First Love Gone Bad... Very Bad

by ynyn

Copyright┬ę 2006 by ynyn

Erotica Sex Story: Young girl's first love goes awry when she insists on saving herself for marriage.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Rough   Gang Bang   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Leg Fetish   Violent   .


Maria was new in town, her family had just moved to Springfield early this past summer. The town was much larger than the little farming town from whence they came. During the end of summer, as she prepared for her first year of high school, the fifteen year old girl noticed many of the boys looking her over. Her body was filling out and every male her age noticed.

As she started school, she would get looks from guys in the hallways every day, other girls were jealous of her. She would typically wear nice sundresses that showed off her figure as well as her long, golden brown legs. At 5'1", Maria was not very tall, but she still had very ample breasts. Of course, the boys noticed those as well.

One day, as she sat in the library after lunch, a rather large boy came up to her. It was Tom, the captain of the football team; he was 6'2" tall and looked like a football player, weighing nearly 215 pounds. He spoke very nicely to her and politely asked her for her phone number, flattered, she gave it to him. The two spoke often on the telephone, she really started to like him, it was her first real crush.

After talking on the phone every day for a couple weeks, Tom asked Maria out on a date. She said that she had to check with her parents, and they said yes, provided of course that they got to meet him. Very excited, Maria looked forward to her first date with Tom. When the day came, everything went perfectly. Tom and her dad hit it off, he complimented Maria's mom, and Maria herself was so happy that her family accepted her first boyfriend.

That first night, the two of them went to the dinner and a movie. At the movie Tom put his arm around Maria and held her close. The two young teens were in love. Tom was a perfect gentleman.

They would continue to date each weekend, and it seemed to Maria that Tom became a little less gentleman-like with each passing week. She understood that he was a senior and she was only a freshman, but she didn't like the pressure he was putting on her sexually. First, he pressured her to kiss, and then he pressured her to let him touch her tits. Every week was more of the same.

Finally, after two months of dating, the pressure he put on her was for her to have sex with him. She kept telling him no, that she was going to save herself for marriage. He kept saying he loved her and that if she really loved him she would do this.

It eventually came to a head one Saturday night. Tom and Maria had gone to a movie, and they made out during the film. When they got into his car, he leaned over and started kissing her again and he began fondling her tits, too. Maria pulled back, saying it was time to go home. Tom said that they didn't have to go home, it was only 10:30, and her curfew was midnight. He suggested that she come over to his house as his parents were away, when she asked what he wanted to do over there, he just smiled. Maria grew angry, saying that he was treating her like she was a Mexican whore. He snapped back that if she were a Mexican whore, at least he would have gotten some by now! By now their argument had drawn a crowd of teens in the movie theater parking lot. Maria smacked his face and got out of his car, crying. Tom got out and yelled at her, "Fine, you fucking bitch, we're through, and you ain't that hot anyway!"

His false bravado didn't fool the other members of the football team who clowned him for being dumped and smacked by a freshman girl. "Man, she punked you!" "Look! I think he's gonna cry!" "Wow! Did you she the right hand smack down she gave my boy?" Other similar comments rained down on Tom as he fumed.

Maria was an emotional wreck. She had broken up with the first love of her life, and it hurt so badly. She moped around her house for a few days, depressed. On the following Friday, she had started to gather herself together and was walking to class when Tom came up to her.

"What do YOU want?" Maria asked in disgust.

"I want to apologize for everything I said, and the way I acted. I was being stupid; I felt too much pressure from the meatheads on the team. I am so sorry, Maria. I never wanted to hurt you."

Maria's eyes welled up, as he sounded so sincere. "Do you mean that?"

"Sure I do, look I don't care if you want to save yourself for marriage, that's your decision. We can still have fun together like we used to, can't we?" Tom asked her.

Maria got a wide smile on her face "Yes, we can Tom! I love you!"

"I love you too, babe. Let's start all over. What do you say we show up those guys on the team and head to the party tomorrow night?"

Maria said sure, and practically floated to her next class. All through her last classes she was just thinking of what to wear for her first night back together with Tom. It would be sweet to go to the party that the team was holding, to show those guys that they couldn't mess with her mans' relationships!

Maria got home from school and immediately started going through her closet for something special to wear Saturday night. She eventually settled on a sexy flower print dress, and for this occasion she would wear the sheer stockings that she saved for special events. She also planned to do up her hair; she was going to have a great time! She woke up early Saturday and painted her nails, and also did her toenails a nice shade of deep red. The shoes she picked out were small 2" heels, but they were open toed, so she thought painting her toenails was a must.

As the time neared for Tom to pick her up for the party, Maria was getting ready. She slid her stockings up her legs, put on her sexy loose flowered dress that came down to a couple inches above the knee. The dress and hose together really showed off her legs. She looked at herself in the mirror and twirled around so the dress spun up, showing the tops of her stockings. Maria was so excited.

Around 8:30 she heard a car pull up outside, it was Tom! Giddy, Maria hugged her mom goodbye and went out to see him.

"Wow! You look amazing!" Tom said as she approached the car.

"Why, thank you sweetie!" Maria replied and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then had to wipe off the smudge from her burgundy lipstick. "So, where is the party?" she asked.

"Oh, it's at John's, but I gotta give a couple of dudes a ride, is that okay?"

Maria gave a phony frown, and then smiled. "It's okay honey, as long as I've got you!" And she took his right hand into her left hand as they drove down a couple more blocks. As they approached a house, two of the other football players came walking out. Maria recognized the real big one as Buster, he played center, the other boy was named Tony, but she did not know him that well.

Buster walked over and stuck his head in the car. "Why hello, lovebirds." He said sarcastically. Tom told him to shut up and get in the back. Maria could've swore she saw Tom wink at Buster as he got into the car, but she blew that thought out of her head.

"Oh, Tom I forgot to tell ya, we have to go get the twins, Dave's car broke down." Buster says. The twins, as even Maria knew, was what they called the two wide receivers, they always hung out together and earned the corny nickname.

"Shit!" Tom exclaims. "How can we fit those dumb asses in here? You're gonna squash my girl!" Exasperated, he turns to Maria. "Is that all right honey? It's only about 2 miles to the party from their place"

Maria shrugged her shoulders and said okay as they drove two blocks down the road and pulled up to a house where the two guys waited outside. Maria felt like each of them looked her over as they said hello. Chris had to sit up front with Maria and Tom. Maria scooted over to the middle of the front seat.

Tom rubbed his hand on her knee, looked at Maria and smiled. "It's gonna be okay, honey. Everything is gonna be just fine." Maria smiled, and then heard laughter from the back seat.

As they drove, it seemed to Maria like it had to be further than two miles, but she was just upset that her and Tom didn't get to drive there alone.

Something else odd in the car, the guys in the back were not talking at all, a very odd silence consumed everyone. And, out of the corner of her eye, Maria could've sworn she saw Chris looking her up and down. It gave her the creepiest feeling, but she played it off.

As they continued to drive further in silence, Maria began to feel a little nervous; she started twirling her finger in her hair, an old habit of hers.

The small little Mexican girl was driving along in a car with 5 big 18-year-old high school football players. Worse yet, she not only had no clue where they were going, she had no idea where they were right now! She heard the guys in the back seat whispering among each other. Maria now felt very weird, like something strange was afoot.

"Tom, where is this party?" Maria asks. Tom does not respond, he just turns down another road that she has never seen before.

"Are you lost, honey? You can tell me." Maria's words might as well have been spoken to a rock as Tom just keeps on driving. The uncomfortable silence of the other four guys makes her even more nervous.

"Tom, why won't you say anything?" Maria asks, starting to get scared.

Just then Tom turns down another road, it is barren with woods on one side and a large grassy field on the right. Tom pulls the car over to the right.

Tom turns to Maria, and his tone is very dark and evil as he speaks, "Okay, Maria we are at the party." Maria looks around as sees an empty grass field and no people for miles.

"What are you talking about, Tom? There's nobody here." She says.

"Well, you little cocktease, tonight YOU are the party. I am getting some of that hot Mexican pussy, and then I'm gonna let my boys here have a taste too!"

Maria's eyes grew wide. "No! Tom, don't do this, No!!"

Tom motions to the other guys in the car with his hands, the doors open and the guys start to exit the car.

Tom opens the trunk, as the other four guys start walking to the field.

"Hey, Chris!" Tom yells from behind the car. "We can't party without her, right?" he says pointing at Maria, who still sits frightened and sobbing in the car.

Chris leans into the passenger side door "Let's go sweet thing!" He says and grabs the petite 15 year old and drags her from the car as she cries for help.

"Nooooo! HelppppMeeeee!! Let me go!!!!!"

The other guys all are making comments about Maria and how hot the fifteen-year-old freshman looks tonight.

"Oh man! I can't wait to knock off a piece of that hot ass!"

"No shit! Did you see the legs on that bitch?"

"Legs? How about those tits?"

Tom has taken a large blanket out of the trunk and he walks into the field, followed by the other guys and Chris, who is dragging Maria along as she bawls.

"Nooooooo!! Pleasee! Don't do this!!! NOOOOOO!"

"OhhhNooo!! Hellpp Meee!!"

Maria is trying to struggle, but her petite little frame is no match for the much stronger football player, who suddenly was getting help as Dave grabbed her other arm and the two guys dragged the screaming fifteen-year-old Latina beauty into the field.

Further ahead of them, Tom had already spread out the large blanket and was waiting for them. Tony and Buster walked over to assist with their prize.

"Getoffffmee!!! Noooooo!!! Helpppp!! Somebody pleasee!!!"

Maria's cries echoed in the empty night air, there would be no help coming for this young girl. Her curly black hair wildly flailing about, she kept stumbling as her 2" heels repeatedly got caught in the grass. The tears were streaming down her face as the guys dragged her over to the scene of her upcoming rape.

The guys and Maria reached the blanket, and they forced her down on her back.

"Okay, boys let's get her ready for Tom!" Yells Chris, and the four guys hungrily and savagely attack the sexy fifteen year old.

"Ahhhhhhhh Nooooo!" Maria screams as the four at once pounce on her small prone body.

Maria is down on her back, the four guys holding her down as they fondle her luscious body. Her head shakes back and forth as she cries at the assault.

Chris grabs at her right tit, squeezing it, and then he pulls the girls flower print dress at the shoulder, tearing the fabric. He then proceeds to slide his hand back under her dress to her breast. "Man! This chick has some real nice tits! This is gonna be great!"

Chris exclaims.

Dave is on her other side; he yanks her dress off of her left shoulder and then begins molesting the girl by groping her left breast. "Damn straight! You ain't kidding Chris!!"

Tom is standing back, watching with a grin as his teammates go to work preparing this little freshman girl for her rape.

Maria is crying harder, still pleading with the horny guys as the grope all over her body and continue to fondle and strip her. As she kicks, Maria's black 2" heels fly off of her stocking covered feet.

So far Chris and Dave have torn her dress at the shoulders and pulled it down her chest and are now playing with her nice sized tits.

Meanwhile, at her lower body, Buster and Tony are getting started with the hot Latina.

Tony, on her right side, slides his hands up her stocking covered legs and under her dress. He feels up to her crotch, and finds that she is wearing a thong!

"Damn! This bitch is good to go! Are you kidding me, pumps, stockings, and a thong!! This girl is ready for a good fucking!" Tony remarks.

Buster is exploring her left side, squeezing her smooth thighs as he fondles the Mexican beauty. "God Damn! I can't wait to ride this hot young thang!"

Chris grabs her dress, and with Dave's help, they yank and pull tearing it off of Maria's body. The dress rips down the middle, so they just rip it in half.

Maria is lying there, now the only thing keeping her from being completely nude

is her black bra covering her large tits, and the black thong that covers her virgin pussy.

Buster and Tony are pulling off the tan stockings that cover her legs.

Buster pulls off her left stocking and then strokes her smooth, soft leg "Shit! This slut doesn't even need no stockings! Check it out!" Tony strokes her right thigh and agrees.

Maria is now pinned down wearing only a bra and thong. Hungrily, Chris tugs at her bra and it gives way and comes off in his hand, he then tosses it aside. Dave grabs the torn dress that lies primarily under Maria and yanks it away.

Last, but not least, her thong. Buster is practically drooling as he pulls her thong down her legs and throws it to the side.

Now Maria is completely nude and ready for fucking. Chris and Dave are groping her naked tits in their hands. Tony and Buster are squeezing and groping her sexy smooth legs.

Maria is crying, still. Every once in a while she yells as her voice starts to grow hoarse. It is evident to her that no help will be coming.

"Whyyy Tomm?? Why are you doing this???" she sobs.

Tom approaches the naked fifteen-year-old. "Me? Bitch, if you would have just fucked me when I wanted this wouldn't have been necessary, would it? But no, you had to have your way, and then you smacked me! You FUCKING BITCH, you smacked me! In front of my boys! Oh no, you are gonna pay you little cocktease, and you are gonna pay big time tonight!"

Tom unfastens his jeans and gets set to pop Maria's cherry as his four buddies step back to enjoy the show.

Maria actually attempts to get up and flee after the four guys get up off of her, but in a flash Tom is pinning her back down as she screams. "Tom!Don't!!!!!NOOOOO!!"

"Shut up you fucking tease!" Tom growls and slaps her face. "And THAT'S for smacking me!"

"Tom, please!! Please stop!! I loved you!!! Tom, NOOO!" Maria cries as he climbs in between her sexy, slender legs.

"Just shut up, Maria!" he says "This is gonna happen, and it's gonna happen NOW!"

He roughly drops his body onto her naked struggling form, grabbing her arms and pinning them down. His knees force her legs apart, and he leans in close to her ear, talking to her.

"Oh yeah, bitch! I have been waiting for this for months, ever since I saw your hot Mexican ass flaunting you body all over town, you DESERVE this!"

Maria is still sobbing as Tom gets his rock hard cock ready at her virgin entrance. He slides it up and down her slit, making sure she knows what's coming.

He yells over to his friends as they drink beer and look on "Hey boys, get a good look at this cunt as I break her cherry, get ready for her to scream!"

He begins forcing his dick into her tight pussy, a little bit, and then he is ready. Tom pulls it back so that just the tip remains inside of Maria, and then he slams down into her.

"Aggghhhhhhh... Owwwwwwwwwwww... Goddddddd... It Hurts!!!!!!"

She cries out in pain.

He thrusts up and down again, and on the fourth push, he breaks her hymen.

"OWWWWWWW... OHNOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Maria is crying much harder now.

Feeling the breakthrough, he smiles and pumps up and down in a piston-like manner.

Looking right into her teary eyes, he rapes the girl with long, hard strokes.

His large cock tears into her very tight pussy as she cries.

The scene on the blanket is one of a petite little fifteen-year-old hot Mexican girl, as she lies naked on her back getting slammed and raped by a much larger football player. Four other large boys are watching and enjoying the show, and they are also waiting their turn. Maria's legs are kicking on either side of Tom as he fucks her hard.

Pumping into the formerly virgin girl, he is smiling from the act and the feeling the walls of her very tight snatch hugging and milking his cock. He had never known when they went out, but Maria has a very neatly trimmed bush, and the light feel of her pubic hair on his balls excites him even more.



Tom is raping his former girlfriend very roughly, slamming into her so hard with each thrust that her entire body moves backwards a few inches. Her dark hair is a mess, sprawled all around her pretty face. Maria's large tits bounce wildly as she is raped mercilessly.


He fucks her harder and harder as he feels his balls tighten. Thrusting into her using all his strength, he pumps into her five more times before he comes.

"Oh yeah! Oh Yeah, Maria... take this load bitch!!" Tom growls as his seed erupts from his cock and spurts deep into the fifteen year old. Finally, the speed of his fucking slows and then stops with his cock buried deep inside of her. As he slides his dick from her prone body, he notices how tight her pussy still is and tells the guys.

"Damn, this bitch is still nice and tight! Well, enjoy boys!"

He gets up and looks down at naked Maria as she lay on the blanket softly crying over her lost virginity. She curls into a fetal position.

Tom walks over to the guys and is tossed a beer as he high fives his buddies.

"So," he asks, "Who's up next?"

"I am!" says Chris as he removes his jeans and walks over to the girl.

"Hey, missy, we ain't done yet!" he says to her as he rolls her onto her back again.

Chris walks over to the sobbing girl, he is very big nearly as big as Tom, as he is 6'1" 210 pounds. Like Tom, he possesses a huge dick, ready to rip into the petite fifteen year old. He forces her legs apart and slams into her with a vicious thrust.

"Not again!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!" Maria yells out as Chris starts to rape her.

Grabbing her shoulders, Chris actually pulls her body down toward him as his pushes up into her. The pain causes her to whip her head backwards.

"Ughhhh... NOOOO!!... OWWWWW... OWWWW... OWWWW!!"

Taking great pleasure in watching her large globes bounce about as he fucks her, Chris is very excited and fucks her faster and harder.

Her sobs are even turning him on! Full of aggression now, he leans in close to her ear and talks to her "Damn you're a tight little bitch! I may have to come find you and do this again sometime on my own!"

Maria can barely see through her tears, she sees the evil grin on Chris' face as he rapes her, and to the side he sees Tom and the other guys laughing, drinking beer and enjoying the view. She closes her eyes and cries even harder.

Chris pumps into her wildly as he comes into her. "Ohhhh yeahhhhh!!"

"Yeahhhhh!! Ughhhh!"

Chris, satisfied with his work, gets up from the young girl and walks to the others high fiving Dave as they pass each other. "Go get her, Dave!"

Maria looks up, and to her horror, she sees Dave standing over her dropping his pants. Dave is another big guy; he stands 6 feet tall, weighing nearly 200 pounds! Clearly another monster cock set to tear into the former virgin Maria!

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