Educating The Capo
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2006 by Kiwiwolf

Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Will the price of an education be too high to bear? A tale of lust, love, murder and intrigue. A security specialist goes back to school only to discover that the Mafia has an interest in his new professor. If hot sex and a fast pace is your idea of a good read... come on in.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism  

What the hell was I doing here? I had asked myself the same question over and over, on the long drive into the city. As I tried to find a park for my Suburban, I couldn't help but notice the youth and vitality on the faces of the hundreds of students all milling around aimlessly. Christ, here I was at 38 joining the student body of a small but well respected University for a late shot at a new start to life. I felt like a dinosaur. 38 isn't old by any stretch of the imagination, but here I was, as nervous as a virgin on her wedding night, terrified by the prospect of spending the next 5 years of my life surrounded by these freshly scrubbed munchkins. What the hell was I doing here?

Finding a park for something as big as the Suburban took a while. I noticed the crowd thinning out as I circled looking for that elusive gap. Damn, I was going to be late for my first lecture. Not a good start to my academic career. Spotting a gap, I wheeled the truck into it and switched off the engine. I sat there for a few moments watching the scurrying students as they frantically wended their way to the doors of the multistorey buildings where for the next 5 years I would try to become a man of letters. Taking a deep breath, I grabbed my beaten up old rucksack and moved to join them.

Two minutes later I was standing outside the doors of the building which housed my first lecture hall. I knew this was the building, but had no idea where in the building I was supposed to be. My recon of the day before had been cursory to say the least, and now I was cursing myself for not having done a more thorough examination of the field of battle.

"What the hell am I doing here?" I muttered as I shifted the weight of my pack to a more comfortable spot on my shoulder.

"I ask myself the same thing every semester," came an amused voice from behind me. "I have yet to come up with a good answer."

The first thing that struck me about her was her height. Standing 6'3" myself, I like tall women, and this lady certainly fit the bill. She would have been about 5'11" in what looked like 3-inch heels. Working from the heels up, my eyes encountered a slim but well formed pair of ankles leading into athletic, strong, nicely curved calves, and shapely knees. I could only guess at the shape of her thighs, but from what I could see of their outline beneath the black skirt she was wearing, they would be pretty impressive. Slim hips curve into a narrow waist. Everything between her waist and her wide shoulders was guesswork due to the pile of books and papers she held clasped to her chest. A slim graceful neck led me to her face, framed by a long mane of golden blonde hair. She had a firm jawline, a small pert nose, and full lush pouting lips, enhanced with just a touch of coral lipstick. Her high cheekbones caught and led my fascinated gaze to her eyes. That is where I got stuck.

Ice blue is the only description I can come up with for this woman's eyes. They were the colour of glacier ice in the morning, when the sun first hits it. But for all that they held infinite warmth and humour. They were smiling at me as our gaze locked. The world shrank to the space around us, the air grew hotter and more humid, and I felt like a 15 year old boy facing the object of his desire for the first time.

"You look lost." She said.

"Umm... er... God this is stupid. I'm sorry, I'm looking for lecture hall B32. Could you please point me in the right direction?" I finally managed to spit out.

Her laugh was musical and matched her voice. Low and throaty. "Okay, come on, I'll show you the way. I'm heading that way myself." With that she turned and pushed through the doors into the lecture halls.

I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop what was after all, a perfectly natural male reaction on my part. I checked out her ass.

I have been an ass man all my life, and as such have very high standards. This beauty surpassed my wildest dreams. Her butt was perfection. High, firm and well rounded, her butt swayed hypnotically. I was so busy looking that I walked into the door as it swung shut. Once again cursing my juvenile antics, I yanked open the door and followed her in. She was standing just inside the door, looking back at me with a wry grin on her lovely face.

"You've got to keep an eye on those doors", she said, very tongue in cheek. "They tend to close on you without warning. C'mon Cowboy, let's get you to B32. I'm Carol Ferguson. I teach English Lit."

Oh God... one of my courses was to be English Lit. "Glenn Barrett, and thanks for the help."

"No problem, I was going this way anyway. Here you go." She stopped outside a set of double doors marked B32. "Okay I've got to get going. Have fun and maybe I'll see you in the faculty lounge sometime."

"Thank you again." I managed to blurt out before she turned and walked off down the hall. Again I took advantage of her turned head to watch her magnificent ass as she moved off. Just before she turned the corner at the end of the hall she turned and caught me staring. I was ready. I flipped her what I thought would pass for a cool salute accompanied by a rakish grin. Carol laughed, spun on her heel and disappeared around the corner. I turned and walked through the door to start my academic career.

I walked into chaos. Apparently I wasn't the only one that was late. There was no sign of a lecturer, and the kiddies were making the best of it. Welcome Back Kotter sprang to mind immediately. Everywhere I looked in the 200 seat auditorium, there were kids milling about, singing, dancing, and generally raising hell. Crumpled balls of paper flew every which way. Music blared from a portable CD player with a small speaker set up. What the hell was I doing here?

The dress of the day seemed to be 3⁄4 length cargo pants, hung precariously from hipbones of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Boxer shorts seemed to be the underwear of choice on both sexes as evidenced by the waistbands slung above the waistbands of the cargoes. Tank tops, and t-shirts, all with some clever, bright logo seemed to complete the dress code. Sneakers and hats appeared to be mandatory. Standing there in my faded blue jeans, denim shirt, and cowboy boots, with an old army backpack on my shoulder, I felt as old as Methuselah. Shit this was supposed to be 20th Century Literature. It looked like Rioting and Pillage 101.

And then it all stopped. Kiddies scrambled for seats, missiles stopped flying and a general hush descended on the hall. I slipped into a seat at the back and awaited further developments. It took me a few moments and a couple of puzzled looks from a few of the nearer students to realise that they had me tagged as a lecturer, more specifically their lecturer. Then it hit me. So had Carol. God I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when I rolled up to her class... as a student.

Ten minutes later the lecturer had arrived and I was neck deep in 20th Century Literature. Thoughts of Carol Ferguson were pushed to the back of my mind for the next two hours, as I knuckled down to the business of learning. As I walked out of the building into the sunlight, I thought back on my first lecture with a sense of pride and relief. Pride that I had managed to understand the lecture, and relief that I had done a years preparation before enrolling.

I had an hour and a half before I had my next lecture... English Literature. I decided to go and grab some lunch. Grabbing a sub and a shake at an on campus sandwich bar I headed over to a nearby park and grabbed a seat under an old oak. Opening the sandwich I settled down to do some serious people watching. There was no shortage of subjects, the park slowly filling with students and faculty. I sat quietly, contentedly munching on my sandwich and watching the wildlife.

My thoughts shifted to this afternoon's lecture, and the possibility of having Professor Ferguson as my lecturer. She would be one hell of a distraction but these things are sent to try us, was the thought that whipped through my mind. Closing my eyes I pictured her as I last saw her in the hallway of the lecture building.

Slowly the image in my mind changed. First the pile of books disappeared, and I got to see the firm swell of what looked like a magnificent pair of breasts pushing out the silk of her blouse. Slowly her jacket slid off her lovely shoulders, slipped down her arms and slid to the floor. I could see, in my minds eye, the lacy imprint of her bra through the thin silk of her blouse as her breasts thrust proudly against the material.

Slowly, one by one the buttons of her blouse worked their way through the buttonholes. Soon Carol was standing in front of me; blouse unbuttoned, and pulled out of the waistband of her skirt. The brief glimpses of what lay underneath only served to heighten my desire for this woman. Smooth, firm, tanned skin, only broken by the pure white of her bra, as it cradled her firm breasts. Still she hadn't moved. Her clothing was deserting her of its own volition. As I watched in my imagination, the zip at the side of her skirt slowly slid floorward, and her skirt loosened. It was held in place only by the smooth swell of her hips and the firm roundness of her ass. Then as I watched, the skirt gave up its tenuous hold on her hips and floated down to join her jacket on the floor. Finally I was seeing the legs that had mesmerised me just over two hours earlier. My eyes traced their shape from her ankles, up her gorgeous calves, to her...

THWACK! A searing pain in my forehead snapped me back to reality. My eyes shot open in time to see the Frisbee complete its arc from my head to my lap and onto the grass.

"Shit, sorry man. You okay?" An oversized bundle of cargo pants and T-shirt ambled over to collect the Frisbee.

"Yeah... no harm done man." The kid stopped, picked up his Frisbee, flicked it back to his buddies, and ambled off again after throwing me a weird look. On reaching his friends, they got into a huddle, which resulted in all of them, throwing me a strange look. Puzzled, I checked myself out to see what the attraction was. My puzzlement didn't last long. I had an enormous hard on. Oh shit.

"What the hell am I doing here?" Rearranging myself, I hobbled off toward the lecture halls. I may as well find the hall for my English Lit. lecture. Thankfully the trouser tentage subsided fairly quickly, and in no time I was striding it out down the halls of academia.

Arriving five minutes early, I found a seat as near to the back of the auditorium as possible. I settled in to wait as students started to trickle in the door. By the time Carol walked in the room was full to overflowing. Walking straight to the desk on the small stage at the front of the room, Carol placed her load of books down and removed her jacket. My mind immediately flew back to my fantasy erotic encounter at lunchtime and I once again found myself sporting a raging hard on. She was truly spectacular. God... I had to concentrate. I was paying damned good money to be here, and the aim was to learn as much as possible about English Literature. Then she was into her introductory address and I had no problem concentrating.

She had a style guaranteed to keep her audience riveted. She spoke with passion and wit, and it wasn't long before the class was immersed in the history of English literature. I looked around at the young, bright, shiny faces that surrounded me and saw wonder. This wasn't the easy B+ class they had signed up for to keep their grade point averages up. This was going to be fun. I can honestly say that I thought about her in a sexual way no more than 5 times a minute during the duration of her lecture, and the way she looked, I think I did damned well.

With about ten minutes of lecture time to go, I was head down, furiously scratching out notes. There was a pause from the lovely Professor Ferguson so naturally I looked up... and once again found myself locked in her ice blue gaze. A small smile played at the corners of her mouth, and her eyes sparkled with mirth. This time I managed to keep my cool and shot her what I like to think was a very rakish cheeky grin. I was shocked to see her blush and quickly look away. Interesting reaction, I thought. Regaining her composure quickly, she continued with her lecture. The next ten minutes flew by, but in that time I managed to catch Carols eye on several occasions. The first few times I got the same reaction... she blushed and turned away. Then something changed. The last two times I caught her eye, she stared back in frank appraisal. And something else... I could swear I caught a hint of a challenge in her look. Defiance. Maybe it was just old-fashioned wishful thinking on my part. Anyway by the time the lecture ended I had the same old problem back again. While the multi coloured multitudes swarmed from the lecture hall, I had to sit and wait for the swelling to go down.

I was concentrating on putting my books back in my bag when I felt someone's gaze on me. There she was, jacket back on, and carrying her armload of books once more.

"You had me believing you were on the faculty." She said with a smile.

"No, you just assumed that based on my age I was a member of the faculty. And you know what they say... assumption is the mother of all fu... foul ups." I corrected myself.

She laughed. "Okay then, it was my... foul up," she said with a wicked grin. "So how did you enjoy the lecture? Are you ready to drop the class yet?"

"I think I may be able to sit through one or two more. It will be a painful mission but I think I can stick it out." This bit of wit was rewarded with another laugh, which surprised me, as it was a weak joke at best.

My hard on was gone and I decided to take a chance and stand up. Grabbing my backpack I was ready to go. We both headed for the door in what could be described as a companionable silence. She was finished for the day and the walk to the car park was not long enough for me. We talked about the class, and what was coming up in the next few weeks. I was happy that I had done the preparation that I had. For the first time today I was relaxed.

All too soon we were at my truck, and again I felt like a schoolboy. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her goodbye, but logic told me that course of action might not do my grade point average any good.

"Well here we are." She said. She looked as if she was going to say something else, but then she gave a small shake of her head, as if shaking off a dizzy spell, and the moment was gone. "I'll see you in class tomorrow?"

"Wild horses couldn't keep me away." She looked at me speculatively.

"I can see that I am going to have to keep an eye on you," she said. "Just to make sure the transition back to school isn't too difficult of course."

"Of course," I said with a laugh. "And I promise I will do my best to live up to your expectations Professor Ferguson."

"I'm sure you won't disappoint Glenn, and the name is Carol."

"See you tomorrow Carol."

"See you tomorrow Glenn." With that she turned and walked away toward her car. I couldn't help myself, I had to stare at her ass and was busy doing so when she turned and caught me. She knew what I had been staring at, but just threw back her head and laughed, spun on her heel and continued on. I could have sworn there was an extra wiggle in her walk.

With a happy sigh I clambered into my truck and started it up. I sat there for a few moments letting the engine idle as it warmed up, watching the departure of my fellow students, most driving junkers of one sort or another. A smile formed on my lips as I went through the day's events in my head. Not bad first day as first days go. With a shake of my head I dropped the truck into gear and drove out of the parking lot.

The next two weeks were a settling in experience. It took a bit of effort and a lot of patience on my part but soon I had a handle on the rhythm of the place. I could accept the difference in attitude and mindset of the bulk of my younger colleagues. They were free and easy and having the time of their lives. There were the inevitable dropouts and transfers from one class to another. Soon the classes had settled in and a pattern started to emerge in the courses. We had our class comedians, our class brains, our class fuck ups and the inevitable class know-all.

I was still having a few problems adjusting to the study schedule I had set myself but it was getting easier. It was basically a self discipline thing that I was determined to get on top of. I was coping well with the course material in all of my classes... even Carol's.

Carol was true to her word... keeping an eye on me and offering daily tips on course work and study subjects. We were also doing some major flirting. I didn't have any major hope of it going any further than just flirting but I could always dream couldn't I? Three afternoons out of five both weeks I managed to walk her to her car at the end of her day. We would talk as we walked and then she would depart for home and I would head into the office for a few work related things. Mostly my business was self supporting and most of my administrative duties could be performed from home, but I felt better making the trip to the office daily. I was able to have time with my team rather than just pass on work instructions over the phone.

It was Monday of the second week when things changed. Walking Carol to her car was a subdued affair. Usually she was chatty and bubbly but today there appeared to be something on her mind. I wasn't going to push so I just walked, enjoying the companionable silence. Finally she stopped and turned to look at me.

"Glenn, I want to ask you something. It's kind of awkward but it's been on my mind for a couple of days. So I'll just ask... okay?"

"Sounds serious." I said with a quizzical raise of the eyebrow. "Should I be worried?"

"No need to worry... I hope." She said with a nervous laugh. Now she had my attention. "Would you like to have dinner with me sometime? I mean... we can go over the course a bit more thoroughly if you want. It would be a chance to go over the course work... "She was repeating herself and blushing like mad.

I was floored. This goddess was offering me a dinner date.

"I'd love to Carol but what about the teacher student thing? Realise I'm not looking for an out here, I'm just trying to make sure this is not going to get you in trouble."

She gave me a devilish grin and said, "If nobody knows how could I get in trouble? Besides I'm not asking you for your hand in marriage, just to share a meal. I am great with a phone but lousy in the kitchen. I could order in some food and you could bring the wine."

Dinner at her place? Things were going from great to fantastic.

"So you don't cook? I'm sorry but marriage is definitely out. I'd love to have dinner with you Carol. Just name a time and place and I'll be there with bells on."

She grinned again. "How about tomorrow night? Is 7.30 okay with you?"

"I'll have to check my busy social schedule but I think I can swing it."

"Okay then... it's a date. I'll give you directions to my place tomorrow. It's a bit out of the way so I'll draw you a map." We resumed walking to our cars the mood a lot lighter than at the beginning of our trek. Soon we were at my truck and as I clambered in she winked and said, "Til tomorrow big boy." She winked, spun on her heel, and was gone. From my car phone I called the office and said I was going to go straight home. I was too keyed up to go into work tonight. Starting the truck I wheeled out of the parking lot and headed for home.

I didn't get very far. About a mile down the road I spied her. Carol was bent over under the hood of her car, an old Toyota, which was spouting steam like an active volcano. The puddle of water under the cars engine bay attested to the fact that her wheels weren't going anywhere in a hurry.

As I pulled up behind her I managed to catch the tail end of a stream of words that I would be willing to bet I wouldn't hear as part of her lectures.

"That isn't going anywhere," I called as I jumped down from my truck. "Can I offer you a ride?" Judging from her reaction, she can't have heard my approach. With a half scream, half gasp she spun around, managing to bang her elbow on the edge of the hood as she did so.

"Ahh SHIT!" She presented a ludicrous picture, hopping up and down, holding her elbow, steam streaked face shining in the sun. I thought she looked gorgeous. "Damn! Don't sneak up on a girl like that." Then she started to giggle. It was contagious; soon we had tears rolling down our faces.

"Actually I'd love a ride," she said as we calmed down. "I live out on Waterview Rd. though, and that's a fair way out of town."

"I think I can find it." I had moved into a 200 hectare property on Waterview Rd. just two months earlier. After extensive modifications I was finally living in my dream home. Today was getting better and better. "Climb in, I'll grab your books."

Two minutes later we were headed out of town, Stevie Ray Vaughan providing background music for our comfortable silence. I tried my hardest to stay concentrated on my driving, but she provided a hell of a distraction. She sat turned toward me in her seat, her head back against the door pillar providing me with a hell of a view of her magnificent legs. I kept sneaking peeks at her during the drive, and was convinced I was getting away with it. She had her eyes closed and appeared to be dozing, until she shocked me out of my complacency.

"Are you enjoying the view, Mr. Barrett. You know it is quite improper for you to be taking advantage of my relaxed attitude by ogling my legs while I pretend to sleep." She said with mock severity.

"Damn, and I thought I was being the model of subtlety. You have my humble apologies ma'am." I laughed. "Although, may I be so bold as to say that they are the finest specimens of the female leg, currently ogleable."

She groaned theatrically. "Ogleable? God you really do need English classes don't you?" she said with a grin. The rest of the trip passed in comparative silence, each of us making the occasional comment on the day, the scenery, the car, or the music. She was so easy to get on with.

Soon we were turning into Waterview Rd, so named for the view of the lake running along the northern side of the road. The road ran fairly straight for about three miles then took a sharp turn to the left. Carol informed me that her house was just past the bend. My house was at the end of the road, on the same side, but another 5 miles or so past Carol's place. As we neared the bend I was thinking about whether or not to tell her we were neighbours.

"I want to thank you for the ride Glenn. This must be way out of your way. You saved me from a long walk or an expensive taxi ride. I should have ditched the Toyota months ago but I just couldn't bear to part with her. Theresa has sentimental value... or should I say had sentimental value. It looks like I'll have to order the good stuff for dinner tomorrow night. Actually since we are heading there now do you think you might like to have dinner with me tonight?"

"I'm free if you're sure it won't be any trouble. But how the hell do you get deliveries all the way out here?"

It was at this point that we started into the bend just before her house. As we came out of the curve I started to slow the Suburban in preparation for turning into her driveway. All of a sudden, Carol dived forward and across so she was now lying across the centre console with her head in my lap, and her hand gripping the inside of my thigh.

"Oh shit! Keep driving, please keep driving!"

A house that I could only assume was hers had come into view, and she had a visitor. A gleaming new BMW sat in her driveway, and a tall, powerful looking man, was leaning against the driver's door with a face like thunder and his arms folded across his chest. I didn't ask any questions, just slowly accelerated out of the turn and carried on down the road without appearing to pay any attention to Mr BMW. The one glance was enough to tell me a lot about the guy. He had money for one thing. The suit he was wearing was well cut and looked expensive, and the car was a 2001 Z8 with a retail tag of somewhere around the $128,000 mark. He was obviously pissed off about something, as was born out by his facial expression and attitude, and he evidently scared Carol enough to force her face down into my lap.

Not that I was complaining of course. The warmth of her face against my lap was having the same effect as my daydreaming had earlier. I prayed that she wouldn't be offended as my dick thickened and announced its presence against her cheek.

Checking the rearview mirror, I saw him watching as we carried on down the road.

"Stay down. He's watching, and I'd hate to think what his impression would be if he saw your head emerge from my lap. I'll let you know when you can come up."

"You are enjoying this aren't you?" There was a touch of amusement in her voice, along with obvious stress. For some reason this guy really scared her. "Where are we going?"

"I know of a place a bit further down the road. We can go there for a while. Don't worry, he won't be able to get to you. But you do owe me an explanation. Also I apologise for the... umm... reaction... if you know what I mean." What she did next shocked the hell out of me. She slid her hand up my thigh, stopping just short of my engorgement, and slowly, languorously, rubbed her cheek against my throbbing cock. I was so charged up I almost came. As it was I swerved across the road.

"You mean this?" she purred as I regained control of the vehicle. A quick check of the rearview mirror showed me that we were far enough from her house that the swerve probably wouldn't have been detected by Mr BMW.

"Jesus Christ lady... " I bellowed. I received a quick squeeze of the thigh and another rub from her cheek in reply, accompanied by her laugh. "Okay, you can come up now." I told her with some reluctance; I was enjoying this.

"If I must." She responded with an exaggerated sigh. She sat up but was careful to keep herself pretty low in the seat. This had the twin effects of keeping her out of view of Mr BMW if he was still watching, and also hiking her skirt further up her gorgeous thighs. Being only human I looked down and damned near ran off the road again. The crotch of a very lacy pair of pure white panties was visible. They contrasted beautifully with her firm tanned thighs. I wondered if her bra was a match for the panties, and also whether the tan was an all over effort.

"Do you like white?" I looked up into her smiling eyes. She made no attempt to cover herself, which I appreciated no end. This woman was driving me nuts.

"The colour of the wrapping has never been a major factor for me. It's always been the gift inside that has been important. But yes, white looks great on you."

We had reached the end of Waterview Rd. Before us were the gates to my humble abode. Reaching up I pressed the button on one of two remotes attached to the sun visor, and slowed as the gates opened inward. As we drove through they closed behind us, automatically locking again. The driveway was paved and lined with trees providing a nice drive to the house, which was out of view behind a stand of mature oaks.

"Where are we?" Carol asked as we continued up the driveway.

"Somewhere safe." Was all I would say for the moment. She took that like a trooper and again I was impressed by her calm. She had only known me for a matter of a few hours and was displaying a lot of trust in me. Mind you, she had been semi-intimate with my dick. This was a very interesting lady. She reached over and laid her hand on my thigh again letting it lie there possessively. I decided that I liked her. My dick had made that same decision days ago. I was happy that we thought alike.

The house hove into view bringing a murmur of admiration from Carol. It was a sprawling, two story, Colonial with a huge wrap around patio, and decks coming off the main rooms on the second floor. I'd bought the house a year earlier and had expanded the original homestead before moving in. My additions to an already large house had been completed in the same style as the original building. The new wing held an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a home theatre. A hot tub had been built into the deck outside the library and was covered by a glass conservatory, which was filled with ferns from all over the world. It was my small jungle away from home. Sometimes I liked to read in the hot tub, finding it incredibly relaxing.

Pushing a button on the other remote, I slowed and waited as the garage door slid up and out of the way. I drove in, parked the car and turned off the engine. I got out and walked to the alarm keypad, punched in the deactivation code, and turned to see Carol hopping out of the passenger door. Leaving her books in the Suburban she walked around the truck and over to me, stopping a couple of feet away.

"What is this place?" she asked with a touch of unease in her voice.

"Sanctuary... shall we go inside?" I said opening the door to the house. I walked in ahead of her, and was pleased to here the click of her heels on the tiles of the entranceway as she followed me inside. Walking through to the lounge, I still couldn't bring myself to call it the Great Room, I threw my pack onto the floor in the corner and moved to the wet bar.

"I'm guessing you could use a drink about now. What would you like? I can do most things as long as we don't go too exotic, or if you prefer, I can get you a coffee."

"Do you have Scotch?" she asked from just behind me. The carpet had muffled her footsteps and when I turned I found her standing no more than a foot away. She seemed more at ease now. "This is some place you have here. I saw moving trucks going down the road a couple of weeks ago. That would have been you wouldn't it. And before that there was a building crew working somewhere down this end of the road... you again?"

"Yup... guilty as charged. How did you know it was my place? I could have been housesitting or something." I poured her a generous measure of Glenmorangie single malt and threw in a couple of ice cubes before passing it to her and turning to fix one for myself.

"The photos on the wall. How long were you in the army?" she asked sipping her scotch.

"Eighteen years. When I left I established a little personal security firm providing bodyguards for the rich and shameless. I use only experienced men that I know personally, and it has paid off brilliantly. I do okay, and finally have enough time to do some of the things that I've always wanted to do." We moved over to the French doors and out onto the patio. The day was still warm and the quiet of the semi-rural setting was relaxing. We parked ourselves in the comfortable loungers, Carol giving me another lingering glimpse of her panties as she relaxed back.

"Okay, not that I objected to what happened down the road, but what the hell was all that about. Who is that guy and why did he scare you so much?"

She sighed and gazed off into the distance for a while before she answered. "He is my husband. I'm in the middle of a pretty messy separation and I didn't think he knew where I was. To see him parked in my driveway was a bit too much for me. That's why I did my swan dive into your lap. Mind you, that part of things wasn't too bad at all." She said with a grin.

"Robert is a control freak and very possessive. It was a massive blow to his ego when I not only left him, but also left him without asking for anything. I walked out with my clothes, my car, and my books. I had my own savings and that plus an inheritance from an Uncle meant that I could afford my house. To see him here, two thousand miles from home, scared the shit out of me. It means that he knows everything about my new life."

"Okay, as a security specialist I can help you with this. For a start you have to tell me all of it. Is he unstable? Is he violent? I need to know all about him. That can wait though. I'm damned hungry and if you are willing to risk your digestive system I think I can whip us up something to eat. What do you reckon? I also don't think you should go home quite yet. Not until we have talked about this a bit more... Okay?"

"I'm so hungry I could eat a horse... are you sure it's no trouble Glenn?"

"No trouble at all. I'm glad of the excuse to keep you here for a bit longer." I replied with what I hoped passed for a lecherous grin. "Bring your drink and talk to me while I get dinner ready." Getting up from where I was lying on the lounger I put my empty scotch glass on the ground, walked to her and held out my hand to help her up. Again she surprised me with what happened next. She reached up, grasped my hand and put her feet down on the ground... one either side of the lounger, giving me a totally unobstructed view up her skirt to the crotch of her white lace panties again. I had reached my teasing limit. With a yank I pulled her upright and wrapped her in my arms. A look of surprise flew across her beautiful face, then with a small moan she threw her arms around my neck and we were kissing.

There was nothing gentle about our first kiss. Her lips were everywhere, nibbling, sucking, and spreading under mine. She tasted like breath mints and good scotch. Her tongue flickered out between her lips, probing mine until I granted it access and probed back. Our tongues duelled first inside my mouth, then hers. I groaned deep into her mouth as her fingers flew upward and started sweeping through my hair. I was rock hard in an instant. My hair has always been an erogenous zone for me. She felt my arousal against her belly and her hips writhed against me. My hands were caressing her back through her jacket and blouse, moving slowly down to her amazing butt. Her tongue licked at my teeth and gums, and slid around the inside of my lips. Her breath was coming in rapid gasps; her breasts and hips now mashed against me.

My hands reached her ass and she threw back her head and groaned. I took the opportunity to fasten my lips to her neck and start nibbling on the soft perfumed flesh. Meanwhile my hands gently roamed the firm globes of her perfectly heart shaped ass. There was no excess flesh to be had there. It was all toned muscle. Her heels had us at about the same height, just right for kissing. A couple of seconds later I felt the angle of contact between us change as she brought up her left leg and curled it around my hip. Her tongue darted into my ear as she ground her crotch against my hip and my erect cock. I shivered as I brought my hand up and semi roughly pushed the material of her jacket and blouse down her shoulder to give my lips access to the flesh of her shoulder. She gasped and I felt her shudder as my lips closed on her soft skin and my tongue darted out to moisten her flesh. One of her hands flew down to grasp my butt, pulling me harder against her squirming crotch and she let loose with a shuddering moan, bucked twice against me and bit my ear lobe.

Unless I missed my guess, Carol had just come. I wasn't too far away myself and not wanting to waste the load that I had been building all day in my pants, I grabbed her more firmly by her buttocks and lifted her up off the ground. Both legs flew around my waist and her ankles locked in the small of my back. As quickly as I could I moved back into the lounge and over to the big leather couch. Gently I lowered her to the cool leather and reluctantly disengaged myself from her grip. Gazing into her eyes, I stood and slowly began removing my shirt. She looked absolutely breathtaking lying there on my couch, her skirt bunched around her waist, and her jacket and blouse askew. I kept eye contact with her the whole time. As my shirt came open I saw her eyes widen and a gasp escaped her lips. She was staring at the two large scars on my left shoulder and chest. Wordlessly she ran her fingers over them, then looked up at me and moaned again.

"Please... Glenn... fuck me baby. I want your cock... please." As she spoke she sat up and was busy pulling her jacket off. Quickly yanking my boots and socks off, my jeans joined my shirt on the floor, followed rapidly by my boxers. My erect cock was now just inches from her face. For a heartbeat or two she stared at it mesmerised, then with a groan she grabbed my hard cock and stuffed it into her warm wet mouth. The feeling was incredible. My head flew back and I found myself with a view of the ceiling, every muscle in my body locked into rigidity. The suction in her mouth was mind blowing. I was going quietly crazy as her tongue swept up and around the shaft of my cock, as she slowly pressed forward and worked the head into her throat. There was no frenzied bobbing, just an agonisingly slow, steady downward slide as she fed my length into her throat. Only a massive amount of self-control that I didn't know I possessed stopped me from flooding Carol's mouth then and there. My head came forward and I found myself looking into her eyes again. They had a look of raw passion as with a small movement she buried the last inch of my cock in her throat. I was seconds away from coming when she slid her tongue out of her full mouth and tongued my scrotum, flicking at my fully loaded, swollen balls, at the same time sliding her index finger between my butt cheeks and into my anus. That did it.

With a roar I let loose, my come leaving my cock at warp speed and rapidly filling her mouth. I watched in amazement as she shuddered and shook. I watched in awe as her cheeks ballooned as she backed off until only the head of my cock was in her mouth. She swallowed quickly and then slid her lips back down my shaft, then back up to the head. My cum jetted out of me in great gouts. I can honestly say that I have never come so hard, or in such quantity in my life. As my orgasm started to fade, Carol started to slide her lips up and down my shaft slower, her tongue laving the underside of my slowly softening cock, cleaning me of the last drops of my come. Finally with an audible pop my cock emerged from between her lips. She sat, legs spread wide, blouse partly undone, lips gleaming, hair mussed, and face flushed, softly stroking my semi hard cock.

"Thank you baby, " she said in a soft breathless voice.

What the hell? She had just given me the most amazing blowjob in the history of the world, and she was thanking me? This woman was incredible. I sank to my knees between her widespread thighs and cupping her face in my hands brought her lips to mine. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, then wider still as my tongue slid gently into her mouth and moved slowly with hers. Then she relaxed and the gentle kiss continued for a long time.

Finally our lips separated. She pulled my head into her neck and we just held each other, she still totally clothed, me totally naked. I didn't speak. I didn't trust myself to make the right words come out of my mouth. I don't think I had the words to express how I was feeling at that moment anyway. Christ if I were to be honest with myself, I didn't know what I was feeling.

"Feed me," she murmured against my neck. "Feed me then take me to bed and make love to me. Come on, you are going to need your energy. I'll help, even though I am the world's worst cook and hate the very idea of cooking."

Slowly we disengaged and got to our feet.

"I feel a bit overdressed. Do you mind if I lose some of these clothes baby?" she said with an evil grin.

"Feel free to make yourself comfortable." I croaked through a throat suddenly gone dry. "Dress is optional for dining here." At last I was going to see the rest of this beautiful woman.

Slowly she unbuttoned the rest of her blouse. As I had hoped, the lingerie was a matching set, and from what I could see, I suspected that the tan was all over. Her breasts were incredible. Smooth beautiful mounds that looked as if they were struggling to escape the confines of her bra. Her cleavage was deep and I longed to explore there with my hands and lips. Through the lace panels of the cups, I could see her nipples, a deep pink and the coral colour of the surrounding aureoles. I dragged my eyes back to her face. She smiled and licked her lips. As I watched, Carol reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. With a small wiggle of her hips it floated to the floor, joining the combined pile of her clothing and mine. She showed no sign of self-consciousness as she slowly turned to give me a look at her ass. Her lacy white panties were a G-string, cut high at the waist, with a wider than normal band which tapered into an inch wide strip that neatly bisected the firm tanned cheeks of her luscious ass. My cock started to harden once more.

"Easy Tiger. I expect to be fed first. Although you don't have to worry about dessert... I've had mine, and I'm pretty sure I can find some more if I look hard enough." She said with a giggle. I dragged my boxers back on, pulled her into my arms and kissed her then led her to the kitchen.

It didn't take long to confirm that she was telling the truth about her cooking ability. She was diabolical. In the end I shooed her out of the kitchen telling her to get us both something to drink. She sat at the breakfast bar wearing nothing but her underwear and heels chatting while I got dinner ready. Using some cold left over chicken, some mushrooms, garlic and cream, I whipped up an Alfredo style sauce as she chatted on about teaching at University. God it was refreshing. A real conversation which never once touched on security issues, weapons, or tales of military daring do. I was enthralled as she gave up anecdote after anecdote about her experiences as a teacher. As I put the fettuccine on to boil, she hopped down from her stool and came around to kiss me again. The feel of her warm, firm breasts against my chest had me rising to the occasion again. Reaching down she gave my cock a quick stroke and a squeeze.

"Feed me..."

Dinner was a friendly affair, eaten at the breakfast bar and washed down with a bottle of Pinot Noir from New Zealand. Sitting side by side we had ample opportunity to caress and stroke each other. Neither of us held back and at one stage we found ourselves locked in a passionate embrace. Eventually we were finished. Taking the rest of the wine we moved through to the lounge and sank into the comfort of the couch. We sat in comfortable silence for a while before Carol stirred and turned toward me.

"Is your hot tub working?"

"It sure is. Shall we partake fair maiden?"

"Certainly my dear sir, but I fear I have neglected to bring a costume," she replied in mock anguish. "Whatever shall I wear?"

"I'm sure we can come to some arrangement," I said with a leer. We walked hand in hand to the conservatory. Carol seemed fascinated by the ferns. As I stripped off the cover of the hot tub she wandered around looking at the plants. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off her even if she was fully dressed. I turned on the lights in the tub and checked the temperature. It was on a timer, which switched the heater on to bring the water to the perfect temperature by the time I got home.

I stood and watched Carol as she walked around the glass room. Finally she looked up. The setting sun was behind her and the effect of the waning light was beautiful. The combination of her brown skin, the contrasting pure white lingerie, the greenery of my fern garden, and the reds, oranges, and golds of the setting sun were breathtaking.

"My God... you are gorgeous. I have never seen anything as beautiful in my life." I told her with obvious sincerity. She blushed prettily, walked to me, wrapped her arms around my waist and gently kissed me.

"Thank you." She said again.

"No, thank you." I told her softly. "Shall we get wet?"

"You will have to help me out of these things. Will that be a problem?" She looked at me with a passion I was starting to expect from her, but one that was still surprising and a little shocking. This was my English Lit. teacher for Gods sake.

"It will be my immense pleasure Carol. Do you mind if I take these off?" I asked, indicating my boxers, which were becoming tighter by the second.

"If you don't I'll chew them off!" she deadpanned. "Here let me help you."

In seconds my boxers were around my ankles and my hard cock was in her hand. She grinned at my moan of appreciation. "C'mon stud... get me out of these things, then we can get wet."

"Your wish is my command, my sweet."

Stepping out of my boxers I pulled her to me. With my hands on her hips I pulled her close, feeling her breasts flatten slightly against my chest. My hands slid around to cup and caress her hot smooth buttocks as our lips met again, tongues entwining, seeking, and probing. Carol started to grind her mound against me as I slid my thumbs under the band of her G-string, only stopping as I started to slide the garment down over the gentle swell of her hips. I followed the small scrap of white lace down, kissing a trail from her chin to her navel as I went. She tensed up as I approached the upper swells of her breasts, and moaned as I gently licked her deep warm cleavage. Her bra was an obstacle that I would deal with soon I decided as I slipped her G-string down and off.

Her stomach was a warm plane of firm flesh, with a well-defined layer of muscle lying just below the surface. It was obvious that this lady worked out. She could have been the poster child for good healthy living. My tongue painted its trail to her navel and she shuddered and gripped my long hair to pull me tighter against her as her legs parted anticipating my tongues final destination.

I could now smell her sweet, slightly musky scent as I neared her mound. Apart from a thin strip of blonde hair above her clit she was clean shaven. I gazed in delight at her beautiful pussy. Her outer lips were swollen and open like the petals on a rose, the inner lips a deep red and also swollen with arousal. Her lubrication was flowing freely... as I watched a drop slid slowly down the inside of her thigh. Slowly I leaned in towards her and very gently blew on her pussy. She flinched and moaned, and I felt a shudder go through her. Still cupping and kneading her ass, I blew again this time a little harder, eliciting another moan.

"Oh fuck Glenn... Lick me baby... please..." she moaned. Her fingers were alternately gripping, then sliding through, my hair. My arousal was growing by the second. My cock was harder than I could ever remember it being as this magnificent woman slowly climbed the slope towards her climax. Blowing again, this time directly on her protruding erect clit, I moved my hands around to the inside of her thighs. I looked up into her eyes as I used my thumbs to spread her wet lips apart, then with our gazes locked I speared my tongue forward and into her wet folds. Her head flew back as I started to sweep my tongue the length of her outer lips, stopping just short of her clit each stroke. With each sweep my tongue reached deeper into her hot pussy, scooping her juices into my mouth where I savoured the taste of her; sweet and thick.

Carols breath was now coming in short frantic gasps, and her fingers were entwined in my hair, pulling my face tight against her cunt. Her right leg came up and draped over my left shoulder, her calf wrapping over my upper back and pulling me in closer still. I brought one hand back to cup her ass as my other kept her pussy lips open. As I licked, I slid my fingers between her buttocks and trailed them up and down her crack from her pussy to her asshole. Feeling this she squatted slightly to open herself for me. My index finger circled her puckered ring then trailed to her pussy to dip inside and collect some lubrication, then back to spread it around her anus, then back for some more of her juice. Her wetness was now flowing down my chin, as my finger circled her asshole. Her moans were louder and her body was tensing as my tongue swept closer to then around her clit. She was a heartbeat away from coming when I zeroed in on her clit, suddenly flicking at it with the entire length of my flattened tongue. At the same time, mimicking her earlier actions, I slid my circling finger into the tight ring of her anus.

She bucked, then exploded. Her scream echoed around the conservatory as her body convulsed, her hips thrashing back ad forward, nearly dislodging my mouth from its hold on her pussy. Her juices free flowed into my mouth and I had to swallow, the quantity was so great. Her head and upper torso whipped forward and I felt the curtain of her long hair whip across my upper back as her leg came down to the floor to regain her balance. The hard ring of her sphincter muscle clamped down on my finger as a new round of convulsions gripped her and sent her body into another series of contortions.

My tongue slowed its pressure as I felt her climax begin to slow. I slid my finger slowly and gently from her ass, and lifted my mouth from her pussy, placing kisses on the insides of her legs and on her still convulsing stomach. I stood and wrapped my arms around her as she shuddered through the last of her orgasm. My erect cock thrust between her thighs and rubbed against her wet lips as I held her, bringing on another mini orgasm, and forcing a moan from her beautiful lips.

We stood like that for a few minutes not speaking, just soaking up the feeling of contentment. With a start I realised I had never felt this comfortable around a woman this early in a relationship. But was it a relationship? I had only known this woman for a matter of a few weeks and here I was, the ultimate loner, already thinking in terms of a long-term thing. I wanted this incredible woman to be an integral part of my life. "Go slowly man." I mentally cautioned myself. I stroked her hair as her head lay against my shoulder and her breathing returned to normal.

Raising her head she looked deep into my eyes and slowly kissed me. Her kiss was deep and full of feeling. Still without saying a word she stepped back, and looking deep into my eyes she reached behind her and unclipped her bra. The straps slipped down her shoulders as she held the cups to her beautiful breasts. For the first time since I had known her I saw a trace of uncertainty and nervousness in her eyes. Taking a deep breath she pulled her bra off and stood, arms at her sides fidgeting. All of her poise had left her. I couldn't understand until I looked down to her breasts.

On the outer slope of her left breast was a two inch jagged white scar, which angled in toward her nipple. It was a tiny imperfection, which marred what I considered to be a perfect pair of breasts. Sitting high, firm and round on her chest they were large, beautifully proportioned without being huge. Her nipples were hard pink nubs about the size of the top joint of my index finger, and surrounded by coral pink aureole. There was no sag at all.

I raised my eyes to hers once more, and stepping forward I reached up and cupped her heavy mounds, my fingers seeking out and tracing her scar as I leaned in to kiss her gently.

"You have gorgeous breasts honey." I said gently as we came up for air. My fingers continued to caress her scar as I spoke. "One day you can tell me about it if you want, but it would take a lot more than a little scar to mar your beauty. Shall we get wet?" Wordlessly she drew my head in against her chest. My lips traced her scar as I felt her body shudder as she sobbed quietly.

Her sobbing slowed then stopped. I gave her a few moments to compose herself then kissed my way up to her mouth and kissed her lips gently.

"Hot tub time. Would you like another drink?" I asked her.

"I think I could handle another." She replied with a tremulous grin. "I'll keep the water warm for you while you get the booze."

I took a few extra moments to get the drinks together, figuring this would give her time to compose herself. Her reaction had surprised me and I was at a loss to what I should do. I didn't want to pry but naturally I wanted to know if I had done anything wrong. As I carried the drinks out to the hot tub, I decided to let it lie. If she wanted to talk about it, she would.

The sight that greeted me when I walked into the conservatory was almost enough to give me another hard on. I stopped and just stood in the doorway soaking up the vision before me.

Carol was lying back in the tub, her hair floating in the neck deep water, and her arms spread along the top of the tub. The rest of her lovely body floated, gently moving in the ripples caused by the slow rhythmic kicking of her long legs. Her hard round breasts sat proud above the waterline, her nipples hard, caused either by the cooling breeze coming from the open door or arousal. I didn't care which; I just admired the view. Her eyes were closed and she had a peaceful smile on her beautiful face. I just stood and watched.

"Are you going to stand there all day?" she asked without opening her eyes. Smiling I moved to the pool and climbed in next to her. She opened her eyes as I sat down and swung her legs over so that she was sitting sideways on my lap with her arm around my shoulder. Her left breast pressed against my chest. "So is this typical of your first dates?" she quipped.

"I haven't had a date for about 3 and a half years," I laughed. "So I really couldn't tell you what the norm is. Before that I was in a 5 year long relationship, so I guess it has been about 8 1⁄2 years since I was on a date. But then could you really call this a date?"

She laughed. "Are you trying to tell me that this thing hasn't had any work for the last 3 1⁄2 years?" she said reaching between her legs to grasp my semi-erect cock.

"Yup, I just never found anyone who I thought I would like to introduce to it. Besides I have very high standards. I'm still not sure if you'll measure up but I'm willing to conduct a more thorough evaluation later on if you like."

She gave my cock a very firm squeeze and threw an evil grin my way. "Careful buster. Remember that at this moment I have the power to adjust your gender quite radically. And from the way you were grunting and groaning while I had your cock in my mouth, I don't see you having too many complaints."

"Drink your drink." I laughed. We sat, sipping on good Scotch and watching the last of the sunset. As the darkness set in the automatic timer activated and soft lighting on the deck kicked in, maintaining the twilight atmosphere. I was really enjoying the fact that we didn't need to talk to feel comfortable. Soon I felt the beginning of the "pruning" effect of the water on my fingers, and I knew it was time to vacate the tub.

"Wait here and I'll get us a couple of bathrobes." I told her as I clambered out and headed inside. A quick trip to the master bathroom gave me what I was after. As I stepped back out onto the deck, I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. There was someone in the treeline. With what had happened on the way home I was not going to take any chances. Dropping the bathrobes on the deck, I whirled and dashed back into the house. I quickly grabbed my 9mm Barretta from the library desk drawer and was back out on the deck in less than 30 seconds. My sudden movements had evidently been enough to throw a scare into whoever my visitor was. I heard crashing and saw a shadowy figure burst out of the trees further down the driveway, then head out at full speed for the road. I thought briefly about chasing him, but decided against it. I picked up the robes and pushed the Barretta into the folds of mine. Too late.

"Okay Action Man, what was that all about?" She was standing behind me beautifully naked and still dripping water. "I saw you race inside then come out with a gun. What's going on?" She stopped as realisation swept over her, then gave a small moan. "Oh God no. It was my husband wasn't it? Oh shit... why can't he leave me alone?"

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