A Log Truck Driver In Outer Space
Chapter 11

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 11 - Billy Joe Stephens, a real life good ole boy from North East Texas, has an early morning encounter with Space Aliens. Anal probing is not what he is wishing for in this First Contact.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor  


When we rolled back into our clearing a little after noon we were the stars of the show for a while. We gave Carl, Jane, and Gloria a tour first and then gave Scotty, Casey, Jill, and Tina a walk-through. Karen, Katy, and Wanda were really into it now and they started bringing the women and children through and at the last they even gave Jim Bob and Hank the show and tell.

When Jim Bob and Hank left I followed them out. I didn't leave right on their heels and as soon as I was outside I was glad I hadn't. Two women that had made an earlier tour were coming to meet them. One of the women was carrying a baby that couldn't be two yet and the other was leading a little girl that was maybe five but probably closer to four. The girl broke out of her mother's grasp and ran to Jim Bob.

"Daddy, did you see that big home. Wasn't it nice?" she asked excitedly.

"Yes ma'am Shirley, I saw it. It was very nice," Jim Bob told her.

"Do you think we can have a home someday Daddy?" she asked him, and it nearly broke my heart.

"I just don't know baby, I'm going to try to get us one. I like this new place here a lot better than the last one and I think if I work hard enough we might get a home someday," he told her.

"Jim Bob, I'm sorry for eavesdropping on you and your family, but it happened before I realized it would. I was coming to see you and Hank," I said, and all of them except the baby looked at me at once.

"It don't matter Mister Billy Joe, twern't nothing private," he said.

"I'd like to meet your families if it's all right," I said.

"Well sure it is. This is my wife Jenny and this is my little sweetie, Shirley," he said and told them both I was Mister Billy Joe Stephens.

"Can we lighten up on that Mister stuff Jim Bob? I'd feel a lot more normal if you could call me Billy Joe," I said, as I shook Jenny and Shirley's hands and then turned toward Hank hoping he'd introduce me to his wife without me having to prompt him.

"This is Betty, my wife, and Charlene my daughter," Hank said, and smiled, then named me to them as Billy Joe Stephens.

I shook Betty's hand when she offered it and gave Charlene a little tickle but she pretty much ignored me.

"I was going to ask you two if you'd made a list for the trip yet and tell you not to bother right now if you haven't, and that still goes. Shirley hit the nail on the head though so I wanted to tell you that there are more trailers and tour buses around here. There are several scattered out. I'm giving up on the horses until I gather all of them I can to bring here for us.

"I'm not stealing them from people that are using them either. I'm only going after the ones that are hidden out like these were, and that don't have anybody that's living in them that have a rightful claim to. Since Shirley mentioned that she'd like a home I'm putting Hank and you down for the next two we find and I'll do my best to have them here by tomorrow or the next day if I can find them," I said.

That lit up smiles on every face except Charlene's and when she noticed that Shirley was grinning she giggled a little herself and then burped. That made us all laugh.

Since show and tell was pretty much over in my new home now I went back inside. The shower and the bath were both occupied so I amused myself washing titties as long as they were wet and soapy already anyhow. I even got some good reviews on my work.

After the girls were done they let me have a turn and when I was dry and presentable we headed to Carl's place for supper. We hadn't had time to get any food into our new place yet.

"Man, Billy Joe, when you go after a place to sleep you don't fool around, do ya?" Scotty asked me as soon as we were inside.

"No I don't Scotty, and I have some news for you too. I know where your truck and trailer are now and they aren't far from where we went today. We can go and get them tomorrow if you'd like," I said.

"Do you mean it? I won't even have to go looking around at the safe area where I came down?" he asked.

"No you won't. We won't have to go that far. You hid it down a trail off the same road that Jill used to get to Graveyard. All we have to do is cut some brush, back your rig out and head this way. Do you remember if you had plenty of gas at the time?"

"I don't think I had hardly any. They got me when I was pulled over in a rest area one night. I was sleeping until daylight so that if I ran out before the next town I could probably catch a ride without having to walk the rest of the way," he said.

"That was good planning. I'd have never thought of it," Casey said.

"I don't understand why Jill or Scotty either didn't get a full tank of gas when their things were repaired," Carl said, "I sure did."

"I don't know either but it seems to me that the supervisors on the pickup job have been crowding the union rules for the repairmen for quite a while. I'm going to file a grievance as soon as I get the chance," I said, and it made the rest of them laugh.

I didn't mind them having a laugh on me but I just had a feeling that if I could find a way for official complaint it would be worth my while. Maybe something would come of it when the union men that took care of me hit a space station, or whatever kind of place they checked in.

That was a maybe though and in the here and now I ate the great supper that Jane and Gloria put on the table. It was delicious and I could tell that some of the things must have come from the Igloo but the fresh venison had probably been provided by Hank and Jim Bob. The girls and I didn't tarry long after the meal was over. We were anxious to take a ride on our new Empire sized bed.

Karen was back to her don't you dare fuck me mood when we were in the bus. As always I ignored her protest. Wanda and Katy were game to help me with her too.

"I can't believe you two bitches would help him hold me down. Especially since I'm the one that got you on this gravy train," Karen said.

"Oh, and we're sure you weren't thinking of yourself at all. Like maybe you figured you put him off on us for all his pussy and you could sit in the corner and play with yourself," Wanda said, firing right back.

"Girls, girls, girls, it doesn't matter what Karen planned. I like her pussy fine and she's about to get a dose of dick whether she needs it or not. I don't mind if you want to help me keep her still enough to stab it up her but it's not like I can't get the job done on my own. Nobody helped me dick her the first time after all," I said, and made a grab for Karen, catching her right wrist.

She wiggled, squirmed, pissed, and moaned and ended up just as naked as always. All the action made her titties jiggle like crazy and of course that made my dick even harder. After she was naked Katy and Wanda did hold her down while she cussed them up one side and down the other. I concentrated on getting my dick out and then climbed between her legs when I had my clothes off.

"Oh, Goddammit, is that thing growing? It feels like a fence post," Karen said, squealing actually.

"You love it and you know it. Now fuck him back like a good girl and we'll try to keep him from spanking you later," Katy said.

Wanda couldn't say a word because she had a mouth full of titty, and she was busily pinching around on Karen's ass at the time. Katy was working at kissing around on my neck and ears, but all I did was pump, hard and fast. At least they didn't put me away wet at the end of the night.

The next morning I beat them all out of bed, by a long shot. I know it isn't a lot to brag about, especially since they didn't realize there was a contest, but still. I had to go over my map again. I wised up this time and asked the map to show me only vehicles that could be used as residences and I specified that they should be currently unoccupied.

I got more than I bargained for again. Somehow the difference between searching for what I wanted and just looking around let me see maybe half a dozen more items this time. The motorcycle wasn't on the list now but three damned mobile homes were. One of them was a double wide that had already been put together and it was maybe six miles past my original safe area from here.

I knew there had to be a story involved in its trip but I didn't even want to know it. As it turned out I got a few hints anyway. There were two big truck tractors that had been modified to pull the halves down the road. Unlike the usual mobile home transport piece of shit, they were nice freightliners with condo-sleepers, the kind that have bunks on two levels so team drivers don't have to use the warm bunk scenario.

The drivers had been a man and wife and apparently they were some type of missionaries because both their names were preceded by reverend. Sadly, according to the info, they were both deceased. I hated it for the Reverends Mr and Mrs Twoshoes but it was probably a dream deal for Hank, Jim Bob, and their families.

When the sun rose I left the bus and headed for Carl's camper. I was hoping Jane was up and had some coffee going and my wish came true when I got there. In fact there was a pretty good crowd already, including Casey, Jill, Tina, Carl, Jane, Gloria, and Scotty.

"I've discovered a double-wide nearby that is no longer occupied and there are two trucks with it to tow the halves. I intend to give it to Jim Bob, Hank, and their families unless some of you squawk," I said, after my first cup.

"I didn't even know Hank and Jim Bob had families," Carl said.

"I didn't either until last night, but when I found out about it both their stocks went way up with me," I said.

"Isn't Shirley the cutest little thing you ever saw?" Scotty asked.

"She is for a fact Scotty. That's what made me look so hard to find them something nice. I just hope they won't mind sharing it," I said.

"I don't think they will, they've always stayed together since I've known them," Scotty said.

"Good, then I'll ask them and see what they say. The trailers are a little past my safe area but there's a path similar to the one to Coppertown to them and we can get to it from the other side of the safe area. I wonder who's in it now?"

"No telling, but they just got here so we might as well go and see them," Carl said.

"Can you and Jane do it? Scotty and I have an appointment with his truck and trailer," I said.

"We can put that off if you need to, Billy Joe," Scotty said.

"I don't think you'll have to. Jane, Gloria, a few of the dogs and I can take care of ourselves well enough to go meet the new arrival," Carl said.

"We sure can and we should have been doing it for a while now. There's no sense in letting the poor newbies be scared shitless for a month and then be captured by a bunch of assholes before they even find out what's going on," Jane said.

"Well, they might not believe anything you say," I said.

"That's their worry. If they're too dumb to listen they can just stay there and get captured later, if they don't starve during their safe time," Jane said.

"That's set then. Y'all go see the newbie while Scotty and I go see about his truck. Do you mind going with us Casey?" I asked.

"No, but who'll look after things around here?" he asked.

"I think that Jim Bob and Hank plus their wives and my girls can take care of things. Especially after I spill the news about the double wide to them," I said.

It was decided then, Carl, Jane, and Gloria and a few dogs were going to check out the newbie while Scotty, Casey, and I went for Scotty's truck.

Casey was glad to ride back in the bunk and Spot lay on the floor in front of it while Scotty and I took the seats and I headed off down the path. Scotty got a sour look on his face as we passed through Graveyard.

"Billy Joe, can't we burn this place down and start over," he asked, and it seemed it might make his memories of the place go up with the smoke, or at least it seemed he hoped they would.

"I don't see why we couldn't Scotty, but we should ask around and make sure everyone else feels the same way. Some of them might have things hidden somewhere that they'd want to get out first," I said.

"Maybe. I guess we should at least ask before we put a bic to it," he said.

We found his truck right where the map had showed me it was and Scotty had already remembered the place before we got there. We just stopped in the middle of the path, just past where his truck and trailer were and I reminded Casey to make sure his Glock and Marlin were ready for action before we unassed the truck. We were all glad to get out then and especially Spot, he took the time to piss on about a hundred trees and then disappeared into the woods.

Scotty must have been here longer than I'd thought since there was a good bit of growth up around his stuff. We took care of it in about an hour. Of course his battery was dead, and since my cables were long, but not long enough to reach his truck's batteries I was stumped.

"That ain't a problem Billy Joe. Even if the welder's battery is down, we can take it off and carry it back so's your truck can charge it up. After that we'll start the welder and let it charge the truck," he said, and that's just what we did, but it took a little time.

Just as we got Scotty's welder's battery back in place we heard first a scream, from what I thought was a man, and then Spot started raising hell. We headed toward the noise but it was only about thirty yards off into the woods, toward Coppertown. When we got there Spot had someone treed, literally.

"Please mister, call off your dog. I didn't mean any harm I swear it," the guy up the tree said, and he was begging from the first word; he was even more afraid of Spot than Tom had been.

I told Spot to settle down and he sat on his ass and shut up, but he never took his eyes of his prey.

"What the hell were you doing slipping up on us?" I asked him, as I noticed that he was in about the same shape Casey and the others has been in when I caught their dumb asses.

"I was trying to find out if you were at least human. I just managed to get away from Coppertown while they tortured the last poor bastard they caught. The lunatics there thought it was great fun," he said.

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