World on Fire
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carl Parley returns to A USA in flames. The situation in Iraq has deteriorated and the USA has had their oil imports shut off. Roving gangs have begun to take over the US and Carl decides to hide out in the West Virginia mountains and ride out the storm.

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Jawal al-Maliki sat at his desk and peered intently into General John Venes eyes, "General, we have to disband the militias if there is any hope of bringing peace to Iraq. If we can get rid of al-Sadr's militia the others will follow suit and lay down their arms. Al-Sadr is the key. As long as he defies us there will continue to be trouble. I want the Coalition troops to lead the attack. Our Iraqi forces are riddled with al-Sadr sympathizers so I can't use them. Do you think that your superiors will allow you to do it?"

General Venes stood up, "Let me get in touch with Washington. I'm sure the DOD will go along. Al-Sadr's been a thorn in our side for a long time. If you are willing to acknowledge that you ordered us to get him, I don't think that Washington will hesitate a minute."

"I will send you the papers when you are ready to attack," al-Maliki said standing up to shake the General's hand.

Al-Maliki sat down heavily once the General was gone. He had only been the Prime Minister for a couple of years and already had two assassination attempts on his life. The sooner he got rid of these Americans the better. If he hadn't been called to help his country he would have been safely in France by now.

Two days later Private Ralph O'Brien, USMC, aged nineteen, was hunched behind the remains of the pickup truck shaking so hard that he was afraid that the Iraqis would hear his bones rattle. He heard the screaming of the wounded; both the Marines and al-Sadr's militia. He had only been in Iraq for two weeks and here he was in a battle with this ass-hole cleric's militia. O'Brien wished that he was back home in Arkansas; he only joined the Marines to impress his girlfriend. She started gushing over some recruiter in his fancy uniform and Ralph signed up the next day. He didn't really give a shit about the Iraqi's, Iraqi oil or what the Iraqi's did to each other. Several bullets hit the overturned pickup and O'Brien tried to get closer to the ground. He lay on the ground hugging his rifle beneath him. He heard someone yelling and he raised his head a little and saw his Captain yelling at him from the safety of another overturned vehicle.

"O'Brien get your head out of your ass and lay down some covering fire at the building. The medics are trying to get our men out. Cover them! Now fight damn you."

Private O'Brien scooted forward and looked around the wreckage of the truck. Several rounds suddenly hit the truck and he pulled his head back and then took another quick look. The building where the militants were holed up was hooked onto the mosque and it was used as a school, social center, militia headquarters or whatever they wanted to use it for that day. O'Brien already knew that the mosque was off-limits. If the militia ran into the mosque the Marines were to pull back. Luckily there was a small courtyard between the Mosque and the building that the militia was fighting from. Whenever someone attempted to run for the mosque the Marine machineguns tore them up.

O'Brien saw a man with a black turban run past a window with a gun. O'Brien pulled his head back and began to think about home. He wondered what his mother was doing right now and wondered what his girl was doing. He stuck his head around the wreckage and saw the man with the black turban run past the window again. O'Brien aimed his rifle at the window. O'Brien said to himself that if turban head ran past the window again he was dead meat.

It was several minutes before he saw the man in the turban start past the window. O'Brien pulled the trigger and the sound of the shot resounded off of the metal of the truck. He saw the man's head explode and the man dropped out of sight. O'Brien pulled back to the safety of the pickup truck. He felt queasiness in his stomach. He had never killed a man before. The Marines trained for this all the time but doing it was something else.

The gunfire from the building began to slow down until there was none coming from the building. Suddenly there was loud screaming coming from the building and about twenty men began running toward the Marines with their automatic weapons blazing. Private O'Brien saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and when he looked to where the movement was, he saw an Iraqi pointing a rocket propelled grenade at his cover. O'Brien started to scream but the grenade hit before he could get the scream out. The pickup truck came to rest on top of his lifeless body.

The wave of Iraqi's began to grow and people with guns began to come from everywhere; the whole town seemed to turn out in support of the militia and it seemed that they all had guns. For a while the Marines cut them down as soon as they left the safety of the buildings. The Marines' ammunition began to run dangerously low and the Captain called for a retreat. During the retreat several more of the Marines fell. The Captain saw the militants killing the fallen marines by slitting their throats. The Captain called for reinforcements and held out until the reinforcements arrived. When the Captain limped back into the staging area he had lost over half of his force.

During the debriefing the Captain was questioned intensely on the amount of resistance that he had encountered. Al-Sadr's militia was known to be fierce fighters but there had never been anything like this. The Colonel had to find out why the militia tried to defend their place as hard as they had. They might have been constructing bombs inside when the Marines attacked.

A Master Sergeant came into the room and handed the interrogator a slip of paper. The interrogator was a bird Colonel. When he read the paper he gasped and then handed it to the Captain. The dispatch said the al-Sadr had been killed by American Forces during a raid on the mosque. Al Jazeera TV was already reporting that al-Sadr had been killed by the American Marines bursting into the mosque with guns blazing while al-Sadr was praying with his followers. Every news report made sure to state that it was American Marines. The reporter spat out the word American.

"I'm going to request that you be immediately rotated out of Iraq. There'll be a price on your head tonight; maybe there's one already," the Colonel said, "Do you know what Marine killed the cleric? We might defuse this if we offer him up to the Iraqi government."

"I think he's dead sir. We didn't have time to recover the bodies."

"Ok Captain Hammond, get cleaned up. Stay where we can call you if we need you. I think General Venes will want to talk to you if this thing starts to grow."

The Captain walked back to his quarters. He sat and began to write a detailed report on the incident. He knew that the Marines would be looking for someone to take the rap for this fiasco and it wasn't going to be him.

When Captain Hammond picked up his pencil and began to write his report, Betty Armand was in Bag Dad interviewing an Iraqi policeman, live on CNN, about the dangers of being a policeman in Iraq. Betty wore the head scarf that was required in Iraq. She had only been in Iraq for a couple of weeks and she saw this as her big break. It was dangerous but she had hired a couple of bodyguards; paid for by her Congressman father, naturally. CNN was falling behind Fox and ABC but Betty was sure that she could make a name for herself and help CNN's ratings too.

Betty looked at the camera to make sure that it was on and that the camera man was ready. She looked at the interpreter and he nodded that he was ready for the questions.

With a nod from the camera man's head she turned to the Iraqi police man, "Officer, what do you feel is your biggest challenge being a policeman in Bag Dad?"

Before the policeman could answer a young man stepped up to Betty and began screaming at her. Betty tried to continue the interview but the young man grabbed her arm, spinning her to face him, and kept screaming at her. Betty looked at the interpreter. She saw that the interpreter had a look of terror in his eyes and he was backing away. Betty looked back at the young man screaming at her just in time to see the long knife heading toward her stomach. The pain of the knife wound made her drop the mike and the young man pulled the knife out and drove it into to her two more times. Betty fell and she lay on the street with her life draining out of her body. Several of the people that had been standing around began to kick her in the face and back. A boy about twelve years old picked up the knife that the slayer had dropped and drew the knife across her throat. Millions of people around the world watched as Betty Armand ended her life.

Congressman Armand was sitting in the Washington Club with one of Washington's well-known lobbyists. He had asked that the TV be turned on because Betty had called and said that she was going to do her first interview live and she wanted her father to see it. He was proud of his daughter and he knew that he would gain a few votes when her face was on the TV's back in his home state. When her picture first came on the screen he called out to one and all that that was his daughter.

When Congressman Armand saw his daughter's throat being cut he felt a sharp stab in his chest and grabbed the front of his shirt. He kept clutching at his chest. His only thought was that he had to rip his chest open and pull the intense pain out. His breath began to come in gasps and as the room began to get dark he fell from his chair. Several of the people closest to him tried to catch him but they didn't reach him in time. The Congressman's head hit the floor with a loud pop. Congressman Armand didn't feel it because he was dead of a heart attack before he hit the floor.

Several of the crowd that had been standing around Betty's body started pulling her bloody clothes off. Two of the men dragged her body over to the sidewalk and began to shout for someone to get a rope. A rope was produced and Betty Armand's nude, lifeless body was pulled up on the lamp post for all to see and spit on. The crowd kept the Coalition troops away for hours before the troops could get her body down and back to the Green Zone. Her death caused several of the international news teams to leave Iraq that day. None of the news "celebrities" stayed.

In the Sudan, Africa:

Carl Partley sighted his sniper rifle on the amused African warlord standing on the speaker's platform as his followers danced in front of him. At times, the African warlord would start dancing and whirling about in circles. Each time the leader did it his followers let out a satisfied roar. Carl watched as the man took another drink from the glass. Then the man set the empty glass next to the pitcher of ice "water." A small smile came to Carl's lips. The Intel briefing had mentioned the man's liking for Russian Vodka served over ice. Carl's spotter watched as the crowd grew more boisterous. The African leader took another drink from the glass and set it down again. Carl adjusted his position slightly. Each move that Carl and his spotter made was slow and careful. Their camouflage made sure that they would not be easily detected; but there was always a chance that someone could be looking their way and would notice a quick movement.

The spotter saw the African start to dance and then begin to whirl around. He patted Carl on the shoulder and Carl squeezed the trigger. Carl had watched the man spin and had calculated in his mind where the momentum of the wild dance would place the African when the bullet hit him. The bullet seemed to take forever to go the thousand yards to the target and then the man fell to the earth and was still. Carl and his spotter remained motionless and watched for the reaction of the soldiers and the crowd.

For a second everyone stared at the lifeless body of the warlord. Then the soldiers that had been guarding the warlord began shouting and looking around to see if anyone in the crowd had a gun. One soldier stepped forward and began to shoot into the crowd. Soon the other soldiers began to shoot into the crowd, thinking that the shot had come from the crowd. As they were firing into the crowd on full automatic, they quickly ran out of bullets and the followers of the warlord that hadn't been shot ran to get away from the soldiers. The soldiers reloaded and began to shoot at the fleeing people.

Carl and his spotter saw that no one was looking their way and they began to slowly crawl out of the grass to make their get-away.

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