Molly And Kelly's Delightful Ipanema Rendezvous

by Dag123

Copyright© 2007 by Dag123

Erotica Sex Story: A happy carefree Molly while shopping in Ipanema stops for lunch at a little café. When approached by Kelly Chung, Molly at first doesn't recognize her until she recalls Kelly's kindness to her that night on the island. Discovering they are kindred spirits, they are soon planning a better way to make life more sexually satisfying for both themselves and their husbands. To celebrate, they rent a cabana on the beach for an afternoon of erotic fun together.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Interracial   White Female   Oriental Female   .

Since surviving the terrible erotic activities, Molly had been tricked into participating in that night on the Island off the Brazilian Coast; the unpleasant memories had eventually faded with the passing of time.

Molly was still happy she had done it for Antonio. However after—both knew they never wanted to attend any other of the Group's harsh and cruel activities. Molly, greatly relieved, had settled back into her comfortable familiar routine.

She thought happily to herself, I love Rio de Janeiro. It's like heaven on earth living here.

The weeks drifted by pleasantly—her life once again a languid happy dream. During the day, she taught English at the school. The rest of her time was taken up enjoying her wonderful carefree life with her musician husband Antonio and their daughter Cecilia.

Life was good! Though from time to time she admitted privately to herself that in some ways, she had grown more sophisticated and worldly—she felt that it was in a good way.

Sometimes she laughed at what the Reverend; her father would have to say if he only knew how her sexual attitudes had changed.

Well, she thought, After all... this is Brazil!

Deciding to take a day off from teaching school, she caught a Taxi down to the exciting shopping area of Rio's Ipanema.

She loved shopping the little boutiques along the Rua Visconde de Piraja, the main shopping area there.

Midmorning, tired and happy from shopping, Molly decided to stop for lunch at a delightful little seafood café.

Taking an outdoor table, with a bright colored orange and yellow canopy over it, she was soon lost in thought. After a while, she began engaging in one of her favorite activities—people watching.

When the Waiter came to take her order, she ordered Lobster Themador with a nice salad and a glass of wine.

Might as well spend some of Grandma Meyerson's Trust money, she said to herself.

Molly had been more surprised than anyone had when her Grandmother had suddenly passed away. She had always seemed so strong and had such vitality. I wish I had spent more time with her, Molly thought sadly.

When the will was read, Molly discovered she had been left a sizeable amount of money, in addition to a very impressive portfolio of stocks and bonds. On her Grandmother's instructions, all assets were to continue to be managed by a Firm of Financial Advisors.

Each month now, she received a generous amount, deposited to her private account that kept her, Antonio, and little Cecilia more than able to afford their lavish lifestyle.

Because Molly loved teaching English at the school, she had continued with her teaching position although it was no longer financially necessary. Perhaps I'll leave soon, she thought.

The Mystery Lady

Serendipity has a habit of presenting itself in the most unusual way.

"Excuse me... , but aren't you Molly Quinton?" a sweet little voice asked.

Molly looked up to see a young well-dressed Chinese woman smiling down at her.

"Yes," she replied, somewhat puzzled. "Do we know each other?" she asked, smiling up at the other attractive petite little female.

"You don't remember me," the Chinese girl said with a little smile.

"I'm Kelly Chung. We met out on the Island a few weeks back—the night you and Antonio were there."

"Oh... ," Molly said, recognition tinged with embarrassment setting in.

"Oh, Yes! Now I remember, you were the person who helped me clean up after that terribly degrading experience I had with Veronica's older sister."

"My husband, Kevin and I felt so bad about what they allowed to happen to you. In fact, we decided to never attend their Friday night thing again.

Although we both enjoyed the erotic experience. I even participated once myself," she laughed. Then hoping to put Molly at ease she made a little face.

"Please, don't ask me how I did!" she said with a little laugh.

"Yes," Molly laughed, "I was definitely on the sexual menu that evening. You might say that was my coming out erotic party. More like a coming off party though. I was never so mortified!"

"Don't be embarrassed," Kelly laughed, "The truth is I love the idea—of couples getting together in private—I just hated the rough stuff they allow to go on there. I guess I'm more of a traditional wife than I realize."

"Don't feel bad," Molly laughed, "My father is a Minister. If he had any idea I had done something like that, he would be appalled," she laughed.

"Have lunch with me?" Molly offered, wanting to be friendly, "My treat!"

"Okay," Kelly said, obviously delight at Molly's friendly offer. "We can dish the dirt... share secrets, and all that other good stuff," she said, with a laugh.

"Oh," Kelly said, as she sat down. "It feels so good to get off my feet. It's so hot today."

"I like that little dress you're wearing. It looks so smart," Molly commented.

"It looks so summery. I like the light material and the way the waist ties. It accents your figure." she said, "not that your figure needs any accenting."

Both wives laughed and began to feel more comfortable with each other.

"Just call me the me too girl," Kelly laughed, "but I like what you have on also."

Then Kelly giggled conspiratorially.

"I'll bet you'll never guess what I have on under my dress," she said, with a slight little twist of her beautiful lips.

"What... ?" Molly asked, laughing.

When Kelly didn't respond, Molly asked, "Are you going to tell me... ?"

"You'll be shocked," Kelly warned her, unable to control her giggles.

"Why... ?" Molly asked, now curious.

"Because I have nothing on—under my dress," she said, with a little smirk.

"You mean you don't have any panties on?" Molly asked incredulously. None at all... ?"

"That's right," she said," if you don't believe me—drop your napkin and take a look!" Kelly teased.

"Hey," Kelly said, "I have an even better idea... go into the restroom and take off your panties too. Then we can exchange looks. That way we'll have something naughty to tell our husbands about this evening when we get home," she laughed. "I dare you!"

Molly surprised even herself. Getting up she disappeared into the ladies room. A moment later, she came back out. Opening her purse, she tilted it so Kelly could see inside. Inside the purse was a crumbled up beautiful white lacy pair of panties.

"Oh, WOW!" Kelly laughed gleefully, "You really did it!" We must be kindred spirits or something," she explained.

"My daddy warned me about naughty girls like you," Molly smirked, grinning back at her mischievous friend.

"Okay," Kelly giggled, "I'll go first. Give me a sec... ! Okay, napkin aweigh!" she laughed.

A year ago, Molly would have been mortified; and would never have allowed herself to participate in such outrageous behavior in a public place. Nor, would she have been brave enough lto have accepted such a brazen little erotic dare.

Giggling at the humor and Kelly's outrageous invitation, Molly said with fake anger.

"You really are a naughty little Chinese Bitch, aren't you? Okay... , get ready... I'm dropping my napkin," she laughed.

A second later, her beautiful white cloth napkin floated down to the outdoor deck of the little patio.

Grinning at her friend, Molly bent over pretending to reach down. Now below table level she looked over to find herself facing a pair of beautiful open golden brown sexy little thighs.

Kelly's gorgeous thighs suddenly moved—spreading wide open. Molly could see Kelly's busy little brown fingers pulling her little summer dress higher.

Molly felt a jolt of arousal. She felt her stomach tightening. She found herself staring at Kelly's slightly parted lushly covered pair of black hairy labia lips.

She hesitated for a long moment—looking and thinking to herself, Boy! I really will have something to tell Antonio this evening!

Rising up, Molly saw Kelly laughing at her with that little impish smirk of delight on her pretty little face.

"Okay... Slut," Kelly teased, "My turn to drop the napkin."

"Okay, but hurry... , I don't want anyone else to see me," Molly said now becoming embarrassed at what she had agreed to do.

Upon release, the white table napkin floated down slowly. Molly deeply embarrassed, hoping no one was looking—spread her luscious thighs wide open.

Pulling her dress higher she held her shapely thighs open for a few moments. When Kelly didn't come up from beneath the table she wondered, what is she doing?

Suddenly Molly felt warm silky fingers sliding along her hungry white thighs. She gave a sharp little gasp of surprise. She closed her thighs almost by reflex. She heard light sounds of laughter coming from underneath the table.

Leaning over Molly giggled, "Show's over!" A moment later Kelly, her face slightly flushed raised back up. Both women were breathing hard, as they stared into each other's feverish eyes.

"Oh, WOW!" Kelly said, "That was so hot!"

Still sexually excited, the two wives finished their lunch. "I can't believe what we just did," Molly laughed, "That was so outrageous! I'll get the check."

"Hey! We're right near the beach," Kelly said, "Want to rent a little private Cabana for a couple hours? We could talk more, or whatever. My treat—after all, you bought lunch," she suggested.

"Okay... ," Are you sure it will be alright?" Molly asked, suddenly feeling apprehensive and a bit uncertain.

"Sure, all the Cabana's have flaps that we can close. Once we're inside, no one can see us. They're not supposed to open the Cabana flap unless we give them permission, so we would be completely safe; as long as we don't make too much noise," Kelly giggled.

The Cabana Rendezvous

While Molly waited nervously, Kelly Chung boldly went up to the Attendant at the Cabana Stand and paid the fee.

"We're good for three hours," she said as she rejoined a reluctant Molly. "I think this is our Cabana over here by the sand dunes. It's this orange and yellow one, I think."

Opening the Cabana flap, Kelly stepped inside with Molly right behind her.

"Oh, I rented us a couple of their large beach towels," Kelly said, handing one to Molly. This way we won't get sand all over our clothes."

With the day warm, and just coming out of the hot sun, the two girl's cologne and sexual essence seem to hang in the enclosed space.

Reaching behind Molly, Kelly closed the flap. As warm as it was, they were both glad to be out of the hot sun.

"Want to play a naughty little erotic game?" Kelly boldly asked, grinning at her new friend. "No one would ever know but the two of us," Kelly promised as she attempted to convince the other naïve little wife.

"I don't know how to play any erotic games," Molly said. "You really are wicked... you know that," she laughed.

"Okay! I bet I can make you climax without ever touching you with my mouth or fingers," Kelly teased.

"No you can't—No Way!" Molly laughed. "Okay—Tell me. How can you make me climax without touching me?"

"I didn't say I wouldn't touch you," Kelly smirked. "Why, are you afraid?"

"No!" Molly laughed. "I just don't think you can do it! "She dared the brazen little Chinese wife.

"Okay," Kelly giggled mischievously.

"Sit back against the edge of the Cabana. Scoot forward... now—just a little," Kelly directed her little naïve friend.

Molly watched as the other little wife sit down right in front of her. Pulling one of the Cabana seats over, Kelly leaned back against it.

"Okay." First, let's both slip our dresses up around our waists. Then you should open your sexy thighs wide apart."

"You mean like this," Molly laughed, as she brazenly opened her breathtakingly beautiful rounded thighs.

"Yeah, that's good, just like you have them."

"Ready... ?" Kelly teased, her eyes hungry with desire, as she drank in Molly's lush brown hairy outer labia lips. She could see they were slightly parted.

"Yes... But please, don't ever tell anyone we did this," Molly ordered her, giggling in spite of herself.

Molly watched as the Chinese wife scooted forward—then took off her shoes. Kelly's petite tiny little brown feet were exquisite.

Giving a curious Molly a beguiling smile, Kelly placed a slender leg between Molly's parted thighs.

Slowly, carefully, the Chinese female touched one of Molly's outer labia lips with her big toe.

"OOhhh," Molly murmured sexily. "That feels nice and warm."

"I knew you'd like it—now you need to do something for me."

"What?" Molly asked.

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