But Who Am I Really?
Chapter 4

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 4 - On his last day of vacation in Ireland, Hugh picks up a beautiful local hitchhiker, Erin. That night, an ancient Irish lullaby has unexpected side-effects and the couple is thrust into a new life which they find strangely wonderful... (a body swap story)

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Romantic   TransGender   Body Swap   Oral Sex   Pregnancy  


At first, Erin and Hugh were on the phone constantly. Erin drove to Hugh's office, and marveled at how large and fancy it was. Erin made it safely to Hugh's desk without seeing anyone by going in the back entrance and taking the stairs eight stories to his office.

Wondering what to do next, Hugh suggested that they go through his E-mail. As they went through each E-mail message, Hugh dictated to Erin what to write. This turned out to be a useful technique for Erin to learn about Hugh's office environment, including the politics, customers, and personalities. Unbeknownst to Hugh, she had found a pad of paper and was furiously taking notes.

Next, a tour of the offices. Erin walked around, saying 'Hi' to everyone, and with a combination of picture flash cards and Hugh on the phone, she was able to identify most everyone and mostly avoid embarrassment. Almost everyone asked about Hugh's vacation to Ireland, and Erin was so convincing about how wonderful it was - mentioning all kinds of places that Hugh had never seen, that several of the staff started, right then, to plan their next vacation.

"What now?" Erin asked.

It was now 1:30 PM. Erin had just finished a tuna fish sandwich from the local deli.

"Well," replied Hugh, "I guess we better get it over with."

'It, ' of course, was the meeting with his boss. The boss had left a voice mail asking for a meeting as soon as Hugh had come back to the office.

Erin called and arranged the meeting with the boss's secretary. "She says he's available right now." Erin gathered up all her notes.

"Good luck. I'm sorry you have to go through this."

"Hey, I'm not the one getting fired. This will be easy for me. I'm just sorry that this is happening to you. But cheer up! At least you have your stock, right?"

"Right," but Hugh was depressed, all the same.

"OK, see you later."


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