But Who Am I Really?
Chapter 10

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 10 - On his last day of vacation in Ireland, Hugh picks up a beautiful local hitchhiker, Erin. That night, an ancient Irish lullaby has unexpected side-effects and the couple is thrust into a new life which they find strangely wonderful... (a body swap story)

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Romantic   TransGender   Body Swap   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  


'And the question of the day, ' thought Hugh to himself, 'is how many adults does it take to buy a dress?'

Hugh looked around the waiting room of the bridal shop. 'I guess the number is 6. How did I get roped into this?'

They were waiting for their personal wedding gown consultant. The group included Hugh, Erin, Erin's Mom, Hugh's Mom, Liz - the real-estate agent, and Erin's sister Mary. The wedding was now just a week away.

The last month had gone by like a tornado, events, shopping, trips, schedules, visitors, doctor visits, customers, office moving, everything packed into one incredibly hectic month. Erin had put it best: "I swear, this is absolutely the last time I switch places with a man, start a company, get pregnant and get married all at the same time!"

But, in some ways, Hugh was grateful for the company. Each person in the waiting room with him had played an important role in managing the maelstrom.

First there was Liz, the real-estate agent. Hugh had met Liz on his first day out alone. After the sale, Liz and Hugh had become fast friends, and Liz, who already had two children (2 and 5), was providing valuable tips on where to find a pediatrician, what hospitals were best, where to go for Lamaze classes, and even where she could find a good deal on diapers.

'Something I'm going to need all too soon, ' thought Hugh with a sigh.

Also Liz encouraged Hugh to join her workout routine: Aerobics twice a week and something called the "PowerCourse" (combination anaerobic exercises and weight training) twice a week. She usually went in the afternoon, just before lunch.

Of course, the first time was scary.

"Oh, I don't think I can do this," Hugh stepped out of the ladies dressing room and stopped.

"Oh, you'll be fine! Just let me show you the ropes." Liz held firmly on to Hugh's hand and pulled him forward.

"But you don't understand! I've never ... ah ... we don't have anything like this in Ireland. I feel so exposed."

"Listen, every girl here wishes they had a body as good as you. And you want to keep it that way, don't you? Now, let's start with some stretches."

Hugh had dressed as Liz recommended: a sport bra, tights, leotard with short sleeves, and a pair of loose gym shorts. But now, as he stepped out into the crowded gym, he felt naked. The clothes were like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination - every curve was visible, from the sides of his breasts, to his taught calves. He knew how he looked since he had been a man, after all, and he could see that they were all looking at him and drooling over his new female body. Liz seemed unaffected by the attention, but to Hugh there were 12 pairs of eyes roaming all over his body, and they were all undressing him, looking at his naked body, and imagining what could be done with it.

And did they have to start with stretches!? Hugh followed Liz, but every stretch seemed to show off another body part to the on-lookers. One would push out his round tush for all to admire. A second would cause his breasts to thrust out. A third would extend each leg. And a fourth would spread his crotch, so that all could admire the slight mound at the V of the leotard as it peeked through his gym shorts.

The sports bra was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, Hugh was immensely grateful that the sports bra was tight to prevent any unnecessary jiggle. But on the other hand, the squeezing of his mammaries and the stimulation of his nipples was continually distracting, and worse, he was becoming turned on.

"Are you OK, Erin?" Liz asked, looking at Hugh concerned. "You look flushed."

"No, no. Just a little nervous. This is my first time."

"Well, here. Let's start you off on the stair stepper."

Hugh stepped up to the automatic stair stepper, Liz set up the controls for him, and he started his workout.

Hugh clenched his teeth. Apparently, he hadn't yet become used to how sensitive his new body was, for his workout clothes seemed to stimulate his entire body as they stretched and rubbed across every inch of skin.

The leotard was especially intimate. Had he bought one that was too tight? But the sales lady had assured him it was the correct size. With every step, the crotch of the leotard dug a little bit further into his pussy, and it gradually began to push the tights into his ass crack as well.

Hugh squirmed a bit. He couldn't just reach into his pants to adjust the leotard, but the contact was becoming too intimate to bear.

"Are you all right?" Liz asked. "Is that pace good for you?"

"Oh, it's fine!" Hugh responded. "It's just..." he whispered to her "this leotard seems a bit tight."

"Oh I know. It's impossible to find the right size. They ride up all the time. You just have to get used to it."

'But how can I get used to this?' thought Hugh to himself. Now, with every step, the leotard was slipping back and forth through his crotch, each step increasing his stimulation. Thank god he had tights on, or otherwise the leotard slipping through his unprotected pussy would cause him to orgasm right there on the gym floor. Hugh blushed furiously.

Forty minutes later they finally finished the entire 'PowerCourse' and Hugh sprinted to the rest room and masturbated. He couldn't help it, it was either that or collapse in spasms right on the floor for all to see. But then, after a short pause to catch his breath, he realized that once was not nearly enough, so he brought himself to another climax, his fingers buried in his sopping pussy, rubbing with a frantic urgency as he doubled over, shuddered, and gasped. After taking a few breaths and cleaning up, he got up off the toilet and headed for the showers on wobbly legs.

"Are you alright?" Liz looked concerned as Hugh stepped into the shower spray. "You took so long, I was worried..."

"Oh, sure! It's just, maybe I overdid it a little, I ... ah..." Hugh looked up and was confronted with Liz, completely naked, curvy and with fantastically proportioned breasts. Small drops of water mist were clinging to her pubic hair, like dew. Worse, there were other naked women in the shower, cleaning with soap, face towels, rinsing hair, and cleansing all parts of their bodies.

At that moment, Liz looked like a fairy goddess. Hugh lost all track of what he was trying to say.

Hugh forced himself to look up from Liz's pussy and look her in they eye. He attempted a grin, "Gosh, we just don't have places like this in Ireland! I just feel so self conscious!"

Liz reached out and grasped his hand. "Don't worry about anything. There's soap on the wall there. Let's just wash out the sweat and we can head out of here. Where would you like to get lunch?"

Hugh was grateful for the diversion, and he was able to make it through the rest of the shower without any further gaffes. Later during lunch, he was able to discuss it with Liz. "Liz, I just have to apologize for my behavior in the shower, it's just ... well there is something I just have to tell you."

"What's that?"

"Well, you have a fantastic body. And I..."

"Yes?" Liz looked at Hugh, puzzled.

"I'm pregnant!" Hugh blurted out, unable to think of anything else to say.

"Oh Erin! That's fantastic! Congratulations!" Liz clapped her hands, delighted, and then paused. "Now I understand! You were looking at me to see what a woman looks like after having two babies. Am I right?"

"That's right!" Hugh smiled, relieved.

"Oh, you are so darling. Listen, of all people, you do not need to worry. Just exercise, before and after the pregnancy, and you'll be fine."

Liz laughed, and they chatted for the remainder of the lunch. An inter-personal wall had been breached, and now Hugh found it easier to discuss intimate issues and feelings with Liz, and vice versa. She thought it was cute how naive Hugh could be at times.

'Mental tip, ' Hugh thought to himself, later, 'when in a jam, just say that you're pregnant.'

After a couple of weeks, Hugh found that he was able to go into the gym without feeling quite so self-conscious. Sure, his body was still getting looks from the men, but he no longer felt embarrassed by it all. Rather, he was proud! He was taking care of Erin's body the way he should, and he was glad that it looked good. Also, he purchased a looser leotard which helped him to keep the stimulation under control.

But most important, Hugh found that exercise helped him to become more comfortable with his new body. Previously it felt like he was running the body via remote control, the different proportions, weight balance, and strengths and weaknesses simply caused everything to be different and off-kilter.

But now he was in full control, with mind and body operating as one.


Hugh looked up. It was Erin.

"How's my bride to be?" Erin asked.


Erin leaned over and gave Hugh a hug.

When Hugh first brought up the shopping trip, Erin surprised him by insisting that she help choose the gown. "I have spent my entire life imagining what it would be like to shop for my wedding gown, like all little girls, and wild horses couldn't keep me away."

"But, it's not traditional! The groom shouldn't see the wedding gown before the wedding, right?"

"Well then, I guess you'll have to cover your eyes as you shop for the gown!" Erin laughed.

Hugh stuck his tongue out at Erin. "I thought I was going to be the wife. Isn't that what you said? So, which is it?"

"I haven't a clue," Erin admitted. "I'm far too confused to answer that question. All I know is this: If I don't get to help pick out my wedding dress, then you're sleeping on the couch for the rest of your life."

"Oh, like that would be any different from what we're doing now..." Hugh grumbled.

Hugh was referring to Erin's new 'arrangement'. After the magical evening when they had danced and kissed (and more) all night long, Erin had announced that she wanted them to abstain from sex until the wedding night, and further that she would be sleeping on the couch until then.

"But why?" Hugh had asked, nearly desperate.

"Because, I want my wedding night to be special ... and I think it would help. I don't want for sex to become routine before then, I want it to be new, fresh, and exciting!"

Hugh had to admit that Erin had a point. They would never have another wedding night, and after all, the wedding was only a month away, so surely he would be able to last until then.

And so every night for the last 4 weeks, Hugh had gone to bed alone. Hugh and Erin would kiss goodnight at the bedroom door, and then Erin would lay out a sheet and some blankets on the couch and sleep there while Hugh went to the comfort of his own bed. Hugh had protested that he should have the couch. After all, he was supposed to be the host.

"But you're the one who's pregnant," Erin pointed out. "And I think it will be best if you're the one closest to the bathroom."

At night, Hugh would lie in bed, horny. Being alone in bed, relaxed, Hugh would use his hands to explore his new female body. He would caress himself in intimate places, sometimes masturbating, sometimes just caressing, sometimes probing into different crevices.

One evening, after dinner, Hugh had gone to bed and began to explore his body in the bedside light. He studied the elegant length of his fingers, he memorized the pattern of freckles on his arms and shoulders, the crinkles which covered the surface of each nipple, the goose bumps on his aureole, the slope of the (now ever so slightly swollen) tummy as it curved down to his belly button, and the thicket of pubic hairs at the V in his crotch.

Hugh had never really studied his vagina, so he pulled out a hand mirror to take a close look. The folds of skin were so sensitive that it wasn't long before he began to squirm. He could actually see sticky lubrication starting to form between the lips. Hugh stretched the folds of skin so that the clitoris would pop out, and then he experimented for a while seeing what felt best in and around the clit, and what nested areas he could find to stimulate.

Hugh inserted his finger into his vagina and probed deeply, feeling the walls with his finger, pushing them apart, and then pushing them back together as trapped air escaped with a rude sound. He probed as deep as he could, discovering all of the different pleasure zones.

Hugh jumped up, ran to the closet, dug around, and pulled out an old vibrator, which he had bought once on a lark. He filled it with fresh batteries and slipped back into bed.

The tip the vibrator was cold and strange. Hugh rubbed it over his vaginal lips and it felt unnaturally cold, smooth, and hard, not at all like Erin's penis, but still sexy in a perverted way.

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