Chapter 5

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 5 - A young country girl comes to the big city and finds her darker side. Murder, meyhem, mob and intrigue. A BDSM Romance

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BDSM  

The first person Alex saw when they entered the club was a huge man standing by the door. True, there were only the various staff people in the bar areas getting ready for the evening shift, but this man would have stood out in a crowded room. He almost seven feet tall and stood solidly on his feet as if he was a part of the building, yet Alex got the impression he was capable of explosive and lethal speed. As they got closer to him, she could see the reflections of the various spotlights in the smooth and shiny skin that covered his head. His upper arms were the size of trees, thicker than Alex' thighs. He seemed to be naked, but she realized that his skin color was so black that in the dim light of the bar, she could only make out the transition between the black leather clothing he was wearing and his bare skin when she was almost standing right next to him. He was wearing a black leather vest and black leather pants that seemed to be painted on his lower extremities. His broad chest was smooth, hairless and gleaming in the dim light.

Mr. Smith was leading her directly toward this mountain of Nubian muscle. The man solemnly observed their progress across the club, his eyes flicking between the two of them and the various activities around the club. There was a hands-free communications device in his ear and he spoke softly into the mike as they approached. Alex' eyes widened continuously as they neared, her head tilting further and further back to be able to look into his handsome face.

"Alvin, I'd like to introduce Alex to you. She will be with me this evening. I want you to keep an eye out for her. Alex, Alvin," said Mr. Smith, completing the brief introduction.

"Hello, Alvin," said Alex, grinning up at the face towering above her.

"Hello," came a deep growl in return. He flashed her an ear-to-ear grin, his white teeth dazzling against his dark skin.

Alex gave a spontaneous and hearty laugh when she saw his smile. Alvin had a gleaming gold front tooth. A sudden flash of brilliant rainbow colors indicated that he had a diamond set in the gold. It stuck her that this huge bouncer had done that as a joke, something so cliché as to be beyond stereotypical. His laughing eyes caught hers and a look of silent understanding passed between them. They had said three words to each other, yet there was a connection.

Mr. Smith frowned at her, stifling her sudden outburst, and began going over the myriad details necessary to run a successful bar. It was soon obvious to Alex that Alvin was more than a bouncer who watched the door. He controlled the whole club for Mr. Smith. The professional respect they had for each was obvious. Alex didn't understand very much of what they were saying, but she could follow the tenor of the conversation. She thought it was interesting that they respected each other, but didn't seem to like each other very much.

As they parted, Alex looked up at him and said, "It was nice to meet you, Alvin."

"The pleasure was mine, Miss Alex," rumbled from the smiling man.

Turning to follow Mr. Smith, who had tugged gently on her leash to remind her of it, she waved 'Good-bye' with her hands that were cuffed behind her back. A quick smile over shoulder and she followed Mr. Smith into the bowels of the club. She didn't see the smile fade on Alvin's face to be replaced by a look of thoughtful refection. It was a dangerous look on someone as potentially menacing as Alvin was. Then the first of the guests began arriving and the big man turned to his tasks.

Mr. Smith led her around the club. It was bigger than she had imagined at first, with several areas that could be closed off for smaller private affairs. Tonight, they were all open, each area with its own bar and staff. In the main part of the bar was a dance floor. The edge of a stage was visible behind a heavy black curtain, closed for the evening. A four-foot wide section in the center could be extended out into the crowd area creating a short runway. A dancer at the end of the extended runway would be in the center of the bar area, surrounded by the crowd.

There were smaller stages in most of the other sections of the club and odd looking equipment being assembled on them. Mr. Smith explained what each piece of equipment did and demonstrated some of them for her. She put her head in the neck hole of a set of stocks and he lowered the top bar. She was totally restrained by the device and a thrilling shiver ran through her body.

Next Mr. Smith showed her a simple hook hanging from the ceiling. He slipped the hook over the short link of her handcuffs and pressed a button on the floor with his foot. The hook rose up slowly, forcing her arms up and her body down. He left her dancing on her bare feet, walking around her wiggling form. She followed him with her eyes, watching his face as he looked at her in this awkward position. His obvious satisfaction with her sent yet another thrill through her body.

Mr. Smith uncuffed her and introduced her to the St. Andrew's cross, the Swedish Horse and several other mind-boggling devices of restraint. Mr. Smith strapped her onto a large wheel and spun her around a couple of times. They laughed as her boobs fell out of her wide open blouse that had come untied as she whirled around. Although she was not handcuffed when he released her from the wheel, she didn't try to cover herself. Mr. Smith replaced her handcuffs first, then re-tied the blouse. Each new device sent shivers of excitement through Alex until she was literally quivering. Had Mr. Smith touched her in the slightest, she knew she would have swooned. After screaming in a tremendous sexual climax.

There were other devices, not so much for restraining, but for inflicting pain. Mr. Smith seemed to take particular pleasure in detailing the effects of each of these implements. There were large needles he said were used not only for piercing holes for jewelry, but also for inserting into various parts of the body, such as breasts, cheeks, lips (both upper and lower), the penis and large muscles. There was a generous supply of disinfectant, and the needles were all gleaming and new.

Another section had a sturdy wooden device and a brazier that was glowing with red hot coals. Mr. Smith leaned Alex backwards over the wooden bars and used two thick leather straps across her stomach and chest to hold her down tight. Two more straps at her widely spread feet completed her restraint. He explained that this was where slaves were branded, where they received their Master's marks. It wasn't allowed to disfigure the slave, at least, here in the club. He told her that several slaves had consented to be marked tonight.

With her still strapped to the wooden trellis, he stood there looking at her silently, the only noise in the room the white-hot hiss of the coals. Alex' breath caught in her throat and a series of shudders convulsed through her. A low moan escaped her throat. Mr. Smith, watching her, smiled.

"Did you like Alvin, my Pet?" he asked her innocently.

Even in the aroused state she was in, Alex knew a loaded question when she heard one. She decided the only answer was the truth.

"Yes, Sir. He is very big."

"Why did you laugh?"

He didn't need to tell her what he was referring to. He had noticed the instant bond between them and it had bothered him. She stuck with the truth.

"He has a gold tooth with a diamond. It makes him look evil. But he's not. Sir"

Damon had moved up between her wide spread legs. She was breathing hard through her nose, her eyes wide. He ran a finger up under her skirt and touched her thick patch of pubic hair.

"You got all that, did you? Well, I suppose woman's intuition can be wrong on occasion. I happen to know Alvin is a very bad man. I'm not sure I trust him completely, but for now you will do everything he tells you, do you understand? Or you could be hurt very badly."

"Yes, Sir."

He let his finger slip down along her moist furrow.

"You're married, aren't you Alex?" he asked, suddenly changing the subject.

She groaned from his touch. She squirmed in the bondage, trying to make more contact with his roaming finger.

"Yyyyeesss, Ssssir," she hissed.

"So I suppose you're not a virgin here anymore, right?" His finger slipped in to the second knuckle and she shrieked and shuddered in a hard and fast orgasm.

"N-n-nnnno, Sir -- OH God!" she shouted, as his slick finger slid down and probed her nether hole.

"What about here, Alex?"

"N-n-no, Sir. Oh, please don't take it out, Sir."

"So your husband managed to take your ass, yes?"

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