Real Stories - Rex And Claire
Chapter 9

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True Sex Story: Chapter 9 - Rex relates experiences when his wife came under the influence of a dominant boss. It started with spankings for mistakes, but rapidly escalated to her being made to service some of his friends, and Rex found it exciting when he was made to watch.

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The last chapter in this story covered how Claire met George, the owner of a sex shop, and let him watch her changing into a sexy bra that left her nipples bare. Under instructions from the Author, Claire had purchased a strap and a cane from him, and when on her next visit George asked how they had felt, Claire, obeying instructions from the Author, explained that they were at home unused. Blushing, she explained that she wanted to have them used on her, but after purchasing them she had lacked the nerve to ask her husband to use them.

Of course George offered to do it for her, but Claire said no, she thought it would be unsafe for her to let George do it with nobody present. Did George know any other men who would be willing to cane her while George supervised? Of course, given his job, George knew a number of suitable candidates, and arranged for Claire to meet likely men over a coffee in a restaurant.

The first man, Don, seemed nice so while sitting sipping her coffee she agreed to meet him the next Sunday afternoon, with George, in the sex shop, for a trial caning. As required by the Author, she explained to the two men about her early schoolgirl experiences, as described in Chapter 7, with her PT teacher in the gym. She told them how in those days she had to wear a vest and gym knickers, and was always made to stand reaching upwards for the first caning, then to bend and touch her toes for a second set. She said that she wanted to relive that experience. The new man quickly agreed to act out that scene for her, with George present to make sure he didn't go beyond Claire's as yet uncertainly defined limits.

One can imagine that the first caning session was a huge event for Claire, the first time she had been caned since school. One can imagine her getting changed at home, putting on a pleated short skirt and shirt as close as she could find to her old school uniform, her heart pounding with a mix of excitement and fear. How hard would Don cane her? Downstairs, she kissed her husband and left. Rex isn't allowed to know where she is going, or who she is seeing, but he knows that if she kisses him as she leaves, she is going out to play. It's just a sort of signal that the Author has instructed them to follow. He isn't allowed to ask where she is going, if she kisses him on the way out. She was carrying a bag, and it is fun to imagine what Rex would have thought if he knew the bag contained the vest and knickers and gym shoes she had bought for the occasion, matching as closely as she could the things she had to wear for PT, and for PT canings, at school.

She arrived at the shop, now referred to as the gymnasium, looking and feeling like a naughty schoolgirl turning up for punishment. One can imagine how she would have felt if a friend met her in the street, although of course there was no real sign that anything unusual was happening. Fortunately the entrance to the sex shop is discrete, and George was waiting to open the door so she didn't have to stand there waiting.

Don was waiting in the office. He gave her a stern talking to about behaviour and appearance, while George stood watching, then she was sent out into the shop to change into her PT kit, her caning kit. No bra and no panties. She remembers that her excitement was very obvious, her firm breasts moulding the tight vest and her nipples visibly erect, pushing through the thin material. If the men had put their hands to her crotch, they would have found her already getting wet. Returning to the office, heart in mouth, she was made to stand close to the wall and to stretch up to a high shelf. Memories of her experiences as a young girl must have been flooding back!

As with Mr Reynolds, there was little talking, she was told to stick her bum out and she was caned, quite hard, then after a few moments standing hands by her side, she was made to bend over tightly and given another brisk beating. She related afterwards how she was surprised by how much the cane hurt, almost as if she had forgotten her earlier experiences. Or maybe young girls are just tougher!

After the last stroke, she rewarded both men with oral sex, obediently swallowing their semen, and came home and logged onto her computer to tell the Author about it. Then she went to sit on Rex's eager face. Rex obviously saw the welts on her bottom, and must have recognised them as the marks of a cane, but he wasn't allowed to know who had caned her or why, other than that it was the Author's wish that it happen. So Rex has ever since been waiting for this chapter to be written.

But the next week Claire met the second man that George had found, and this man, Terry, has played a much more significant part in her life since then. She still sees the first man at "the gym", and that man's wife, Leslie, is now also involved, and is turning out to be even more strict than her husband. Leslie likes girls! Claire has heard them talking, and it seems that Leslie already has a girl lover who she visits, and Leslie is eager to play with Claire. At time of writing, Claire still has not licked pussy, although the Author has made it clear that this must change. But that part of Claire's life is still evolving, so will be left to a later chapter when hopefully there will be more to report. This chapter will continue by covering events to date with Terry.

Terry is a very exciting man, intelligent, charming, and domineering. When she entered the restaurant and saw him, sitting beside George, she was immediately excited. Terry is black! He, or his parents, are from Jamaica. Claire was delighted, the thought of being dominated and fucked by a black man was even more delicious than if he had been white. Just that lovely extra new experience. And she was pretty sure that Rex would love it!

It should be explained at this point that Rex had earlier admitted to the Author that he is fascinated by the idea of sucking cock, and would be keen to try it, if Claire didn't mind and if the man was willing to allow it. So Claire had been instructed to find a man who would let that happen. She decided immediately she met him that Terry would be perfect.

Claire admits to being almost too scared to talk to them, but finally, probably after a glass or two of wine, started to relax. The Author had decided that, now that Claire was seeing Don at the sex shop, she would see Terry elsewhere, and the obvious place was in her own home, with Rex present. It must be remembered that none of her new companions knows anything about the Author, or the stories on the net, or that Claire is obeying strict instructions when she goes to see them.

When it was obvious that Claire and Terry were getting on okay, George left them to it. Alone with this complete stranger, Claire nervously explained what she wanted, including that her husband Rex wanted to be present, and might perhaps join in, if that was okay with Terry. Terry asked what she meant, and she whispered that Rex wanted to try sucking cock. Terry laughed, and said he would be very happy to let Rex do that. Claire then explained the scene that the Author had proposed. Terry was to attend at their house posing as some government inspector, there to administer corporal punishment to the wayward wife, which the law required the husband to witness. Maybe it is a bit corny, but it seemed to be a winning formula.

Of course for this scene to work, Rex had to know, and anyway Terry wanted to meet Rex before agreeing to let Rex suck his cock. So Terry invited them both to dinner, in an expensive restaurant. Rex must have wondered who was going to be there. He had named a number of men who would be likely to respond to an invitation to have sex with his wife, and probably assumed it would be one of them. Imagine his surprise when he and Claire walked into the restaurant and he found himself shaking the hand of a complete stranger, and a black man at that.

As Terry explained the scene they would be acting out, Rex listened eagerly. But when Terry asked Rex to confirm that he wanted to be physically involved himself, Rex nodded nervously. Later he admitted to being tremendously excited at the thought. Finally he was going to get the opportunity to try something that, probably, many men secretly hanker to do. Rex is adamant that he is not gay, or even bi, but the Author fully understands why men as well as women might want to try sucking cock, at least just once.

The dinner was a success, and an appointment was made for Terry to visit them the next evening, making sure that any watching neighbours would see Rex opening the door to let this tall dark stranger in.

Next day Rex watched excitedly as Claire got dressed in her sexy new undies, putting on her garter belt and suspenders, her half cup bra, a pretty blouse, and then a short full skirt. When the doorbell rang, Claire looked shyly at him and said "would you go, darling, please?"

Opening the door, Rex found Terry standing there looking severe! Terry went straight into the act, stating flatly that he was there to see Rex's wife, and walking past Rex into the house with all the arrogance that a State Official would display on such a mission.

Claire hadn't been able to see Rex's face as he let Terry in, but relates that as he followed Terry into the living room she could tell by the look on his face that he was wildly excited at the idea of serving this magnificent looking man.

Terry played his part remarkably well. No hint of embarrassment, no smugness or grinning. He explained to Rex that he was The Man from the Council, here to administer corporal punishment to Rex's errant wife in accordance with the new laws. He started off by giving them both a lecture about the importance of obedience to the law. Then he took his jacket off and calmly told Rex that he would be spanking Claire over her skirt first, then he would raise her skirt, and spank her over her panties. Glaring at Claire, he snapped, "you are wearing panties, I presume?" Claire nodded nervously. She related afterwards that she was already feeling quite panicky, having no idea how hard Terry would spank. Or what else he would demand.

Rex knew that he was about to watch his lovely wife getting spanked again, and must have believed he was in heaven.

Terry turned back to Rex. "After the spanking on her panties, I will require you to remove your wife's panties and I will finish her chastisement on her bare bottom." One can imagine how Rex would have felt on hearing that! In Claire's email she says that Rex grinned "like a Cheshire cat" at this!

Terry made Rex place a chair in the middle of the room and sat upon it, then told Rex to bring his wife to him. Rex wasn't able to hide his pleasure as he presented his wife for her State Sponsored discipline.

Claire went over Terry's knee, and Terry rested his hand on her bottom while he gave her another long lecture, then he started to spank, while Rex stood respectfully nearby, watching. He spanked so hard that Claire couldn't keep still! Much harder than George had done it a few days earlier in the shop. She started to struggle, and Terry told Rex to hold her. Rex did, grinning hugely. The spanking continued. Soon, inevitably, the pain turned to that other sensation, and Claire felt the familiar sexual tingle.

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