The Business
Chapter 3

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Lisa Peacock

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3 - I'd left the small town to seek fame and fortune in the big smoke, but it wasn't the type of fame and fortune I'd had in mind...things turned out quite differently

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   White Couple  


(I'd made a point that if I was going to prostitute myself; I wasn't going to be cheap. This was a very busy, very expensive hotel and the people who stayed here could afford it. If any male guest wanted to hire my body for pleasure, there was a large price tag on it. The method of placing money in front of me was perhaps the most used method. A West African diplomat had his aide approach me. The diplomat was not present at the time; they were occupying one of the top suits. The aide requested my presence in the suit, sat me down and laid out the crisp dollar bills on the glass coffee table in front of me.

"Mr... Would like you to join him this evening... for some pleasurable company... will this cover the cost?" I knew of course what pleasurable company meant and what it would entail. I'm sure Mr... Received value for his money)

In actual fact the money Nick was offering was more than enough, it was very generous. "Well" he said waiting for my answer.

"I make only one stipulation"

"Yeh... yeh what's that?" he asked excitedly.

"You wear a condom... no bareback riding" I replied.

Receiving the answer he'd been hoping for, his face lit up like a beacon, a smile from ear to ear.

"Absolutely... no problems there my love" and he walked up to me, taking the money from my hand.

"I'll just hang on to this until later... what time can I expect you?"

"When I finish... sometime after ten" I replied, then I surprised him by taking his limp cock in my hand, squeezing and fondling it. Within in seconds it became a piece of hard flesh... stiff as. I was even more impressed by it now that it was hard. I slowly worked the shaft for him a few times, then said, "You get the rest later", then walked to the door and turned toward him "Just hold that thought" pointing to his erection.

When I did the banking the following day, my own account was boosted somewhat as well.

Most of the female staff had a tale or two to tell similar to above, not all responded the same way I did. Likewise I did not respond to all advances. I would pick and choose who I thought I'd go with. The money was only one of the criteria.

Then came the day I met Dave and Kevin. I won't say it was love at first sight, because it wasn't, but I think we both felt something magical between us. All three of us hit it off right from word go. Oh they flirted alright, but I knew this was just that, some innocent flirtations. I also knew they must be the best of friend the way they talked, joked and treated each other... things that only real pals would get away with.

Dave was the white guy, Kevin the black guy. Some of the remarks they made to each other would normally have caused a riot, but not these two, one gave as good as the other.

"Don't take any notice of us love... we really do like each other... but as you can see he can be a big pain in the arse" said Dave laughing.

I came to learn that they were here to carry out the extensions to the hotel, rather extensive extensions. They owned the company that had won the contract. When you talked to them, they seemed less like company directors than any one I'd ever met before.

No airs... no graces, just regular down to earth guys, my kind of guys.

Kevin the construction expert and Dave the architect. They were going to be staying at the hotel whilst they oversaw the work. Head office for them was down south and it made sense to be on hand and oversee the initial period of construction. I always felt good when the pair were around... you know people that made you laugh... made you feel happy. Oh they flirted alright but they never pressured me to join them in their room.

I was just coming off duty one evening, an early finish duty when they were coming out of the elevator.

"Hi... you off somewhere for the night" Dave asked.

"No... not really, just off home, a quiet wine, a meal and maybe a bit of TV"

"Look Kevin and I are just going for a bight to eat; you're perfectly welcome to join us. In fact I'd like a bit of good looking and intelligent company for a change instead of this dimwit" He said thumbing the direction of Kevin.

"Ho... listen to him... it's me that has to put up with meaningless twaddle all the time... please do join us, we really would enjoy your company" said Kevin

I looked at the two smiling faces, considered my options, which were zero. An empty flat, (my flat mates away for a couple of days) a hastily concocted meal and nothing on TV just did not appeal. This was a good offer

"Now how could a girl turn down an offer like that, especially with two such charming and handsome men... let's go" I said, and thrust one arm into each of their arms and walked off. This was the start, the meal and company were just great, they knew exactly how to treat a girl, and funny, had me continuously laughing, it had been a long, long time since I'd had so much fun.

The invites kept coming and before long we were the greatest of pals. I knew I was starting to fall and fall heavily for Dave. The thing was I rather liked Kevin as well, here I was caught between two great guys and neither had made a move or offered me a cash incentive to sleep with them. God I loved these guys.

Now I have no idea whether the next part was concocted by the pair of them or if Kevin did have some reason to go south for a few days. The thing was I ended up having Dave all to myself, this night was like a proper date. Him, me a meal and a bottle of wine. When we left the restaurant he took my hand and I felt a delightful tremor through my body and I started to tremble a little. I'd not had feelings like this for quite a while.

Sensing I was shaking a little he asked "Here are you cold honey" and put his arm around me. Now my heart started to race. I felt like a young teenager again and I slipped my arm around his waist. I had a wonderful feeling as we slowly wandered through the park together, his arm around my waist, and slipping to my hip. It had been and age since I'd done this with a guy and I've got to say it felt good... real good. There was a slow moving river with a bridge crossing over it, where we stopped, looked into the water for a moment or two then he put his arms around me, I looked deeply longingly into his eyes, I pouted my full lips at him and for the first time we kissed, right in the middle of the bridge. My response to it was one of passion as our tongues fought for possession. His teeth gently biting my tongue, holding it in place. The warmth of his body pressed tight against mine had my blood and heart racing. His hands slipping to my bum, pulling me hard against the erection that our passions had created. My pussy was now wet as I pushed and gyrated against it, letting him know I could feel it pressing against me... wanting it. I moaned and sighed softly in reply to his gentle touching and caressing. There was little doubt we both wanted the same thing. I made no protests, when his hand slid between my thighs, my legs parting sufficiently to let him have better access, even with the fabric of my skirt between my pussy and his hand, it felt good having it there as I pushed and gyrated against it. I reached between his crotch, the feel of his hard erection told me he wanted what I wanted.

"I think we should make our way back now... perhaps you'd like to come up for a nightcap" he said.

Was this the invitation I'd been waiting for. I was hoping a nightcap could mean only one thing.

Little conversation was spoken as we drove back to the hotel, each of us deep within our own thoughts, thoughts on how the rest of the evening would unfold. I felt wetness in my pants and a tremble in my body. I knew Dave too was thinking similar thoughts and would have a stiffness in his trousers and excitement through his veins. From time to time we would look at one another and a smile.

The nightcap was the last thing on our minds as we entered his room. Only the city lights illuminating the darkness.

We took up where we had left off standing on the bridge. I just could not stop trembling as he held me close, the warmth of his body pressed against mine. God why I should feel like this, why I should tremble I do not know. I was well and truly versed and experienced with regards to sex and the number of men I'd been with. It felt like I was doing it for the first time.

The city lights twinkled outside out bedroom window as we embraced. His lips were warm and tender against mine and I felt his fingers slowly undo the buttons on my blouse, one by one. There was an urgent want and need in both of us, but his actions were slow and deliberate. With the last of my buttons undone he peeled my blouse away, his hand now around my back and unclasping my bra. His mouth that had been kissing and chewing on my neck and ear, moved downward, I could feel his warm breath against my skin, as he made toward my breasts, his tongue, warm and moist just flicked and circled my nipple, causing it stiffen and a delightful tingle surge through my body.

"Ohhhh Dave" I moaned softly. I ran my fingers through his hair, continuing to moan and pull his mouth firmly against my breast. His hand now cupped the breast, his mouth opened wide, to take it fully in his mouth, and then he was suckling at it, like a child after his mother's milk. My body stiffened even more and my sighs and moans became more intensified, more urgent.

I undid the button and the zip holding up my skirt and let it fall to the floor. As it did so, Dave's fingers curled around the elastic holding my pants in place, quickly pulling them down. I wriggled out of them, kicking both shoes and knickers away from me, and as was usual, my black stockings the only remaining item of clothing. If I thought I was excited by all this before, I was even more excited now, my pussy starting to really become wet. Dave put his arms around my waist, pressing the small of my back, then slipping his hands to my bum. At first he gently ran over my ass feeling the contour, and then squeezed my buttocks, pulling me hard against his erection, an erection concealed by the fabric of his trousers, but one I could readily feel pressing into me. Our kisses became more passionate, our tongues seeking each others. I knew my pussy was wet, and that Dave would eventually have his fingers inside me, at that point he would be fully aware I was ready for him. At that precise moment I felt his hand, move from my bum, to my hip and down to my thigh, seeking my slit. I parted my legs a little. I wanted no delaying of his action, as his fingers slipped inside me, fingers now covered in my warm wet honey.

"Oh god Laura... Laura" he sighed

"Yes my love... yes... I'm ready for you" I stammered nervously, confirming what my wet pussy had already told him.

With one swift motion, he swept me off my feet and carried me to the bed, gently laying me upon it. I lay on my side and splayed my legs, displaying the slit between them. The gesture had not gone unnoticed as he smiled, his eyes firmly fixed on my pussy. The lack of light in the room, made the sight of it more alluring. My heart pumped wildly, my blood rushed madly through my veins as I watched excitedly whilst he hurriedly undressed. He was eager to divest himself of his clothing. Now there was a sense of urgency, his naked body soon joining and entwining with mine, his arms holding me tight, rubbing himself against me, lips once again in combat. When his fingers hooked and delved inside me, I flung my legs apart, the sound of slurping from my pussy as he worked the fingers, fingers that found my love nub, teasing it, adding more fuel to an already out of control fire... a fire that raged inside me.

He took the now wet fingers and placed them in his mouth, closing his eyes and relishing the taste of fresh honey. "Mmmmmm" then licked and sucked clean, pushed them back inside, this time offering the fingers to me and placing them in my mouth. Like a ravenous puppy, I likewise licked and sucked them clean. My pussy was wetter than ever, I was about to explode. He wasn't finished yet, he went to the foot of the bed, then dragging me downward, dropped to his knees and buried his face in warm, wet pussy. I could not help, letting out an almighty scream, then lifting my hips, forced my pussy hard against his sucking, licking mouth. My body stiffened as an exciting ripple, ripped through my body. At the same moment I exploded, sending a copious amount of cum oozing from my slit. Dave's tongue and mouth like some thirst crazy animal licked and sucked at it, not wanting to miss a drop of the honey.

I was now in complete euphoria. My head thrashed from side to side. I sighed, I moaned... groaned and shouted. I screamed his name... begging him.

He dragged me to the bottom of the bed, pulled my legs in the air by my ankles and I felt his manhood enter me. "Oh god Dave" I yelled.

"Yes honey... yes... I'm here sweetheart" his arse and hips already swaying. His hard erection pumping hard and pumping deep. My legs were over his shoulder and he was pressing down on me, one had to be a bit of a contortionist and have a subtle body for this position. His hands held my breasts tight, restricting them from bouncing up and down and wobbling like two large jellies, a result or reaction to his thrusting. I could still hear the slurping of my wet pussy as his humping continued. There was urgency in his action. He was riding me like a jockey riding a race horse, eager to reach the winning post. His hand continually slapping my ass, each slap leaving a red mark. Our shouts and moans commingled with each other, as he continued to pile drive into me. I screamed again as another orgasm ripped through my body.

My jockey was riding me hard. The sound of his flesh slapping against my flesh his loins and thighs slapping against my ass, as he continued to thrust. Slap... slap... slap. Pile driving hard, deep and fast. Smack... his hand hitting my bum... making it tingle, urging me on.

"Uh... uh... uh..." his breath coming in short bursts. His time was near... the final thrust and he closes his eyes, gasps "Ohhhhhh!" and wallows in the euphoric feeling that his body receives from his orgasm. The heavy load of sperm ejects forcefully from the head of his penis. One final "Ohhhhh!" and it is allover... for now.

I willingly accept his invitation to stay the night and it is the early hours of the morning, when both if us have spent, or given it all and entwined in each others arms we eventually fall asleep.

I awoke to the aroma of fresh coffee. Finding one of the hotels bath robes I draw it over my naked body and follow the smell into the living area.

"Ah princess, I have fresh coffee and breakfast ready to go" he said gesturing to the table laden with freshly baked croissants, bacon and eggs, fresh fruit juice and a host of other delicacies.

"God where did that come from" I asked

"Room service" he announced proudly.

"Oh shit... they don't know I'm here do they?" I asked, somewhat concerned

"Ha... no... I made sure the bedroom door was closed... I'm sure they will be the sole of discretion." He said.

Our love making had left me ravenous, the food tasted absolutely marvelous as did the coffee.

I needed it for what was about to happen. His proposal of marriage was like being hit by a runaway train. I was totally unprepared for it. He was somewhat disappointed when I did not respond, in an enthusiastic way. After he had popped the question I just sat and stared at him, pondering how best to answer.

"What's wrong sweetheart I thought you said you loved me... or perhaps that was just last night... now it's different in the light of day"

I grabbed his hand and squeezed it reassuringly. "No... no, nothing like that... you said the words I wanted to hear... it's just... it's... well..." I struggled to find the words or courage to tell him.

"It's what sweetheart... tell me"

I'd always dreaded this moment and I knew that one day it might just happen. If it did I'd made a vow I would confess all to my would be suitor, no secrets, nothing that could come back and bight me on the ass.

"If I accept I want you to know all the baggage that I carry... if you still want to propose to me then do so... at least you'll know all about me"

He sat there quietly listening to me as I related almost all my life, the men and how from time to time I'd prostituted myself. A prostitute yes... a high class prostitute maybe but a prostitute never the less. I always thought Call Girl sounded more apt but a rose by any other name, etc, etc. When I'd finished he sat there deep in thought.

"I'm glad you have been honest with me and I should now tell you something about me". He now took the stage and related his life and past. His girlfriends and his failed marriage and before long we had it all out in the open.

"If we did marry would you continue in the practice?" He asked

"Oh god no... no... I never would" I declared.

"In that case Laura I ask you once again... will you marry me"

The answer this time was an emphatic yes.

I thought when Kevin found out there would be a few sparks and resentment. I thought he may think I was driving a wedge between them, but he was just the opposite he hugged me like a long lost friend, congratulating us both and wondered why it had taken Dave so long to propose. He only had one thing to say, which he said in a private moment.

"Jut make sure you make him happy... he had it bad with that last bitch... took him a long time to get over it"

I assured him I would make him extremely happy. The wedding was just at the registry office with some close friends, Giles attending also. Dave and Kevin never took the piss or made fun of him, well not at first but once he sort of became one of the family, he knew they were just joshing him, like Dave and Kevin joshed each other and he soon learned to give as good as he got.

I now found myself in a different world completely. Dave and Kevin were men of wealth. They moved their head office up north, where there was more opportunity and I suddenly found myself with a new house, far different to the flat I'd shared with my other mates and a credit card that seemed to be limitless. The yacht Morning Cloud was a new purchase and it was as if I'd walked through a door into paradise, one minute struggling with cash the next, money no object. It was about now that I decided to give Real Estate a go. I'd always liked the idea, thought of it as an easy way to earn money... wrong. It's the most frustrating job anyone can have. You are either up on a high or way down low and wondering why everybody else is putting together so many deals and your not. Well you soon realise that is Real Estate, then just when you're ready to call it a day... it's your turn and suddenly things are not so bad. You just have to deal with it and live with it and if you can do that and work through the bad times that come your way... it's a great job.

Life was good, the three of us all got on well together. Kevin rented a very nice house by the beach, although he spent a great deal of his time at our place. It was about a year to eighteen months when the next turn of events happened. It was to bring Kevin into our lives even more.

I was preparing Saturday lunch, when Dave got all amorous in front of Kevin. He'd grabbed me and was kissing me passionately, pulling up my skirt so that he could get to my pants and get his hand between my thighs. Kevin could see all this, bare thighs and legs.

I pushed Dave away, gasping for breath said. "Hey... hey Kevin's just there watching us... this is not the time to get all randy"

Dave just laughed, spun me toward Kevin and put his arm around my waist.

"Kevin... my best mate Kevin... shall I tell you his little secret honey"

"Dave... don't you dare... you said you never would" said Kevin.

"Oh come on Kevin we're all family here... all for one... one for all"

"Kevin here has always declared he'd love to fuck you... said so from day one" Dave said smiling and enjoying the discomfort and embarrassment it seemed to be causing Kevin.

"Oh shit Dave you rat"

"Well come on tell the truth... did you or did you not tell me you'd like to fuck Laura"

"Yes... yes I did... but that was in confidence"

"Well now's your chance... why don't you two go in the bedroom... fuck each others brains out and I'll make lunch... now how's that for a deal"

Kevin and I just looked at each other in stunned silence and disbelief.

"I can't believe what you have just said" Kevin replied in shock. Like wise neither could I.

"What, your telling Kevin and I we can go in the bedroom and fuck one another... is that what your saying... I am hearing it correct am I not"

"Well what better combination... you loved to be fucked and Kevin has longed to fuck you for months... and as I said we are family... time to share" he said smiling.

I suddenly realised he wasn't joking about it... he was serious.

"Go on... go the pair of you before I change my mind" he said and at the same time pushed me toward Kevin, he in turn putting up his hands to catch me. The thing is when I fell into his arms he was holding me rather tight, tighter than need be and I could tell he was excited at the feel of my body next to his. The feel of his hands betrayed the fact that he was keen to do this.

"No... no we can't do this Dave... god Laura is your wife"

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