Real Stories - Rex And Claire
Chapter 6

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True Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Rex relates experiences when his wife came under the influence of a dominant boss. It started with spankings for mistakes, but rapidly escalated to her being made to service some of his friends, and Rex found it exciting when he was made to watch.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Heterosexual   True Story   Wimp Husband   DomSub   Spanking   Humiliation   First  

Early on in the emails that generated this story, Claire told the author about what she said was "the best fuck she ever had". But she said that she wanted it kept secret. That episode has, therefore, not featured in the story to date.

But Claire says that her husband Rex is enjoying reading the story, and is eagerly awaiting each new chapter. While they were making love the other night he asked her, and this is a direct quote from Claire's email, she describes how they lay talking after having sex and "somehow he asked me what was the best Shag I've had? I told him I always enjoyed it with him. But he said we make love as man and wife, that's not what he means. He wants to know what was the best fuck I've had, and he insists that he wouldn't be mad reading about it, just excited".

So, always happy to please, the author of this story is now going to describe that particular night, first related some time ago. The interesting thing is that, when Claire first told the author about it, she specifically said "And we snogged again but like a lover not the Dominant man he usually was. And well he made love to me, not just taking me."

It's interesting that Rex is probably expecting to hear that Claire's best sex was a gang bang with men and women involved (there is one story about that, still to be told, if I can persuade Claire to give me enough details). Whereas what Claire, and perhaps any woman, says was the best fuck was when one of her many lovers was nice to her instead of being forceful! Readers, male readers, note this, maybe there is a lesson to be learned here!

But Rex, don't worry, the reason Claire stopped seeing Phil was because of this night, and because she didn't want Phil falling in love with her, and after this night she never had sex with him again. Interesting how women's minds work, isn't it? If she didn't love her husband, professions of love from another man would have attracted her, but because she was already in love she didn't mind fucking around but didn't want another man saying he loved her!

Anyway, the details! It's not very complex. Phil arrived at the pub one night, offered to take Claire home, parked the car outside her house. She assumed he was, again, going to go into the house, have a beer with Rex, then take Claire up to the bedroom and shag her noisily. But no. After stopping the engine, Phil sat in the car looking at her, and she could tell that something different was happening. He reached over and kissed her, and, as she said above, this time he kissed her lovingly. She whispered, "Do you want to come inside, Sir?"

His response shook her. "Please, darling, call me Phil, not Sir."

I think the reader can imagine the shock this must have been to the young girl, this much older man changing from being a brutal dominant exploiter to a would-be lover. She let him kiss her, but it was different to the kisses of the past. I wonder if he knew that Rex was upstairs watching through the bedroom window?

After a while Phil started the car and drove her to a quiet place behind some shops, and took her in his arms again. But this time he was after something different. This time he wanted to please her, to woo her. He stroked her, he turned her over his lap but instead of spanking her bottom he stroked it. He put fingers in her pussy, but gently, teasing, coaxing, until she was gasping. He put her on his lap and pushed her top up, and stroked and licked her breasts, but this time he didn't bite her nipples, he gently suckled them.

By the time he took her into the back seat, she was — well, again let's quote from her email, "I was gasping for it to be blunt, but he still teased on, before we went into the back seat, skirt up and knickers off, and there he did take me, god if he hadn't hurried up I would have taken him. Can you just imagine 5ft 2 raping a 6ft plus man? Ha ha, I am joking a bit about it to save some shyness, as it was the best shag I ever had. I was actually shaking with arousal. And he had not thrust many times before I came. But he just stopped for a minute, kissed me, then started to thrust again and I was moving onto him too, and well he took my legs up over his shoulders and at first I didn't like that I do like to move, but well I don't know his cock was going deeper into me in that position than any had ever been up to then. And then I actually felt him start to come which triggered me off again. And we seemed to come for ages. That was the only time I have ever come twice in one go if you know what I mean."

Oh yes, Claire, the readers know what you mean, although not everyone has been lucky enough to experience it. Anyway after they calmed down Phil took her to an all night café and they sat and talked. About him! Phil told her about his wife and family, something he had never mentioned before, although she had always suspected he was married. And much later they went back in the car behind the shops and he fucked her again, still without a condom, and he took her home and dropped her off and she walked in to her husband Rex, and although it had been a fantastic night she knew she would never leave Rex for any other man. Even if that other man could make love as well as fuck.

Claire says "When he was coming he was saying he was in love with me." It's important to remember the girl was only 21 years old when all this happened, Phil very much older, and it must have been an incredible experience for her. And she couldn't tell Rex about any of it. Late at night, lying beside her sleeping husband, Claire says "It came to me the chances I had been taking with no Birth Control so I decided there and then it would stop. Told Rex in the morning I was giving my job up, it was time we started a family. Went in next day and resigned from working."

Claire seems to be happier now, having finally been able to talk about that night. And she is glad that at last Rex will finally know why Claire stopped seeing Phil all those years ago.

Now, having mentioned it earlier, the author feels it's necessary for completeness to mention the gang bang that happened some years later when Claire was 27. Rex was away in England on some work related task, and Claire was invited to a party. Normally she wouldn't go out on her own, especially if Rex was away, but this party was for an aunt of her best friend Kim, celebrating a silver wedding or something, and they had booked a hall, so it was obviously quite a big party, and because it was family she had no qualms about going without Rex.

By this stage, Claire had children, and she arranged for her mother to baby sit. Her mother lived in some tenements, and she took the kids round there then walked off to where the party was being held.

Claire was looking forward to the party, but not expecting anything naughty to happen. She was just expecting to drink a bit, dance a bit, talk a lot, and walk back to her mom's. She would spend the night there, and take them home in the morning.

Claire admits that she was hoping that Kim's older brother Jim would be there. Claire had known Jim since she became friends with Kim at nursery school, he is five years older than Kim and he was the first boy she had a schoolgirl crush on, when she was about 13 or 14. She remembers trying to tease him as her breasts started to grow, but Jim wasn't very interested. She remembers kissing him in a game of postman's knock when she was 14 and thought of herself as being grown up, but the 19 year old Jim was apparently not very impressed.

Jim had joined the army, so was away a lot, but Claire and Kim spent a lot of time together so it was natural that when Jim came home he and Rex and Kim and Claire would see a lot of each other. They would go out together, go to each other's houses. So she and Jim were very close, but only as good friends.

There was something special that Claire knew about Jim, that she had discovered not long before the party. Jim had a huge cock. The story of how she discovered this is amusing. Rex was very keen on football, and soon after they were married he was running a five a side sports team. Jim joined it for a while, and Rex saw Jim in the shower. And that night Rex told Claire what he had seen. As he made love to Claire, Rex described her friend's brother's cock! Long and fat, and circumcised, he told her. Rex told her that he didn't normally notice men's cocks at all, but he told her that it was just impossible not to look at Jim's one. "It was at least as big as mine is when I am erect," Rex told her, "and that was when it was just hanging down in the shower."

As Rex moved inside her, Claire was thinking about what Jim's cock would be like erect. And she was certain that Rex was thinking the same! Indeed, in one of the very first emails that led to this story appearing on the internet, Rex himself had admitted to feeling strange thoughts about Jim's cock. He had never been gay or bi, but he remembered watching Claire with John and Phil, and he thought of Claire when she sucked his cock, and he admits to wondering what it would be like to take Jim's huge cock in his own mouth. He didn't tell Claire about that at the time, or since, and now has admitted to the author that he wants her to know.

Claire, on being told about Rex's secret desire in one of the author's emails, admits that the thought of watching Rex sucking some man's cock excites her. She doesn't want Rex to do anything more with a man, but that thought does excite her.

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