A Night on the Tiles

by W C Willy

Copyright┬ę 2006 by W C Willy

Erotica Sex Story: A female enjoys her sexual moments when she is seduced by the team.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   .


She looked over at the crowded bar, it seemed that half of the football team were here tonight. The guy that was giving her the eye was happily married or so you would believe from the media. She glanced over at him again; he was definitely watching her.

The football championship was going to start in a few days and this guy was eyeing her up. The Manager wouldn't be pleased. After all, footballers were meant to concentrate on one thing and one thing only during the run up to these matches. Maybe it hadn't started yet but he certainly wasn't following those rules. She knew she could excite him but would that improve his game? After all, even though she didn't believe it, the Cup had to come back to England after all these years. The only fly in the ointment was the theme tune that the television channel had chosen to use. 'Won't get fooled again.' Was that meant for the supporters or the team?

She took another sip of her drink before asking her friend to check if he was still watching her. Her friend nodded in reply to her question so Wilona flaunted her body once more, preening herself. Her figure hugging mini-dress certainly didn't leave much to anyone's imagination, certainly not his. She looked over towards him and gave a sultry smile.

Wilona took another sip from her glass, draining it completely before rising from her seat. She smoothed down her Lycra dress before making her way past the team and went out of the main door. She stood on the other side for a few minutes, just waiting and watching through the glass window. Sure enough after a few minutes, the guy that had been watching her rose from his seat and made his way to the door. She scuttled off to the toilets quickly and she planned her next move.

After a few seconds inside even though it felt like minutes to her, she decided to make her exit. Pulling the door open, she looked around. He was standing by the entrance door to the main hall and it looked like he was waiting. Had he noticed her?

The smile on his face as she approached the door confirmed it. Now she could have some fun. It wasn't her way to idolise anyone but if it turned out to her advantage, she wasn't going to grumble. She smiled seductively as she passed through the door. The grasp on her arm confirmed what she had been thinking. This was one guy that couldn't say no. She turned and acknowledged him.

He spoke, "Would you like to go somewhere quieter?"

She shook her head in reply. "I can't leave the premises, I should be on duty."

"I've got a room here. Number 208. See you there as soon as I can."

Wilona's heart beat faster and then her guilt responses took over. "You are meant to be relaxing and from what the newspapers say, that means you are celibate."

"Don't take any attention of the press. The manager doesn't, why should I?"

"Okay, if you say so." Wilona murmured in reply.

"I'll tell them I need an early night," was his response.

Wilona made her way up to his room. The stairs were the best route. After all, the lift was noisy and she didn't want the total hotel management tracking her movements. She knocked discreetly on the door of room 208.

"Room service."

The door opened quickly and he ushered her inside. "Come and meet the team." Her heart started to beat wildly. 'The team? I thought it was just going to be him.' Wilona tried to make her exit but one of the others was already blocking the way. She felt scared because this wasn't what was supposed to happen. She looked around the room and counted six fit blokes all leering at her.

Another two guys approached her, each taking one of her arms. They pulled her over to the centre of the room. "Tonight is going to be a sexual delight," murmured one of them. Another guy nodded and moved in front of her before starting to remove her clothes. She stood in front of them, naked apart from her black lacy bra and matching g-string style panties. She felt nervous as six pairs of eyes stared at her. She suddenly realised though once she started to feel the moisture running against her shaven lips that she was looking forward to the forthcoming orgy as much as them.

She started to kiss the guy that had removed her clothes. After all, he had been the most promising one so far. Her fingers stroked along his back before she started to pull his shirt out of his pants. The other blokes cheered once they saw this and started to remove their clothes.

Wilona was in her element. Six virile, fit men all wanting to give her pleasure. She found herself being carried to the king sized bed in the suite next door and shut her eyes. Once she was lying on the bed, they began to give her a soft, slow sensuous massage. She moaned with delight at their touch. Opening her eyes for an instant, she found herself with two of them. One was massaging her legs while the other was caressing her breasts. He kissed each nipple before running his hands along her body, down towards her waist.

The guy that had been massaging her legs now reached up and hooked his fingers into each side of her panties. She lifted her bottom off of the bed slightly to help him. He pulled them off of her quickly before nestling his nose against her quim. His touch reached out and softly lapped her crease before biting her gently on her lips. She sighed with pleasure once more.

The other one was now kissing her passionately. His tongue reaching deeper inside her mouth, playing with hers. She was captivated by them both. It seemed to her that she was in heaven. She heard the door open and close but she didn't open her eyes. She was so immersed by her feelings.

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