by J-God

Copyright© 2006 by J-God

Erotica Sex Story: This is a very detailed remembrance of the unique pleasures that were had in a passionate menage a trois.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   True Story   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Fisting   BBW   .

Copyright© 2006 J-God

Lynn and I had a most wonderful weekend recently. A friend of ours stopped over and we all had a night that we would never forget. Marie is a long-time friend of mine. She is short, voluptuous and very bi. She and I have flirted for ages and she always thought Lynn was cute as well. Over the years, they grew closer as friends and both commented on how pretty the other was (have I mentioned that Lynn was bi too?).

Well, Marie called me up and said she wanted to come over and have some fun. I was definitely interested and a quick phone call on the cell confirmed that Lynn was looking forward to it as well.

Marie came over late in the evening and we sat around for awhile talking and relaxing in each other's company and friendship. We made converastion with Anne (our roommate) and her date for awhile and Lynn went up to bed, suddenly tired. Marie and I conversed for a bit more with them to seem social as we stole feels of each other's body when nobody was looking. At one moment, I went to 'help her find something to drink' in the kitchen, which gave us the opportunity to kiss and fondle each other's bodies until we were breathless and determined to continue it upstairs.

She commented that she was Lynn's guest and was 'going to mess with her for going to bed early'. I decided that I was going to take a shower (I wanted to be fresh and ready for whatever the night held). I squeezed and rubbed her ass down the hallway to our bedroom and opened it. Lynn was laying beneath the blankets, but definitely not asleep because she turned around and started kissing Marie as she climbed into bed with her. I took that as a positive sign, so I smiled at both women and stepped out for a very quick shower.

When I went back into the hallway, I could hear soft, liquid sounds and sighs from behind the door, so I went into the dark room and turned the lights on to find both girls sitting on the bed. Lynn was naked behind Marie who was exposed from the waist up, large breasts hung enticingly with erect nipples. They were smiling up at me as Lynn was kissing her neck and stroking her body.

My clothes were quickly shed (put on only in case the roomies were in the hall) and I smiled at Lynn just before I kissed Marie passionately on the lips, feeling her heat burn into my mouth before I moved down to her very ample bosom and started sucking her breasts, nibbling and chewing on those large nipples. Marie stroked my head and I noticed that she still had her jeans on under the blanket- of course, they had to go.

Marie understood where my hands were headed, leaned into Lynn and lifted her hips to help me ease them off of her. After pulling her jeans off, I sidled up to Marie's left, putting her between Lynn and myself. As they went back to kissing and fondling each other, I was feasting on her breasts and kissing up and down her side. My hands were stroking up and down her thighs, pulling them apart to expose her freshly-shaved pussy.

I touched her there lightly and felt her breath catch in anticipation- it fueled me to spread her wide open. She was so wet that her juices freely flowed from her, coating my fingers as they started circling and stroking her clit. Lynn slid down and was working her way down Marie's body to suck on her other breast.

I moved down as well to get a better angle so I could slide a finger deep into Marie, who groan was so deep and heart-felt that I knew she hadn't been touched that way in a very long time. Her body clenched my finger and her hips worked up and down to get every bit of feeling from that initial penetration.

I was at the bottom of the bed, licking her legs and pushing a second finger deep inside... then I curled them and stroked her special spot; Marie's hips jumped off the bed and her eyes were as big as saucers when she gasped from pure pleasure. I looked at her through my long braids and said "I told you that I learned some new tricks..."

By this time, Lynn had come to the bottom of the bed as well and was kissing Marie's thighs as my fingers were doing their magic. Inch by inch, her kisses went up from the knee, slowly and achingly working their way toward her wet, hot, dripping pussy. Lightning seemed to shoot through Marie's body when her lips made contact with Marie's clit, Lynn's tongue was flicking and fluttering all over her sensitive button Combined with the thrusting/twisting/polyrhythmic motions of my fingers, she was constantly stimulated, never knowing how I was going to move next as I twisted deep inside her.

Marie started coming very hard, bouncing up and playing with her nipples and grabbing at Lynn's head. The wetness created by them poured over my probing fingers, soaking my entire hand so my fingers moved in and out of her nearly frictionless. Her G-spot was my target and I hit it with every finger flick, twist and combination that I could manage from that position, and she loved every second of the pleasure. Lynn excused herself to go to the bathroom and I slid down between her legs to press my tongue flat against her clit. I licked up and down her pussy, making a point to rub the entire raspy flat of my tongue against her clit. My fingers rubbed her pussy all over, spreading her lips apart and moving her juices from her clit down to her pretty, puckered asshole. Marie moaned even louder at the contact and pushed against my probing hand.

Marie's hands were on my head, pulling me deeper to tongue every bit of her; her thighs moved back and forth, alternating between clasping my face when she comes to spreading wide to give more access to my probing hand. Lynn returned to the room, watched us for a few moments and rubbed my shoulders, asking me how good the flavor was. My response was rather muffled by Marie's thighs, but I gave an extra flick to Marie's G-Spot with my fingertips and made her come as punctuation to my statement. Lynn went up to Marie's side and they continued kissing again.

Marie turned to Lynn and started sucking her breasts, making Lynn press against her talented mouth and moan softly. I reached up between Lynn's legs with my other hand, spread her legs and eased a finger into her tight, wet hole. She sighed with pleasure and her liquid heat engulfed my finger as I worked my way deeper into her wetness. The unique pleasure of having fingers moving in and out of 2 women simultaneously can only be described best by experiencing it... I became so erect that my shorts were tight and my cock was begging to be released.

I revelled in the incredible sensations I recieved from these two lovely women received such incredible sensations from both at the same time: texture, reaction to penetration, the unique way they orgasm, the wetness caused by stroking their spots...

I began pleasing both women in earnest at the same time, but in different ways and speeds. Lynn had a little to drink, which makes her extra-tight, so I used one finger inside her, pushing deep because she loves penetration, and occasionally rubbing her G-spot. With Marie, I had two fingers inside her super-wet pussy, twisting them inside of her like the twin serpents on a caduceus. I flicked her G-spot often, giving her a continual set of orgasms while she feasted upon Lynn's breasts and body.

Some time later, Marie wanted to return the favor to Lynn and flipped over on the bed to dive, face-first, between her thighs, tongue making contact almost immediately. Lynn's back arched and the first of many pleasure shocks flew through her body.

I stood, watching lovingly at the pleasure before me: Lynn's writhing body being devoured by a voracious Marie, who was feasting as though it was the first meal to a starving woman. Marie's big, round ass was up in the air, looking delicious and inviting and I was torn as to whether I should slide my super-hard cock inside her or play with her a bit longer. Lynn looked up at me and mouthed what I understood as 'Get her.'

I blew Lynn a kiss, which was lasciviuosly returned, then went down and kissed a wet trail down Marie's back and over her big, pretty ass. I massaged her round curves, knowing that she loves her ass played with as much as I love doing it. I spread her cheeks- then started licking her tight little hole with vigor. I put a hand on each cheek to keep her spread wide as I could pushed my tongue deep inside. She clenched my probing, twisting muscle and bucked up at my face to get even more inside of her sensitive orifice.

I moved a hand down to rub her clit, driving her as delirious with pleasure as she was making Lynn. My tongue went in and out of her over and over, stretching her slightly and getting her even wetter than before... Eventually I pulled my tongue out of her ass and licked her pussy for a long time, feeling her juices all over my face. I slapped her ass intermittently to make her grind against my mouth.

Lynn was in a near-state of delirium from how Marie was eating her. The slurps and sucks from between her legs meshed perfectly with the gasps and moans that came from her lips. She got very sensitive and tried to pull away but Marie locked her arms around her thighs and held her down for a bit longer. Lynn, knowing she was at the mercy of a woman whose pleasuring would not be denied, fell back on the bed, fully enraptured by the delights of Marie's lips and tongue.

I eased a finger into Marie's wet, relaxed ass and two fingers into her even wetter pussy, pumping her with long and deep strokes. Both of her tight holes milked my fingers as though they were my cock, and I could imagine how my swelled member would feel penetrating her luscious body. I was so relishing the fantasy of filling her with my manhood that I was intensely throbbing and started to leak precum, causing a spot on my shorts that was spreading.

I was broken from my fantasizing by the very loud and strong orgasm she had. Marie's body clamped down hard on my fingers and she twirled her hips around, grinding against me to savor every moment of her climax. After catching her breath, Marie released my fingers from her grasp and Lynn from her hands then slid up the bed to her. I watched those women kiss and lick each other's faces. then siezed the opportunity to lick Lynn's open, wet pussy, tonguing her up and down with gusto.

My hands held her hips down and kept her bucking down slighly so I could see over her sexy body to see both women adoring each other's faces, necks and shoulders with kisses and licks. The sight of that passion made me even harder than before and I was pressed against the bed with every movement on the matress causing achingly sweet vibrations through my shaft and balls.

I licked and sucked her sweet nectar from her body so long that she got overly sensitive and started pulling away (I had no intentions of letting go) until they both started pushing me away- and once the seal my mouth on her clit way broken, she scooted back to catch her breath and calm down a little.

I moved up to where I was earler, putting Marie in the middle and Lynn and I began kissing her all over again, sucking her hard nipples and teasing tongues against each other. Lynn and I reached between Marie's legs, getting our fingers wet all over again- then slid them inside her simultaneously. Our fingers pumped and twisted inside her at 2 completely different cadences and directions and she came hard and shudderingly.

As I moved up to kiss her again, my erection pressed into her thigh and she grasped it, stroking it passionately and massaging my entire length. I looked into her eyes and calmly asked 'Find something you like?' She replied 'Oh hells yea!', with a throaty giggle. I leaned over to kiss Lynn and she said it was time to take care of me.

Marie told her to jump on me and ride, but Lynn told her she could go first, which surprised Marie and made her blush a little. Lynn excused herself to the bathroom again and I moved to the middle of the bed, legs spread and manhood standing at full attention, eager with anticipation and curious as to what the rest of the night would have in store for us.

Marie got between my legs, grasped my shaft and began sucking on me so hard and hungrily that she had to be satisfying a long-wanted craving. Her hot, sucking mouth swallowed about half of me from the moment the swelled head passed her moist, hungry lips. I could feel her tongue slither up and down my manhood when she would pull me from her mouth then swirl over the head as she pulled me back in deep. She felt so good sucking and licking my cock that I nearly lost it. I had to throw my head back and moan loudly for some time; the sounds of my own pleasure combined with Marie's wet, sucking mouth on me helped bring me back down from the clouds and help calm myself.

Lynn returned to the room and was greeted to see Marie's mouth stuffed full of my engorged cock, yet plenty still in her hand to play with as well. As she was sucking me deep, she started stroking me at the same time, rocking up and down as she pleasured my entire length. All the rocking made her ass pointed up in the air, inviting Lynn in for some more play.

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