling around the stem. He watched as she took a sip; a small drop escaped. He reached out to the bedside table and taking a tissue from a box gently wiped the droplet from her chin.

He was still sitting on the bed as she set the glass down and stood in front of him, his head tantalizingly close to her genitals.

"I've missed you," she said, running her hands through his hair.

"I've missed you too," he replied.

"How much?" she asked playfully.

His arms encircled her, and he pulled her to him, his head resting against the warm skin of her stomach.

His voice was muffled as he said, "I'll show you how much."

She smiled, and then gasped when he pressed a kiss to her navel.

He continued to press soft, tantalizing kisses on her smooth skin.

She pushed him away and sat down on the bed beside him. She took his face in her hands, kissing his forehead, his cheeks, his eyes, and finally his mouth. She lingered there, allowing his lips to coax hers open, and his tongue to explore the sweetness of her mouth.

He pulled her to him again as the intensity of their kiss deepened, lifting her gently and sitting her on his lap.

She felt the stiffness of his penis pressing against one of her thighs.

He broke from the kiss and started kissing her neck, her shoulders. His mouth traveled down her body, finding the ripe peaks of her breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked delicately, and was rewarded with little gasps of pleasure.

He could feel her hands running through his hair again as he shifted to the other nipple, drawing it into his mouth and sucking.

Laying her down on the bed he continued the exploration of her body. He returned his mouth to her breasts before licking his way over his stomach and finally to the apex of her thighs.

Now he could smell her alluring female fragrance. He lightly licked the insides of her thighs before turning his attention to her vagina.

She was aroused, he could tell. Small beads of moisture clung to the lips of her vulva, begging to be licked away. He felt her thrust her sweet sex organ into his face. His hands gently held her down as he began to worship her sacred womanhood, reveling in her female taste and smell, hearing her small, sharp cries of ecstasy.

When her climax came, she squeezed his head with her thighs and let out little ecstatic screams. When she had finished he slowly withdrew and looked at her as she lay spread-eagled, her hair stark against the soft cream of the pillow, with a drowsy, almost sleepy yet seductive look in her eyes, her alluring body begging for his touch.

He lay back and drew her close.

Recovered from her climax she was ready for more. Just as he began to move over her, she slipped away, a wicked look in her eyes. She moved down his body and took his erect penis into her mouth, gently stroking his testes. He groaned and lay back.

She lovingly took his hardness into her mouth, playing with his shaft, her tongue, sucking and licking.

She felt his hands behind her head, holding her to him as his orgasm approached. She felt his thick semen being pumped into her mouth.

When he had emptied his testes of their burden he pulled her to him and holding her close, rested his head between her breasts.

"That's how much I've missed you," he murmured.

"Tired already?" she teased.

"Never tired of you," he whispered.

As he held her close he could smell the alluring aroma of their coupling and for the moment sated, they slept in each other's arms.

The rumble of the approaching train brought William back to reality, wondering who this dream woman could be. He was sure he had never met her in life.

He thought for a moment he heard the sound of tinkling laughter. He looked around but saw only the grim faces of people waiting to crowd into the approaching train.

"Imagination," he told himself, and sighed.

Carol Lewis walked quickly down the crowded street; she didn't want to miss her train. She pulled her coat more tightly around her as she dodged other pedestrians and made her way to the station.

She tried not to think of Kenny as she walked, but she couldn't help it, she saw his face everywhere. Tears sprang into her eyes as she recalled the day he had broken up with her. He had done it kindly, even offering to be her friend, but Carol saw him as much, much more than that.

She went down the stairs to the station, purchased her ticket, and still thinking of Kenny made her way to the platform.

She had some time before the train arrived, so she sat down on a bench and waited.

Thoughts of Kenny faded as she recalled the dream she'd had the previous night.

It was odd really, those dreams. She had been having them ever since Kenny had left her. She did not fight them for they offered her comfort on lonely nights. Now she surrendered to the warm, consoling memory of her dream.

In her dream she had been in a dim candlelit bedroom. She was lying naked on a bed.

She felt someone else's presence in the room. She sat up slowly, letting the silken covers fall to reveal her upper body.

The figure of a man was approaching her. She watched his approach eagerly and unafraid.

You're beautiful," he said, bending his face close to hers. She smiled, her brown eyes meeting his deep emerald green eyes.

She smiled at his tribute to her beauty. In her dreams he was always complimenting her; something that Kenny had not done since the early days of their relationship.

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