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Sex Story: Prologue - This story is written with no knowledge at all of American Justice system. It's written with a tongue-in-cheek spirit and is not designed to get real feminists in uproar. No real women were spanked, hurt or otherwise damaged in this story. I do not advocate any changes in real relationship between sexes. The story really is set in a parallel Universe. Imaginary women will get spanked and imaginary feminists will get a lot of headache. The codes will change chapter by chapter.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   MaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Enema   Caution  

After 24 straight years of 3 Republican Presidents backed up by almost monolithic Congress, America emerged from the wake of September 11 much stronger and completely different. On the surface still a paragon of Democracy, underneath a mighty shift to the right backed up by a profusion of laws that twisted the old Constitution in very strange ways under the excuse of war against terror.

Now, after 23 years from the infamous World Trade Center massacre, the World terrorism was as good as gone. The major 'evil countries' destroyed or under new administration. The Middle East Comprehensive Peace Treaty in force already for 11 years was made possible by physical elimination of thousands of terrorists. The legalization of drugs and regulation of its cultivation in USA under government control dropped the prices down is such a way that there was no more profit in growing them.

Without external enemy to speak off and with a powerful internal anti-terrorist agency with nothing to do the administration looked for strengthening the control over possible domestic dissidents, bracing its powerful muscles for the next fight.

The next enemy surprisingly was American Feminism.

The downfall ironically was brought in great measure by the arrogance, a lot of stupidity and a severe lack of timing in a series of initially unrelated and isolated incidents. A whole new set of laws was voted, jurisprudence was established and within a short period of 6 years between the last mandate of President G. W. Bush and the second of his successor, Ronald Reagan II, American women found themselves as good as enslaved and within the letter of the Constitution.

We will list the series of the most important facts that brought those most amazing events into being.

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