Lost & Found
Chapter 8

Copyright© 2007 by Douglas Fox

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 8 - Kyle Martin goes to PSU seeking football glory. Read about his successes, failures and excesses as he tries to find his place in the world

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Group Sex   Anal Sex   School  

No one noticed when I pulled up to the house. I grabbed my bags and headed across the lawn to my home. I walked inside and yelled, "I'm home!"

I heard Mom call, "We're in the kitchen, Kyle." I found Mom and Liz with Connor and Noah. Mom was tying a bib on one of my nephews while he sat in his high chair. Liz was holding his brother.

I asked, "Liz, can I hold Connor?" The baby in the high chair looked at me and smiled. He jabbered away while Mom finished getting him ready for dinner.

Liz gave me a disapproving look as she handed my nephew to me. "This is Noah."

I was shocked when I got him. Noah weighed so much. "My God! Noah, how much do you weigh?" Noah grinned and stared at me. "He must weigh close to 20 pounds," I said.

Mom said, "Both boys weighed in at 19 ½ pounds when they visited the pediatrician last week.

Noah gurgled, "ga go ka ka dada."

I smiled back at him. "No I'm Uncle Kyle not dada."

Liz explained, "Noah and Connor don't know what dada means yet. They're too young to talk."

I looked at Noah and said, "Don't listen to your Auntie Liz. You know I'm Uncle Kyle, don't you? Uncle ... Kyle..."

Noah stared into my eyes and jabbered, "ka ka goo ga da."

Liz said, "I have to get Noah ready for dinner." I handed him back to Liz. She put Noah in the second high chair. I asked, "Where is everyone else?"

Mom responded, "Dad is in his study. Andy is upstairs cleaning up from practice this afternoon."

"How about Will and Abby?" I asked.

"They're having dinner in Philadelphia. They will be here later this evening."

I asked, "Am I sleeping in the new bedroom in the basement or in my old one upstairs?"

Mom answered, "You will be upstairs in your old room. Will and Abby will be in the basement." She finished fussing with Connor and looked me over. "Let me get a good look at you."

I slowly turned around for my mother's inspection. Mom harrumphed and said, "You've lost weight."

"I weigh two pounds more than when I left home in the summer."

"You're thinner," she insisted.

"Probably. My training has added muscle mass. I guess that would make me look thinner. Muscle is denser."

Liz zinged me. "I always knew you were dense."

I stuck my tongue out at Liz and muttered, "Twerp." I turned to Mom and said, "No one at Penn State has their nutrition, health or well being monitored closer than us football players. I'm fine."

"It's a mother's prerogative to worry about her children," Mom said. "I just want you to be healthy and happy."

"You don't have to worry about me," I insisted. "I'm fine."

"It's good to have you home, Kyle." Mom said. "Do I get a hug?"

I walked over to Mom and wrapped my arms around her. Her arms encircled me. We hugged, probably too long. I bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek as we separated. "It's good to be home. It's really good!"

I stood beside each other for a few seconds. My normal teenaged impulses returned. I asked, "What's for dinner?" The smell I suspected was garlic bread wafted from the oven.

"Spaghetti, tossed salad and garlic bread," Mom answered.

"Mmmm ... One of my favorite meals," I replied.

"You're timing is excellent, Kyle," Mom said. "Dinner will be served in a couple minutes. Why don't you clean up? Liz, call your father and Andrew."

My family was seated around the table a couple minutes later. Mom's cooking was excellent as usual. I enjoyed listening to everyone's conversation, getting reacquainted with my family's lives.

Connor sat between Mom and Andy. Noah sat between Andy and Liz. The three of them fed the boys their dinner. The twins were eating solid food – if you called strained carrots and such solid.

The meal was a welcome respite from dining hall food that I had endured for the past four months. Really, the dining hall food wasn't that bad, but Mom's cooking beat it by a mile. Noah and Connor jabbered to each other all through dinner between mouthfuls of baby food.

We were enjoying Mom's peach cobbler when she imposed on my long free weekend. She asked, "Could you take your sister to the mall Friday morning? I have a doctor's appointment."

"The mall? On Black Friday?" I asked. "Are you serious?" I'd rather go to the dentist and have root canal or something else equally hideous than go to any mall on Black Friday. Mom knew this.

"Yes, I mean it. I can't take her like I usually do. You probably have Christmas shopping you need to do, don't you?" Mom asked. She'd eyed me. I knew the look. No arguments were going to be accepted.

I stared at Liz and indicated, "We'll leave at ten in the morning." The tone of my voice let Liz know that she didn't have any say in it.

Liz said, "Ten o'clock will be fine."

I realized I hadn't inquired about Mom's health. Why was she going to see the doctor? "Everything's OK, right Mom?"

"It's just a check-up," Mom said. "I'm in good health."

The family finished dinner talking small talk. When we were done I asked Mom, "Where do you want my laundry?"

"You know where the washing machine is. The laundry detergent is downstairs on the shelf beside the washer," Mom answered. "Help yourself." I didn't argue. I was getting another lesson in being a grown-up tonight. I took my bags upstairs, sorted out my dirty clothes and took it to the basement to start the first load.

I spent my free time that evening studying my playbook between loads of laundry. I knew most of my friends wouldn't be home until later tonight. Jeremy and Ed wouldn't be home at all. Both of them had games on Saturday. I was fortunate that Penn State gave us time off for the holiday.

I called Coach Caffrey later in the evening. I wanted to let him know how much I valued all the time he had the spent the previous four years helping me become the football player I was. I recognized my former coach's voice as soon as he said, "Hello?"

"Coach Caffrey, it's Kyle Martin. I hope I haven't called too late tonight."

"No, no it's fine Kyle. What's up?" Coach Caffrey asked.

"I'm home from college. I was planning to come to Friday night's game. I wanted to make sure it was OK if I stopped by to see the team before the game."

"Of course, you're always welcome to visit, Kyle."

"I wanted to thank you for all help you gave me while I was playing for you, Coach," I explained.

"It was a pleasure to coach you and your friends. I think you had a lot to do with the success you have had. No one I've coached has worked harder than you did. I watched a few of your games on TV this season. You have had a heck of a season, Kyle."

"Thanks, Coach," I answered.

"Coach Caffrey asked, "Do you know if your friends are coming home for the holiday?"

"Hal Long and his girlfriend should be home some time tonight. Ed Fritz and Jeremy North have games on Saturday."

Coach Caffrey asked, "Do you expect to see either of them over Christmas?"

"I might see Ed after New Year's Day. Florida is expected to play in a bowl then, same as my team. I expect to have a few days home before the spring semester starts. I don't know when I'll see Jeremy again. His game isn't until January 8th. My classes start a few days later."

Coach Caffrey said, "That's a price that you pay for a shot at a national championship. Jeremy is a very lucky young man to have a shot at it his first year in college. It almost happened to me when I was in college."

"It did? I don't remember you ever talking about your time in college. Where did you go?"

"University of Pittsburgh," Coach Caffrey sighed. "We all expected Dan Marino was going to lead us to the championship in 1982."

"You and Dan Marino know each other?"

Coach chuckled. "Dan was a senior, a team captain, and a Heisman Trophy candidate. I was a freshman walk-on trying to stick around playing defensive back. I was 'Hey 23!' if Dan even noticed me when I was on the scout team and tried to cover his receivers. I was burnt by Dan and his receivers all the time that year. It was a privilege to watch one of the best play."

"Even so, it's pretty cool, being on the same team as Dan Marino. What happened with the national championship?"

"We were ranked #1 going into the last game of the season. We played your team, Penn State, the day after Thanksgiving. Dan had us up 14-0 in the first quarter. I don't know, maybe we started dreaming of the national championship. Next thing we know, Penn State's walloping us 42-14. The opportunity for a national championship was gone."

"I did hear about that game," I said. "Todd Blackledge told some of us on the team the story when he was in State College last month to broadcast the Ohio State game. We went past you in the polls to #1. Todd, Curtis Ennis, Kenny Jackson and their friends won the championship that year."

"Our record went downhill after that season. I made myself useful enough to Coach Fazio that I ended up on scholarship my junior and senior seasons. I played as a dime or nickel back the rest of my college career. I worked as a grad assistant at Pitt for a year and then went into teaching. I've been working as an assistant coach or head coach in high schools since then," Coach Caffrey explained.

"I owe you a huge debt for everything you've done for me while I was in high school. All the schools recruiting me, my scholarship, my playing for Penn State – all of it is because of the time and effort you put in to help me. Thank you, Coach."

"Thank you for saying that, Kyle," Coach Caffrey replied. "I appreciate it."

"I guess I'll let you go," I said. "I'm sure you have things to do to get ready for tomorrow. I'll see you Friday night." Coach said good bye and hung up the phone.

I called Hal Long around 9:30 pm. I figured he and his girlfriend Tammy would be home from Rutgers by then. I called and got his mother. She put Hal on the phone.

I said, "Hey Hal, it's Kyle. How's things going?"

"Not bad. It was a long trip home. Tammy and I caught a ride to Reading with another student. Mr. Brooks picked us up the mall and brought us the rest of the way. We were on the road for three and a half hours. It was brutal with all the traffic this time of year."

"I was lucky. My last class ended at 2:15 today. I got an early start home."

"You are lucky." After a pause Hal said, "I guess you're pretty happy with how things are going with football. I have been watching your stats over the season. How many yards are you up to?"

"I'm over 2200 yards combined. I guess that's OK."

Hal chuckled. "OK? Coach Schiano would give his left nut to have somebody like you to run back the kicks and punts. Our best player is our starting tailback. He gets something like 32 touches a game and still has fewer yards than you. I bet you didn't get that many touches a game."

"I average more like 8 touches a game, not 32. I have a lot to learn before they'll let me on the field for an extended time."

"You're lucky you get on the field. I sat on the bench all season, as expected. I've learned a lot from Joey DeMarco, our starting kicker. He's a junior so I doubt I'll get in a game next year either."

"Cooper Barnes, our starting kicker, is the best," I said. "He and his backup have really helped me get ready for the season."

"I bet. I can see you after practices are over. 'Can you kick me a few balls? I need to work on my returns.' You drove'em crazy didn't you?"

"You know me too well," I laughed. "My special teams coach chewed me out after a couple weeks of extra practice. He said I was wearing out his kickers' legs. The work helped me so I'm not sorry. I owe Steve, Andrew, Coop and Mitch a lot. They made it possible for me to be successful."

Hal said, "It's good things are working out for you."

I asked, "Are you happy you decided to play football for them?"

"Absolutely. It's hard to beat a free college education. My coach thinks I'll be a good kicker when my turn comes. That's more than I can say for soccer."

"Oh? What's up?"

"I practice with the soccer team just like I was promised. I don't know if I'm going to make it with the team. The rest of guys are so much better than me. My stamina and speed are OK. Even the other freshmen on the team are better at ball handling and strategy. I don't know if I'll ever get on the field. I feel like letting me play with the soccer team is a sop to make me want to play football at Rutgers."

I asked, "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll talk with my soccer coach when my seasons are over and see what he thinks of my talent. I guess I'll give myself another year to see if I can catch up to the other guys. If not, I guess I will concentrate on football," Hal explained.

"I hope it works out for you." I said.

Hal asked, "Are you going to the football game on Friday?"

"Of course," I answered. "Are you and Tammy going?"

"Yes. We should hook up. Kathy and Penny are ... OK. Maybe we shouldn't hook up there."

"It probably would be better if we didn't. I don't want to make things too weird for Penny."

Hal said, "I can't believe the two of you broke up."

"Things are complicated when you try to have a long distance relationship. You and Tammy are lucky you are able to go to school together."

"Did you really end up screwing some strange girl at college? It doesn't sound like you."

"She wasn't some girl I picked up one night. We've been friends since the beginning of the semester. We went out for a movie one night. We stopped off at a party and had too much to drink. We ended up back at her room. I didn't screw her."

"You didn't have sex? Penny thinks you did. Maybe if you explain what actually happened, you could work things out with her."

"It's a distinction without a difference. I said we didn't screw – you know, have intercourse. She gave me a blow job and I ate her pussy. That's having sex in my books. It is for Penny too. We're through as a couple."

Hal said, "You sure know how to screw things up, Kyle. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure Tammy and I stay together."

"You do that, buddy. I guess I'll see you at the game on Friday night."

"Yeah. Have a good holiday, Kyle."

"You too. Bye Hal."

I went back to studying my playbook until Will and Abby arrived home from Philadelphia around a quarter to ten. I greeted my brother and sister-in-law warmly. I helped them carry their bags downstairs to the new bedroom in the basement.

Dad and Andy had done a nice job turning our old rec room in the basement into a bedroom. They added a wall at the steps and over to the doorway that led to the laundry room. They also walled off an area that would be a bathroom with a shower when the plumber finally came to do the installation. Mom found an old king-size bed, a dresser and an armoire at a second hand store. It was going to be a nice set-up when it was finished. I'd be spending my time home there in a year or so when the twins were ready for their own beds.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that my nephews had learned to sleep through the night. I slept until after ten o'clock on Thanksgiving. It felt great being a lazy bum. It was such a contrast to the driven schedule I had at college.

Dad, Will, Andy and I spent most of the afternoon watching NFL football on TV. Andy and I made sure Noah and Connor got indoctrinated in proper Martin male behavior on Thanksgiving Day. We held them and played with them while we watched our first couple hours of football until it was time for their naps.

Mr. & Mrs. Hendricks joined us for dinner, as had become traditional with our families in the past half dozen years. Mom's dinner was great. Mrs. Hendricks baked the best pies around. I enjoyed the holiday meal with my family.

I wouldn't have any more holiday meals with my family this year. The bowl game invitations wouldn't come out for two weeks but everyone knew we were going to the Rose Bowl. Zack Hayes told me that I should expect us to depart for California on the 23rd or 24th of December.

Mom reminded me before I went to bed about my promise to take Liz shopping on Friday morning. It was for the best. I could get my Christmas shopping done early. I wouldn't have to worry about shopping in State College while I prepared for finals or about shipping my gifts home to the family.

Liz and I arrived at the mall a few minutes after ten the next morning. The parking lot was jammed. I ended up parking at the far end of the parking lot behind the Sears Automotive Center in the back of the mall. Liz and I agreed to meet at the food court at noon.

The mall was crowded. It looked like there were enough people packing the place to fill Beaver Stadium. I managed to find suitable gifts for everyone but the twins before it was time to meet Liz. We grabbed some lunch at the food court and then headed over to the Toys 'R Us store on the other side of Harrisburg Pike.

Liz and I had a good talk on the way home. I found out she was planning to take one of the school's buses to the game that night with her current boyfriend, Nicholas Hoover. I offered to let them ride to the game with me. Liz said she'd talk with Nick.

Our family had an early dinner. Andy took off for the high school to catch the team bus to the game. Liz and Nick decided getting a ride with me beat riding a school bus half way across the county. Liz and I left a half hour after Andy. Mom and Dad would follow us after they dropped Noah and Connor off at our grandmom's house.

Nick Hoover lived on the western end of our school district, not far off Route 30. Liz filled me in on some of the essentials about Nick on the way to his house. Nick was a sophomore who asked Liz out for a date in September. Liz said they had fun, so she agreed to more dates. Nick asked Liz to go steady with him at the Halloween dance. Nick played basketball. He was really pumped when he made the varsity team a couple weeks earlier. Liz was proud of him.

Nick turned out to be a tall, gangly kid. He looked to be only a couple inches shorter than me. He had black hair and long scraggily sideburns. He wore wire rimmed glasses. Nick was polite and very interested in sports. I entertained Liz and Nick talking about my experiences playing football for Penn State on the drive to Elizabethtown College.

We bumped into Zack Hayes when we parked outside the field. Nick was delighted to be introduced to Zack Hayes. Nick had heard the stories around our high school about Zack and had watched him on TV.

Zack and I headed for the locker room to see our team before the game. Coach Wyndham had us old-timers gather in one of the conference rooms out of the way of the team while they dressed. We had a good turn-out of past players for the game. Andy Groff, our stand-out defensive end from four years ago was back. Andy's older brother Bill made it too. He played when Justin Baer and Sam Hayes played football. Rick Winters, middle linebacker extraordinaire, from 2-3 years ago was back. Stan Humphreys, our tailback and my teammate for two years, made it. Karl Weaver, Adam Diem and Jerry Morton came too.

We spent 15-20 minutes catching up with each other. I was particularly interested in talking with Andy Groff. I hadn't heard much from my friend and Christian's cousin, Trent Wilson, during the fall. Andy told me that Trent was doing well as a nickel back on their team, the University of Delaware. Andy and Trent had a playoff game tomorrow against the University of Richmond. I wished Andy luck in his game.

I enjoyed visiting with my old teammates. We compared notes on how our college football careers were fairing. Of course everyone knew how Zack and I were doing. There aren't many secrets when your team is ranked #8 in the nation.

Coach Caffrey checked in with us after awhile. He had asked Zack Hayes to give the traditional address to the team before the game. We followed Coach out into the locker room.

Zack gave a stirring address on the importance of teamwork if the Wolverines expected to have success in the playoffs. I watched the team. They paid attention while Zack talked. They were psyched to go beat South Western High School when Zack was done. We had beaten South Western two years ago on our way to the state championship. Hopefully this team could repeat that success.

I mingled with the team members when the talk was over. Jason Harting and Jonathan Landis, the #2 and #3 wide receivers behind Andy talked with me for a few minutes. Ryan Anderson, Marcus Shaeffer and Cameron Ellis talked with me too.

I was shocked when Mike 'Tex' Johanson sought me out. Tex and I had started out at odds a year ago when he transferred to our school. Tex thanked me for everything I had done last year to get him ready. He quizzed me about what I had learned at Penn State. I told him as much as I could in the few minutes we had.

Zack, my former teammates and I headed out to find seats for the game. Adam Diem and Jerry Morton, both former offensive linemen, found seats somewhere. Zack, Andy Groff, Rick Winters, Stan Humphreys, Karl Weaver and I sat together. Zack and I analyzed what we watched as the game proceeded.

The Wolverines got the ball first. Jake led the team on a sweet ten play, 76 yard drive that was capped off by Jake's TD pass to Jason Harting in the middle of the end zone. South Western double covered Andy and kept the free safety deep too, in case my brother broke loose from the double coverage. The rest of the Wolverines exploited the obvious weaknesses in the remainder of the defense.

The Mustangs went three plays and out. Tex Johanson had a nice 15 yard punt return. Jake led our team on another long drive down the field. South Western kept Andy from killing them but at too high a cost. Marcus Shaeffer and his backup Cameron Ellis carried the ball more on the second drive. Marcus powered his way in for the second TD.

Things didn't improve for South Western. By the second quarter they were down 17-0. This year's version of the Wolverines differed from the last couple years. In the past we beat people because we had a few better athletes. Five of us were playing in Division I-A (BCS) football teams. I didn't see more than three that would do that on this team (Jake, Andy and Tex Johanson).

A couple seasons ago our secondary had been subpar. We covered them up with excellent linebackers and a strong pass rush. The secondary on this team was excellent. The three linebackers played equally well against the run or the pass. The defensive line was big and solid by high school standards.

Jake Kring was brilliant at quarterback. Marcus Shaeffer and Cameron Ellis didn't have the speed Drew McCormick had last year, but they played solidly. Andy was my equal at wide receiver. Jason Harting and Jonathan Landis, our #3 receiver, played competently. They could catch whatever pass South Western didn't cover well when they doubled or tripled up on Andy.

The team truly demonstrated the old saying 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.' The mood of the crowd lightened up as it became apparent that South Western didn't have the horsepower to keep up with us offensively or defensively.

I headed over for some refreshments after we scored another touchdown in the second quarter. I bumped into some old friends on the way. Matt Sauder, Dave Mitchell, Cody Stevens, Josh Strickler and Ryan Lapp were sitting together. They yelled, "Kyle!" "Hey Kyle!" "Over here, Kyle!" to get my attention. They were part of the dozen new scouts Ed Fritz and I had shepherded through their first year in Boy Scouts three years ago. They were classmates of my sister Liz and freshmen in high school.

They bombarded me with questions about playing football at Penn State. I answered them patiently. Josh Strickler, who was wearing a Penn State sweatshirt gushed, "It's really great to meet a star on the Nittany Lions team."

"I'm not a star. I'm just a freshman like you guys. I'm still learning. One of the real heroes on our team is here." I pointed over to where Zack, Andy, Karl, and Rick were sitting.

"Zack Hayes is here!" Matt Sauder exclaimed. Bedlam broke loose again. I quieted them down after a minute with a promise to introduce them to Zack later if they stopped by where we were sitting.

"You know how I've been doing in football," I asked. "How are you guys doing?" All the kids in this group had played JV football this season.

Matt proudly announced, "I played quarterback all season."

I asked, "Starting?" Matt nodded yes enthusiastically. "You beat out Garrett Houseman? That's excellent."

The rest of the story spilled out quickly. Our JV team had gone undefeated this season. Matt and Dave said Cody was really slippery as a running back, very hard to tackle. Matt and Cody boasted about Dave's speed. No other JV team had been able to keep up with him on deep routes. Dave offered that he thought Josh was almost as good a linebacker as Kenny Weaver was. All the guys were stoked about their chance to play on varsity next season.

Matt insisted, "I'm going to win the starting QB job next season."

I allowed, "Coach Caffrey doesn't like to play sophomores at QB. You'll probably be a backup."

"I've seen Logan Mitchell play," Matt answered. "I can do better than him." Logan was Jake's back up this year.

"I think you'll do better worrying about keeping the number 2 spot against Garrett Houseman than taking Logan's spot at starter next season. Coach Caffrey just doesn't like starting young guys at quarterback."

Matt said, "Ed did it. I can too."

"Well ... good luck with that. You'll have to work and study hard to have a chance."

"I'll do it, Kyle," Matt responded. "I want to get a big college scholarship the way Ed did, the way Zack did, the way Zack's brother did. I believe I can do it."

"I hope it works out the way you want, Matt. The rest of you – work hard. That's the ticket to success in football. I expect you guys to uphold the honor of our team when it's your turn to run things here."

"You bet, Kyle!" "You can count on us," "We'll do it!" echoed in my ears as I waved good bye and headed to the snack stand. I grabbed some nachos and a Coke and rejoined my former teammates. I filled Zack in on the state of our JV team. He was pleased they were so enthusiastic.

Ryan Anderson, a junior starting at tight end this year, added another touchdown in answer to South Western's field goal before the end of the first half. The Wolverines went into the locker room ahead 21-3.

Zack and my other friends talked about getting together on Saturday night. Zack's parents were away for a long romantic weekend. He invited us to drop over for an informal party later in the evening. The guys were going to invite some of the girls from back in high school to the party.

South Western fumbled the kickoff to start the second half. Jake alternated handing the ball off to Marcus and Cameron to pound it toward their end zone. South Western finally tightened up on defense when the Wolverines got inside the 10 yard line. On third and goal on the 7 yard line Coach Caffrey called the naked bootleg play. Jake faked the hand off to Marcus who then ran to the right. The whole offensive line shifted their blocking that way. The Mustang's players all shifted to stop Marcus from scoring. They discovered Jake running to his left much too late to stop him from carrying the ball into the end zone.

South Western made one first down when they got the ball back, but that was all. They punted back to Tex, who had an excellent 22 yard return. I wondered if Coach Caffrey if would put in the second string with a 28-3 lead. He didn't.

South Western finally stopped the triple team on Andy since the rest of the team was killing them. Jake unleashed a long bomb to my brother on a play fake after setting them up with three straight Marcus runs up the gut. Andy beat the two guys covering him and sprinted in for a touchdown.

Coach Caffrey sent in the second string after that. He apparently considered a 35-3 lead to be safe. The Mustangs tried gamely to come back. Our second string defense did let them have a touchdown near the end of the third quarter. Logan Mitchell, Jake's backup QB, played his role properly. He spent most of his time handing off to Cameron and to the third string tailback, Justin Souders, so they could run down the game clock.

The 32 ounce Coke I had bought before halftime had passed through my system. I excused myself and headed for the restroom. I did my business and was heading back to my seat when I bumped into Penny, my former lover.

Both of us froze when we spotted each other. I spoke first. "I hoped I'd get a chance to talk to you over the holiday."

Penny frowned and said, "So ... Talk!" She didn't seem pleased to be confronted with me.

I gulped and started. "I did the stupidest thing ... No, the two stupidest things I've ever done in my life last month. I cheated on you. And I was too cowardly to talk to you and discuss what had happened. I wanted to say I was sorry."

"And?" Penny said.

"I just wanted to apologize for the horrible way I handled our relationship. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? That's it? I'm going through a terrible time in college dealing with that horrible Nicole. I needed your support. Instead you run around and cheat on me. You don't expect that it makes any difference that you didn't actually fuck this person, do you?"

"Hal mentioned that?" I sighed. "No, I knew it didn't make a difference. I got drunk and did something really stupid. I wish I could change everything, but I can't. All I can say is I'm sorry. I hope things are getting better for you at college."

"I moved out on Nicole. Your brother helped me."

"Good," I answered.

"None of the improvements in my life have involved you. Thank God Will, Abby, Erin, Trish and Dave were around to help me." Penny declared.

"I wish you the best," I said as Penny turned to leave.

"Yeah, right!" she snapped. She stalked away from me.

"I'll always love you," I said quietly as she left. I doubt Penny heard me. That didn't go very well. I guess I deserved all of it. I had treated the girl I said I loved terribly. Hopefully someday she could forgive me. I headed back to my seat with my friends.

Zack noticed immediately when I sat down that something was wrong. He glanced at me questioningly.

I answered his look. "I bumped into Penny."

"Ouch, that's tough. I know it hurts now, Kyle. You're better off without a girlfriend. Big Ten football demands too much time to keep a girlfriend satisfied." I just nodded in response.

I wished there was some way that Penny and I could have worked out our needs together. She was going to be a veterinarian – a damn god one. I wanted to play big time college football – and I was. There just wasn't anyway for both of us to get what we wanted in life and do it together. I'd never have asked her to give up on being a vet to follow me to Penn State. I didn't think I could find what I wanted in life by going to Penn with her. I envied Hal and Tammy. Jeremy and Kathy too. They were fortunate that they had mutually agreeable goals that allowed them to stay together.

By the time I was paying attention to the game again Logan had led a drive that added a field goal to bring the score to 38-10. The Mustangs added a late touchdown against our second string defense when the coaches switched to a prevent defense. The game ended with the Wolverines winning 38-17. Our red and white clad fans celebrated wildly. We were another step closer to our goal – the state championship.

Zack told me to come around nine tomorrow for his party. He winked and said he guaranteed a good time would be had by all. I located Liz and her date, Nick Hoover. I told them to meet me in twenty minutes at my car. I wanted to stop in the locker room and congratulate everyone. I also wanted to offer Andy a ride home.

I headed back to the locker room. I knocked since I wasn't a member of this team anymore. Justin Baer, my former receivers coach and good friend, popped out the door.

"What's up, Kyle?" Justin asked.

"I wanted to see if Andy wants to get a ride home with me," I explained.

"Sure thing, go ahead."

I went inside. I congratulated Jake, Cameron, Brett, Kenny, and Tex as I headed for my brother's locker. Andy was happy for a chance to back to Paradise with me. He told me he'd be another ten minutes.

I found Nick and Liz locked in an ardent embrace, kissing each other when I went back to the car. I decided to wait for Andy by the locker room door so my sister could have a little privacy with her boyfriend. Andy and I made lots of noise when came back to the car a few minutes later. Nick and Liz separated quickly when they heard us. Not that they looked entirely innocent. Liz was flushed from her make out session. Nick awkwardly turned his back, undoubtedly to hide the boner in his pants. Liz and Nick climbed in the back seat of my Golf. Andy took the front seat.

Unexpectedly Andy was in a good mood from the game. I asked, "Aren't you disappointed only scoring one touchdown tonight?"

"No, why should I be? South Western tripled me most of the night. They opened themselves up for the rest of the team to kill'em. The stat sheet doesn't show it, but I know I had a big impact on the result."

"I'm glad you don't mind," I said. "That's the right team spirit." Andy just grinned back to me at my praise. My brother had matured more than I realized since last year. Then he pissed and moaned about not getting much chance to catch touchdowns when Ed Fritz threw most of the deep balls to me. It was a refreshing change in my brother's personality.

I dropped Nick off first and then dropped Andy off at the school to pick up his car. Dad had allowed Andy to use some of the money he earned working at the restaurant to buy an old Toyota. Andy followed me back to our house.

I slept in on Saturday, getting up around 11 am. I grabbed some lunch after my morning shower and then spent most of the afternoon studying Math 110. I had to have a good grade on the final exam to get a passing grade in the course. I didn't want to flunk it and be declared academically ineligible for our bowl game.

Jeremy North's game against Stanford was on ESPN at 4 pm that afternoon. The game was out in California. Stanford was outclassed by #2 ranked Notre Dame. Coach Weiss sent in the second string after they led 31-10 at halftime.

Dinner with my family interrupted the game for me. I grudgingly headed to the kitchen for dinner. Things were normal until dessert. Mom cleared her throat and called for everyone's attention when dessert was done.

"Your dad and I have an announcement to make," Mom said. "I want to let everyone know about my visit to the doctor yesterday."

My brain snapped to attention immediately. What was wrong? Mom had said it was a routine visit. I listened closely to hear what was up.

Mom grinned. "I want to let all of you know. You are going to have a little brother or sister in seven months."

Everyone was silent for a couple moments then pandemonium broke loose. "You're pregnant?" "Are you kidding?" "Congratulations Mom, that's cool!" The comments and questions flew across the dining room table.

When things calmed down Will asked, "Aren't you a little old for all of this, Mom?"

"I'm only thirty-eight. I'm certainly capable of having another child." Mom answered.

Will said, "I'll be twenty-three when this kid is born. I thought Abby would be the next expectant mother, not you."

"This wasn't planned was it?" I asked.

Dad replied, "No. It's a happy accident."

Andy teased, "They know what causes this now."

"You're just a dirty old man, aren't you, Dad?" Liz added.

"I resemble that remark," Dad answered, smirking.

We got down to the serious questions after that exchange. Mom was six weeks along. Everything was normal. Mom's due date was July 1st, nine days before my birthday. Everyone congratulated Mom and Dad before we left the table.

I was nosy. I went on-line to one of the pregnancy calculation sites. I estimated that Mom's last menstruation was on September 25th. Mom and Dad were probably getting it on Friday, October 9th. It was weird thinking about Mom and Dad getting naked and screwing. Obviously they did. They had four kids, two conceived out of wedlock. The fifth one was on the way. I must come by my horniness honestly.

It was the fourth quarter when I got back to watch the Notre Dame-Stanford game. The score was 34-10. Coach Weiss had substituted more young players onto the field. I enjoyed watching Jeremy playing at middle linebacker. Jeremy did a good job by my estimation. The final score was 41-17.

Things were set for #1 Michigan to play #2 Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game on January 8th. Their win also virtually assured us that Penn State would represent the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl on January 1st. We would play USC if they won their game against lightly regarded Cal that evening.

I watched the first half hour of that game before I had to get ready for Zack Hayes' party. USC had a two touchdown lead when turned off my TV. I showered, shaved and dressed in some nice, but casual clothes. I grabbed a couple condoms from my drawer before I left. Who knows? Zack's parties were notorious for lots of booze and girls. I might get lucky tonight. I certainly didn't want to join Dad and Andy in fatherhood.

Mom was shocked when I came downstairs at a quarter to nine. She asked, "Where are you going this late in the evening?"

"Zack Hayes invited some of us over to his house tonight," I explained. "It's just a bunch of friends from high school."

"OK. When are you going to be home?" Mom asked.

"I have no idea." I answered as I headed for the door.

"Call if you are going to be late," Mom called as I walked out.

"Sure thing," I responded before I closed the door. I hopped in my Golf and drove the mile and a half to the Hayes' house. Cars were parked up and down the street. Zack was having a big bash by look of things.

Mike Wagner, the other starting wide receiver my first year in high school, greeted me at Zack's door. Mike and I talked for a couple minutes, catching up on the past year's events. I wandered on, looking for Zack. I found him in the kitchen setting up the bar area. I automatically jumped in to help, like I usually did back at school.

Don Higgins popped into the kitchen just after Zack walked out to the garage. Don's broken leg in my freshman year let me grab a starter's wide receiver spot sooner than expected. Don asked, "Did Hayes bring you in to be his bartender, Martin?"

I grinned and answered, "No, I'm just used to this."

Zack came in as I spoke. "Kyle usually helps me set up for my parties at school." He set the case of beer he was carrying beside the cooler I had opened.

"That's right," Don said. "I forgot you were going to school with Zack."

I asked, "Beer?" offering him one of the cold ones from the fridge. Don accepted it. I filled the cooler with beer and then filled all the open spaces with ice. Don and I talked a bit about school while I finished setting up the bar for Zack. I grabbed a Coke. We headed out to the living room when we were done.

Zack, Mike, Stan and Karl had pushed back the furniture to make an area to dance. Not many girls had arrived yet. Zack had the TV on to the USC vs. Cal game. The announcer excitedly called, "Touchdown! Rasmussen to Gutierrez."

I yelled out, "Way to go Brady!" That drew a lot of funny stares from my friends. "I know Brady," I explained. "We met when USC was recruiting me. He's a good guy."

Most of the guys just shook their heads at me. Mike commented, "You and Hayes, you live in a different world than the rest of us."

"It's not that big a deal. Brady was my host when I visited. He's a friendly guy. Both of us love the outdoors. I think we'd have been friends if I had gone to USC."

Zack said, "Which I'm eternally grateful you didn't do."

"You guys seem to think this is some big deal, what Zack and I do," I said. "It isn't. We take classes just like you do. We have term papers, take exams and have to keep our grades up like the rest of you. Zack and I spend 4-6 hours on football every day in addition to all the school work you guys do. There's some glamour but we bust our butts to play football at this level."

"Kyle's got it right," Zack agreed.

"All of you should understand," I said. "We were the in-crowd during high school. We dated the cheer leaders, the student government leaders and the best of the girls available to us. College isn't different."

"Except you're playing on a much more exclusive playing field now," Mike said.

Zack and I admitted that Mike was right about that. Our attention turned back to the game, which had only a few minutes to go. USC's second string finished demolishing Cal 35-16. The announced said, "That sets things for the Rose Bowl. The Southern Cal Trojans will face the Penn State Nittany Lions in the Rose Bowl on January 1st."

Zack and I high fived as he exclaimed, "Rose Bowl bound baby! Look out Trojans." The rest of the guys celebrated with us.

I noticed Karl say to Rick Winters, "We're going to kick USC's ass."

I asked, "Karl, are you a Penn State fan?"

"Well, yeah." He gave me a look that said 'What kind of doofus are you?' "I'm a student at Penn State."

"You are? I haven't seen you around campus." I said.

"I've been going to the Erie Campus for the last year and a half. I'm moving to University Park for the spring semester. They finally have room for me down there," Karl explained.

"Welcome. It'll be cool to have you around. What dorm are you in?"

"Geary Hall. Do you know where it is Kyle?"

"East Halls, I think," I looked to Zack.

Zack confirmed, "East Halls. It's one of the dorms across from the East Parking Deck."

"That's cool, Karl. Look me up when you get to campus. We can do something together."

"I'd like that, Kyle," Karl answered.

The party got into full swing soon after that as more guys and most of the girls arrived. Zack set up the music. People started dancing between drinks and conversations. I stuck with my Cokes. I was driving and had no interest in getting the inquisition from my parents when I got home from the party.

Stacie Thompson, one of the first girls to let me explore sex with her came. She was alone. Her boyfriend Drew McCormick had a football game back in Morgantown that afternoon. Drew and Stacie attended West Virginia. Stacie and I talked for a few minutes. Stacie was a real sweetheart.

I mingled with the guests, talking over high school. I caught up with what was happening in my old friend's lives. It was fun to see all these people again.

I bumped into Holly Cox when I went to the dining room for some munchies. Holly and I had a brief thing for each other between Julie dumping me and Penny and me getting together back when we were juniors.

Holly gave me a big grin and held her arms out to me. "Give me a hug." I hugged Holly. She looked even better than in high school when she was one of the best looking cheer leaders on the squad. She squeezed us together longer than necessary. "It's so good to see you, Kyle. What's it been? Since graduation?"

"I think that's when we saw each other the last time," I said.

"Are you and Penny still together?"

"No. She's going to Penn and I'm at..."

"Penn State. I know. The papers saturate southeast Pa. with coverage of your games. I guess you're doing well."

"I'm good. How are you? Where are you going to school?"

"I'm going to West Chester University," Holly explained. "I want to be a teacher."

"Really? I didn't know that. I'm going to get a degree in education too," I said. We talked for a few minutes, comparing notes. Holly was studying early elementary education. I explained about my desire to be a high school history teacher.

I looked Holly over as we talked. Her golden hair had bronze highlights and fell to her shoulders in beautiful curls. Holly had filled out a little since I saw her last. Her already ample breasts were more prominent than high school. She was simply stunning. Last year she had been a pretty girl. Now she was a beautiful, highly desirable woman.

I asked, "Are you seeing anyone?"

"No, I'm between boyfriends. How about you?"

"No, I'm unattached," I answered.

Holly and I headed to the living room. We danced together and talked between dances. The old attraction from two years ago was still there. I tried to maintain a proper distance for acquaintances when the first slow song came on. Holly wouldn't let me. She pressed herself against me. I could feel her hard nipples trying to drill holes in my chest. We danced and danced.

She had her head against me shoulder. I leaned mine on top of hers. Her perfume had my motor purring. I popped a woody. Holly didn't mind. She rubbed herself against it as we swayed to the music. It was a good thing I brought the condoms. I could see where the evening was heading.

Holly and I found an empty easy chair towards the back of the room. Holly pushed me down in it and sat on my lap. My hard erection was trapped against her bottom. We clung together and began kissing. We devoured each other's lips, tongues, cheeks and necks. Our hormones were roaring through our bodies at full blast. We kissed and rubbed together, quickly heating up past the boiling point. My hand no more had reached her left breast when Holly broke our kiss and gasped, "Upstairs ... I want a room!"

We hopped up and made our way across the room towards Zack. Before I could say anything Zack said, "Upstairs to the right. Use Sam's room. It's the last one on the left side of the hall."

I managed a "Thank you," as we hurried upstairs for more privacy.

Part way up the steps Holly asked, "You do have protection don't you?" She obviously remembered the one time we almost had sex. I was unprepared. We had to settle for a hand job and making out that evening.

"I'm prepared," I said. We raced up the steps and headed for Sam's old bedroom. I locked the door behind us when we got inside. Holly's pretty lavender sweater had disappeared by the time I turned around. Her blouse and bra joined them on the floor. I pulled my shirt off before I joined Holly on the bed.

We lay together. We embraced and kissed. Our naked torsos heightened the stimulation our mouths and tongues were providing to us. I palpated her left breast while we kissed. Holly rubbed her hands up and down my body. After a few minutes I kissed my way down Holly's neck and chest onto her right breast. I kissed and licked the right one while I fondled her left breast. I teased and suckled one nipple for a few moments and then switched. Back and forth, I slowly drove Holly's arousal higher.

I slipped a hand down, tickling her tummy while I showed her breasts my appreciation. Holly squirmed when my hand reached her slacks covered V. I suckled on her left tit until she squealed and begged, "Let's get undressed, Kyle."

We separated briefly. Holly removed her skirt, stockings and panties while I pulled off my socks, pants and boxers. I purposefully pulled the two condoms from my pants and placed them on the nightstand. Holly smiled when she saw them.

We lay on our sides and kissed again, our now naked bodies pressed together. I slipped my hand down again and gently fingered her outer lips. We rubbed together while we kissed and I paid homage to her womanhood. I explored her rapidly lubricating slot with my finger for a minute or so.

Holly readily agreed to some 69 when I suggested it. We pulled apart and rearranged ourselves in the proper positions. I kneeled over top of Holly while she lay below me facing the opposite direction. Holly turned out to be quite skilled at giving head. I had to concentrate on what I was doing to properly bring her to climax. Holly's juices tasted sharper than many of the girls I had licked, but they weren't unpleasant.

Holly teased my balls and sucked and licked my cock. She couldn't quite get all seven inches in her mouth, but she tried valiantly. I rimmed her hole with my tongue, licked my way up through her gooey inner lips and then licked around her clitoris. I worked my way around from the bottom to the top and down again. Holly became more frantic as I pushed her towards climax. I concentrated on her clitoris when it peeked out of its hiding place. Thirty seconds of stimulation were enough to drive her over the precipice.

Holly spit my cock out and squealed. Holly shimmied while she rode the crest of her orgasm to denouement. I gently licked her inner lips with my tongue while she shook. She poured out copious amounts of her fragrant juices as she came. Holly finally calmed down after thirty seconds of exquisite pain. I continued licking to spread her moistness around.

Holly asked me, "Do you want me to finish with you before we..." I looked down between our bodies. Holly giggled.

I finished her thought. "Fuck?" Holly smiled and nodded yes. I continued, "I'll last longer if you get me off before we finish the act." Holly enthusiastically took my cock into her mouth until the tip bumped against her throat. She pulled off me and coughed. She took me right back in. Holly stimulated me with her tongue and lips for a few minutes or so. It was all I needed. I gasped, "I'm ready to cum!" just before my balls pumped a big load of jism into her mouth. Holly smiled around my cock and continued sucking. I lasted a few seconds and then pumped a big load of semen into Holly's hot mouth. She swallowed frantically, trying to swallow it all.

I switched positions again so Holly and I were lying side by side. We went back to kissing and fondling each other. It only took me a couple minutes to get my erection back. It pressed into her thigh. Holly reached down and stroked it.

Holly said, "I'm ready for this, Kyle. Let's do it." I climbed out of bed and rolled one of the condoms over my steely cock. Holly lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide to give me access to her sex. I clambered between her legs and lined my hard cock up with her opening.

I asked, "Are you ready, honey?" Holly nodded yes. I pushed my cock gently into her depths. Holly's pussy felt hot, juicy and totally delectable. I pushed in until my pubic bone nestled against Holly's neatly trimmed bush of blond curly hair. The tip of my cock nudged her cervix as it bottomed out.

I asked, "Is this OK, Holly?"

"Oh yeah, Kyle. I can't believe how long you are." I beamed at her praise. I rubbed myself against her clitoris and then started pumping. I used long slow strokes to start with. I wanted this to last. Holly coaxed me to go harder and faster after a minute. I thrust and withdrew. I tried to rub her clit each time our bodies slapped together.

Holly pushed back against me each time my cock filled her. The smell of sweaty teens making love filled Sam's bedroom. We pleasured each other for probably ten minutes, maybe longer.

Holly's blow job had done the trick for me. I continued thrusting and rubbing as Holly's brain slowly came unwired. She gasped and squirmed as I fucked her. She demanded that I keep going hard and fast. Holly groaned when I pushed her over the edge to her second orgasm. Holly squealed and panted while she came. Her pussy clenched and spasmed around my hard, primed cock. I tried to keep stroking, but the sensations were too much. My balls tightened as my body prepared to seed this lovely girl under me. I stroked once, twice ... I pushed my cock in and planted it against the entrance to her womb. I held tight as the cum swelled from my balls, pumped up the tube in my cock and blasted out. The thin membrane of latex prevented our coupling from reaching it natural conclusion – procreation. I fired half a dozen strong spurts of cum and then dribbled some more into the tight piece of latex. I collapsed on top of Holly when I was spent.

"You're too heavy, Kyle," Holly gasped. My brain tried to register the meaning of the words. Finally I rolled us sideways. My deflating cock slipped out of her with a plop.

Holly gasped, "Wow!" while I panted beside her. She recovered from our mutual climaxes before I did. She kissed and cuddled against me while I tried to get my brain out of its stupor.

Holly clasped her arms around me and snuggled up against my body. "You managed to live up to your high school reputation, Kyle."

"I hope that's good," I answered.

"Your rep back then was that you were a red hot lover. Grade A prime. Not that many girls got the chance to find out for sure. Penny, Julie and then Penny again kept you off the market through most of high school. The other cheerleaders that got a run at you all said you were spectacular. They were right."

"I'm glad you had fun," I commented. We went back to deep kissing, our tongues dueling again. My cock hardened when it thought there was a chance of fucking Holly again. Holly giggled and grasped my cock when it bounced against her stomach.

"Oh goody! I guess you want to go again, Kyle." Holly purred.

"Sure. I can if you want," I replied. Holly handed me the second condom from the nightstand. I pulled the used one off and tossed it away. I recovered my erection with latex and turned towards my lover.

"Do you mind doggie style, Kyle? It's one of my favorites."

"Sure," I answered. Holly climbed up on her hands and knees and turned her backside towards me. I positioned my erection against her hot hole and gently pushed myself into her pussy. I worked up to a nice rhythm. Holly pushed back at me as I stroked in and pulled away as I withdrew. I put my hands on her ass cheeks to keep us joined together. It took about thirty seconds for us to synchronize our movements. We humped together enthusiastically as we mated.

Holly didn't have one big orgasm this time. She had many small ones, one right after another. We continued slapping our bodies together. Holly began playing with her clit as we fucked after half a dozen minutes. Holly brought herself to a bigger climax with the added stimulation. Her spasming pussy walls coaxed my seven incher until it was ready to spew. I drove it deep into Holly with one hard thrust and held it there while my body expelled another load of my seed. I collapsed onto Holly's back when I was drained of all my fluids. I pulled out, rolled on my side and collapsed on the bed. Holly rolled over to face me.

"Jesus, you know how to fuck with that thing," Holly gushed. I grinned in response. I recovered after a minute. I pulled the spent condom off my cock and tossed it on the floor with the first one.

Holly and I lay together and went back to kissing. Holly played with my limp cock while we kissed. She asked, "Are you up for another time, Kyle?"

"Mmmm ... That's tempting. I'm afraid I can't. I only brought two condoms. I'll have to pass."

Holly teased, "I'm going to have to start packing my own. You're going to leave me hanging again."

"Hanging? How many orgasms did you have tonight?" I answered.

"Many." was her only answer. She kissed me. "When are you going to be home for Christmas? Maybe we could get together again."

"Sorry. My team is going to play in the Rose Bowl. I don't know if I'll be home at Christmas time."

"Damn!" Holly sat up and grinned. "I guess a girl can't complain too much. One night with you is better than none."

"I enjoyed myself too, Holly. I like to spend more time with you next time we're both home from school."

"It's a deal, Kyle," Holly said.

We dressed quietly. I gathered up the spent condoms and deposited them in the trash can. Holly and I headed downstairs again. We spent the rest of the evening talking with our friends. Holly had a beer while we visited. I stuck with Coke. It was after one o'clock when the party broke up. I gave Holly a ride home. The girl she came with left earlier with Karl.

Holly lived about three miles north of Zack's house. I didn't get back to my house until 1:30 am. I was surprised that the living room light was still on when I got home. I went in quietly. Dad met me inside the door.

Dad asked, sternly, "Do you have any idea what time it is, Kyle?"

I glanced at my watch. "It's a little after 1:30."

"I know you are used to living on your own now. Your mother was worried sick about you. We still expect you to check in with us."

"I told you I was going over to Zack's house to hang out with some friends. That's where I was. All night."

"If you're going to be out after midnight, it would be nice to let us know," Dad insisted. "It's just common decency."

"I'll try and remember in the future, Dad. I'm sorry."

Dad looked me over. "You haven't been drinking have you?"

"Of course not," I said. "I was driving."

Dad pulled at my collar and rubbed a spot. I glanced down and saw Holly's lipstick had left a smudge. Dad asked, "What was her name?"

"Holly Cox. We were friends from high school."

Dad just shook his head. "Get to bed quietly. Don't wake the twins or your mother."

"I'll do better next time, Dad. I'll remember to call if I'm going to be home late," I promised. Dad nodded to me. I headed upstairs, stripped and climbed into bed naked. I fell asleep immediately.

The house was empty when I woke up around 10 am the next morning. I showered, dressed and packed my things for the trip back to school. I went downstairs, grabbed some breakfast and spread out the Sunday paper.

I found a nice article about the Wolverines' victory over South Western. The other playoff game in our district had pitted Central against New Oxford. Central beat them. The paper said Central and my Wolverines would face off again at Hershey Stadium next Saturday. I pondered whether I should bet Christian again on the result. It had been nice to have him do my laundry for two weeks.

The paper reported that Trent and Andy Groff's University of Delaware team lost their playoff game with the University of Richmond. I sent Trent an e-mail expressing my sympathy at his loss.

I hung around home until my family got home from church. I gave Noah and Connor hugs and kisses before I left. I said my good byes with the rest of my family. I had promised Christian I would pick him up in Manheim at 1:30, so I had to hit the road.

The weather was good and the roads were clear. The drive to Manheim and then to State College was routine. Christian refused to bet on the outcome of the Wolverines vs. Central game. He no longer felt confident about his team's chances.

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