The London Underground

by Vanessa Evans

Copyright© 2006 by Vanessa Evans

True Sex Story: Interesting experiences of a young lady on the London Underground.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Exhibitionism   .

Jon sprung yet another surprise on me when he came home from work one Tuesday night and told me that he had a business meeting in London the next day. He'd decided to take me to London with him and leave me to fend for myself while he went to the meeting, but have a bit of fun with me before and afterwards. We quickly packed a bag and caught the 7 something train.

The journey down wasn't anything special and there were very few people on the train. Jon had booked us into the Regent Palace Hotel at Piccadilly Circus. It's not the best of hotels, but you can't get much more central without it costing you a fortune (and Jon was paying, not his business).

The room that Jon booked doesn't have an en suite bathroom. I was a little disappointed until Jon told me that his choice was deliberate so that I could walk around the corridors wearing only a towel, and then let it fall off 'accidentally'.

Jon had a bad headache when we got there so we went to bed straight away.

Jon woke me up at 6 o'clock the next morning and told me to go for a pee. He gave me a towel to wear that I hadn't seen before. When I wrapped it round my body it was only just long enough to cover my breasts and bum; and it was only just long enough to wrap over and tuck in. No only would it take very little for it to un-tuck and fall off, when I put one leg in front of me the whole of my side up passed my waist was showing.

The building is sort of triangular with bits going off. You can walk round the corridor and get back to your room without turning back on yourself. I hadn't needed to go to the loo the night before so I didn't know where I was going. I didn't get far before I had to open a fire door and the inevitable happened. Unfortunately there wasn't anyone around to see my nakedness.

I eventually found a ladies loo and had a pee. Feeling a bit brave I decided to walk back to our room with the towel in my hand. Unfortunately I must have been too early and never saw anyone. Jon told me I was a 'good girl' when I got back to our room, and told me to go again in an hour.

I looked out of the window and was disappointed that there wasn't much of a view, and the building opposite looked a bit of a dump. It turned out that it was the back of some posh shops in Regent Street. The obviously didn't care what the back looked like.

About 20 minutes later Jon decided that he wanted a drink of coke. There wasn't a mini bar in the room so I grabbed the towel and volunteered to go and get him one (I'd seen a coke machine near the lifts).

The corridor was deserted again, and all was quiet when I put the money in the machine. As I was bent over getting the can I heard a man say, "very nice dear, can you just stay like that for a while please?" I was surprised, jumped up and turned round. This middle-aged man as stood there with a suitcase in his hand. I put my empty hand on my chest and said, "Oh, sorry, you startled me. I didn't think anyone else was up yet." He said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump, it's just that I was admiring your beautiful rear end."

He looked a nice man so I pulled the towel off, said, "Well what do you think of the front end then?" and walked passed him back to our room. As I was walking away from him I heard him say, "Very nice my love!"

Half an hour later Jon said it was time for a shower. He wrapped a towel round his waist and told me to put my towel on. As we walked down the corridor I could hear one or two people moving around. Just as we started turning one of the corners, Jon grabbed my towel and pulled. I gasped and bent down to pick it up. As I did, I looked along the corridor and saw a maid delivering breakfasts. She was looking at us with a grin on her face. Knowing that Jon wouldn't mind, I stood up and grabbed his towel. It came off as I said, "Two can play at that game." The maid's eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped as she saw Jon's bald dick. She just stared as Jon said, "Right then, wait until I get hold of you." Off I ran, giggling, with Jon chasing me. Neither of us bothered to put our towels back on until we were passed the maid and round the corner. Her face was a picture.

Round the corner, a man in a dressing gown just stared as Jon pulled me into the men's room.

There was no one else in there so I went to the loo while Jon shaved. We were both sharing a shower when another man came in, saw us, stared for a second or two, said, "Sorry", and walked out. I don't know what he though we were doing. It wasn't as if Jon was fucking me.

The walk back to the room was uneventful and we got dressed and went for breakfast. Jon put his suit on ready for his business meeting, and he told me to wear just shoes and one of my thin, cotton dresses. The one that has a scoop front, no sleeves and big armholes. I sometimes have trouble keeping the straps on my shoulders in that one.

After breakfast we went for a ride on the Underground. The weather is always warmer in London than in Derby, but it was a bit fresh out. My nipples were letting everyone know that it was fresh. When we went into the Underground it was quite breezy as well. A couple of times I could feel my dress blowing up.

We got the train to Embankment station then got on the Circle line. The first bit was only a couple of stations and I sat opposite a young man who I could see was looking at me over the top of his newspaper. Not wanting to disappoint him I slowly opened my legs so that he could see my pussy. Poor man went bright red, but he kept looking. When we got up to leave I looked to see if he had a hard-on, but the paper was covering his lap.

Those of you who have read my Journal will know that I never cross my legs like most women do, Jon won't let me.

As we got on the train at Embankment Jon told me to stand near door and hold onto one of those leather straps that hang down. I'm not very tall and I have to stretch to reach. My dress hemline got even higher on the side where my arm was stretched up. Because my dress is baggy, and has very big scooped armholes, anyone looking at my side that has my arm up would be able to see all of that breast, and a bit of the other one as well.

Nothing much happened to start off with, except that I was getting a bit excited anticipating what might happen. After about 3 or 4 stations the train got busier. I'd watched one young man stare at me as he got on, and he stood close to me watching my little left breast wobble a bit as the train rattled along.

Things got a bit more interesting at the next station, people poured in, and I began to feel like a sardine. A couple of other men were looking at me as well. I couldn't move and there was a man pressed up against my back, and another in front of me. He was facing me and bent back a bit so that his face wasn't in mine. When I looked up at him he smiled and continued looking down my dress at my nipples (the breeze and the excitement was keeping them hard).

After a minute or so I felt a hand on my right thigh, just gently at first, but when the owner was confident that I wasn't going to scream or something, the hand started moving up under my dress. It went all the way up to my waist, then had a little feel round. I guess that he was trying to find some knickers.

The hand then moved round to my bum and the body that had been pressing into my back, wasn't any more. My right ass cheek got squeezed before the hand drifted down between my legs to my pussy. Just as it got there, the train stopped at a station and the hand disappeared. People got off, and people got on; but the train wasn't any the less crowded. The man in front of me was still looking down my dress, the man behind me was still there, and another man was stood at my left looking through the armhole of my dress. With all that attention from men that I'd never seen before, and never spoken to, I was very excited — to say the least.

As the train started to move off, I felt the hand again. This time it went straight between my legs to my pussy. There was a moment's pause when the owner found out how wet I was, or was it because the hand found the two little gold rings in my pussy lips. Whatever, the pause was only for a moment before the fingers found my clit then went inside me.

I moaned a bit then looked up at the man in front of me. We made eye contact so I smiled. I think I blushed a bit as well. The fingers started to pump in and out of me and my hips started to move in response to the stimulation. I closed my eyes to just enjoy the sensations and was biting my bottom lip when I opened my eyes again to see the face of the man in front of me. He had a puzzled expression on his face and was sniffing the air. I sniffed and realised that he was smelling my pussy juices. I felt a bit embarrassed and proud, both at the same time.

The fingers were just getting me close to cuming when the train slowed and stopped at the next station. The fingers stopped moving, but didn't go out of me. Instead I felt his hand grip part of my right cheek and hold me there.

Again people got off and on, and it was still crowded, neither the man in front of me, nor the one behind had moved. As the train started to move off I looked up and down the carriage. Although there was a crowd where I was, there was plenty of space in the rest of the carriage. There were even some free seats not far away.

I saw Jon, sat down and looking at me with a big smile on his face.

The fingers got working again and it wasn't long before my orgasm arrived. I tried to stifle my moaning, but I wasn't that good at it. The man in front of me knew what was happening and had a big grin on his face. As the waves hit me I leaned forward a bit and my stomach felt what was probably the man's hard-on. I did want to reach in between is and squeeze it, but I thought I'd better not.

The fingers in my pussy knew I'd cum but were still going in and out. They kept going even when the train stopped in the next station, and shortly after that I came for a second time. That time I did manage to stop any noise escaping from my mouth, but it was difficult.

The fingers stopped and just stayed inside me for a minute or so, then pulled out. I felt them being wiped on my backside as the hand withdrew.

The train pulled into another station and I suddenly realised that both men had gone. I was alone, but a few people were looking at me. I did a quick check and my dress was still covering my pussy, ass and tits — just. So they were either looking at my legs (some of them hoping my dress would go just that bit higher); or they had been watching what was going on. I didn't care which.

I stood there on my own as the train went on to the next station. There some noisy youths got on and started fooling around where I was. A couple of them were looking at me. One moved close to me and lifted the front of my dress. "Nice cunt", he said as another of them took some interest in me. One of them said, "Let's have a look at your tits then." When I didn't move he said, "Okay then, I'll get them out for you." With that he put a hand inside the armholes of my dress and pulled it into the middle of my chest. Both my little breasts were out. Another of them said, "Bloody hell, look at those nipples." (Well, they were rock hard from the breeze and the excitement).

Next, another of them lifted the hem of my dress up above my waist and said, "Nice ass and pussy as well."

I was getting a bit scared by then, and looked over to Jon. He was just standing up. He walked over and looking directly into the eyes of the tallest of the youths he said, "I think that's enough fun for this morning gentlemen. The lady's getting a bit frightened; and none of us want any trouble, DO WE?"

I think it was the surprise that someone had stood up to them that shut them up, they just stood there. The youth who was holding my dress up round my waist let go of it. It fell back into place.

No one at that end of the carriage said a word. All eyes were looking at us. It seemed like hours, but it must have only been a minute before the train stopped at the next station. When the doors opened Jon grabbed my arm, and pulling me out saying, "I think it would be best if you came with me young lady." I felt the bunched up part of my dress front start to move back over my breasts. Just round a corner off the platform, Jon stopped and asked me if I was all right. I told him that I was a bit scared, but yes, I was all right.

We got the next train and Jon sat me down next to him. A couple of stations later he told me that that was his station for his meeting. Giving me my purse out of his briefcase, he told me to stay sat down until the train got back to Embankment; then to go back to the hotel. He told me that he'd be back sometime late afternoon.

The journey back wasn't anywhere near as much fun. I opened my legs to a young woman who sat opposite me and just stared at my pussy when she realised she could see it.

Walking out of the Underground at Piccadilly Circus, the warm sunshine and the bustle of people made me feel good. I didn't want to go back to the hotel room, and anyway, I was hungry.

Quite close to the hotel entrance is a Burger King, I decided to have a burger. I got it then looked for a table. There were none free downstairs, so I went upstairs. When I got there I saw that there are 2 levels of tables. The floor of the upper level at the front of the restaurant is about at the height of the tables at the lower level. On the edge of the upper level is a railing with not very wide steel bars. Tables are right up to the railing on both upper and lower level. The end result is that someone sat at a table on the lower level has their head at knee level of someone sat at a table on the upper level.

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