Dark Street: Choices
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2007 by David Caspian

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A re-write of "Dark Street" I wrote this to give the reader options of what Julian will do next. Each choice will set the story along a different path, providing a different ending at each turn.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Paranormal   Vampires   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism  


After a long drive to the city of L.A. Julian, Robin, and Maggie were tired, and tried to find a cheap hotel to stay in for the night. They had all been roommates for awhile, and played in their own little rock band where Robin was the lead singer, and Maggie and him played the instruments.

He had always lusted after the two women, but had managed hide his feelings not wanting to risk their friendship. As the sun set a dark fog crept into the tiny street they drove into all that was about to change.

Up on the right was an old hotel where they were given a good price for a room, since all the others were taken. Heading up stairs they carried their luggage since the place didn't seem to have an elevator.

By the time they reached the top all of them were exhausted, and were ready to take a little nap once they got inside. The gig they were supposed to go to was a couple of nights away, but they wanted to get here early just in case there was a change at the last minute.

The room itself was in surprisingly good condition, considering the rat trap looks of the rest of the hotel as they had noticed on their way up. One would need a white glove to find a bit of dust inside its walls, and the sheets and beds had been recently changed.

Their original plan to just sleep on the floor seemed no longer necessary. Three beds stood waiting inside, and the bathroom itself was had sparkling brass faucets, with a bath/shower that ran clean water.

"This just seems too good to be true." Robin said shocked like everyone else.

Shrugging Maggie said, "Maybe we just got lucky."

Shaking his head Julian said, "No one is this lucky."

The more they searched, the more they found that they couldn't really find anything wrong with the room. Sure there was no satellite or internet connections for their laptops, but none of them had been expecting that in the first place.

Turning on the television as the girls took a shower, and changed in the bathroom Julian took a seat at the edge of the bed flipping through the channels. Rain started pouring outside with the occasional crash of the thunder following a flash of lightning.

Finding this odd not hearing about the storm on the radio, he started checking the news channels on the tube but found nothing mentioning anything about it.

As far as the t.v. weatherman was concerned there was no storm in L.A., in fact it was supposed to be clear skies for the next two days.

Going to the window Julian noticed that the storm seemed only to exist just over the street that they were on.

"What the hell is going on here?" Julian said looking at the clear stars over the rest of the city.

A commercial came on with an attractive buxom blond in a black evening dress slit down the side.

"Hello my name is Katy Milligan and welcome to Dark Street. Where all you dark and hidden fantasies come true, and temptation has its own rewards." The hot little blond said on t.v. said cheerfully.

"What the fuck is this?" Julian said walking back to the television.

He had never seen a commercial like this, and why were they referring to the street that they were currently on?

"All that and more I would be happy to answer for you Mr. Julian." The blond said.

"What did you just say?" Julian asked with wide eyes locked on the screen.

There was no way she could have heard him.

"Of course I can. That's what I do here. I make your fantasies come to life. You could call me a hostess of sorts if that suites you." Katy said.

Julian was started to get a little creeped out because of this.

"This isn't fucking happening. I'm dreaming and I need to wake up." Julian said changing the channel only to find her on that one too.

"This isn't a dream Julian, and you don't need to wake up." Katy said following his every move with those hazel eyes of hers.

"Fuck you I'm dreaming!" Julian said shouting at the screen, and the woman inside of it.

Pausing for a moment Katy pursed her lips deep in thought saying, "Now how can I convince you?"

Smiling as the idea came to her Katy said, "Ah yes, I know."

Pressing her hands against the screen separating the two of them Julian saw it began to ripple and shimmer.

Within moments her hands came out first passing through easily and were soon followed by her arms, until finally her head peaked out with those hypnotic eyes of hers looking at him hungrily and filled with lust.

Growing weak in the knees he collapsed onto the edge of the bed terrified, and could only watch as the last of the strange woman slipped through the screen, before it seemed to solidify behind her showing no signs of what had just happened.

Crawling towards him on her hands, and knees she slowly parted his legs her fingers rubbing his cock through his slacks.

Julian could only close his eyes wanting to wish it all away but it did feel so good.

Unzipping his pants she pulled out his semi-hard cock licking it, and sucking until it was good and hard.

"There that's so much better isn't it? Now do you believe me?" Katy said jacking him off slowly his cock now wet from her oral attentions.

Smiling she parted her lips revealing razor sharp fangs before opening her mouth to take in his hard member.

(You have two choices: if you want Julian to just go along with things as they are jump to chapter 3, if not continue to chapter 2 and see what happens next.)

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