Crystal Chandeliers

by Jake Rivers

Copyright© 2007 by Jake Rivers

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating,

Romantic Sex Story: Chuck's marriage was going great until a rich corporate mogul from New York came to his ranch to hunt. Can his marriage be saved? And who is Ana?


Author's note:

My buddy, The Wanderer, did a story based on this same song by Charlie Pride 'bout six months ago. His story is called "Crystal's Chandeliers" and is based in England... giving it a totally different background. I'd been planning on doing this story for some time but he beat me to the punch! He graciously said okay for me to give it a shot too.

Thanks, as always, to techsan for his timely and accurate editing (that means he gets credit for the good stuff and all errors are mine!) In addition, for this story he shared some anecdotes about barbeques in the Southern part of Texas.

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