Real Stories - Rex And Claire
Chapter 11: Meeting Beverley

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True Sex Story: Chapter 11: Meeting Beverley - Rex relates experiences when his wife came under the influence of a dominant boss. It started with spankings for mistakes, but rapidly escalated to her being made to service some of his friends, and Rex found it exciting when he was made to watch.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Heterosexual   True Story   Wimp Husband   DomSub   Spanking   Humiliation   First  


As recounted by Claire to the Author

I had put on a nice red nylon skirt and matching top and red jacket quite classy and all red underneath too. I kissed Rex so he knew I was off to have sex somewhere, and left the house.

When I got to the club, Leslie and her friend were waiting, sitting at a table in a quiet corner. Bev is nice, a little taller than me (most people are) but not as tall as Leslie. Quite slim too, she looks after herself I'd say. Her boobs are bigger than mine but when later on I saw them without a bra supporting them I was rather pleased to notice that they are not as firm as mine. She is also a blonde, and yes, I was able to confirm that later. She was wearing a black short skirt and lacy black top and hose, which later I found to be tights, not suspenders. Later, when she got to see under my skirt, she said she liked my garter belt and stockings, and asked where I got them.

Leslie had tights on too, under a blue-ish green dress, looking very nice too.

Bev is very self assured, much more than I was at her age that's for sure. Once we got talking I soon found that I liked her and we got on well together, she has a lovely smile and good teeth and is clean, and has a good sense of humour too. It is obvious she and Leslie are more than friends by the way they talk and behave. But although Leslie is the more dominant one of the two, Bev is clearly not a slave to her.

I was made to sit in between them, it seems Leslie is a regular in the place, the staff all knew her and we got very good service. I had hardly sat down before a girl came to ask what I wanted to drink. Bev was drinking white wine, Leslie just had fruit juice as she was driving. I ordered a white wine too, and Leslie insisted on paying for it. And as the evening progressed she bought me more, so quietly that I really didn't notice how much I was drinking.

After my drink had arrived, Leslie asked us both if it was okay to talk freely. Bev said yes straight away and smiled at me, so I nodded too. Leslie turned to me and said "Bev is much like you Claire, she is married but wants more than her husband can give her. Bev likes to get spanked, and likes submitting to me."

Bev now spoke and said she loved her husband and enjoyed sex with him, but liked it with a woman too, and asked right out "do you like it with girls?"

I was honest now with her, and told about me and my best friend experimenting as kids, but explained that really there was nothing else except for the little bit Leslie had done to me in the week or so since I had met her. I admitted that I would like to try more.

Leslie smiled and said that she wanted to do a lot more to me, and then I got my first shock when Bev said so would she. Leslie laughed at this, she was not annoyed or anything, just amused by Bev. She said that she had thought Bev might want to do that. Bev then laughed too and said she had been the passive one too often, with Leslie, and now she wanted to be the Butch! That made me flush! I wondered if I had been set up. Had they agreed this beforehand, or was this as much of a surprise to Leslie as it was to me?

But as the conversation carried on it became obvious that I wasn't being duped or anything, it was just that Bev really did want to try something she hadn't done before. And I am pretty certain that this was news to Leslie too, and she put Bev straight that she would not be Domming her and Bev nodded, and said "that's why I wanted to meet Claire".

Claire laughed at that, and asked Bev to explain how she met Leslie, and other things, and Bev chatted happily for a while, telling Claire more about her life. Then Bev suddenly asked did I really like being spanked? Before I could answer Leslie said "Oh yes, Claire likes it even more than you do, Bev darling."

All this had taken much longer to talk about than it has taken to write it. By now I had started my third glass of wine and was feeling giggly. I was excited by what the two of them were saying. But I was also starting to feel shy and nervous, and realising that if I didn't leave now I was going to be going much further than I had intended for my first meeting with them. I was actually thinking about how to get out of there before I got dragged into something I wasn't ready for.

It was after 9 o'clock and the place was getting packed, so we had to keep our voices right down to avoid being overheard. Finally Leslie said "we can't talk here anymore, let's go to the Car". We drank up and left, and I was wondering how to get out of this and go home before things got out of hand. I made some stupid excuse and said that I ought to go home now. Leslie said fine, she would drive me there. So I got into the car with them, me in the back seat, Bev in the front with Leslie, and we set off for my home. Or so I thought. I wasn't really concentrating on where we were going, Bev was twisted round in the seat looking back at me and chatting, she reached back and stroked my face and my hair and told me how pretty I was. I was looking at her pretty face, her pouting red lips, and her white teeth, and thinking that I would like to kiss her. I felt that I wanted to kiss Bev more than I wanted to kiss Leslie.

As we drove both of them kept talking about this and that, Leslie told a couple of blue jokes, and I had to laugh with them. But I kept looking at Bev, her smiling face, her lovely eyes. I wasn't sure I wanted to get out of the car without at least kissing her.

Then the car stopped and I was started to say thanks for the lift, when it struck me that we were not outside my house! Looking out the window, it was very dark, and I had no idea where we were. In the faint light of the moon, I could see trees overhead, and I realised that Leslie had parked in a sheltered little glade out of sight of passing cars.

They both got out, and came round to the back. I said "what is going on?", as they got in the back seat beside me, one on either side, although of course I knew exactly what was going on. I may be small but can punch if I need to, but I didn't, although I was still thinking of it, still very nervous. But Leslie said they just wanted to talk. Well maybe it was the drink, or the anticipation of thinking of this for the last few days, who knows, but anyway I said fine but that was to be all, although if they had just talked and then driven me home I knew I would be disappointed.

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