Marion's Turn
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by jomar

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ch.1-Loving femdom: she dresses him up & straps it on. Ch.2-Loving femdom: she brings in the boys.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   FemaleDom   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys  


I stood in the foyer. She was gorgeous. Hair up, dressed in black; corset, stockings, panties, high heels. And a strap-on.

"You really gave it to me good last month, baby. I didn't expect those other guys. At first I was a teensy bit mad... but I gave into it and I couldn't get enough cock, could I, baby. Mmm, those cocks in all my holes, all slippery with cum. I love watching the video with my toys. But it's my turn now and you have to do what I say don't you, baby. That's the agreement, isn't it. Say it. I want to hear you say it."

"Yeah baby doll, I'll do what you tell me. I'm a little nervous though."

"Well, don't be. I just know you'll like what I have in mind, baby. You can already guess some of it, can't you. Do you like my cock, baby? I love stroking it. It hits my clit, you know. I'm sooo wet. Take your clothes off, baby. Right now."

I was hard by the time I finished undressing. I stood still while she walked around me and looked me over. Marion stopped behind me, leaned into me, her mouth at my ear, her cock between my legs. She stroked my cock with a velvet touch. I moaned.

"Mmm, this is my cock now isn't it, baby. Say it. I want to hear you say it."

"Yes love, it's your cock."

"Yes, it's my cock and I can do anything I want with it, put it anywhere I want, can't I."

"Yes love, anything, anywhere you want."

"But that's not all, is it baby. What else belongs to me?"

"All of me love, my cock, my ass, my mouth."

"Very good. That's right baby, all of you. But, since I own all of you tonight you really should be more respectful. Isn't that right. So what should you call me, baby?"

"Mistress." I was leaking pre-cum. Marion dragged a finger across the head and I moaned. She brought her hand up and my mouth closed around her finger.

"Mistress. That's right. That's a good boy. Suck Mistress's finger. Taste your cum again. You love it when I snowball you, don't you. baby. Oooh, the way you're sucking my finger... you can't wait, can you. You're gonna be a hungry little slut for my big cock." She stroked my ass, a finger circled gently at my opening.

"But first we have to get you ready for me, baby, so go on up to the shower and you'll find clippers and razors there. And an enema bottle. Take your time, baby, don't cut yourself, but I want all of your hair gone. Everything from the neck down. Your arms, too. No stubble, baby. I'll check so don't let me down. After you shave and clean yourself you'll find some things on the bed I want you to put on. I'm just gonna wait down here with a glass of wine. Here, take a glass with you, baby. When you're done call me. And don't forget... I'm Mistress. Oh, and don't you dare cum. Your cum is mine now so no masturbating you horny boy."

I was so hard. I climbed the spiral staircase to the master bedroom and went into the bathroom. There was nothing on the bed. I thought back on my turn last month as I clipped the hair from my body. I had really put Marion through the paces. Blindfolded and fucked. Fucked by three men. Me and two friends. For a long, long time. God, Marion had been hot. Hot and insatiable. Taking all that cock and wanting more. As I began with the razor, I wondered exactly what she had in store for me, where she would lead me. I was nervous. I was excited.

I shaved then went over everything again with a fresh blade. No hair at all. I was absolutely smooth. It was a strange feeling. Strange, but erotic, sensual, feminine even. I sipped more wine. I walked into the bedroom.

On the bed was lingerie. Garter, sheer stockings and bra, and delicate, pointy fuck me pumps with an ankle strap. I thought it might be something like this. Marion had gotten me to wear her lingerie a few times while I fucked her, stockings, a teddy or a camisole; bra, stretchy top or stiletto heels while she played with my cock and my ass. Marion really got off on it, coming hard. I loved exploring our kinky fantasies and seeing her turned on. And then there was our agreement. So I could let this happen. I got dressed. My skin was so smooth the stockings just flowed up my legs. I felt so naked, so exposed without hair. I was hard when I called her.

"Mistress. I'm ready."

She came into the room, set down her glass and poured me some more chardonnay from the bottle she carried. "Mmm, look at you. My hot little slut." She kissed me. She swayed her chest against mine. "Are you jealous of my breasts, baby? Are you my flat little ladyboy?" She caressed me. "Mmmm, smooth. I like my sluts smooth. Ohhh, look at that clit. You may be flat, but you have a huge clit, baby. An irresistible clit. There, you like that?" I moaned as she fondled my cock and fed me precum.

"Come over here with me, baby. We won't worry about practicing on those 5 inchers for now, little slut, you're not gonna be on your feet much anyway." Mistress helped me over to her vanity table. She had covered the mirror. "Sit down and have some wine, baby, we have some finishing touches to do before I have my fun. Do you like the wine? White wine is so girly, so feminine, isn't it. Do you feel it, baby? Your femininity? Your feminine arousal? Don't' worry, baby, I'm gonna help you find it."

She put fake fingernails on me. A subdued shade of red. She put on eye shadow, eye liner, did something to my eye lashes. Makeup on my face. Lipstick. All the while talking to me. "You're gonna love being a woman, baby, I just know it. It's time. You love it when I play with your ass, don't' you. When I play with your ass with my toys. You're an anal erotic, baby. I bet you want a plug up your tight little ass right now, don't you. While I make you up. Make you a woman. A woman who wants to get fucked. You want to get fucked in your pussy, don't you, baby slut. You can't fool me. You're ready for this. Look at that hard clit. That hard, leaking clit." She fed me precum and I moaned. "I'm sooo wet baby, I can't wait. We're almost ready; just let me get this on you." Mistress pulled a fluorescent blue pageboy wig out of a drawer and fixed it securely on my head. My new hair almost touched my shoulders.

"There baby. Let's go look in the mirror." Mistress led me to the full length mirror and I was stunned. With my slim build, I believed I could actually pass for a woman in public. Standing behind me, her hands fondling me gently, mouth close to my ear. "You're beautiful, baby. Just the right amount of makeup. Subtle shades. Very classy. I love classy sluts. They're the best, baby. Lookin' all uptown and elegant, but really only wanting to get fucked. Fucked hard. You're a classy slut, aren't you baby. Go on, tell me. Tell me what you are."

"I'm your classy slut, Mistress." I was absolutely floored by my transformation.

"Yes, baby. You're my classy little slut and I'm gonna fuck you. Now come on over this way and lean over on the bed. That's it. You're finally gonna get your wish. There, how does that feel?" Marion lubed and gently slid a medium sized plug into my ass. I moaned. "You've missed that, haven't you. The fullness. Now get down on your knees, baby, I want you to suck my cock. All good little sluts need to suck the cock that's gonna fuck 'em."

I took the head of her strap-on in my mouth. I had to open wide. It was too big to take all the way down, like she taught me to do with some of her other toys. "Mmmm, that's so good. I can feel it on my clit. My nasty little classy slut on her knees in lingerie and makeup, pretty blue hair framing that lovely face, sucking her Mistress's cock. Do you feel it, baby, that growing vulnerability? That receptiveness? So submissive." I did. Those things and more. I wanted her to guide me, do to me. I was willing. I was hers. She gently fucked my face and I moaned.

"Yeah, that's it. Take my cock. So good, baby." I wanted to please her. "Oh girl, you've got a talented mouth. Do you wish it was real? Do you long for a real cock in you're mouth? Imagine my cock is real, baby. Hot flesh in your mouth, on your tongue. Oooh, I think I just saw your clit twitch. You want a real cock, don't you, baby. Did you want to take on those cocks yourself last month? I might have let you. Why didn't you ask? All you had to say was, 'Mistress baby, won't you please share some of that hot cock? I need to suck it a little, maybe even take some in my tight little hole.' You didn't say anything, but I bet you thought about it, though, didn't you, little baby slut. Mmmm, I bet you did." She fed me precum and I moaned.

"Is your pussy wet, baby? Stand up here. Lets get that plug out of you." She eased the plug out and tossed it aside. "Now little slut, get on the bed. Lay on your back so I can fuck you like a woman. You're a woman now and should be fucked like a woman gets fucked."

I lay on my back and she lay down beside me, leaned over me. She kissed me, caressed me, fingers swirling lightly over me. She played with my breasts through my sheer bra. "Mmmm, smooth. I like this, baby, we're having a little lesbian affair. Do you like it when I play with your breasts? When I rub your clit?"

"Yes." My voice was hoarse.

"What else do you want me to do? What's the next step in slut fucking?" She began to tongue and nibble my nipples.

"Please play with my pussy." That's how far I'd come, how far she'd brought me.

"What's that you say, baby? Play with your pussy? I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific than that." She bit my nipples and rubbed my clit. I was fully engaged now. I wanted her. I wanted her in me.

"Please finger my pussy. Please fuck me."

"Oh dear, just one step at a time, please. You really are quite the slut, aren't you. Get you in some stockings and you can't wait to get fucked, can you. Maybe I'll dress you in lingerie all the time. Would you like that? Always desperate for someone to lift your skirt and fuck you?" She gently slid a lubed finger in my pussy and I moaned.

"I'm sooo glad you like that. I love fingering your pussy. Look at you. Legs splayed so wide. Are you eager for my cock, baby?" I moaned as she worked another finger in, and then another, and another. "Oh, what a hungry little mouth. Maybe I should fist you, baby. I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you. My little hand wriggling inside of you. Sure you would. I'm almost fisting you right now. So what's the next step, baby? Now that you're pussy's all wet and wide."

"Please fuck me."

"Yeah, that's what I want to hear. I'll fuck you so good, baby."

She got between my silky thighs and my legs raised without conscious thought. "That's it, baby. I knew you'd be an eager little beaver. I think you'll like my cock. The head's wider than the shaft so you'll get a nicer prostate massage than usual. But it's much bigger than you're used to, baby, so I'll start real slow. Here baby, give me your hand." She placed my hand around the base of her cock. "Guide me in. Take me in, baby slut, into your body. I'm gonna be inside of you. Do you want that? Tell your Mistress what you want, baby slut."

I couldn't talk above a hoarse whisper. I was so hard for her. "Yes, Mistress, please take me. I want you inside me."

"Okay, then. Mmm you're pussy is sooo wet." She eased the lubed cock forward while I guided her into me. With slow, pulsing pressure she passed the first ring, then held still. Oh god, she was so thick. I moaned. "Oooh, that's so nice. Your tight little pussy opening up for my big cock. Point your toes, baby. Point your toes to the ceiling like the classy little slut you are. That's it. Mmm, your clit is so hard, baby slut." She fed me precum. I moaned.

She took her time. More gentle pressure and she was in. My neck arched a little and I moaned. God, she felt huge. She rested, letting me adjust to her size. Then she fucked me. Slowly. Long, deep, slow strokes. Her eyes blazed. She was beautiful up there. Over me. Riding me. She settled into a rhythm, fucking me. I moaned a little each time she pushed into me. Up to her balls. I couldn't help it. She held my legs up and fucked me. She put her hands under my knees and doubled me flat. She grinded against me. She leaned down and kissed me. Played with my nipples. I put my arms around her. I gripped her ass and pulled her into me. She held the back of my head and whispered in my ear while giving me long, deep, sweet strokes.

"That's my baby. On her back where she belongs, in her sexy lingerie and pretty blue hair. Her hungry pussy getting cock, getting fucked. You're mine now, baby. I'm fucking you and your all mine now. Mmm, you love it don't you, baby. Yeah, enjoy it, your pussy getting the cock it needs. And it needs cock, doesn't it, baby. I can tell, I can feel your hungry pussy come up to meet me. Feel me inside you, baby, moving inside of you. Giving you all that guilty pleasure. I'm making you a woman, baby, a little cock slut. Yeah, take my big cock, slut. You're a woman now, baby."

She kissed me deeply then rose up on her arms and fucked me a little harder. The head of her cock felt huge in my pussy, felt glorious slipping across my prostate. I moaned and grunted constantly now. Begged her for more. Something was building. She breathed harder, she was getting closer. She fucked me hard. Long, hard, deep, fast. I'd never felt this kind of pressure before. Building from so deep inside of me. Elbows behind my knees, hands grasping my high heels, I pulled my legs back father, spread them wider, wanted more of her. We were both breathing hard. Her skin glistened. Her hair came undone, large strands fell down along one side of her face, rocked gracefully with her movements. She grunted with each thrust. She was gorgeous. Her cock in my pussy. The pressure built. I begged her to go faster, harder, don't stop. I tensed. My hands gripped the sheets. Oh my god. The pressure peaked and released. I was delirious, blissful. My head flew back, my back arched and I shattered into a billion crystal shards.

Marion lay on top of me. Her cock still in me, my arms and legs wrapped around her, holding her in. I had never come so hard in my life. I came from her fucking my ass. In time we caught our breathe. She gently slid out of me and lay beside me. Emptiness. Longing.

She scooped up what cum she could find. As she fed it to me she talked. "Mmm, that was special wasn't it, baby. I came so hard, maybe harder than ever. You came and I didn't even touch your clit, baby. You came from being fucked in your pussy. I bet you didn't know you could even do that, did you. I'm glad I could be the one to give it to you, baby. Your first pussy orgasm. You're gonna want more, though, aren't you, my greedy little slut."

"Yeah. Thank you. It's been an amazing evening."

"Oh, it's not over yet, baby. You think I can have you all dressed up like a classy little slut, looking so alluring, and give you just one round? Don't worry, baby, I can stay hard all night."

I felt feminine, submissive, open, wanting more. "Mmm, sounds good to me, love. What position are you gonna fuck me in now?"

"Mmm, Maybe I'll do you from behind. Your head down, your lovely ass up, framed by your garter straps. Your back curved like a cat in heat. My little kitten in heat, waiting to be fucked. You'd like that, wouldn't you, baby. Oh yeah, there's more. I'm your Mistress now and you have to do what I say because it's my turn. Isn't that right, baby. Say it. I want to hear you say it."

"It's your turn, Mistress. I'll do whatever you say."

The doorbell rang. Mistress handed me a glass of wine. She blindfolded me and my heart beat faster. "Wait here baby, I'll be right back."

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