The Business
Chapter 2

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Lisa Peacock

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - I'd left the small town to seek fame and fortune in the big smoke, but it wasn't the type of fame and fortune I'd had in mind...things turned out quite differently

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Interracial   White Couple  


I had no idea which was the black one, down here in the moonlight they were all hard to see. I picked what looked like the darkest colour tore it open and rolled the second rubber of the night on his cock, then turning I stretched across the table, presented my hind end for his use and waited for him to enter me. I hadn't long to wait. Like the first time penetration was swift and deep. When the last thrust of the night was made and the condoms once again filled. I was rather glad when they announced it was time to return to the marina. The two filled condoms were flung into the water, to float to who knows where... join the others perhaps. The other yachts had gone to bed long ago, dawn was still another hour or so away, as the engine started and we made our way back to the marina. The only thing I'd been dressed in all night was a pair of thigh hi black stockings. I donned my panties and bra, and climbed into my dress. Gerry doing the honours of pulling up the zip. Dark or not I still felt out of place dressed as I was. Gerry had me take the wheel, he was standing close behind, his body pressed tight to mine, his hands squeezing my breasts, the hard bristles of his beard as he kissed and licked my neck and ear. The marina was quiet as we chugged in and made fast. The yacht with the two couples on who had watched us depart was now in total darkness.

"I'll escort Laura to her car Pete... make sure she's safe... why not stick the kettle on... I could murder a coffee before bed"

I attacked the obstacle course again. Hitching up my dress and cocking my leg over the rail... there was no need for modesty this time, we were well past all that. My hi heals I kept in my hand, not wanting to wake anyone who may be sleeping over. The sound of hi heals on the board walk can be quite loud that time of night, once on concrete and away from the marina I donned my shoes.

"Hey... thanks for a great night honey... that was one of the best we've had... I'll be sure to tell Claire... might earn you a bonus, eh!?" he said as we reached my car. Then his arms were around my waist, drawing me tight, his lips were on mine and his tongue down my throat.

"Oh god I love fucking you Laura... I really do" he said as he broke of kissing, but continuing to hold me tight.

I surprised him by placing my arms around his neck and pulling his mouth to my mouth and started to kiss him passionately in return.

"I've enjoyed being with you Gerry... you and Pete... you're both gentlemen"

I think he was a little embarrassed. "Oh... well, I'll be sure to ask for you next time" he replied.

"Hmmm I may not be available next time honey... I'm really only part time"

"I'll phone Claire later... get her to take you on full time... I think I'd better go... I'm starting to get a hard on again... might have to fuck you over the bonnet of the car... I'll see you next time" and with that he turned and walked away.

Traffic at that time in the morning was comparatively light, only those really needing to be driving, were out driving; right now I was longing to crawl between those sheets put my head on the pillow and just sleep. My mind kept drifting to Kevin and how he had set me up. The rat... I'll get him... just wait and see.

When I pulled into the drive Kevin's Ford Explorer was parked in the drive, so he'd stopped here for the night. The outside night light came on as it sensed the movement of my car. I was too tired to open the garage door and beside it would alert the neighbours that I was just arriving home and I doubt they would believe I'd been out selling Real Estate until this time of the morning, likewise I used the key to lock my car. The bleep... bleep... bleep and flashing lights from using the auto lock... another give away.

I quietly made my entrance, took off my shoes, then placing car keys and purse on table tip toed toward the bedroom. The sound of snoring and a peek through the door confirmed that Kevin was in the spare bedroom. I was so tempted to fetch a jug of ice cold water from the fridge and pour it on him, especially the area of his testicles, serve the bastard right... you'll keep buddy... you'll keep.

Dave was no better, not quite snoring, but sound asleep. I undressed, and then naked I quietly slipped between the sheets. There was a grunt and a snort. The body next to me rolled on its side and an arm wrapped around my waist. I snuggled against the warmth of his body and within seconds I was fast asleep.

When I awoke the room was filled with daylight and the digits on the clock read eleven am. My body ached and when I looked at my thighs they were black and blue. Two large love bights adorned my neck, and those I could not remember getting. The bruising was from being continually humped against the edge of the table.

The shower was just right; the warm needles of hot water helped bring my body back to life. I could still smell the scent of male sperm and body odor, the water and soap helping to wash it away, leaving my body with a far better fragrance. Once again I felt fresh and clean.

Before I went and join the men I had one phone call to make. I had to confirm with Claire that there had, or had not as the case may be, any girl's available last night.

"Mmm yes... there had been two girls available last night... why, is there a problem"

"Oh no, no... it's just that Kevin took a call from you... then said you were fully booked and a very good client by the name of Gerry... along with his mate had been turned down"

It was then that the full story came out. Claire had received a call from said Gerry that morning complimenting her with regard the girl she had sent him last night. Claire of course had no record of any of our girls attending to Gerry and his friend Pete... they were of course known to her and she was completely mystified. Now she put two and two together. His description of me and the name Laura, clicked.

"Oh god... it was you, wasn't it... you went out with Gerry and Pete... it had to be you"

I was caught; I couldn't deny I'd gone.

"Yes... yes, it was me... that so called friend and partner tricked me... I thought I was saving the agencies ass, the only ass that was getting screwed was mine"

"Do I need a union card for this" I asked laughing

Claire laughed and told me it was not necessary for me to have a union card and welcomed me to the sisterhood.

"Who would have normally have attended Gerry and mate" I asked

"Dawn, most likely, she normally does"

"Tell Dawn she still gets paid... Kevin can write a check for both of us... I've got some shopping I want to do"

Now I had all the proof I needed, let's see what he has to say about it.

"Oh good morning sweetheart... hows out working girl?" Dave asked.

"Oh I'm fine... just fine... a little tired perhaps"

"What time did you get home... late I take it?"

"Well not that you guys would care but it was almost five am... you two were out to the world"

"Well it was in a good cause honey... saved our asses so you did"

"Yeh well the only ass that was getting screwed was mine... and as it turns out it didn't need to be"

"What do you mean... didn't need to be?" Dave asked

"Ask your very good friend and my ex friend Kevin"

We were both now looking at Kevin waiting for his answer.

I could tell by the look on his face he knew that I had cottoned on to his little scheme, but still tried to look innocent.

"I have no idea what you're talking about... really"

"Oh yes you do... Gerry told me last night and Claire confirmed it this morning... I just rang her before I came down here"

He looked at me not saying anything... then broke into a smile. "I got you good and proper didn't I"

"What's he talking about" Dave asked, and then I explained the whole scenario as to what had happened.

"But we sat here last night... we heard him on the phone"

"Oh we heard him alright... but he wasn't speaking to Claire... he wasn't speaking to anyone... right Kevin"

He knew he'd been caught out, and a grin spread across his face.

"Guilty as charged your honor... what's my sentence?" he asked

"You can start by making me that breakfast you promised... fresh toast, scrambled eggs, two, and crispy bacon... not that watery stuff... oh and a fresh pot of coffee, I'll think of something else later, also you can pay Dawn for last night and me as well... call it double time"

"God you drive a hard bargain... but your wish is my command... one breakfast coming up" and made for kitchen

"Is that right he set you up... god he had me fooled by it... should have been an actor... it wasn't too bad last night was it"

"No... no it wasn't... Gerry was a total gent... I'm just a little bruised that's all" I said and parted my robe, revealing my thighs.

With a look of alarm he said. "I thought he as a gent... hadn't hurt you?"

"No... no. it was when he banged me up against the table, it's where the edge pressed against me... he's a big heavy guy is Gerry, and when he thrusts he thrusts hard"

"Well I guess you'll learn not to do it on a table with him next time"

"What do you mean next time... I'm one of the partners, not the staff... how do you know there will be a next time"

"Because my dear, if I was Gerry I would want to fuck you again, don't worry I'm sure he'll be asking for you again and let's be fair... you can't let the side down... think of our reputation" he said, chuckling. "You'll see he'll be back for you"

When breakfast arrived, it was just perfect, either that or I was so ravenous. "There you are my love try that... any complaints see the chef"

"But you are the chef dick head"

"Oh yeh so I am"

"Well got to go, see you guys later... am I forgiven sweetheart?"

"Yes... but it would be nice if you had asked me to do it, rather than make it look like an emergency"

"If I'd asked would you have gone?"

"No probably not"

"Well there you go then... besides you enjoyed it really... be honest"

"Go shit head before I change my mind about you"

He bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"You back here tonight" I asked

"No not tonight... you and Dave can have the place to yourselves... see ya" and was gone.

Now I'm sure there must be some out there, who are rather curious as to who the hell is this Kevin and what part does he play in my life, or our lives. Well let me perhaps make a little detour and explain.

I did not realise it at the time but when I married Dave I got the complete package and it goes like this.

I was still in the hotel business; I graduated from waitress to reception come management. The hotel had been well pleased with my work in the restaurant side and when a position on reception became available, they remembered that I'd first applied for that particular job and asked if I would be interested in filling it. My reply was yes, I'd love to. So there I was, now welcoming the guests at the front desk. Now you have to remember this was a big... I mean big hotel, lots of visitors coming and going each day. International guests, many different ethnic groups. They all passed through the front desk and I found I was receiving more attention from the male guests than I did when working as a waitress, but then all the female staff were targets and if I'd wanted to I could have had a different bedmate each and every night... however I was selective.

Working in a hotel was just perfect for me... in the reception area your dress code had to be right, uniform at all time. Black skirts for us girls, black trousers for the men, white blouse and matching black jackets, guys white shirts, and red blazers. Much as I would like to have opened all my top buttons and see the male reaction, that was a no, no, which disappointed me.

I knew I had a great body, a body that could give men a tight feeling in the groin area. As I started to develop, I watched and willed my body to grow, for my breasts to develop. Just about everyday I'd look at myself in the mirror to see if they had developed from the day before. Lying on my bed, I'd fondle and massage them. Have my little fantasies with my imaginary men, my finger slowing stroking my pussy, pressing inside it and murmuring the name of the boy or man I fancied I was with.

"Oh Peter... Peter... please... please" I'd softly murmur and moan, my finger rubbing my clit, exciting me.

Oh we all talked and discussed our little fantasies amongst ourselves. Picking out which top, which skirt to wear? Short enough to cover our panties, but revealing enough if we bent over, always teasing the poor guys, young and old. I'd watch for their reactions, the rolling eyes, and the lewd gestures when they didn't think we could see them, oh it turned them on alright; I knew it and I enjoyed it.

"Laura... you're going to go too far one of these days" my friends would say to me.

That remark turned out to be perfectly true

If they only knew, that time I'd fell out with them down by the beach, I was too stubborn to admit I was wrong, had sulked and sat on the bench. Ripe pickings for the old guy who had been watching. God thinking back on it, I must have been crazy, letting him entice me into the sand dunes and doing what I did with him, the memory of it all is still very vivid in my mind after all these years, Yuk... I mean he was old, old. It was something I've never told anyone, the only two who know about it is him and I... and I would think he is now long gone.

I'd sat on the bench brooding, seething at the remark that Sandra had said. I can't even remember what it was, not that important; it just seemed so at the time. I was suddenly aware of a man, an old man shuffling toward me. "Oh hello sweetheart... all by yourself are you?" he asked. I could see him more plainly now. He looked thin and frail, his face wrinkled and drawn with age. When he smiled some of his teeth were missing and they were stained either with age or smoking, probably both. He had a cough, a cough of a smoker.

"Yes... yes I am" I pouted, my mood not improving any.

"Oh come on little lady... a lovely lass like you... you shouldn't be so down... you're much, much too good looking to be pouting like that"

"Yeh... well I am" I replied truculently.

"Oh come, come" He said, now sitting next to me. I did see him looking at my thighs. The short skirts we wore did reveal rather a generous amount of thigh when we sat down, which was our intent when we wore them in the first place. The thing being it did it for young and old alike.

"I couldn't help but overhear them... I think they were quite wrong, in what they said to you" now trying to curry favour with me.

"I bet they are jealous of you, because you are such a lovely looking girl... eh"

I felt a little embarrassed at his comment. "No... no they are just as good looking... maybe better" I replied.

"Oh no... no... I bet you have lots of boyfriends eh?"

"No... well some... not that many"

"I can't believe it... a lovely girl like you... you must have dozens... you're just being modest"

"No I don't have that many" I insisted.

"You must have one special boyfriend perhaps... one you've done it with"

"No... no one"

"But you have done it... you know... done IT?" he persisted.

I did not answer him; I was embarrassed to admit to him that I had.

"My... my... you have done it haven't you"

I made no verbal confirmation, just nodded, that I had.

"You seem so young to have lost your virginity... how old are you?" he asked.

"Thirteen... well almost fourteen" I replied.

"And such a lovely little figure on you as well"

"Did you like it... you know... when you're boy friend did it to you... how did it feel good eh?"

Again I made no verbal reply... just nodded.

"Yes it's nice having sex... especially at your age... you're so young... so..." He broke off at this point. As we talked he had been rubbing his groin area, through his trousers, the talk and rubbing action had given him an erection. Now unzipping his fly, he exposed himself. My eyes were confronted with a very large erection. I'd assumed the boy who had taken my virginity, the one I'd idolized, had been quite large, but this skinny old man put him to shame. It seemed large, the skin stretched tight over its surface, it was cut, no foreskin, thus accentuating the corona. It was like a large torpedo and probably just as deadly.

I gave a gasp at the sight of it.

"It's a nice one isn't it? Would you like to touch it... perhaps hold it for a while" he said.

"Oh no I don't..."

"Nonsense... of course you can... here give me your hand"

Before I could pull back he'd taken my hand and placed it on his erection. My hand just seemed to automatically wrap and lock on to it.

"Oh... oh" I whimpered.

"Don't be afraid of it, it won't bight... just stroke it"

I'd masturbated a few of the boys behind the bike shed, so I knew that men liked having their cocks jerked off.

"Oh yes... yes... you have a very nice touch young lady... I bet you drive the guys wild... you certainly have me going" he said.

I have to admit, it was good to touch, to feel my hand firmly around the hard shaft, did excite me somewhat, even if he was a decrepit old geezer.

He was getting a little nervous, sitting here with a young teenage girl, slowly masturbating him. He took a look around; to make sure no one was watching the two of us. The road ended just where we were sitting, from here on, the road became grass, leading to the sand dunes, an area where all couples went when they wanted privacy.

"Hey come on let's go over there" He said, indicating the sand dunes.

"Oh I don't..." again I was cut off. "Ill make it worth your while... I've got money... lots of money... I only want you to finish jerking me off... that's all"

I walked beside him as he guided me toward a suitable area.

Taking another look around and satisfied we would not be disturbed, he invited me to lie in the long grass. I was a little concerned as the walk had taken us quite a ways from other people and safety.

I dropped to the ground and was promptly, joined by this old man.

"Ah now this is better, my dear, we have all the privacy we need" he said, rolling on his back, he once again unzipped his fly, removing his hard manhood.

"See how much it thinks of you, kept hard all this way" and taking my hand placed it where it had been ten minutes ago.

I resumed masturbating him. Listening to his soft sighs as I did so. As I continued his hand went to my thigh, gently rubbing it up and down.

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