Antelope Freeway
Chapter 51

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 51 - The Conclusion of: 1) Love's Equal Loss 2) Path of the Blue Spirit 3) Curse of the Blue Spirit 4) Close Encounter 5) Return Encounters 6) Antelope Freeway (Complete at last!) A.F. is the finale of the series, and is the story of Earth's side of the plague years.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Humor   Tear Jerker   Vampires   First   Anal Sex   Petting   Lactation   Body Modification   Slow  


Time: January 2, year 204,894 2:15 PM London Local Time (T plus 17 hours, 15 minutes)

Jim paused for a second, staring at the corporal beckoning him to the couch. He then felt a brief taste of lemon in his mouth, and he realized it was Gary reminding him that Gary would protect him if things really got out of hand. Jim smiled a bit as he thought of what Gary's definition of "out of hand" would be in a situation like this. He walked over to the couch.

"There's a good puppy! Such a nice smile! Sit right here."

Jim sat by the woman's side. She placed his arms around herself and began kissing him, running her hands lightly across his chest and nipples.

"You seem so tense puppy! Relax! That's an order."

"Yes mistress," Jim whispered. He held still and tried to be unresponsive as the corporal continued to pet him. She sensed his reluctance, and after a while reached into her pouch and pulled out what appeared to be a stick of chapstick. She uncorked it and Jim noticed a sharp, unfamiliar smell. Jim backed up suddenly as the woman tried to apply the stick to his lips.

"Mistress?!" Jim mumbled, as he tried to shy away.

"Bad puppy! Hold still! I order you to hold still!" Holding his helpless head steady, she coated his lips with the stick.

Jim's lips tingled from the stick and his head felt briefly dizzy. "Uh... What is this?"

"Hush puppy! It's just something to help you relax. Now don't speak again until I give you permission. That's an order!" Caroli corked the stick and then returned to caressing him, petting his chest and neck.

Jim looked up and saw the other cadet frowning and shaking her head before returning to keeping watch outside the window. Corporal Caroli was right, Jim thought to himself. He found himself starting to relax and enjoy the caresses. His eyes wandered to the afternoon shadows outside as the time passed by quietly.

Time: January 2, year 204,894 3:30 AM Honolulu Local Time (T plus 17 hours, 30 minutes)

Three hours before black-hole injection, the slip ship jumped from fifty thousand kilometers to ten thousand kilometers from NBHX35. The orbital period jumped to 2.4786 seconds. The ship was now traveling 8.46% of the speed of light in order to maintain a circular orbit.

Due to the relativistic Lorentz time dilation, each second of Kyle's and Brianna perceived time appeared as 1.0036 seconds to Honolulu flight control. From Honolulu's perspective, the next slip jump would occur in thirty minutes. From the slip-ship's perspective, the jump would occur in 29 minutes and 54 seconds.

Time: January 2, year 204,894 2:35 PM London Local Time (T plus 17 hours, 35 minutes)

It was physically pleasant and soothing to be caressed, and Jim felt his body relaxing as Corporal Caroli continued to pet him. But then her hand wandered down into his loose shorts, and she started to stroke his penis. Nothing harsh, just lightly running her fingers along its length, gripping it briefly and squeezing, and then back to the light fingertip caresses.

Jim sighed heavily and tried not to get aroused, but it was a losing battle. In spite of her demeaning attitude towards him, Jim still thought Caroli was very pretty and he found her physically attractive. He looked at her and give her a genuine smile, admiring the curve of her hips and her very shapely breasts...

Jim sighed again as she stroked him, gazing up to her face and trying to guess her age. He thought she was a bit under thirty, and with the WFM's medical knowledge could expect to lead a full and active life for another one-hundred seventy years. Death would come rather quickly. In the WFM, the time between an active life and death was rarely more than a few years...

"Cute puppy!" the woman whispered as she released his erection. Jim blinked and felt a brief moment of frustration at the lack of the very pleasant stimulation. He felt a bit bewildered why he was finding this so enjoyable. What would Cindy think?!

Caroli raised her arms and stretched, and Jim had a brief wild hope that she was finished. But then her fingers returned and started wandering around the inside his shorts. "Puppy! Why are you still wearing your outside clothes? Are you cold?"

"Err... Uh... A little maybe... mistress..."

"Nonsense! Here! Stand up!" Caroli pulled down Jim's shorts. He was somewhat dismayed to see what an eager-looking erection his body was sporting. Caroli quickly stripped the rest of his clothes and had Jim return to the couch.

She was soon back to her caresses, sliding her fingers lightly though his pubic fur, caressing the insides of his thighs, briefly teasing the sensitive head of his penis. Jim sighed and closed his eyes, embarrassed that Gary could see all this but admitting to himself that it felt pretty good. He smiled to himself at the thought of how his good friend Gary was probably laughing at his predicament.

The woman cuddling with him misinterpreted his sigh and smile. "There's a good puppy, such a nice smile!" she whispered in his ear. "Just relax. I won't hurt you. Such a nice puppy you are..." Her fingers descended to his scrotum, and as the quiet minutes past they pushed in and began to probe and fondle his testicles. Jim couldn't help himself. He sighed and shuddered with the pleasure.

The comm line into the kennel began to buzz. Caroli kept her fingers inside Jim's scrotum and waved her other hand at cadet Anupa to answer the phone. Then she returned to staring at Jim's groin as she fondled his testicles. Anupa talked for a moment on the line and then clicked off.

"Well?" whispered Caroli. She had Jim's penis popped up to a stiff vertical pole, and she was working the shaft slowly but deliberately with a velvet stroke.

"It was the sergeant," Anupa whispered back. "There was a minor problem, back at the mess hall. Nothing serious. It might be a couple of hours though, before the squad returns..."

"Really?! Hey! That's great..." Caroli lowered her head and softly licked the head of Jim's penis. His body tensed at the intense physical pleasure, and he started to squirm. Caroli sat back up and continued to stroke him. "Jump in on this Anupa, if you want..."

"What?" Anupa whispered.

"You heard me..." Caroli licked Jim's penis again, and then her kiss become very prolonged and the cock slid an inch into her mouth. She slowly drew her lips across the sensitive head as she lifted her head up. "Jump in, anytime you want," she whispered.

Anupa looked very uncertain and then shook her head no.

Time: January 2, year 204,894 4:00 AM Honolulu Local Time (T plus 18 hours)

Two hours before black-hole injection, the slip ship jumped from ten thousand kilometers to two thousand kilometers from NBHX35. The orbital period jumped to 0.2217 seconds. The ship now needed to travel 18.91% of the speed of light in order to maintain a circular orbit. Each second of Kyle's and Brianna perceived time appeared as 1.0184 seconds to Honolulu flight control. From Honolulu's perspective, the next slip jump would occur in twenty minutes. From the slip-ship's perspective, the jump would occur in 19 minutes and 38 seconds.

Time: January 2, year 204,894 3:05 PM London Local Time (T plus 18 hours, 5 minutes)

Jim was trying to relax under the intense sexual stimulation of corporal Caroli. Her fingers had been drifting back and forth between his scrotum and his stiff cock. Jim couldn't remember if Cindy had ever teased him with this much foreplay before coupling, but Caroli's fingers on his stiff cock and balls still felt wonderful and physically he didn't mind at all. He gasped and thrust his hips at the feel of Caroli's hand on his erection.

Five minutes ago Caroli had taken off her shirt and bra and halter and became bare from the waist up. Smiling at how captivated the puppy was with the sight of her taut breasts and erect nipples, she wetted her fingers with her tongue and then massaged the saliva onto the sensitive tip of his penis. After teasing his erection at its sensitive tip, she started a rhythm of suckling his penis briefly, licking his shaft and then her own hand to re- moisten it, and then grip his penis firmly and start to jerk him off. As soon as Jim's hips would start thrusting with her jerk rhythm, the hand would release and the fingertips would return to teasing the sensitive head, starting the cycle all over again.

Jim shuddered and groaned. His hips would continue to rock back and forth in frustration when her hand left his cock, and then they would wiggle in appreciation as the new moisture of Caroli's mouth and hand returned. Her mouth felt so soft and nice, Jim decided he wouldn't mind being driven to orgasm by this woman, if it came to that. No, he guessed he wouldn't mind at all...

Time: January 2, year 204,894 4:20 AM Honolulu Local Time (T plus 18 hours, 20 minutes)

One hour forty minutes before black-hole injection, the slip ship jumped from two thousand kilometers to five hundred kilometers from NBHX35. The orbital period jumped to 27.7 milliseconds. The ship now needed to travel 37.82% of the speed of light. Each second of Kyle's and Brianna perceived time appeared as 1.0802 seconds to Honolulu flight control. From Honolulu's perspective, the next slip jump would occur in twenty minutes. From the slip-ship's perspective, the jump would occur in 18 minutes and 31 seconds.

Kyle joined Brianna on the bridge. He stared at the monitors for a moment. "I don't understand why the outside viewers aren't a blur of stars."

"Oh, they used to be. I've switched to tactical display. You're looking at a computer generated image of what we would be seeing if we were stationary. What disturbs me is the fact that tidal forces aren't ripping this ship apart!" Brianna started to giggle nervously.

Kyle laughed too. "Yeah... Here, let me check something..." He wandered over to a bridge console and typed for a moment. "We're in a gravitational field of just over fifty- four million Earth gravities..."

"Exactly! Mathematically, I understand the slip-bubble's point expression into physical reality, and why there aren't tidal forces within the ship. But physically, I feel like screaming!"

"Well, that's why the safety bit is here. We could pull it and Hawaii control would have us back at Honolulu in an instant."

Brianna started to laugh. "Kyle! No plunging way!"

Time: January 2, year 204,894 3:25 PM London Local Time (T plus 18 hours, 25 minutes)

Jim felt warm and cozy, cuddling with Caroli and drifting with the sexual stimulation and intimacy.

"Puppy want to suckle?" Caroli whispered.

"Hmm?" murmured Jim. His mind was filled with thoughts of caressing and mounting Cindy, and he did not open his eyes.

"Uh, corporal, maybe that's not a good idea," said the cadet keeping watch at the door.

Caroli hissed, "Hush Anupa! I can feel his pulse in my hand, right through the cock! This puppy wants me! I'm not stopping now..." Keeping a firm grip on the wet penis, Caroli rose up and began to brush the sides of her breasts against Jim's cheeks and mouth. The action made her erect nipples even more stiff and puffy, and Caroli began to pant from her sexual heat. She jiggled her breasts in the open air inches from his face. "Kyle! There's a good puppy!" she whispered. "Puppy want to suckle? Such a nice puppy... Open..."

She ran the nipple from her right breast across Jim's lips. Jim opened his mouth obediently. Caroli smiled and said softly, "There! Good! Now suckle... That's right... Take a little more... Oh, good puppy! Such a nice strong suckle! Such a good puppy!"

Caroli panted as she felt her nipple licked and probed inside Jim's mouth. The nipple swelled and became very stiff, and Jim pushed it to the roof of his mouth and worked it rhythmically with a suckling action, pretending to draw milk from this tight and sexy teat within his mouth. Caroli's hand descended back to flick his testicles, and then back up to his throbbing cock. She started to add quick tight squeezes to his erection in rhythm with his mouth pulling on her tit. Caroli looked up and flashed Anupa a smile of triumphant satisfaction.

Anupa shrugged her shoulders. "Oh, I don't know Caroli... How far you going to take this?"

"Ah... It feels so nice... This puppy is so well trained... I'm getting wet, I won't stop here... What? You have a problem with that?"


"Still worrying about the sergeant?"

"Uh... Not just that. Kyle here is not exactly a puppy. Don't you remember the sergeant showing us the pup's papers? Brianna got full ownership of Kyle a week ago. Caroli, you're messing with someone else's dog."

"Oh, she won't mind. And besides, she's not here."

"She will be, in a few days."

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