Naked Amazons
Chapter 5: Planning Revolt

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 5: Planning Revolt - A tale of resistance, cruelty and Sapphic love (and a few other things too),leading to the formation of a ferocious band of superhuman female warriors.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Sadistic   Torture  


"How did it go, Jo?" asked Fran and then she giggled. "That rhymes - I never knew I was a poet before! How about that, eh!"

"Yes, Fran. Very good." Joanne sat down between the other two, a little closer to Annie than Francesca and put her arm around the little girl. She squeezed her affectionately and wondered what Robert would think if he could see the two of them! Well, it would be a long time before she met him again -and he'd probably have given up waiting for her by now in any case, even if the Authorities had not told him about her supposed death.

"The two other girls are called Josephine and Frieda. Frieda reminds me of you in a way, Annie. Small, dainty, red haired and obviously fond of the sea, even at this time of year! She's a little older than I am and seems to think I'm a real heroine. Embarrassing, really - being treated like that. I'd say she was a knowing little thing - been through a lot in a short time and hard as they come, but nice with it.

"She doesn't like Angela and when she told me why the Inspectors were so rough with her, I could see why. The prisoner is no lady, it would seem! Made my stomach heave! But women who have been up at the sharp end of the struggle aren't going to be little angels!"

"Josephine is a little older than Frieda. She's quiet and capable in a methodical sort of way. She's been getting their gear, such as it is, organised while Frieda takes advantage of the sea all around us and spends a lot of time in it. She also has little time for Angela and seems every bit as glad to think she'll be serving under my command. I'd no idea I was that famous! I did very little for the Cause except distribute a few leaflets and get myself caught!"

The other two knew this was nonsense and false modesty on Joanne's part. This young woman had been immensely important and her capture a disaster. Francesca recalled her father's delight when this Joanne had finally been trapped. She knew she had been betrayed by someone and that her father knew who the traitor was, but he didn't tell his daughter everything. Fran told herself that she must have a talk with Jo about this, but for some reason she kept putting off some things and the longer she delayed, the harder it was to do them. There were a couple of quite important things she ought to be telling her leader, now that she was committed to serve under her. Tomorrow, maybe!

Francesca moved herself a little apart from the other two in order to let them have themselves to themselves for a bit. Her upbringing had included a few years at a girls' boarding school! She knew what was going on between them and had enjoyed a bit of that kind of thing herself in the past. Who knows?, she thought. Maybe I will again!

That smaller of the newcomers looked terribly sweet with her long red hair! She probably had freckles! Fran had a weakness for freckles. Her latest young man had had them. Nice boy, but so loyal to the regime, it had made her puke. She didn't really miss him at all and didn't regret leaving him to escape. Jan, the ship's captain had been a dear man, but she had only used him as a means to an end and had never returned his love. There were times when she wondered if were not really a very manipulative little minx indeed!

She volunteered to keep watch that night and settled herself behind their usual vantage point. Fancy Jo falling asleep that time! She'd heard of what happened to soldiers caught doing that! Lucky they weren't a real army just yet, although Jo was beginning to sound more and more authoritative as each day passed!

Francesca watched intently and the other two slept in each others' arms. She glanced over her shoulder at them from time to time. Pretty sight! Jo was so tall and well made, and Annie so tiny, only five foot one and slim with it. Jo was so big that she could almost have been mistaken for a man. Not quite, though! Her very feminine hips, even more feminine bosom and girlish waist gave away her sex even in this dim light! Annie fitted into her so snugly and neatly! Lucky pair! She resumed her watch and thought about Frieda and Josephine - especially Frieda!

Joanne woke at just after two and made her way over to Angela. She sat with her for a while, keeping her promise to give her a great deal more liberty than the night before. They said little to each other. Joanne seemed preoccupied. They parted as it was already becoming light. Angela watched Joanne's departing figure and smiled to herself.

She was a nice girl and clearly very capable. But Angela would not have taken so many risks just to make Joanne comfortable if their positions had been reversed. No! Joanne was a bit of a softie, and softies didn't make good leaders. Nevertheless there was always time for her to mend her ways and develop more of a hard cutting edge. With this reflection, she fell uneasily asleep and before she knew anything else the delightful Van Reisen was rattling the bars of her cage!

"Enjoying yourself, you dirty little cow?" asked this good lady. "Time for breakfast. I think you need a bit of extra protein - you're losing weight and looking a bit pale!" With this she spat into the already disgusting looking stuff in the eating bowl and shoved it through the grille at the prisoner. Angela almost threw up as she forced herself to eat it. She quite came to regret her bad manners!

"Your little playmates are due for a bit of company soon. I bet they'll miss you even less when they've lots of new buddies to play with! By the time I let you out of here, - if I let you out of here - they'll have forgotten all about you - you pig!"

When Joanne came next time, she had plenty to tell her, thanks to the Inspector's indiscretion.

"Thanks for that Angela! Would you mind if I left you for a while? I don't want to risk arousing suspicion. I'm terribly sorry! When the new girls come, I'll be back, I hope."

"Very sensible, Joanne. I was about to suggest you stop taking all these risks for me - grateful though I am! Just forget about me for the next few days, Jo. I'm a big girl now! Not as big as you, mind, but big enough! I can stew here for a bit - no problem. Keep your eye on the big picture!"

Three days passed and no new arrivals came over. Joanne was just thinking, early one afternoon, that she would have to go over to Angela next night, when the helicopter arrived. This time, it landed on the beach and ten girls were escorted out. Four Inspectors were with them, all armed and watching them closely. The helicopter flew off, leaving the four guards behind. Such a large number of prisoners obviously needed watching.

"What now, Jo? Whispered Francesca.

"We look to have ourselves a good start to our army, Francesca." Let's wait and see how many more they bring over. I daresay Frieda will be up to see us later on, now she's got something to report!"

Sure enough, the little red head made her appearance late at night. She certainly knew how to move quietly, thought Jo admiringly. She would most likely have need of her services in the next day or two. Frieda told Jo that the Inspectors were all at one end of the beach, with two of them on watch at a time. They clearly did not expect trouble from a group of unarmed naked girls, many of whom looked scarcely older than Annie and most of whom looked frightened.

"There'll be another three tomorrow, and that should be it. There'll be a permanent guard here now and I think there are plans to start up some kind of work camp to keep us happy and occupied. We need to move soon, Jo. What do you think?"

"Wait, Frieda. We need to let the new women arrive and then there'll be loads of supplies coming in. My guess is we must wait six or seven days. Just be patient. I'm afraid Angela must just stick it out, now we've got so much unwelcome company. How are you in the line of garrotting etc?"

"Josephine and I can take out a guard or two, Joanne, but the rest are rubbish. Forget them!"

Joanne replied that the three of them would try to surprise the guards when the time came, and until then, she and Josephine were to say nothing to any of the others - absolutely nothing!

Francesca and Annie listened to this whispered conversation with high excitement. Things were beginning to happen at last! Francesca, in particular, felt she might have a little to offer.

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