Many Happy Returns
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by WaNkerJay

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A coworker relationship that spreads from work to home

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Violent  


The rain trickles down my bare arms as I rush into the apartment. I had left my damn umbrella in the office in my hurry to get home. I shake the rain from me and dump my briefcase in the nearest chair. I look down the hallway and notice that your suitcase is in front of the bedroom door.

"Shit" I cursed softly as I kicked off my shoes then trot off toward the bedroom.

I wasn't expecting you home for another two days and hadn't had the time to clean the house or shop for groceries. I unbutton my blouse as I make my way to the door. I lean up against the door frame and slide my shirt open exposing my left breast.

"Welcome home." I pant in my most seductive voice.

There is no answer from the darken room. I squint to see if I can make out a form on the bed and then realize that you are not there. I snap the lights on to find the clothes you must have worn on the plane folded neatly over the end of the bed. A sharp contrast to the baby's dress, my skirt, bra and panties that had been shed on the floor yesterday evening and still lay undisturbed at the foot of the bed.

"Damn." I curse again and gather the items from the floor and toss them into the hamper.

I stop and pick up your folded clothes bringing them close to my face. I breathe in and catch your scent which lingers teasingly in my nostrils.

"G*d I've missed you" I exclaim and clutch your clothes to my chest.

"Good to see that my clothes get such a warm reception upon their return." I hear from behind me.

I turn to find you standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped around your waist. I drop the clothes I am holding and rush into your arms.

"Bill!" I squeak happily and throw my arms around your neck kissing you deeply. "I've missed you so much." I whisper when our lips part.

"I've missed you too sweetheart." you reply and kiss my cheek. "Where are the kids?"

"Your sister took them to the Children's festive downtown. They should be home around 8 pm." I respond and begin to tug at your towel. "That gives us some alone time." I grin broadly.

"Mmmm... some alone time sounds wonderful." You agree as you pull me close and kiss the top of my head. "But first things first." you say releasing me and pulling your suitcase into the bedroom.

"You brought me something?" I ask with the tone of an excited child.

"Yes, but that is not our first order of business dear." You advise while searching the suitcases compartments.

From your suitcase you pull a pair of silver clover nipple clips and my eyes grow wide. You toss them on the bed and move over to your top dresser drawer.

"No not that." I say to myself and inch my way toward the bedroom door.

From the drawer you pull the most despised riding crop. I ease my way closer to the door with a slight smile creeping onto my lips. You turn and face me.

"And you are going where my dear?" you ask taping the crop in your hand.

"I... I just remembered that I left the car's lights on." I fumbled for an excuse.

"You usually don't leave the lights on. I'm sure you're mistaken." you decide placing the crop on the bed and picking up the nipple clamps.

"But honey... the lights." I begin to protest as you move toward me.

"Let the battery die, I can jump your car later." you reply and touch my face with the back of your hand.

I turn and press my lips against your hand. "Why don't I fix us some dinner?" I ask, trying to redirect your focus.

"Enough!" you say firmly.

I look up into your eyes and know that I should not try to delay your wishes any further. I take a step back from you and drop my eyes to the floor.

"Strip!" you demand.

I look back up into your eyes, mouth gaping in surprise. I take another step back and find the door frame in my back.

"You're still dressed. Is there a problem?" you inquire and move forward narrowing the gap between us.

You allow your towel to drop and I follow it's movement to the floor. With the towel at your feet, I then draw my eyes slowly up your body to your eyes making sure to take in every inch of you. "G*d I've missed you!" I mutter. I clasp my hand to my mouth, I hadn't meant to say that out loud.

The corners of your mouth turn upward slightly and then finally progresses into a full grin.

"You've missed me?" you ask and press your body against mine trapping me between your damp body and the door frame.

I cast my eyes downward, they stop of course to admire your semi erect manhood before ultimately focusing on the red oak floorboards. "Yes." I whisper softly.

You put your hand on my chin and lift my face to yours. You slide your free hand under my shirt touching my cool skin making my body tingle with anticipation. You bring my lips to yours and kiss me tenderly as you move your hand up to cup my breast. You twist my nipple through my bra and I let out a yelp which part our lips.

"I thought I told you to strip?" you buzz harshly into my ear. "Now I'll have to take things into my own hands." You push the shirt from my shoulders letting it drop to the floor. You lean in and kiss my neck roughly while your fingers work the hooks of my bra. With a flip of your wrist my bra drops effortlessly to the floor. You push your thumbs under the edges of my skirt and push my skirt, pantyhose and panties down in one smooth motion.

"Step out of your clothes." you order and I quickly comply. You grasp my wrist and pull me to the bottom of the bed. Bending me over the end of the bed, you make sure that my shaven pussy is pressed hard up against the cool wooden foot board. You open the clover clip and slip it on my already erect nipple. I let out a low moan when I feel the clamp tighten around my nipple.

"Oh, so you like that do you?" you ask while you bear down hard on the second nipple with the other clamp. I let out a small yelp as the sharp pain shoots through my nipple and radiates throughout the entire breast. "Hummm... I didn't get a moan that time. That's okay. You can moan later. We have some unfinished business to attend to first."

"But honey..." I studder when I see you pick the hated crop from the bed.

"But what? you inquire running the tip of the crop up the inside of my leg and lightly letting it caress my damp pussy lips.

"I... I already apologized for not listening to you when we were on the phone last week. You don't need to..." my voice trailed off as you glide the end of the crop between the wet lips of my steamy cunt.

"Punish you?" you quiz putting your hand on my hip.

"Punish me." I reply snaking my hand down to my wet cunt and running my finger along my slit. I close my eyes taking in the warm wet sensation of my finger rubbing against my hard clit.

"Owww! I exclaim eyes wide in surprise at you whacking my hand with the crop.

"This isn't about about your pleasure." you say leaning close to my ear. "It's about my pleasure and your punishment. I am going to whip your ass until it glows red hot." you tug on the nipple clamp chain extending my nipples to an uncomfortable level. You move in front of me to look into my eyes before you finished speaking. "Then I am going to fuck you in the ass. I am going to enjoy the feeling your hot ass against my groin as I push deep inside you. I will pound you until I am satisfied and fill your ass with my cum. But first, you're going to get me nice and hard with your mouth."

You get up on the bed in front of me and move your semi erect cock to my waiting lips. I want to take your dick in my hands before I take you into my mouth and begin to reach for you.

"No." you stop me with a firm tone in your voice. "Hands behind your back. Just use your mouth."

I let out a low whimper but move my hands behind my back. I kiss the head of your dick and then lightly lick the underside. I take you into my mouth and start to suck gently. You moan as my warm mouth edges down the length of your cock. I find that the my position of my body and inability to use my hands makes my task more difficult than I had expected. But I know not to make it an issue out of it. I slide you in and out of my mouth making sure to pay close attention to those sensitive spots you love for my mouth to caress. When you swell to a full erection, you deprive my mouth of your cock and move behind me. I notice that the riding crop has disappeared from the bed. Looking back over my shoulder I strain to see what you are doing. The crop strikes me firmly on the inside of my upper thigh very close to my dripping wet cunt. I let out a yelp.

"Eyes forward!" you command.

I quickly obey and brace myself for further whacks of the crop.

Whack! The crop bit into the tender flesh of my ass creating a sharp stinging sensation that slowly worked itself into a smoldering heat which spread throughout my bottom. Your second strike landed only centimeters away from where the first blow had been inflicted. I let out a cry. I bite my lip and the thoughts swirl through my mind. "You have always been too good with the crop. Damn those horses! I've got to remember to hide that most hated thing."

"And why are you being punished?" you ask breaking my train of thought.

"Ummm... I..." I stumble for the right words. Knowing that using the right words is just as important as confessing my transgression.

Whack! I clench my fists tightly, digging my nails into my palms to distract myself from the fire burning on my backside.

"You..." Whack! "... didn't..." Whack! "... answer..." Whack! "... my question!" you say, each blow lands with an increased intensity.

A single tear escapes the corner of my eye and I swallow hard. My ass feels like it is on fire and my pussy... my pussy is shamelessly dripping wet. "I... I didn't do what you repeatedly told me to do." I finally manage to squeak out.

Whack! "And what..." Whack! "Did I REPEATEDLY tell you to do?" You inquire swinging the crop against my ass one last time before you pause for an answer.

"Go to the tornado shelter." I sob.


"Did you hear the tornado warning sirens?" you ask

"Yes." I reply


"Did you hear the announcement they made in the office to report to the nearest shelter?" you question.

"Yes." I answer.


"When I was on the phone with you when all this was happening and I told you to go to the shelter, did you not understand me?" you probe.

"No, I understood you." reply shaking my head.


"But you still refused to go? you cross examined.

"Yes." I respond in a half whisper.


"Why didn't you go?" you demand.

"I was working on the manuals." I say softly.


"How long did the tornado warning last?" you inquire

"Ummm... forty-five minutes." my dry throat croaked.


"So, these manuals..." Whack! "... they couldn't have waited 45 minutes?" you interrogate spreading my ass cheeks with the handle of the crop.

"Yes, they could have waited." I mumble and hang my head.

Your finger slides down my ass and into my sweltering pussy. You collect my juices on your finger and then bring it close to my trembling lips. I open my lips slightly hoping you will allow me to suck my juices from your fingers.

"Is this your idea of atonement for your violation? you question wagging your finger in front of my face.

The aroma of my nectar reaches my nostrils and I inadvertently lick my lips in response to the scent. My lust consumed mind pushes your inquiry beyond my conscious thought. "G*d I've missed you!" I think to myself. At least I believed that I had just thought it to myself. By the look on your face, that wasn't the case. You stare at me in disbelief. Your eyes wide and mouth slighly open.

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