Antelope Freeway
Chapter 64

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 64 - The Conclusion of: 1) Love's Equal Loss 2) Path of the Blue Spirit 3) Curse of the Blue Spirit 4) Close Encounter 5) Return Encounters 6) Antelope Freeway (Complete at last!) A.F. is the finale of the series, and is the story of Earth's side of the plague years.

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Time: 6:00 PM day 267 of 1536 N.H.E. (New Hopewell Era)

Mayoni and Kalea were the first to enter the executive conference room on the ninth Level of Spirit House, a half hour early for the upcoming meeting. The western views out the panoramic windows looked very familiar. They should have. Mayoni's and Kalea's apartment was directly above the conference room on Level-10. Through all the years of their absence, the Hopewell had kept the apartment reserved for them. The two sisters sat down and waited for the others to arrive.

It had been and incredibly busy and joyous time for everyone. More than two weeks had passed since the destruction of the time loop. The society had spent the first week in an unprecedented party-mode, and it was just over the last week that the festivities seemed to be winding down. People were finally accepting the idea that through the courage of a small band of people, the Hopewell people had survived the terrible scythe of the time loop reset. Life again had purpose and a future. As a tribute to epic nature of surviving the loop, the Hopewell had voted to refer to post-loop time as the New Hopewell Era, even though there was no change to the calendar dates.

Mayoni and Kalea had guessed wrong about the impact of the impending doom. Rather than slow the population growth, it seemed to have accelerated it, as people decided to have children as an expression of hope and defiance against the coming darkness. With the new arrivals from the solar tower, the population of the three planets currently stood at 6307 humans and two Chungierans. Some of the few people not spending all their time celebrating had been the twenty-seven members of the Hopewell Congress. They had spent many hours considering the impact of including immortals into their society.

Ekela and Havika walked into the meeting room next at 6:10 PM. Mayoni sighed as she hugged and kissed her "younger" brother and wished him a Happy Birthday. Havika was born on day 267 of 1423, and was the biological son of Mark and Anuhea. He was now 113 Aina years old (88 Earth years). All of Mayoni's parents had been dead for more than a decade, as well as her dear sister Amy (born in 1405, biological daughter of Va'an and the Paleo chief Leo) and brother Mahi (born in 1407, biological son of Kara and Mark).

The most difficult adjustment Mayoni had to make was just missing being reunited with her two children. Both Lynnea (born in 1420) and Thomas (born in 1424) had died of natural causes within the last year. Lynnea's son Ku'uaki (born day 115 of 1449) had been age-mates of Mayoni of Kalea during their second childhoods.

Mayoni could not help but laugh at their relationship now. Ku'uaki was her grandson, and Mayoni vividly remembered holding him as an infant when he was born. But they also grew up together as children; and now he was 87 Aina years old (68 Earth years), easily old enough to be Mayoni's grandfather. He was also currently serving his third and senior year as executive of the Hopewell Congress.

The six adults who had made the trip from Antelope Freeway walked into the conference room about 6:20 PM. They were also currently staying in apartments at Spirit House, and were all returning from a day spent at Athens University. They chatted briefly with their friends as they waited for the meeting to begin.

Time: 6:21 PM day 267 of 1536 N.H.E. (New Hopewell Era)

The six of us took the cable car ride up to Spirit House from Olympus. As we entered the conference room Mayoni gave me a bright smile and made a hand offer for me to sit between Kalea and herself. A'moth nodded at me and the rest of our group went over to talk with Havika and Ekela. I sat down and was rewarded with kisses and hugs from two of the most beautiful women I think I'll ever meet.

"And how are you finding the Three Worlds?" asked Kalea.

"Oh gosh, it's so beautiful! We just got back from a three-day graviton tour of Earth yesterday. The sites are almost as breathtaking as the ones on Aina! Is Mahina this pretty too?"

"In its own way," Kalea responded. "I was only there once. It's very rugged, dangerous if you don't understand and respect the native life-forms. You'll have to go through a training class before you go there. The class is pretty intensive. There's a lot to learn..."

"Is your family settling in?" asked Mayoni.

"Yes. We've all been offered numerous job opportunities. The history department at Athens U. is going absolutely nuts over the prospect of my wife being a professor there. The thought of having first-hand observations from 3,000 B.C., it's driving them absolutely nuts! So many interesting stories! And you wouldn't believe how many mistakes there are in the history books..."

"Oh, I would believe it," laughed Kalea. "And your six foster daughters! How are they doing?"

I thought for a moment. "I think they'll all be fine. Tacara badly insulted a boy the second day she was here..."

Mayoni nodded. "I heard about that."

"... but she sincerely apologized for it and was forgiven. Other than that there's been no trouble at all. I kind of miss being a father figure to the six of them, but I think the tribe is doing the right thing..."

I sat back in my chair and sighed, thinking of our first week on Aina. After much discussion, the girls had been split up into three pairs and were now living with three different adoptive families. All three pairs now had at least one additional brother and sister within a few years of age. The Hopewell realized what a massive cultural change was being asked of the girls, but they were going right ahead and doing it, immersing the girls directly into family life with parents and siblings and gender equality. Was it a shock for the girls? Sure. But they're all responding to the love. I think they'll be fine...

I looked out through the windows at the idyllic mountains. "What a view," I murmured. "And so much light! Sunrise was at 3:30 AM this morning, and what, we still have another two hours till sunset?"

Kalea nodded, "Just about. We pay the price at the winter solstice of course. Oh look! Here's Ku'uaki now!"

Promptly at 6:30 PM the President of the Hopewell walked into the conference room with Havika and started the meeting. I admired Ku'uaki for keeping things so informal. He just sat down with us and started to chat. "We'll have an official ceremony tomorrow to memorialize these decisions, but it gives me great pleasure now to welcome all of you as full citizens of the Hopewell tribe! Congratulations!"

There were smiles all around. Hoshi though looked a bit thoughtful. "There was no concern then, about the girls or I trying to start the gender wars all over again?"

Ku'uaki shook his head. "It was discussed, of course. But the idea would exist, whether you or the girls championed it or not. And what would be the attraction for our descendents to follow such absurdity? Our whole basis of government is built upon the idea of a lack of control between senior and junior generations. Each generation is free through the expunging branch to prune the law as their values see fit. It's an affirmation of trust; that goodness will prevail..."

Ku'uaki looked thoughtful for a moment and then continued. "The girls though, you too Hoshi, the Congress will strongly urge you tomorrow never to attempt procreation. We've studied your genome. It's a horror. Please, please don't take this as an insult. We understand your lifespan with be more than double ours. But the combination of the WFM breeding techniques and their use of the viral immunity overlays into your genome had left your genome in a terribly weak state. We don't understand all the secrets the WFM used in their procreation labs, and we don't want to know. Your children would be very weak and sickly, those that survive at all..."

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