But Who Am I Really?
Chapter 7

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 7 - On his last day of vacation in Ireland, Hugh picks up a beautiful local hitchhiker, Erin. That night, an ancient Irish lullaby has unexpected side-effects and the couple is thrust into a new life which they find strangely wonderful... (a body swap story)

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Romantic   TransGender   Body Swap   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  


Hugh got up at 6 AM the next morning, wide-awake and completely refreshed. He looked over at Erin and saw her dead asleep. She had been working on the contract and company books till two in the morning.

It must be jetlag, Hugh thought. He was not normally a morning person.

Hugh glanced at himself as he walked past the bedroom mirror. My god, he thought, I have an incredible body. He was wearing a knit cotton nightshirt that went down just to his upper thighs. His pert breasts and slender waist caused it to tent out a bit in front, and he experimented with leaning over. Yes, he saw his panties peek out from underneath as he did so.

Gradually, Hugh leant down further and further, until he could touch the floor. Then further until he could put is palms flat on the floor. As a man, he could barely touch the floor at all. But now, with Erin's body he could actually lean over, grasp his legs, and hug them close to his chest. She was so limber. He realized that he should learn how to take better care of the body so that she wouldn't notice any problems when they were finally able to switch back. Whenever that would be. Maybe he should sign up for Yoga? Or Pilates?

With nothing better to do, Hugh went and had a shower and cleaned up for the day. When he got out, an hour later, Erin was still fast asleep. Hugh thought he might be able to wake her up with the smell of coffee and breakfast, so he pulled on a pair of new silk panties (a gift from Fenway), covered up the rest of the way with a snuggly warm terry cloth robe of his own, and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Again, his nipples and breasts were so sensitive in the robe. Every time he moved, they would rub across the terry cloth, making him intimately aware of how naked he was inside the robe, and causing his mind to wander to sexual thoughts, like the blow job he gave to Erin yesterday evening.

His plan worked. As coffee dripped into the pot and as he pulled hot bacon from the microwave, Hugh heard Erin in the shower. And as he put out plates of scrambled eggs, coffee, bacon, and toast (he had done some emergency grocery shopping the day before), Erin walked in dressed in a thin silk robe, blurry eyed, gave Hugh a warm hug with a deep good morning kiss, and sat down to eat.

As he sat down too, Hugh wondered about Erin's comment the day before, about how Erin's mother intended to only make breakfast for her husband, just that one time, but somehow had ended up doing it every day, and was still doing it to this day, out of love. 'Naah, ' he thought, 'I'm just being a proper host, that's all. Besides, Erin was up so late last night, she deserves to be pampered a bit.'

So they ate and chatted about what was going to happen today. After breakfast and cleanup, they both went to get dressed.

Hugh had the distinct pleasure of dressing for the first time with one of his new outfits. Plain white nylon bra, pantyhose, short half-slip, lacy camisole, cream blouse, fitted business suit with a wool skirt, and black high-heeled pumps. Erin looked at Hugh, and whistled.

"Wow, that Fenway of yours does incredible work. I've never looked so sophisticated in my entire life!"

Hugh blushed at the praise, fidgeting a little in the clasp of the intimate clothing. The slip and skirt slid smoothly over his thighs, as did the blouse and camisole over his hard nipples. Somehow, with the short skirt, heels, and gauzy top, he felt so much more exposed and conscious of his body than he had before.

"Now, with just a little makeup, you'll be perfect!"


Erin took Hugh by the hand and led him over to the bathroom mirror. She pulled out a small makeup kit from her knapsack.

"Let's see," she hummed, "a little powder, there. And some lipstick, here let me do it." She held Hugh's face and gently stroked his lips with some light red lipstick. "Not enough so anyone will really notice, but enough to brighten up that pale face a little. How about perfume?"

Hugh's eyes went wide. "Ah ... Um..." he sputtered. What he wanted to say was 'NO!', but he couldn't get the words out, wondering what was appropriate.

"Well, why not? You'll drive those real-estate agents mad! They'll be so captivated that they'll be putty in your hands." She held up Hugh's wrist and before he could stop her, she had sprayed it.

"Now, rub your wrists together." He did. "Now here," a quick spray behind the left ear, "here," the right ear, "and here," on his chest, just below his neckline.

The strong sent was overpowering. "That's too much!" Hugh cried. "It's way too much! Everyone will think I'm a harlot!"

"Shush! Most of it will evaporate away. After a few minutes you won't even notice."

Hugh checked his image in the mirror one last time. After all this preparation, he was still shocked by the image that he saw. It was a sexy, stylish, businesslike female. So beautiful and classy with just a hint of vulnerability. As he stared at the mirror, he thought about heading out for the day and suddenly it hit him.

"I can't do this."

"What?" Erin asked, pulling on her jacket.

"I can't leave the house like this."

"Why not?"

"Look at me! I'm a woman! I mean, I'm a man, not a woman! This is some kind of perverse charade, I can't do this, it's crazy."

"Oh Hugh, I'm just as scared as you are. And I have to interact with people who I'm supposed to know. They all think that my vacation has changed you dramatically."

"It has!! Will I ever get my body back?" Hugh looked at Erin, frantically. "What are we doing? This is stupid! It's all your fault for getting us into this. How could you have done this to me?"

"What??" Erin was incredulous. "My fault? It was an accident! I had no idea this would happen. Do you think I switch places with people every day?"

"Well how should I know? Maybe you're some kind of sicko witch who enjoys separating men unwillingly from their bodies for kicks."

Erin narrowed her eyes and spoke very softly. "Is that what you think I am? I thought I had earned your trust. I thought you would appreciate some kindness."

Hugh looked at Erin and dissolved into tears. "Oh please, I don't know what's come over me," he sat on the bed, "I think I was in denial before, but now ... all this..." Hugh gestured to the mirror, "it's all too much, too fast! I..." Hugh gulped the air between sobs.

Erin walked over, picked some tissues from the box, and handed them to Hugh.

"Thank you," Hugh mumbled, wiping his eyes. He looked up at Erin, "I'm sorry."

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