Antelope Freeway
Chapter 65

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 65 - The Conclusion of: 1) Love's Equal Loss 2) Path of the Blue Spirit 3) Curse of the Blue Spirit 4) Close Encounter 5) Return Encounters 6) Antelope Freeway (Complete at last!) A.F. is the finale of the series, and is the story of Earth's side of the plague years.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Humor   Tear Jerker   Vampires   First   Anal Sex   Petting   Lactation   Body Modification   Slow  


Two days later...

Time: 9:11 PM day 269 of 1536 N.H.E. (New Hopewell Era)

Isabelle was stepping out of a shower in her apartment at Spirit House when her doorbell chimed. "Just a minute!" she called out as she threw on a bathrobe. Deciding she was decent, she walked across the living room to her door, briefly admiring the last of the evening twilight and the first evening stars. She opened the door and found Kalea standing outside in a nightgown. "Hi Kalea! Something I can do for you?"

"Hi Isabelle! Mayoni and I are going to make some popcorn and watch a Star Trek. What to join us?"

"Sure, sounds great! Just let me throw some clothes on first!" Isabelle ran for her bedroom.

"Just a nightgown would be fine," Kalea called out from the doorway. "We have a bunch of bean bags..."

A few minutes later Isabelle and Kalea were lounging on a bunch of floppy bean chairs. Mayoni came out from the galley kitchen with several large bowls of popcorn. "Dig in!"

"Thanks!" said Isabelle. "Oh Mayoni! Congratulations on your wedding to Ekela. I saw the announcement on the web this evening. Another three weeks huh?"

"Yep! Day 287! A'moth and Cindy and I have been kidding each other about our lack of wedding dresses all day!"

Isabelle blushed at the joke. She knew the particulars of the Hopewell marriage ceremony. "Actually, I don't think my parents are waiting for the lack of a wedding dress. You should have seen the way my mom and dad were smiling at each other this afternoon. I think they're creating my future sister right now!"

Mayoni laughed and nodded. "I'm glad. I am so glad the tribe has accepted your parents. I owe all of you so much, but in particular... Gary and A'moth! Your parents saved all our lives, so many times, but especially in 1436..."

Kalea looked thoughtfully at her sister and nodded. "I was safe during the expedition, manning slip controls with my husband Hiapo. But I still remember the fears..." Kalea laughed. "Isabelle! Cindy told me her first daughter with Jim will be named Charlotte. Isabelle, any ideas on what your sister's name will be?"

Isabelle smiled back. "I've asked. I think my parents have picked a name, the way they smile about it, but so far they're not saying... Uh, Mayoni, can I ask you something? I thought the Hopewell only ran the marriage ceremony once a year."

"Well," said Mayoni. "That's the modern custom. We haven't had a marriage ceremony at the end of spring for over 800 years. But before that, during the early exploration times, wedding ceremonies at the beginning and end of spring were common. So many people were away on expeditions, the tribe needed two ceremonies to allow for all the schedules." Mayoni smiled and looked at Isabelle. "My sister says she saw you at the 1537 marriage class meeting."

Isabelle smiled shyly. "Yeah. I've signed up as a member. Kalea and I will be classmates... The boys were very friendly! My body may be nineteen years old, but my mind is decades older. The boys didn't seem to mind."

Mayoni laughed. "Huh?! Are you kidding?! Your heroism is legend among the people! And I understand you're being offered a professorship at Athens?"

Isabelle nodded. "In the political science department. It's what I've trained for, with the WFM. Actually, in 200,000 years, the WFM discovered a lot, in terms of what works and what doesn't work in government. I think there's a lot I can contribute."

Mayoni smiled and raised her eyebrows. "Isabelle! Let me critique you for a moment. You're extremely bright, very attractive, will be part of a prestigious faculty, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if you ran for Congress in a few years. Are you really wondering why the boys are flocking to you?! You're what we used to call in Hawaii a Hot Ticket!"

Isabelle laughed. "I'm familiar with the phrase! It seems like so long ago though. I left Earth when I was eight years old, and playing with WFM puppies was definitely not dating! I have so little experience in this..."

"Relax Isabelle," said Kalea. "I'm probably the only person in the class with much experience. Hopewell children by tradition don't do much outside of friendships before the marriage class. All the boys and girls will be novices... Except me..."

Isabelle smiled. "I noticed the flock of boys around you was as big as mine."

Kalea smiled back. "I know. It was pretty exciting..." She smiled at Mayoni. "Sometimes I envy you sister, for already having Ekela. There have been some subtle shifts in attitudes, over the last sixty years. Ekela is from our time. His morals are just like ours. As for me, I was born in 1367. I have memories of Kikapua in his prime becoming leader for the first time. People are astonished when I say this. Sometimes I feel as if I come from an extinct culture. Life was so, so different back in the 1300's... Isabelle?"


"At the end of the year, when Mayoni marries, would you like to live here with me?"

"Really?! Sure! I'd love to!"

Mayoni sat by a terminal and typed for a moment. "I'm accessing the net's video library. Havika told me the Hopewell have spent a lot of time being playful in the last few decades, running the old movies through holographic generation software... How about Star Trek VI, The Undiscovered Country?"

The young women turned off the lights and started the Star Trek recording shortly afterwards. Mayoni and Kalea settled down and munched their popcorn, but the third bowl was forgotten. Isabelle stared in amazement at the projections before her. The opening credits had been simple text along a wall, but the first scene filled a good part of the room, and it was almost like sitting inside Starfleet headquarters...

Time: Intermission

A'moth and I had been spending the last hour petting each other. I had never seen her this sexually aroused. She was panting in long deep breaths, and so excited she was practically vibrating.

My bride looked so beautiful, exactly as I first saw her so long ago, on a train to Santiago, the beginning of July in 2007. Jet black hair and eyes, black fingernails and toenails, the flick of a black tongue as she panted in her arousal, she was so beautiful. And so overjoyed with being accepted for who she truly was.

She pushed me onto my back and lay on top of me. "Gary," she hissed, "Are you ready?"

I nodded. "What should I do?"

"Just lie there. The female controls the mating. Gary, this is designed to hurt you. Not me, you. But I'm so aroused, I don't want to stop. I don't think I can. I won't be able to stop, once I start."

I nodded my acceptance. My cock felt super stiff and begging to be suckled, but instead A'moth raised her hips above my groin and opened her sex. Then she quickly sat down, plunging my erection deep into her vagina.

The penetration produced a mini-orgasm in her, causing her pelvic cavity to spasm and fire its mating tooth from behind the inner folds of her labia. I gasped at the pain. It felt like taking a 22-calibre slug right at the point between my penis and sac. I couldn't help it. I started to whimper and tears started to flow from my eyes. I tried to raise my hands to push A'moth off, but my arms felt like lead weights. The venom from the mating tooth was flowing through my body, leaving me helpless to A'moth's attack.

I looked up to A'moth for help, but she had a glassy look to her eyes. She rode me like a cowgirl on a horse, rocking her pelvis back and forth, working her venom through the tooth and sliding my erection hard against the back wall deep in her vagina. The battering stimulated her cervix to spasm and suckle my penis head high up into her core, pulling the head up and sucking it radially out to pop open my penile slit. I could feel the thin, abrasive, whip-like tail end of her cervix sliding across my penis head, searching for me, searching for my ducts...

The texture of her cervical tail was that of fish skin, very abrasive, rough sharp tiny scales that cut as they rubbed. The tail rubbed back and forth across the super-sensitive skin of my opened urethra slit. The pain was excruciating. And then it found me. The tip wiggled at my penile opening for a moment, spiraling and shredding the sensitive skin, and then it started to drill down hard in a corkscrew motion.

It was hell's own version of being catheterized. My penis was locked with suction at the top and the mating tooth at the base. I couldn't pull out, and I was too weak even to cry out from the pain. In horror I realized I was too weak even to whimper. I felt desperate, my mind frantic as it searched for some way to tell A'moth how much she was hurting me. But she seemed totally unconcerned. I stared up at her, watched her grimace and saw her black tongue roll loosely out of her mouth...

Was she in pain too? In a flash of insight, I realized it was just the opposite. She was orgasming, sweating and orgasming in a way no human female ever could. Her body was being racked by intense waves of pleasure as her uterus spasmed, again and again, each contraction intensely pleasurable and driving her cervix to elongate and drill down into my penis.

I felt her tip inside of me, lower than the base of my penis, at the juncture of my urethra forking to my bladder or scrotum. My entire length of penis was a long red-hot pole of pain. I didn't think it could get any worse, and then it did. In a white hot spark of fire she penetrated the value leading to my testes. She was rocking and riding me in a great pulsing rhythm; each thrust of her hips spiraling her cervical worm-tube deeper towards its goal. And then I felt her enter my sac...

Her suckle tube had picked my left testis. I felt her sliding down my tubular connection, felt her enter the nut, felt her tip diffuse and begin to lap and suckle the sperm directly from the testis' inner tissue. A'moth riding finally ceased as she reached her goal. Her body would tense and relax, tense and relax, as her orgasms clenched and released her abdominal and chest muscles. Her black tongue was hanging out loosely, and she was drooling in a daze upon my chest.

My sac was in great discomfort. It felt like more than just a suckle. It felt as if my testis were being forced through the tiny holes of a colander. In a sudden burst of insight, I realized A'moth was not just suckling sperm but the testicular tissue too, all of it. When this mating was finished, I'd have one testis left. With so much of my tissue shredded, my neural system was beginning to lose its ability to transmit pain signals. I sighed and resigned myself to my fate.

I found I could move my own black tongue. I stuck it out and caressed it alongside the length of hers. A'moth blinked in surprise, startled out of her intense mental daze by my caress. She lowered her body until her face was directly over mine. Our tongues were playing and spiraling with each other, and her body was still orgasming as her uterus suckled my testis out of my body and pumped the sperm-rich pulp into the tubes leading to her ovaries. Our tongues firmly linked, A'moth gazed deeply into my eyes, and I gazed deeply into hers.

We thought we had lost the ability to read each other with the destruction of the time loop, but it wasn't so. Our tongues were far more sensitive than a finger on a pulse point, and with our eyes locked together we could read each other clearly. A'moth cried in horror as she realized how much she was hurting me. My heart burst with joy as I realized what incredible, intense pleasure I was giving her. The solution seemed obvious. I jumped into her mind, feeling my own body's pain fade into a distant annoyance that I was overjoyed to ignore.

I became female, felt the incredible pleasure of my body orgasming, felt my uterus spasming in delight as it suckled the sperm mass from my male body underneath me. It felt so good, so incredibly good, worthy of a lifetime of waiting, worthy of new life, worthy of creation and love...

"Gary, you okay now?"

"Hmm?" I mumbled. I drifted out of a daze.

"Here," whispered A'moth. "Suckle my other breast."

I woke up enough to realize that I had a very nice tit inside my mouth. My head was in A'moth's lap, and I had been suckling A'moth teat. I had her fat flowing oval nipple high against the roof of my mouth and I was milking her. I sighed and reluctantly let go of the drained tit, and was rewarded with a fresh tit full of delicious nectar. I suckled greedily.

"My darling husband," A'moth whispered. "My perfect, darling husband..."

The moments drifted by as I suckled in contentment and A'moth caressed me. Eventually I had my fill. I released her breast and playfully kissed and licked her nipple in appreciation. "I feel fine," I mumbled sleepily. "There's no pain at all. How is that possible?" I reached lazily across my naked body and felt my sac. No, I had not imagined it. I had only one testis left.

"It's The Gift Not Taken," A'moth whispered. "You took it."

"Huh? What?"

"It's what my mother called it, what all the Chungieran women called it... My mother tied to me about it in her knots, but I never understood, until now... Oh Gary!"


"I had no idea, how brutal this was going to be for you. Or how swept up in my orgasms I would be, how uncaring! Forgive me!"

"Huh? For what? And besides, we're trying to create our daughter! Think we succeeded?"

A'moth gave me a thin smile. "I do. I'm not absolutely sure, but... I do..."

I turned my head and sniffed A'moth stomach, giving it playful licks. "Gift not taken?"

A'moth nodded. "The final insult, at least to a Chungieran male... Gary, remember when I told you females were slaves in Chungieran society?"

I kissed her stomach again. Gosh, she is so beautiful! "Yeah..."

The males were determined to get the population under control. They not only changed the genes to make sex painful and humiliating to the male, they made it so that sex was extremely, extremely pleasurable to the female. Can you see why?"

I nuzzled her with my nose for a moment. "Shit..."

"Yes, the males were outraged that their slaves would have so much enjoyment while the males suffered. It infuriated them. The result was that they very rarely coupled. There were only a few hundred births a year, even less than the few thousand losses a year. The Chungierans had a long term goal reducing the total population by half. It would take them several hundred thousand years to do it, but they finally found a way..."

I sighed and shuddered. "And the gift not taken?"

"My breast milk. It's designed to take away all your pain, accelerate the healing. You'll have your second testis back within a week. The Chungieran males would never drink it. To accept comfort from a slave was unthinkable. The women were tied to a rack after coitus. When she's not suckled, her milk sours within a few hours and pushes out on its own. I gather it was a somewhat painful process for the female... something the Chungieran males enjoyed watching... Gary, I love you..."

I rose up and cuddled with her. My mouth returned to her beautiful oval nipples, eager to get every last drop of her delicious milk. We were both soon lying down again, very sleepy and petting each other. I stroked my hand over her pubic fur, tracing the outline of her uterus and ovaries with my fingertips. "My perfect bride..." I whispered. I think I wanted to say more, but I start to drift away in the quiet and peace of her love.

Half awake, I felt A'moth long tongue, sliding down and tasting my back, and then going lower still and wiggling between my butt cheeks. Soon A'moth was slowly lapping me, nothing too penetrating, just wet, lazy caresses of my anus. I sighed in contentment. Foolish, foolish Chungierans! How could they ever be so stupid, to pass up the opportunity to love their mates as equals?

Time: End of Intermission

At the end of the movie, Isabelle blinked and stared at her uneaten popcorn. She munched a few kernels and then yawned, realizing how sleepy she has. She prepared to go back to her own apartment. Mayoni hugged and kissed her before she left.

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