A Log Truck Driver In Outer Space
Chapter 4

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Billy Joe Stephens, a real life good ole boy from North East Texas, has an early morning encounter with Space Aliens. Anal probing is not what he is wishing for in this First Contact.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Humor  


"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Silly girl, I'm licking your pussy. It's sweet too, I like it."

"I can't believe you'd do that," she said.

"Why, I seem to remember you sucking my dick."

"But I'm your slave, you don't have to do that," she said.

"I know I don't have to, but you are my slave, and I get to anytime I want to."


Oh was right. She tasted fine and I dug in, pushing my tongue up her as far as it would go and then licking her vulva and finally sucking one lip and then the other into my mouth. By now Karen had forgotten she'd been winded and was pumping her hips, trying to help. She squealed again, even louder; when I gave her pucker a good tonguing she didn't scream but she didn't say anything coherent either.

Karen wasn't able to say a word but she babbled like hell. When I knee walked up between her legs she grabbed my dick and put it right where she wanted it. Hell, that's where I wanted it too. We went a little crazy for a few minutes and then managed to get off together this time. I just settled my weight down onto her when my balls started pumping.

She was a strange one to me. She'd seem so friendly sometimes and even proud of me, then she'd start bitching and complaining when she figured she was about to get a good dose of dick. But every time it was over she'd pet and kiss around on me like she was happy as a lark. It was a little odd to me but what the hey? I could live with it. After a few minutes she finally let me roll off her and we went to sleep with her snuggling up as close to me as she could.

I managed to sleep until sunrise the next morning and this time Karen was ready to get up when I did. I dragged on my clothes and went outside to take an early morning piss. My work crew wasn't awake yet. They really were going to work this morning and likely all day long so I let them sleep until the coffee was ready. Even Karen was out and about before I woke them and released them from the tree. Of course I left them chained together.

It was baloney sandwiches from breakfast this morning but the three didn't complain. No doubt they were encouraged by having something to eat, for a change, when they woke. They didn't waste any time gobbling down all I handed out at least.

When we were done eating and it was time to get started I dug around in my bunch of union repaired goods until I found my bullwhip. I'd never really used it for anything but learning to pop it and fart around, just showing off. Today might be the first day I really needed it for something, or someone. I gave it a few pops and then rolled it back up, making sure everyone saw it. I didn't need to do any explaining, even to the smartass.

I had the youngest bring the four shovels, the next in line brought the chainsaw, and smartass got to carry the chain bar oil and the fuel can. I carried the double bit axe and Karen brought her sometimes-sunny disposition.

It was only about a quarter mile to the first real tree that had to come down. We had to deal with a few saplings on the way but they didn't take much time. I was waiting for the surprise I knew they were all going to have later.

When we reached the tree I cut it off about six feet up the trunk. After it fell I limbed it and cut it into stove wood lengths. I put the youngest to stacking the wood out of the way while the other two got to dig up the roots on one side of the remaining tree/post.

"Why don't you just cut it down?" smartass asked.

"Because I don't want to be running over it every time I need to drive this way. Besides, it's no strain on me to dig it up."

Hell, it wasn't even that hard for them. Sure, they had to cut through the big roots, but damn. They'd probably bitch if I beat them with my newly refurbished whip. I will admit that I'd pulled a dumbass stunt of my own, walking down here without the truck.

That's because I had intended to just cut the trees off low and try to dodge around the stumps, exactly what smartass had suggested. As we were walking I knew I couldn't leave it at that. Any log truck driver knows that stumps can be death to any tire that comes near them, especially when you're loaded. I wasn't planning on being loaded but I wasn't going to take any chances either. After they'd dug out all around the tree I'd go back for the truck and come pull it down. They could fill the hole back in after the stump was pulled up.

When the cut up wood was stacked nice and neat I had Jr chain the other two to the tree they were working on so he, Karen, and I could go to the next one. I'm sure they thought they'd be able to slip the loop over the top of the tree and get away after I'd left. They might have been able to too if I hadn't driven a spike into the tree and locked the chain to it before we took off.

Karen, Jr, and I headed for the next one in line and treated it like the first one. I left Jr stacking wood and Karen and I moved on. Before noon I had all the trees that were going to be a problem as ready as I could get them. All that was needed now was Jr to stack the wood and the other two to do the digging. Karen and I headed back.

Smartass and his helper had done a pretty good job on that first tree but they didn't look very damned happy about their job well done, especially after I moved them down the line to the next one. I didn't give a shit what they liked; I just moved them and nailed their chain to the next obstacle. Karen and I struck out for my safe area and the truck.

We hadn't gone a hundred yards before Karen reached out to grab my arm and stop me. She made a shushing motion with her finger across her lips and pointed. I couldn't see anything but trees but I knew better than to ignore her warning. We crept closer, being especially careful to make as little noise as possible.

Soon enough I could make out two more guys that were obviously trying to get a look at my camp. They were in better shape than the first three. They actually had clothes of a sort and they looked fairly well fed. They were staring intently at my truck.

Managing to get within fifty feet, I fired a shot between them and yelled for them to freeze unless they wanted one in their asses. They didn't take long to freeze.

"What have we here? I'll bet you two came to welcome me to the neighborhood, didn't you?" I asked, but they didn't reply, all they did was try to look menacing at me.

"Let me tell you two dumbasses something. I can shoot you just as easily for refusing to answer. Which one of you wants to loose a knee first?"

"I damned sure don't. We just came to see if you got here all right and if you needed any help," one of them said.

"I will shoot your ass faster for lying. Now, spit it out. I've already caught three idiots and they're working their asses off right now so I don't really need the help that bad," I said, and I didn't even try to look menacing. I smiled.

"We came to catch you and steal anything of value you might have," the other one said.

"Well, you got here just in the knick of time. Turn around and put your hands behind your back. Karen will strap you up with a couple of plastic ties. Won't you Karen?"

"I'll be glad to, but I know about these two too. They're sneaky bastards, and there's usually another one with them," she said.

"In that case the two of you spread out about ten feet and lay face down on the ground with your hands behind your backs."

They didn't like that part one little bit but they liked it even less when I had Karen sit on one to bind his hands while I held the Glock to the other one's head while she was at it.

"If you do have a friend that tries to jump us while we're getting you tied I'm going to blow your brains out before I shoot him. You'd better sing out now if someone else is coming; that or say your last prayers," I said.

"Tom is still out there. He has a spear with a flint point. I know he'll try to help us. I just know he will," said the one I had the Glock on, and he was almost sobbing.

"Tom, if you come in here with a spear I'll kill this one first thing. You'd better come on in with your hands empty right now," I said, yelling it.

Good old Tom didn't make a peep, so I tried again.

"It's gonna go hard on you Tom if you don't come in. If I turn my dogs out for you they'll most likely chew you up pretty bad before I catch up to them. They're Rottweiler's, three of them and they're always in a bad mood," I yelled again.

"I'll come out. Don't shoot me mister and don't turn your dogs loose. I'm dropping my spear now. Here I come," Tom said, sounding a little like he wanted to sob even if he wasn't yet.

Karen was done with her first candidate so I had her tie Tom and then the one I had. It was hard for them to get back on their feet like that but they made it. I motioned for them to head toward my barrier.

"You won't let the dogs out once we're in there will you mister?" Tom asked, apparently he had something against Rottweilers.

"What dogs. I don't have any dogs," I said, just being mean I guess.

They pissed and moaned a little but there was nothing they could do now. I marched them up the hill and didn't even march them back down again. I didn't have any more of the lighter big loop chain so I had to use one of the three-eights chains that were for binding the load down. It was a lot heavier and a lot longer but I didn't have to carry it. I chained them together at the waist before doing anything else.

It was past time for something to eat, but with the new additions I wouldn't have enough baloney and bread. I wised up, taking the bread and baloney out of the cooler, putting it in a big saucepan to keep it clean, and then put the empty packages back in the Igloo.

There isn't a real good place for people to ride on the back of a log truck when the trailer is loaded onto the truck. Hell, they didn't need a comfortable perch and besides, I was going to chain them to the headache rack, even if they fell off they were still going to come with us. I sure as hell didn't intend to let them in the cab.

Once they were secured and the Igloo was in the sleeper I rummaged around for the Mattock head I knew I had somewhere. It had been repaired with a nice Hickory handle and copied in alien materials too so I put them both in the cab and we took off.

When we got to the first tree that was still in the way, I stopped and turned around. I left the newbies chained to the truck then Karen and I walked to the next tree for our other helpers. Jr must have finished everything he had on his list because he was back with them, watching. There wasn't even much to watch because they were just about done with this one too.

I released them from the tree then we headed back to the truck. They were not that happy to see my new workers and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. A few harsh words got started but when I pulled the bullwhip out of the truck again it got pretty quiet.

"Now I'm a pretty peaceable guy and I don't even have much against y'all, but I'm not listening to you pissing and moaning all day long and you might as well make up your mind about it before I have to tear the hide off a couple of naked backs. This damn thing will hurt.

In case you don't remember so well, I'll remind you. You came looking to capture and steal from me. I didn't look you up. You're going to work for me until I let you go. After I turn you loose you'd be smart to make sure you never let me see you again. Then again, none of you is very damned smart," I said, making the whip pop for emphasis.

No doubt they decided they didn't want to argue anymore for right now. Karen made the sandwiches and of course we had plenty this time. I even had enough Cokes for everyone but I did tell them not to throw the cans away. Karen motioned me away from the truck after we'd all eaten.

"How does that ice chest keep being full of bread and baloney? I know good and well you were out of baloney yesterday?"

"I doubt you'll believe me, but the aliens did something to it and when you put the empty package back in it the ice chest fixes them up full again," I said.

"How in the hell does it do that?"

"Same way an asshole bites off shit without teeth I guess," I said.


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