Last Punch
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack just threw his last punch, now it's the long ride home that will bring him the most problems.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Slow  


Looking down into the body length mirror, Jack saw the bruises on his ribs. The large bruise on his right leg, around his thigh, would possibly need medical attention. He knew from the limping as he walked back into the room, that he would need rehabilitation to make those muscles work properly again. Even through the sports tape around his right foot he could see where the swelling would take many ice packs to help go down. His right hand hurt badly, he doubted a serious breaks in the bones of his hand, but swelling was a almost guarantee.

Pure and simple Jack Mafford was a mess. He did his last job and was going to collect his check, the last check that would make his retirement official. At twenty-six he wasn't by far the oldest person he knew doing the job he had, but every day it seemed younger, faster, stronger and more cunning guys came onto the scene. He had to get out while he could, no Mickey Mantle days for him. Get out on top, while they still chant your name, he could think of nothing sadder than watching a former great still grasping for the glory days. It was not something he thought he could endure, that fading glory, the one last summer. Traveling around the world, training six days a week, six hours a day, and getting the ever loving shit kicked out of his body no longer held the promise of fun for him. He was done, with about five minutes before the press conference he was now living his last moments of a Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

His sister was in the dressing room sitting on the couch. Still beaming her hundred watt smile at him, she quickly rehashed the exploits of the fight. It had been a long one, a very long one in Jack's eyes. He had gone three rounds with his opponent, a younger friend who was trying to make a name for himself by beating the title holder. It was between friends though, so Jack knew this fight was going to hurt. Enemies may stab you in the back, but friends do it in the chest. Three rounds of pure hell, Jack couldn't remember most of the fight, that was what Amanda was for. It wasn't some zen outer body experience, no he simply lived for the next moment, it was like chess to him, he was already planning five steps ahead. He knew the basics of it, but not all the details of which he was hearing now. All he really cared about though was the last thirty seconds of his career, he threw a hook so hard at the guy that he thought his shoulder socket may have popped loose. It was the only thing he had left that far into the fight, both of them were so sweaty and oily from the two and a half previous rounds they had gone through. They tried the technical side of things for most of the fight, from arm bars to triangles, nothing seemed to stick for either of them. What the last two minutes came to though was what many had said it would result in. Standing toe to toe throwing what they each hoped would be the one and only lucky shot, for final two minutes of the match.

Jack remembered the very instant it all ended. In all the hours of video footage he had watched on his opponent he never noticed the very small tell tell sign that the guy was about to throw a right hook until this very moment. The guy just barely tilted his head to the left exposing his jaw just right, getting ready to throw his what was referred to as the hay maker. Jack did the only thing he could possibly think of, he threw his right fist against the guy's chin as hard as he could hoping that he would hit that magical spot, the one that allows an opponent to fall asleep for a few seconds. The guy's head snapped back and Jack charged, but the ref was quicker as he put himself between the two battling men to stop the fight for the win going to Jack! Jack just stood there, staring down at his hand and then the guy knocked out. He could still remember his one and only thought as he stood there with time moving in that unreal way that it seems everything but him has stopped. So this is how it feels to finish a career.

That was a first for Jack, whenever he had previously won a fight he would do anything from running around the ring screaming in triumph, to a back flip. This time he just stood there.

Then as it always does time quickly sped up to normal, his coach and sister were both practically ripping the door off of the cage to get in to him. Amanda as always threw her body through the air in a leaping hug as she screamed for joy at his win. His coach waited his turn, then literally picked him up by the waist and ran him around the ring. Even then, though, Jack knew what he had to do. It was time.

He pulled himself away from his cheering sister and coach so that he could go check on the poor guy he had just knocked out. Kneeling down beside him, Jack tried to see if the guy was okay. He sighed with relief when the guys eyes opened up and his opponent groaned sadly knowing what had happened.

Leaning down, Jack gave a half attempt at a hug as he said into the guys ear, "God you kick like a fucking horse. I won't walk right for a month."

The opponent, Matt, gave a sad smile, "Yeah but your punch fucked my head."

As they both stood up to face each other a few seconds later Jack hugged Matt this time hard and furious.

"I'm done now, I hope you will take my place." Jack said quietly. Matt only looked at him oddly as Jack smiled and felt his hand being raised as the winner.

The press conference was exactly as he expected. All wanting to know who he thought would be the next challenger, what he thought of this fighter, or of that fighter. When did he plan to fight next.

" I have an announcement to make." Jack said quietly into the microphone.

Only two people knew what he was about to say, his little sister sitting beside him and his main coach. This kind of statement was often when a fighter would make a challenge towards another, or say something about a new product endorsement he had. Not this time, though, Jack thought. Even the president of the company didn't know what was about to be said, which was good for Jack, because his contract had just ended with this fight. The president had been wheedling Jack for the last two months to sign a new one, but Jack had just kept putting it off. The offer for more money had been thrown into the talks to Jack, but he just kept avoiding it all. But not now, it was time.

Looking into the crowd he saw Matt standing off in the corner of the large room, still giving Jack that odd look. Feeling Amanda's hand lightly brush his arm, he forged on, he knew he had at least her and his coach's support.

"I have been fighting in MMA for almost nine years now. Since I was 18, I have trained and battled men to what seems like death. But as I said, I have an announcement. I'm retiring, tonight was my final fight..." Jack had planned on saying just a few more things and giving thanks to all his fans and supporters, but that wasn't to be.

The audience in the hall simply erupted into a flurry of screaming reporters and fans as they tried to ask him all the questions they could think of. The president of the company was probably the one person speechless out of the whole lot, he stared at Jack with his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

He felt his hand being grasped tightly by Amanda as he looked out into the crowd of faces who showed emotions ranging from disbelief, smiles, anger. When he saw Matt in the corner with what looked like a smirk he just winked and tipped his head in respect. With that he stood up from his chair and pulled his sister behind him as he walked out of the hall and into the corridor behind it.

"Holy shit!" his sister exclaimed as she hugged herself tightly to him.

"You're telling me."

"Are you..." Amanda started to say, but quickly stopped when she felt Jack lean heavily against her. She wasn't the largest of people, standing only five feet two inches and weighing an even one hundred and five pounds. She had a man ten inches taller than her, and almost eighty pounds heavier than her, leaning against her. She grunted quietly, as she looked up into his bruised and swollen face.

"Jack, are you okay?"

"Yeah... Mandy, lets go to the hospital now. I think my hand is broken." Jack said grumpily in pain now that the emotions had all left his body. He stood up straight with a grimace as he turned towards the exit and their car.

They both walked towards the exit as he quickly stopped to grab his bag of gear, and then they went out into the dark night. He handed the keys to Amanda for the plain black Ford Explorer. It was a simple low key car that they drove to every event that was in America, his parents had instilled the enjoyment of taking it slow, which meant flying was almost unheard of to them when it came to going somewhere they could drive.

As he sat very slowly into the seat, he groaned loudly, "No broken ribs or anything, but Gods I hurt right now."

"I know Jack, a few minutes and we will be there."

It was well known by almost every person who had ever heard of Jack Mafford that as he was probably one of the best fighters around, he was also the smallest spender of money. There were many stories floating around the fighting community of how Jack and Amanda would camp along the way to a fight. It was one of their rituals, along with the visit to the hospital if needed, and the only night they stayed in a hotel was the night the fight happened, win or lose they stayed in a room to celebrate.

It was well into the early hours of the morning that Jack and Amanda got to their room at the local Holiday Inn. Collapsing onto one of the two queen sized beds, Jack frowned as he thought of the light weight immobilizing cast on his right wrist. The wrist wasn't broken, the doctors had said but he had bruised the bones, knuckles, and a sprained wrist. They decided that it would be for the best if he kept the brace around his wrist in order to keep it compressed, with orders of ice for later.

Collapsing into the second bed, Amanda laughed loudly.

"Hey, old fart, you okay over there?" snickering all the while when Jack looked over at her and stuck his tongue out.

"Hey we have gone through this, I am not old! Just because I am 'Retired'." he said making quotations at the word retired. Shaking his head, he laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling with a strange smile on his face.

"Feels pretty good, though, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, it does. I mean, I can wake up tomorrow and simply eat everything I haven't had for the last how ever many years..." he said happily, the thoughts of glazed donuts filling his mind. When he rolled over to smile at her, he grunted with pain.

"Want me to get the ice packs and ointment Jackie?" Amanda asked with concern.

"Yes, please. I'm going to need the full treatment this time."

Amanda nodded as she hopped off the bed, and quickly came to Jack's side. Kneeling partially on the bed, she helped him remove all of his clothing, using quick but caring motions as she pulled them up or down off his body. Piling them onto the floor beside of the bed, she quickly left the bed, grabbing the ice bucket as well as a few empty grocery bags. She went out the door quickly, shutting it behind her.

This was another one of their rituals. If the fight went like this one had, she would help him ice and relax the tight or sore muscles till he was able to sleep. She had started off taking a few courses in medical massage therapy, but ended up with a degree in physical therapy. Little known to Jack, he was the reason why she took that degree. Every time he had to fight, her heart broke watching him look so tired and in pain.

Jack had been lightly dozing when Amanda came into the room. Placing the ice into the mini fridge of the hotel room, she calmly got onto the bed, walking up to straddle his naked rear as she placed a very cold ice cube at the base of his spine eliciting a howl of shock from the cold.

"Holy shit! Thats cold you damn harpy!" he said unable to help but chuckle at the grin he knew just had to be on her face.

"Yeppers," she giggled.

Tossing the ice cube into a cup she placed on the nightstand, she grabbed the bottle of ligament lotion from it. Squirting a huge dollop of cream onto her hands, she quickly but thoroughly rubbed deep and hard into the muscles of his back, ass, and legs. Even the ass he was use to her massaging the muscles of. When she had done it the first time he nearly screamed in shock as she did it, but she just calmly said she refused to allow any of his muscles to lock up or cramp because of his propriety.

When she got to the point of his feet, she helped him roll over onto his back, grimacing as Jack groaned when his leg had to move in any direction. She looked at the already quickly bruising right thigh muscle and frowned.

"Gonna have to take it slow for a few days, Jack. That man has tree trunks for legs, I could hear the thumps when he kicked you." She continued with her rub down of his pectoral muscles and arms. She kept away from the stomach muscles, which should never be rubbed in a massage manner because of the serious damage it could cause. When finished with his legs and arms, she grabbed a couple of bags of ice from the mini-fridge and placed them where she saw the bruises and swollen parts of his face and body. Jack knew he would look like shit tomorrow but would be a lot better than if he had just went to bed.

"Thanks Mandy, I'm glad you are here for me as always." he closed his eyes slowly as she turned off the lights. He could hear her removing her clothes, then felt the pressure on the bed as she climbed into it beside him, she laid her head on his shoulder and sighed quietly.

"Will you still want me around, Jack, if you no longer need me for all this?" she asked quietly.

"Yes, Mandy, I want you around for the rest of my life." he said reassuringly as he readjusted slightly in bed so that her head was not laying directly on his collarbone.

This wasn't the first time she had asked Jack, this and each time she had, he always said the same thing. He knew that while she had finally recovered from their parents death, as much as could be expected, she still latched onto him like a life raft. When he had tried to allow them a bit of distance she just kept clutching. She had even told him she knew she shouldn't be so dependent, but she just didn't care.

"Good. Because you're mine." she said quietly and then she did something that she had never before done. Leaning up, she lightly placed her lips to his, and kissed him with a passion he had never before felt. It was almost as if a wondrous explosions of fireworks went off in his body. What had started to be a very soft kiss, soon became full of passion and a hint of something more.

His first instinct was complete shock, but he didn't dare move in fear she might not have meant it the way he felt it. Still he squirmed when she pulled away, thanking the gods that it was so dark in the room, as he was starting to swell up in a place that was not hurt at all.

"Mandy?" He asked the question with just saying her name.

She moved, again repositioning herself on his shoulder, and he could hear the faintest of giggles. Jack felt her reach behind herself as she pulled his arm around her. That was when he really noticed that hot feeling beside his body was naked flesh. Quickly he tried to remember if he had been kicked in the head, for he had no clue how he did not notice it before. She placed her leg atop of his snuggling in closer to him.

"Ssshhh, Jack. We'll talk tomorrow, I have a feeling its going to be a long one." she said quietly.

Jack laid there a long time that night before sleep overcame his whirling brain. The fight, Mandy, and the future all spiraling around his mind. Mandy had fallen asleep long before he finally did, and he swore he could feel odd movements in her hips and a very silky skin being rubbed against his hip.

They had eight days till they had to be home back in Cincinnati. They had a dinner planned with Mike and his wife and two daughters. They had both planned to drive back at a leisurely pace, stopping when and where they felt like. It was going to be their first vacation from training and general life in two years. They wanted to get the most out of it. Jack mused quietly that while he was shocked as hell that she had kissed him, and this wasn't first time they had ever slept in the same bed, it was the first time she had been naked. 'Good Gods!' he thought, her just sleeping in panties and a baby doll t-shirt drove him nuts. Her naked firm breasts pushing against his somewhat sore ribs, caused a further swelling in his groin he knew would never go down. Then he had made the mistake of noticing that there was no hairy ticklers against his leg, and he knew she was bare as a baby down there.

"Yes, indeed, it will be a very long night." he said quietly to the dark room. The only reply was a soft "Mmph" from a sleeping Amanda. His mind slowly drifted back towards what had got him to here.

Jack fought, and Amanda was his manager, his agent, and his most loyal supporter. Through thick and thin, since he had been fighting, she had been by his side. It had been that way since Jack was eighteen and Amanda was seventeen, their parents had died on the fifth of July the summer after he had graduated from high school. It was a all too often heard story nowadays 'Drunk driver kills parents of two.' It had been a difficult time for them both, they stayed in their house, Jack had fought tooth and nail to keep both together, to not allow his sister to become a ward of the state or put under guardianship of their relatives. Jack had told their parents' closest friend and family lawyer after the funeral that he could see the relatives circling like a flock of buzzards. The talk of a large settlement was the news in all the papers, despite the lawyers of the drunk drivers insurance company, as well as Jack and Amanda's lawyer tried to keep quiet.

Those early years had almost tore them apart, despite being as close as they were. It was a the death of their parents, as well as growing up through the years, they needed parental guidance the most. The one thing the both had to fall back on beyond their absolute love for each other, was what Jack quickly found to be his most useful talent. He could fight, and he could win doing it.

Getting into the world of MMA was a story in itself. The short side was Jack tried it after hearing it about it repeatedly from the guys in the gym he trained at. The biggest mistake Jack felt about his whole career was his first fight. Not the fight itself, but he had not told Amanda what he was doing. When he came home from the fight late in the night, limping and bruised but smiling like some insane fool Amanda screamed in terror thinking he had been in a wreck, or someone had beat him senseless. When he told her the story she just stared him down, not saying a word as she went to her room and did not speak to him for almost a week.

When he eventually got her to talk, he found out the the main reason she was so mad was that he had excluded her from a part of his life. It took three subsequent fights to gain her trust in that he knew what he was doing. Amanda had came to every single fight after the first, always outside the cage, watching.

They had flown out to Las Vegas for the fourth fight of his career. That night after the fight their conversation came back to Jack now as he laid on his stomach in bed. Waiting for Amanda to return from her trip for ice. He remembered that was the night they made their plan.

"Listen, Mandy..." Jack began.

"Amanda, Jack-off." She said without any true feeling behind the words.

"Yeah, yeah. Listen to me, Mandy, I want you to know what I have been thinking.

We got a ton of money right now, I mean a ton. I am not sure if you really understand how much... But I don't want to spend it, and you shouldn't either..." he said as he began to explain what they referred to as 'The Plan' ever since then.

The Plan had began to form itself in Jack's mind when he had been speaking to the lawyer the day of the settlement. Mike had sat Jack right down, before they went into the insurance company's office.

"Jack you need to listen to me right now. I want you to hear the one piece of advice I know your parents would want you to hear before this whole thing happens." Mike said very quietly, Jack just looked at Mike in confusion and sadness at the mention of his parents.

"Don't spend this money, Jack. Don't let it become blood money. You save this money, you allow it to invest itself, allow it to mature into a amount that will see you through the rest of your life. You have to hear me Jack, you cannot go blow this money. You must take care of your sister, she isn't like other people in your life. You are her life..." Jack had tried to speak at this moment, but Mike held his hand up to stop him. "Later about that, you have to hear me before we go in there and they tell you how much they will give for that bastard murdering your parents, and trust me Jack, I will make sure they are hurting when they give the final amount." Mike took a long pause, staring at Jack, making sure he had his full attention.

"You must keep your sister safe and protected Jack, you have to take care of her. But you cannot go wild with spending. You should use this money to insure you will never go without for the rest of your lives. They are going to try and blow smoke up your poor little boy's ass, they will try to give the very smallest amount they can. But I do not want you to show any emotion. I want you to sit there and stay silent. If I kick your shin, you say these exact words, 'That bastard murdered my parents. I'm done here, I'll see you in court.' I will calm you down, and send you out of the room to refresh yourself. While you're gone, I will twist the grinder on them. They will not dare take this to court, they insured a triple DUI driver, they will fold." Mike said all this, then took a long needed breath.

"But you're the man of the house now Jack, you take care, and you will never want or need again."

The proceedings of that day went exactly how Mike had said, when all was told and done, Jack walked out of the building a multi-millionaire, but with a profound sense of sadness at the money that he could feel blood all over. He didn't spend the money, Amanda bought very little. They paid the bills for the house, as well as buying the house completely out along with paying off the mortgage. In short order they became home owners completely free of debt or true worries of financial burden.

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