A Log Truck Driver In Outer Space
Chapter 9

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Billy Joe Stephens, a real life good ole boy from North East Texas, has an early morning encounter with Space Aliens. Anal probing is not what he is wishing for in this First Contact.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor  


We made it back to camp around four, and things were rocking along more or less smoothly. In fact, Jane, Karen, and Katy had been busy while we'd been gone. Not only had they organized the women and children, they'd even done some shuffling of the men.

There were now three distinct groups. Jane told Carl and I that the smallest bunch, three of them, had been among the Mayor's close cronies. There was a different group of five and Jane told us that they were practically write-offs as decent humans; the rest of the men Jane claimed might be salvageable with close supervision.

"Well that's good to know, Jane but what does it mean?" Carl asked.

"It means that you should go ahead and kill the Mayor's buddies right off the bat. You can try to work the other five pure assholes to death if you want to but probably shouldn't ever let them off a chain alive. The other women and I will try to whip the rest into shape as model, or at least acceptable citizens," Jane said.

Carl balked a little about killing the Mayor's buddies out of hand but I didn't, not for a second.

"Sounds like a plan to me Jane. Do all the women agree?" I asked.

"Yes. I can have them come and tell you themselves if you'd like," she told me, as if it were my decision.

"Jane, I know I look dumb but I don't really think I'm that stupid. If you say those three need to be dead I'm all for it," I said.

Hell, I walked right out to their tree, pulled my Glock, and did the deed. There had been some talking among the other men as I walked over, but there was a hell of a lot of silence after I was done. I walked over closer to the others to give them a heads up.

"The women told us those three weren't worth fucking with. You see what it got them. You five," I said, pointing to the remaining malcontents, "are going to get the same damned thing unless you can make yourselves useful pretty damned quickly. The rest of you have a good chance to live and become a part of our group. See to it that you don't cause any trouble.

"And just in case any of you are wondering, one cross word from the women and your asses are mine," I said, loud enough so they all could hear.

Almost like clockwork one of the five bad boys spoke up.

"You can't let those bitches have a say about what we do," a tall ugly motherfucker stood up and yelled, and I considered it another gift.

I yanked out the Glock I'd just put back into its holster, doing my best impression of a fast draw, and put one center of mass. Even if I say so myself, it was a damned good shot. I'm pretty sure he hit the ground dead.

"Casey, do you have the keys?" I asked.

"Right here Billy Joe."

"Let's let the other four assholes drag the dead ones out to rest with the Mayor and company. I don't want to fuck with buryin' 'em but they won't stink up the place so bad out there," I said.

We didn't get one bit of lip out of the assholes this time. Casey released them and they practically ran to find a dead man to drag off. Casey and I went with the bunch to make sure they didn't get lost and Spot came along for luck I guess. It didn't take long.

After locking the four remaining assholes back to their trees I just had to give another little pep talk, mostly for the benefit of the ones Jane thought might be saved.

"I know that having guns around here has never amounted to much since ammunition was in short supply. Just in case some of you are wondering, I now have thirty-four thousand, nine hundred, and eighty-two rounds left for my Glock. Of course I've got a lot more for my rifles," I told them, and headed into the trailer.

Carl and Jane were having a little discussion when I got inside. Carl must have known in his heart that the ones I'd just killed needed it, but I guess he was still hanging onto truth, justice, and the American way.

"Carl, innocent until proven guilty is a fine thing when you have a civilization. The shape we're in here doesn't qualify. We don't even have a decent mob. It's got to be dog eat dog until we build something better, and we don't have time for much rehabilitation. We're going to have a hard enough time as it is without malcontents tearing things down as fast as we try to get them built up.

"I know there's a good chance we, or I, will kill someone that doesn't really deserve it. I don't know about you but I'd rather any mistakes come out in my favor, and shooting first is the best way I know to make that come about."

Carl didn't say yay or nay, but he did nod his head. I'm not sure if Scotty even understood what we were talking about, but when Jane told him who I'd shot he just laughed and clapped his hands. Jane, Karen, Katy, and three little beauties I didn't recognize joined him before he could even get started good.

I could understand how someone who was raised to think the government knew what it was doing would feel like Carl seemed to. Since I hadn't ever thought very much of the government, even when I'd had one, I wasn't hampered by any type of feelings like that. Hell, the four I'd shot had come with the Mayor on the first trip and they had intended to kill Carl and I, then leisurely rape Jane and Karen. Even though I was only a jury of one, or whatever, I knew the bastards were guilty of being too shitty to let live.

Now that we had that settled, Jane got around to the important business. She started the introductions.

"Casey, this is Jill and this is Tina," she said, pointing to the two tasty little treats, "Karen and I thought they'd make two good little slaves for you, and they've promised they would. What do you think?"

If a man can die from blushing, Casey was nearly a goner for sure. He tried to say something three different times but all he could do was open and close his mouth. No sound came out at all. At least he didn't drool.

"I can see that Casey is shocked speechless. Tina, you and Jill had better take him to his room and convince him that you're worthy," Jane said.

Jill and Tina giggled shamelessly and towed Casey away. Of course I'd already met Katy. The remaining newbie was Gloria and she was here to help Jane with the onerous task of fucking Carl senseless. That wasn't exactly the way Jane put it in the introduction but it was easy to see that was the main thing on the agenda. At least we did have time for supper first.

Carl thought that we should still stand watches at night and I agreed. For tonight I was pretty sure we were going to have to do it without Casey's help though. Scotty surprised Carl and I both when we were talking about it.

"I don't know what you did for me but I can tell that my old self is coming back, a little at least. I'd like to help you out with the watches but I don't really think I'm up to it yet. Maybe I can be someday," he said.

At least he was some company for me while I took the first watch. If he ever did get closer to right in his head he'd be good at it too. He seemed to know exactly what every one of the prisoners were up to all the time, and every one of Carl's dogs just loved Scotty. Hell, even Spot thought he was grand.

The dogs weren't the only ones that liked Scotty though. Practically every woman and all the children that were old enough to walk on their own came over to talk to him for a few minutes, some of them even talked to me while they were at it. I'm pretty sure that one little redhead was flirting with me, a little at least. She was only about five feet tall, but she was gorgeous with her sparkling green eyes and jiggling freckled titties. I was going to ask Karen and Katy about Wanda as soon as I got into the sleeper.

Carl relieved me after six hours. That was a little odd to me though, since it would leave him eight hours of watch before sunrise. I asked him about it.

"Don't worry about that. I'm gonna call all the dogs around me and I might even snooze a little in this lawn chair and let them take care of business. Besides, Jane said she'd send Casey out here after four more hours of getting acquainted," Carl said, and laughed.

What the hell, I could sleep in if I had too.

Sleep in indeed. I don't know how it had slipped my mind, but there were now two women waiting for me in the sleeper and sleeping was the last thing on their minds. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they had started without me, since they were both hot and slimy down below when I got there.

"Hurry up and get out of those clothes, Massa. Karen told me about your big dick and I can't believe we're so lucky. Lemme see it, please," Katy said, as soon as I was in the truck

One thing about Karen, she knew how to make me feel good about myself. I barely got my pants off before my dick burst out by itself.

Karen and Katy had started calling me Massa, but it was only a damned joke, that's for sure. As soon as I was naked they wrestled me to my back on the bunk and Katy didn't waste any time mounting me reverse cowgirl style. I'll have to say that my view of her ass was spectacular, but Karen didn't let that slide.

"Turn around Katy, so we can play with each other's titties while I ride his mouth," she said, and then they did it.

They weren't fooling around either. Karen had my tongue up her in seconds and the two of them went to work for real. Katy was pumping like mad and it wasn't for oil either. Karen had a titty in each hand and was egging Katy on while she let my lips do the walking on and around her quim. Damned if I didn't last longer than either one of them. They collapsed onto me when they got off.

"Damn Karen, he's a long winded fucker too. We've got to get some help in here, and by tonight at the latest," Katy said.

"What about it Cowboy, did you see any likely candidates out there that you took a fancy too?" Karen asked.

"Do you two know a little redhead named Wanda?" I asked.

"Woo-Who, our man doesn't miss a trick does he?" Katy asked, as soon as I got Wanda out of my mouth.

"Leave it to big dick to spot a girl with a real live snappin' pussy right off the bat. I don't guess it'll take us over five or six seconds to talk Wanda into joining in on the fun. The question is, can Cowboy keep his strength up? Karen asked, and then laughed.

"That don't really matter so much. I could tell by the way he treated you that he must have a big tongue too, and that'll probably suit Wanda even better," Katy said, and then the two of them guffawed at me.

"He might take it easy on her like that sometime, but he's already showed me he can get a poor girl naked out on the ground and nail her to it if he wants to," Karen said, still bragging about me.

"You're preaching to the choir, Karen. We'll just have to go out before breakfast and convert Wanda," Katy said, and that's the last I remember since I nodded off for the rest of the night.

It was light out when I woke but I was alone. I guess Karen and Katy couldn't wait to get a bid in on Wanda, and from the way they talked about her I was glad for their efforts on my behalf. The bad part was that even though I had a big sleeper, the bed was never designed to hold more than two.

It hadn't been a problem with just Karen and me, and since we were all so friendly I didn't guess Katy was going to cause serious overcrowding; but Karen and Katy were both big girls. That's not saying there was any extra weight on them, they were just pretty tall as women go, and their figures were generous. At least Wanda was a small model, everywhere except her titties and her womanly ass. She could just sleep on top of me if it came down to it, but we were out of room for more women in the harem Karen has said she was going to collect.

I found my two wholly-owned harlots around the breakfast table, drinking coffee and swapping lies with Jane, Jill, Tina, Gloria, and Wanda. I took a seat and thanked Jane for the cup of coffee she poured me and then Katy started the song and dance.

"Are Karen and I efficient, or what? See there Massa, yo' wish is our command. This is Wanda, by the way, though I know you two have already met," she said, and for once nobody laughed at me, though they were all grinning like hell.

"It's nice to see you again this morning, Wanda," I said, trying to be polite at least.

"Just wait until tonight when you get to see all of me, Cowboy," she said, and damned if I wasn't the one that blushed.

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