Master PC - Mind Magi
Chapter 2: Copious Craving

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 2: Copious Craving - Ral is in New York City to open a new store in the growing chain he is a part owner of and to learn more about the Mind Magi and how he fits within their society. Things won't be so easy though. Even with discovering how to improve his outlook of the relationship with his girls, not only does his talents advance to a new step in their ongoing evolution, but someone is out to do more than make his life difficult.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Mind Control   Magic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Superhero   Extra Sensory Perception   Harem   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Tit-Fucking   Size   Body Modification   Big Breasts   Violent  

I didn't know where I was, and I didn't care.

Renée was groping at me like she had missed my touch for years. Her jacket was off, as was mine, but our clothes still stood between our bodies. One of her hands had wormed its way between us and squeezed me through my slacks. I groaned with each squeeze and returned some of the same. One of my hands groped at her shapely ass, and the other pressed to the heat between her legs.

Our mouths didn't kiss so much as attempt to devour the other. She didn't hold back a single inch of her talented tongue and I was actually shaken from my need as she tried to drive her oral muscle into my throat. I choked, which is what brought me out of the fog I had been in, and coughed. As soon as she pulled back to a more comfortable depth for me, the fog rush forward again and I quickly forgot why I was in a bathroom in an office high rise.

I wanted to feel more of her pressed to me. Though she was already holding me to her tightly, it wasn't good enough. Clothes, our clothes had to go. Though knowing that wasn't the same as getting it done.

We continued to hold onto one another with one hand each, kissing as deeply as we ever had, and with our free hands we groped each other. Anyone who walked in would make no mistake as to what was going on, or what we were heading for.

I looked around the bathroom, only opening my eyes enough to survey a good place to lay the woman in my arms so we could get to the mind blowing bliss we both craved. Renée seemed unaware of anything except me. At the moment, that was fine with me.

Unfortunately there wasn't a bed, not a couch, not even a chair. There were the toilets in the two stalls but I wasn't sure if those would work or not. It was worth a try. The floor looked really clean. In fact the whole bathroom looked mostly unused. Cleaning crews probably came in and cleaned regularly, but who really knew?

I didn't bother Asking Renée. She was even more into the moment than I (only because I was consciously looking for a good place for our romp) and would have probably been happy even if we were still back in the hall.

My desire to feel more of her flesh pressed to mine must have been shared by Renée. She pulled back from our kiss with a feral look in her eyes. She smiled in a half-mischievous, half-drunken way and reached up with both hands. Buttons flew everywhere and bounced off the mirror over the sink as she pulled my shirt open and pushed it off me.

She didn't bother with another kiss, her lips, tongue and teeth were too busy trying to taste as much of me as possible. I felt a bit better as her face pressed to my chest. I felt her suck and nip my nipple and then the other. Normally, that didn't do anything for me, but I was apparently extremely sensitive and it only made me feel like I had become even harder than I was.

I ran my hands through her hair as she went down further. Her tongue lapped at my skin like I was a big Popsicle and she wanted to sample all of my flavors. When her chin hit the top of my pants, her hands immediately worked to get them open.

I couldn't just stand there and let her undress me. I had to have her. I needed her. I reached down and grabbed her upper arms. She looked up at me as I pulled her back up to standing. No words were exchanged between us. She knew I wanted her. She knew I would have her. We both knew what was coming

I ripped her shirt open just as she had done mine. However, she still had a bra on. Not for long though. I had learned how to get off women's undergarments faster than most women could and hers was tossed to the floor along with her shirt.

Renée ran her hands through my hair as I dipped down and started lapping at her skin like she had been doing to me just a moment before.

The room rang with our heavy breathing. My nostrils flared at the scent of her skin, covered with a touch of perfume and the faint smell of her makeup. She didn't need makeup. I had told her that many, many times, but she wore it for work and important meetings. Otherwise, she scrubbed it off because I preferred her without.

The feel of her warm skin was an aphrodisiac it seemed I had never experienced. I knew Renée in all kinds of intimate ways. She was my first, she had introduced me to many of my other girls, and she was also the most open about what she wanted. The bond between us, just like with the rest of my girls, kept our intimacy fresh. I never felt bored or like it was becoming a task to keep her needs taken care of. I wanted her just like she wanted me and it didn't look like that would change any time soon. However, at the moment, I seemed ultra-sensitive to her touch.

It had to be my abilities. Though Renée would change her appearance to represent what her lover most wanted, it wasn't a conscious effort on her part. Still, it wasn't her appearance that had me so turned on at the moment, it was her touch, her skin, her flesh and my knowledge of what she was willing to do to my body with hers. It was what she was willing to let me do to her.

I had spent several minutes just on her breasts. Big wouldn't even come close to describing her size. Massive was better. Full, round, with a slight point out to her areolas and nipples - which were standing at full attention at the moment. I could open my mouth wide and barely fit the entirety of one areola between my lips, and that was including holding much of it in my mouth to pull the rest in. Renée called it deep-throating her tit when I did that.

She held my head to her as I pulled at her nipple. I squeezed as much of her breast as my one hand could encompass as I tweaked and twisted her other nipple with my other hand. Normally I would lay back and she would use gravity to see just how much of her breast I could stuff into my mouth, but that was when we were normally just warming up. At the moment we were both red hot and ready to get to the main event.

Without a word, I pulled away from her magnificent treasures and stood up. She groaned at the loss of attention but then noticed me fumbling with my pants. She pushed my hands away, and with the same speed I had released her bountiful bosom, she had me clothes free from my waist down.

I had intended to strip off her suit skirt next and then bend her over the sink counter, but she knelt in front of me, dragging her partially wet breasts along my body. The move made my body shiver and throb with anticipation.

It felt like I was suddenly sheathed in her. Looking down, I found her lips wrapped around me. Renée had an oral fascination like no one else in our family and one of her favorite activities was having her throat fucked as is it was her intimate part of her anatomy.

This would have been approached carefully under normal circumstances, but today was not a normal day. She was bent over, her head up and her necked lined up with her open mouth. At the moment, she only had the tip of me in her mouth. I could feel how her tongue danced all around it. Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, her sign for what she wanted. She was opening up for me to just shove my way in.

Some part of my brain screamed to take it easy, however another part growled, ecstatic with the prospect of what she offered. I'm sure you can guess which part of me was in control. I wasn't.

I didn't pull her to me. I knew I had the strength to bend two inch thick bars, so pulling on Renée's head was a bad idea. Instead, I pressed forth. Renée was so practiced at allowing my girth to pass smoothly into her throat that the growling animalistic part of me was somewhat disappointed that she hadn't gagged. Still I pressed forward though, more and more until I had her lips pressed to the root of me. Her mouth was still wide open and her tongue hanging out. She moaned at the intrusion, a shiver running through her body, and her responses sent chills through me in turn. She was enjoying herself and I, in turn, was enjoying her.

I slid back until only my tip rested between her lips, and then pressed in again. Renée took it all as if repeatedly sword-swallowing. Occasionally she would moan as I pulled out and pressed back in and the sound made it sound even nastier. I didn't really get into the frenzy of the act, just sliding in and out of her. The feel of having her give in to anything I wanted that required so much direct skin-to-skin contact was calming my need. I wasn't finished, but I wasn't so far gone either.

I pulled back and she gently sucked on my tip. Then I pulled her upright so I could get another kiss before moving her to the position I really wanted. She relinquished to what I wanted, gave me the kiss, and then smiled as I had her bend over while holding the counter.

She looked at me via our reflection in the big mirror. Her smile was infectious. I returned it as I rubbed myself against her most intimate zones. She squirmed and shook. Her bottom high in the air, with her legs spread wide and her feet arched up so she stood on the balls of her feet. She was primed and very ready to accept me.

And I wasn't going to disappoint her.

The first words out of Renée since we had entered the bathroom were, "God, yes! Fuck me Ral!" And those weren't the last.

I had lined up and pressed into the woman who stood willingly before me. With my size I would normally have to take it easy and start off slow, but I had adjusted my girls to be able to accept every inch without pain or damage. I was long and thick enough to not only be intimidating, but in the cases of some women, not be possible to accept. I quietly thanked my ability to Mold Flesh and slammed into my golden goddess.

The feel of her hips in my hands and the way her ass cheeks slapped against my skin as I drilled into her was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There were all the sensations of how her incredible tunnel fit around my length. The way it groped me, and almost felt like it was sucking me further into her. And those were just the physical sensations.

Renée's words filled my ears, "Yes, Lover, fill me with your big, thick, yummy fuck stick. Fuck me like no woman has ever been fucked. Drill me like a whore, like a slut, like a wonton bitch because I am. I want you, all of you, every inch, every delicious drop!"

I didn't care if anyone heard her outside of the bathroom. I was too lost in the fog of lust.

The slapping of our bodies was accompanied by the sounds of her fluids, mingled with my pre-cum slathering along my length as I slid in and out of her with a mad rush of need. The smell of our fluids wasn't heavy, yet, but I was sure the one climax we were rushing to wasn't going to be the end of this encounter.

Then there was the sight of her lean shapely body before me. The way thick length repeatedly appeared, coated in our fluids, and then disappeared back into her quivering tunnel. The way her hips moved, pulling away and pressing back in tandem to my thrusts. The arch of her back, the pose of her arms and shoulders and finally the openly lustful look on her face in the mirror. Her hair had fallen from the way she had had it piled up into a loose bun when I had seen her at the elevator, but that made it look wild. I increased my pace.

All the foreplay had helped calm my need enough to have some idea of what was happening, and to that end, it was the bombardment to all my senses that finally sent me over the limit.

I leaned over Renée and kissed her shoulder blade ever so gently and then thrust one last time, burying myself into her as deep as my hips would allow. My grunts were loud and the sensation of pouring myself into the woman before me made me lose all sense of what being human meant, and what being a wild animal out in nature stood for.

When I was finished, I was holding myself up off Renée via the counter. Somehow, I had consciously kept from crushing her into the sink.

Renée squeezed me weakly and gave me a wan smile in the mirror. I leaned down again and kissed her shoulder. The taste of her skin, mingled with sweat. It was good. Very good.

She smiled wider and said, "Lover, I love that I excite you so much, but I need at least a couple of minutes before we continue."

I smiled in return and flexed inside of her. She groaned, "Can we move to a different position?"

I nodded and stepped away from her. I slipped out of her but was still hard. She turned but acted like she couldn't stand, holding onto the counter for support. Her eyes found my unfailing hard-on and she chuckled. "I knew you needed relief, but even you have to recover."

"I know," I said. "Are you okay?"

The look she gave me was beautiful. "Better than okay. I just can't use my legs at the moment ... they've gone to mush on me."

It was my turn to chuckle. "Here, let me help."

She took my hands and I helped her over to one of the toilets. They were the only things available to sit on comfortably in the bathroom.

She sat down, spread her legs and did a quick inspection. Then I heard a steady plop, plop in the water of the toilet. She looked up and said, "You really filled me up."

Then I understood. In the months we had lived together, it had never dawned on me that my girls didn't just absorb all the fluids I filled them with. It had to go somewhere. Funny how such details weren't included in those sex education classes back in high school.

Renée looked down at me. I was still mostly hard and covered in our mixed fluids. Her eyes flicked up to mine and her tongue darted out to lick her lips. "Mind if I clean you up?"

Another favorite activity of all my girls was to clean me. None of them shrank from it, and in fact I sometimes had to fight them off if I became too sensitive, but today I was hoping Renée would ask. She knew I wasn't finished, and I really hoped she wasn't either.

I stepped into the stall and stood right in front of her. Renée smiled up at me, running her hands over my thighs, around my soggy crotch and over my abs. I had learned that I could get any of my girls aroused touching seemingly the most innocent areas, but after a bit of research I found that I had been instinctively hitting their most common erogenous zones. Now, Renée was doing the same and as her fingers grazed the faintest peach fuzz covering my abs, I groaned and my muscles bunched. That made me thrust my crotch forward and my messy length slipped along the side of her face.

"My oh my, we are so very eager," she said teasing. "But you're so dirty. I'm not sure I could agree to have such a big, thick, deep-probing cock buried in my heated little pussy. I had better clean it first. You might not get it clean enough doing it yourself, I mean, you can't see the underside of this monster."

She dragged her nails down my abs again and made me thrust toward her face again. "Oh, you want me to clean your massive, cum-filled prick?"

I smiled back at her banter. She was perfectly happy to talk like that knowing it excited me.

She pulled her hair back out of the way and ran her cheek along the side of my length. Then her tongue snaked out and licked up gobs of our fluids here and there. Her hands slid down and between my legs, lightly cupping my sac and gently massaging my sperm factories.

I stood there, my arms up and holding onto the walls of the stall, watching her as she made her way down one side of me and back up the other. She had some difficulty licking up the mess along the top of my rigid rod, but she wouldn't let me arch my back to give her better access or anything. Any time I tried to help her, she would squeeze my sac. I could feel her nails dig into my sensitive flesh and I would go back to the way I had been standing, only then would she relent.

So I stood there, patiently waiting for her to get everything she was after. Finally, she pushed me up, pressing it to my belly and lapped at the underside. Her eyes never left mine. She might glance at where she was licking me, but her sky blue orbs would return to their intent stare into my eyes.

Renée enjoyed having me watch her, whether it was during our most rigorous acts or while she took a shower, even if I wasn't, or while she just went about doing some chore. I had taken to watching her even when she didn't know it and only just realized how much I admired her. Not only her beauty and sexual attraction, but just her.

Renée must have noticed that I wasn't paying attention that very moment because again I felt her nails in my sac.

"Hey!" I called out.

"Hey, yourself. Where were you just now?" She resumed dragging the flat of her tongue along the bottom of my cock.

"I was with you. Remembering all the times like this when you've watched how I watched you and even when I watched you while you didn't know."

Her eyebrows went up. "When I didn't know? When was this?"

"Usually while you're in the store helping customers. I remember admiring your looks, your smile, the way you just exude sexual confidence."

"Mmm ... those are pretty words." She licked me again. "How do I know you weren't thinking about what you want to do to me next?"

"Because if that were the case, I wouldn't just stand here all clean and continue to let you lick me like that," I retorted with a grin of my own.

The sudden heat in her breath sent a shiver running through me. I wasn't sure what else I wanted, but I knew I wasn't finished with Renée.

I could feel her continued excitement and that kept me hard. I knew she wasn't done, but that's when I heard the whoosh of the door opening. I couldn't have gotten the stall door closed before anyone saw me or Renée, but the sound of Michael's voice put me at ease. Renée never even seemed perturbed by the possibility of some stranger finding us. She would have found it more exciting and as a result, she pulled my cock down and plugged her mouth with it.

Michael finally asked, "Are we feeling better?" He glanced around the corner of the stall, apparently saw what Renée was doing and stepped back again. He knew why we were in the bathroom in the first place. For that matter, he knew what my favorite pass time with any of my girls was, but I had never seen him seemingly embarrassed before.

The feel of Renée's warm lips and excited tongue fogged me over a bit. I wanted to answer Michael's question but had difficulty finding the words. Renée finally uncorked her mouth and answered for us. "Actually, Michael, I think Ral needs a few more minutes. If you don't mind."

"No, no problem. I'll be right outside," came his reply shortly followed by the whooshing sound of the bathroom door.

Renée grinned up at me. "Mmm ... he didn't have to leave. I would have loved showing him how I stuff this big, tasty prick down my throat or up my tight, hot twat."

I shook my head while grinning. Then I adjusted my stance and lowered my crotch, pressing the head of my prick to the tops of her soft tanned mounds.

"What about showing him what you can do with these?" I asked.

"Mmm ... first we need to lube all of this up..." she said as she raised her breasts with an arm braced under them. The toilet was one of those that didn't have a back. It sat away from the wall as if it had had a tank at one time, but now there was an auto-flush sensor and a manual button built into the wall behind it. Below the controls, a water pipe led from the wall to where the tank had once rested. Renée had plenty of room to lean back and offer herself up.

I didn't move forward yet. Instead I leaned over her and - much like the technique she had used to clean me - I lathered her up with my tongue.

She played with me, rubbing her bounty into my face or against each other. When she was finally making wet, slippery sounds, she declared herself ready and was groping for my incessantly rigid cock.

"Come here baby, Mommy's got nice big boobies to make you feel all better," she said in a somewhat baby-talk voice.

I moved up her body and pressed my sac to her abs, then dragged it over her skin as I got closer to her cleavage. She smiled and laughed as I did this, but then only grabbed at my butt to hurry me up.

I reached down and held onto her sides instead of just holding her breasts together around me. Since we weren't either on a floor or some other piece of furniture for her to relax against, I thought she could use the help. She smiled up at me and got comfortable in my hands.

With my arms positioned as they were, her massive breasts bulged together and formed the most exquisite tunnel for me to slide along. And slide I did.

Renée didn't bother holding herself in place for me either. Her breasts were too big to fall away from the position they were forced into by my arms. I was happy holding her up and thrusting away at her soft, deep cleavage, so she entertained herself by feeling and groping me.

Considering the fact that I had already reached orgasm not that long ago, it was going to be a while before I was finished again. Unless Renée did something else to help me along.

"Talk to me..." I said.

"Talk to you?" she asked. "I wouldn't know what to say ... You're fucking my immeasurable cleavage with that massive cock of yours. What would you have me say?"

She was being coy on purpose, egging me into talking back.

That took me back. I had never been very good at talking dirty. Most of the time, if any conversations were held during sex, they were about whatever was going on at the time and something told me that wasn't what she wanted.

"Talk to me Lover. Tell me how much you love fucking my tits, because I sure love the feel of your hot and hard cock sliding along my skin, whether between these mountains of mine or not."

"Oh, Baby..."

She smiled. "Yes?"

"God, I cannot express just how much I love doing this with you..."

"Doing what?"

"Fucking your tits."

"Really? You really like it?"

"Jeeze, yes. I could do this all day, laying about having your big, soft, beautiful breasts engulfing my hard cock or sitting over your, pressing your massive mammaries together and ramming my rod into the incredible cleft you create."

"Mmm ... Is that all you think about? Fucking my massive tits?''

"Of course not. We can't forget that talented tongue of yours. Slipping my cock between your lips, pressing it to the back of your throat and the exquisite pressure as you swallow me."

"Oh, you naughty boy. You're just so full of dirty thoughts."

"And I'm not done, or am I? I could cream all over your mountains and still feel up to scooting back, hiking up your long, lean thighs and slipping my big dick between your other lips."

"Oh, but you've done that already, even though I could use another good dousing with your fire hose. Still, I haven't had a good drink yet this morning."

All the talk about what I could do to her had my engines pushing the odometer into the red zone. I pumped and slid between her succulent breasts with such vigor that the slapping noises we had been making earlier, between my hips and her ass, sounded out again. Only there was a distinct difference in the tone. The massive size and softness of her breasts were like loose drum heads versus the toned muscle of her bottom.

Regardless, I was enjoying it. Most especially the way she opened her mouth wide, with her tongue hanging out like a baby bird waiting for mama to drop something tasty in its mouth. The tasty something Renée waited for wasn't long for teasing either. Soon, rope after rope of cum shot from my tip. Some landed in her mouth and she immediately swallowed and opened up for more. Some landed on her cheeks and chin and the rest ended up squished between her mammoth breasts.

I backed up and helped her sit up, then stepped out of the stall and sat on the cool tiled floor.

Behind me Renée was lapping up what she could reach. "Oh, Lover, such tasty treats!"

I chuckled and rested.

There was a knock at the door. Michael cracked the door open and asked, "Are you two finished?"

Renée teased back, "No, just getting warmed up."

Michael seemed worried, "Ral, the council..."

I was laughing, "It's okay Michael. We're done. Or at least I am for now."

He poked his head in. I was still nude, but concealed my mess with a leg. Renée stepped out of the stall, still partially covered in my cum. She smiled and waved at him. "Come on it, we're done." I could tell she had fun teasing him, and I could imagine the stories he would share with his wife. Somehow that got me aroused again.

He came in watching Renée and said, "I've called Erin. She's on her way with clothes for both of you. When I heard the sounds of ripping cloth, I thought you might need it."

I nodded. "Good thinking. Thank you."

Renée was using the sink to wash off her face and chest. She hadn't even bothered with any of her suit, and seemed at perfect ease being completely nude and cum-soaked in front of Michael. "Yes, very good thinking. Maybe she'll want to join us when she gets here Ral?"

Michael shook his head and realized what she was doing. "I told her what was happening." He looked at me. "She seemed worried when I explained what you were feeling right before Renée showed up."

I nodded again. "Yeah, it was a good thing she did show up." All of us knew what could have happened if she hadn't.

"Well, I have a theory about what brought it on and even why Renée showed up," Michael said. Renée stopped wiping away water from her chest and I looked up. "You didn't get your regular fill of sex, so to speak," he said looking at me.

I thought back to our earlier conversation. "Did you intentionally keep me from having sex?"

"Yes, but not for those reasons. I didn't think you having sex in the middle of the night would have helped your clarity of thought this morning. That was all."

"You're saying I went berserk with lust just because I didn't sleep with my girls?"

Again he shrugged. "We talked about this earlier. However, I thought it just made you tired. It looks like it's more than that."

I looked back at Renée. She smiled over her shoulder at me and said, "I think he's right. Every since we all moved in together, you've not gone more than a few hours without sex."

"What about when I was put in the hospital? I slept that whole night without problems."

Renée shook her head, turned and leaned against the counter. "But as soon as you woke up, you bound the person nearest to you and had sex."

"Anna? But she helped me heal."

Renée's voice was teasing. "Did she? Or did you heal on your own? They said you might slip into a short coma with how badly you were hurt."

Michael said, "I think she's right. I think something about your abilities requires you to have sex every few hours."

I couldn't have that conversation any longer while sitting on the floor. I got up and went over to stand just next to Renée. Self consciously, I was hiding myself from Michael. I knew there was no reason for it, but then I wasn't going to flaunt myself either.

Michael seemed to take my movements as a queue. "I'll wait outside. You two get cleaned up and I'll send in Erin with your clothes as soon as she arrives," he said as he left.

I watched him go.

Renée turned on water in one of the sinks. "Well, that does explain something at least."

"What's that?"

After splashing her face with water and using a paper towel to dry off she said. "It would explain why you have so many attractive women bound to you in a way so you never run out of sex partners."

That was further food for thought.

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