Chapter 3: Franco

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3: Franco - Well, nothing like using what Mother Nature gave you to make a living.

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As Polly passed down the stairs and through the gate, she noticed a decidedly strong smell of clove cigarettes. Increasing her stride deliberately, she continued down the street and crossed into the park four blocks from Virgil's house. She took the shortest path to the bus stop which lay on the other side of the park. Entering through the maze, she walked even faster as she became more aware of the sound of heals striking the pavement behind her. As her own steps increased in tempo so did those behind her. She was breathing heavily now and aware of the quiet of the empty park and the shadowed pathway because of the sunless sky. Her heart beat in her throat and she thought to run covering the remaining length of the pathway. And, the scent of clove cigarettes seemed to catch up to her at every turn of the maze. Then, suddenly all was silent. She hurried on, approaching the center of the maze, the tiny courtyard where she sits to eat her lunch sometimes, she would switch to the path that would lead her out. Just as she turned to the right, her pursuer stepped out from the very entrance she hoped to pass through to get her next bus.

"Where are you going my sweet?" The man's heavily accented speech was familiar, but she was too alarmed to think. A bright smile lit his otherwise dark face. She hurried down another path to get away from her potential assailant.

Not hearing footsteps behind her as she slowed, deep breaths causing heavy breasts to strain in their harness, she listened for sounds of pursuit and found her senses searching for the familiar scent of cloves. Nothing. Stillness. Remembering his sudden appearance in the courtyard, she quickened her pace hoping she might lose him and make it to the bus stop which was her destination. Arriving in the courtyard again, dismayed and disoriented, she was encouranged to find it empty and she headed in the direction of the entrance she had thought to enter in her first crossing of the courtyard only moments before.

Only steps away from the exit she sought, she was grabbed from behind and a large meaty hand cupped over her mouth. The smell of clove swathed and overwhelmed her heightened senses. She felt giddy and thought she would faint. The voice rumbled on as she was pushed over to the bench in the center of the courtyard. The mass of her captor was enough to dissuade her from any hope of escape.

"My sweet. I have waited for this moment since you first walked through the door of the Arms." He picked her up as one would a rag doll and sat her astride the bench in front of him, one arm around her waist, one hand tightly over her mouth, thick thighs on either side of her own. She could feel his torso pressing into her from behind; his erect manhood straining at her back through trousers. It seemed as though eons passed while they sat together thus on the bench. She was breathing heavily and trying to gather her wits about her, he holding onto her tightly and saying nothing. Then he spoke again.

"I've wondered sweetie why you're the special one. Always, Max has women visit him a few times and then there's another new one. When I saw you I was sure it would be the same for you. But, no, you are still here after many weeks. Why are you special I ask myself every night as I think about those lovely tits of yours and your tiny body? I've wanted to feel your body against mine since the first day I saw you. I wanted to see those gorgeous boobs of yours straining with every breath. I've wanted to stick my cock up your ass. I've saved this hard on especially for you. Now, I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth and I don't want you to scream. What I intend for you can be very pleasant or very unpleasant, depending on you." His voice was gentle and the accent not altogether unpleasant. His English was precise.

While he talked to her in soothing tones she was able to calm herself slowly. The sickening smell of cloves gradually became more bearable and then even pleasant. Its sweetness and the accent, both familiar, became remembrance. The doorman at the Arms! She recalled very little of him. Dark skinned, almost black with big white teeth, he had always opened the door for her and exchanged short but polite greetings. Otherwise; she had paid him little attention. But, thinking back she recalled how the smell of clove cigarettes had lingered around him. She was now aware of how tightly he was holding her to himself and squirmed a bit on the bench to loosen his hold somewhat. She nodded a little after realizing she really couldn't hope for any help by screaming anyway. The tall hedges of the maze muted all sound to the surrounding park. Her chest heaved as she took in a deep breath when his big meaty hand slowly uncovered her mouth.

"That's right. I'm glad you are a reasonable woman. I've thought that maybe part of your success with Max. You're not a flibbertigibbet. Now, I think that you will enjoy what I have in mind for you. We don't have much time, but I think I can make it worth your while." Both his hands were on her breasts now massaging and feeling them, cupping them and tweaking the nipples. A little moisture escaped and gradually moistened her blouse. At the first touch of wetness his hands stopped then they moved more deliberately, lavishing more attention on the nipples. Her breathing began to quicken and her breasts pushed tightly against her bra. Her fear was ebbing and her arousal rising. She could feel the heat at the small of her back as his already stiff cock began to push more deeply into her flesh.

"So what do they call you? I'm Polly."

"Franco." He responded. "Let me make things a little more easy." He raised her arms over her head then slowly pulled her shirt free. Then, he released the bra containing her full and leaking breasts. She was aware of the affect his attentions were having on her and realized too, she was no longer afraid, but rather anticipatory. She hadn't had any dick all day and knew how much she needed it. Aaron could wait, it did him good to do so, and Byron would be happy whenever she showed. She took this opportunity to turn around and face him.

"I recognize you now. You never said anything to me but, 'hello'. Don't you know you should ask before you take what's not yours?" She leaned forward so her tits almost touched the buttons of his uniform and allowed her hands to slide down his chest to his crotch. She tried to open his belt and fly but needed some help, something which he gladly did. His ramrod shot out of his pants and stood up against the fabric of his coat. The stanchion's little eye was tearing and began to run down the underside.

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