Antelope Freeway
Chapter 25

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 25 - The Conclusion of: 1) Love's Equal Loss 2) Path of the Blue Spirit 3) Curse of the Blue Spirit 4) Close Encounter 5) Return Encounters 6) Antelope Freeway (Complete at last!) A.F. is the finale of the series, and is the story of Earth's side of the plague years.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Humor   Tear Jerker   Vampires   First   Anal Sex   Petting   Lactation   Body Modification   Slow  


Earth time: Friday, 5:55 AM Mountain Standard Time, December 24, 2010

Aina time: 6:54 PM day 72 of 1408 H.E. (Festival of Harvest, first day of autumn)

Kara walked home alone after the tribal council meeting. It was an hour after sunset and a beautiful evening for a stroll, pleasantly cool after the warm day. Mahina was a brilliant waxing half-circle of blue light in the southern sky, and there were even a few solar-panel lights mounted on poles around the village, providing more than enough light for the journey home.

Kara walked into her hut and smiled at her two sister wives. Anuhea was massaging Va'an breasts, catching the flowing milk into a small bladder. Va'an's daughter Amy was still a few months younger than the traditional Hopewell weaning time, and Va'an was still lactating. Va'an would sometimes enjoy suckling Amy on one breast and infant Mahi on the other. But lately Amy had been reluctant to take milk she thought should go to Mahi. Va'an sighed as Anuhea milked her swollen teats. "My little daughter is growing up," she thought and smiled as she thought of Amy.

"Hi everybody!" Kara chirped as she closed the door. She was soon sharing a simple evening meal with her wives, with Mahi nursing from all three of his mothers, Anuhea slipping the nipple of the bladder into his mouth as he clutched at her breasts.

The group cleaned up and played with Mahi for a while, and then bedded down for the night, Anuhea thanking Kara for the pleasure of letting Mahi sleep on her stomach. Mark came in shortly afterwards. He greeted and kissed his other wives briefly, and then bedded down with Kara. It was Kara's turn to sleep with him.

"Busy day?" asked Kara. "I didn't see you at the Festival."

Mark nodded. "I hated to miss it. But we had some trouble rectifying the power from the wind turbines. It wasn't a job that could wait."

"How are they now?"

Mark shrugged. "Well... We've got a patch working for now. Leon volunteered to baby-sit the array overnight. We'll be running more diagnostics tomorrow. How about you? Festival go okay?"

Kara smiled at the thought of her responsibilities. "Sure. The main part is leading the singing for the autumn Spirit Song. What could go wrong?"

"Yeah... Well, you've been ruler now for exactly one full year. How do you like it?"

Kara couldn't stop herself from giggling. "Well, I'm glad half my term is over. Being the leader is a tremendous amount of work! I hope you'll still enjoy petting me, if my hair turns white next year."

Mark laughed and cuddled with his first wife. After a while he licked her nipples and tasted her sweet milk on both of them. "May I?" he asked playfully.

"Oh, please do! I'm feeling almost painfully full. Amy is feeling guilty about stealing milk from Mahi, and Va'an loves switching over. I was the last to feed Mahi tonight. He almost didn't take anything from me."

Mark nodded and kissed with Kara for a while. Then the kiss drifted down her neck and throat, lower to full breast, lazy kisses circling the large nipple. Kara finally whimpered and begged Mark to begin. Mark played and licked her nipples. Kara grunted and wiggled her breasts in invitation. She felt a strong, sexual suckle a moment later, and sighed and relaxed in the pleasure.

Mark cuddled with Kara after draining her breasts. "I take it Mayoni and Amy are at Anuhea's parents?"

"Yep... A nice deal all around. The kids love it, the grandparents love it, and I get to get sexy with you without my teenage daughter ten feet away!" Kara paused for a moment and listened, hearing the even breathing of sleep from both Anuhea and Va'an. "Don't you ever get embarrassed, your nights with Anuhea or Va'an, that your daughter might hear you orgasming?"

Mark sighed, letting his fingers play in Kara's pubic fur. Kara stretched her legs to invite Mark to explore. They kissed for a while. A light fingertip began tracing the outline of her vulva, and Kara felt herself moistening in response.

"A little, at first," Mark finally confided. "Enough to ask Mayoni once... if she were ever embarrassed... about the grunting..." Mark gave a grunt of his own as Kara's hand on his penis began to slide the skin up and down on his erect shaft.

"What'd she say?" asked Kara, and she grunted herself. Mark's finger was now sliding into her labia, coating itself with her slick moisture. The finger then found her feminine opening and slipped up inside her.

"She's so young Mark!" Umph!" The finger wiggled, seeking the sensitive area along the top of her vaginal tract. "It's still... Umph! It's still... UMPH!... two years before her marriage class..."

Kara panted and rolled her body on top of Mark, the finger releasing the pressure on her G-spot and sliding out of her. She squatted and lifted her rump up for coitus, felt the velvet penis head find her. Mark took her in one swift hip thrust, sheathing himself fully in his eager wife's moisture and warmth. Kara gasped and dropped to Mark's chest, hoping he'd give her vagina a chance to get used to the fullness of his cock before starting a thrust rhythm.

They tried to be discrete in their lovemaking. Gentle thrusts, no loud slaps of hips slamming together. Kara couldn't help but cry out as her orgasm washed through her. She whimpered as she felt Mark's sticky semen coat her cervix. The penis slipped out. Kara rolled off and lay on her side, butting back and lifting her leg. Mark accepted the offer, sliding the head of his wet cock on her anus and labia in slow strokes until the penis began to soften. Mark then re-coupled into the vagina. They both liked to fall asleep with the limp penis held in a warm and loving embrace.

"Mark?" Kara whispered.

"Huh?" Mark said sleepily. He gave a couple of rocking hip thrusts in a losing battle to stay erect. "Yeah?"

Kara wiggled in appreciation. "Mayoni... What'd she say?"

"What? Oh yeah. She was a little embarrassed I brought the issue up, about the grunting. Maybe you should have..." Surprisingly, Mark found himself getting erect again. He bragged about his new length by playfully butting Kara's cervix at the back of her vagina.

Kara yawned sleepily and then her eyes blinked open as she felt the pulse to her uterus. "Yeah, maybe... I'm glad you did though. Somehow I think she finds it easier to talk with you about sex... What'd she say?"

Mark pulled almost completely out, then scooted up, riding up the backs of Kara's thighs and sinking back down into the depths of her sweet opening. "She sang she rarely notices the grunts, but when she does, she finds them very relaxing."

Kara shivered and gasped at the sexuality of the penis re-entering her. "Relaxing?"

Mark began kissing the back of Kara's neck as his fully engorged penis began stroking in and out of Kara's vagina. He licked her ear and whispered, "I'm trying to remember her exact notes... My parents are affirming love for each other. What could be more relaxing? "

Kara lifted her leg and arched her back, signaling the Mark she was nearing orgasm and not to stop. "Oh... Oh! Oh... Uh, my daughter sang that?"

"Yes... Oh... So beautiful..." Mark grunted as he increased his tempo, surprised but delighted to feel himself splashing new semen into Kara just as her vagina clamped down into a viselike grip. They rode their orgasms together until they both collapsed, panting heavily. Mark leaned and returned to kissing the back of Kara's neck, petting her stomach and giving her gentle thrusts with a sopping wet and wilting penis.

Kara cooed and wiggled her hips in appreciation. "Ah, my precious daughter..." Kara sighed and sang quietly, " 'Uhane, Ha'awi, Lawe, A'o mai, Pa'ani, Maha "

"Hmm?" asked Mark, "Spirit day, Sow day, Reap day, Study day, Play day, Rest day..."

Kara sighed deeply and sang, " I love 'Uhane and A'o mai. I love having you inside me... "

Mark and his three wives had tried various schedules for their sleeping arrangements. Within a month after the 1406 Red Bird Festival, when Anuhea had joined the marriage, one thing became clear. They all realized that no one likes the idea of getting sexy as a threesome and leaving one member out. So they started experimenting...

Their polygamous union finally settled into a traditional Hopewell pattern for a three wife marriage, the first wife (Kara) having sleep rights on Spirit day and Study day of the six day week, Va'an taking Sow day and Play day, and Anuhea taking Reap day and Rest day. Occasionally they would take three-day periods of common cuddling, which would often drift into a sexual foursome and give the women time to explore their bi-sexual natures. But mostly they preferred sex one-on-one, and male-on-female.

Mark sighed in deepest contentment, gave one final hip thrust into the core of Kara's womanhood and started drifting off. Kara was also content, but her mind resisted sleep for the moment. Feeling Mark's body inside the center of her pelvis and his hand holding her breast, she breathed deeply and thought about Earth and Aina, about the plague on Earth and how miraculously Aina seemed immune to it. She thought about how the seasons and the calendars of the two planets were sliding against each other.

The yearly one or two-day leap holidays were completely off-calendar days. Each season on Aina had twelve six-day weeks, the seasonal festival days always occurring on Spirit day, the Festival of Light at the beginning of summer and the new year (day zero), the Festival of Harvest at the beginning of autumn (day 72), The Festival of Ice at the start of winter (day 144), and the Festival of the Red Bird at the start of spring (day 216).

Kara blinked her eyes awake. Mark was fast asleep, his soft penis barely holding its place in the soft folds of her labia and vaginal entrance, his semen and her lubrication coating her inner thigh. Va'an had already asked for the pleasure of breast-feeding Mahi for his late night meal. Kara sighed and felt completely relaxed and sheltered from the worries of the plague and ruler of the tribe, sheltered by the love of her family.

"Christmas Eve, back on Earth," she thought sleepily. "What an incredible two years here! So hard to believe... just two Earth years ago... I was a freshman... at the Colorado School of Mines... Just two years... Now I have a husband... and two wives... and three children... I have so much... I have so much love... from my family... from my tribe... Am I worthy? So much love... So much love..." Kara closed eyes fluttered and she finally surrendered herself to a deep sleep.

Earth time: Friday, 8:41 PM Mountain Standard Time, December 24, 2010

Aina time: 10:02 AM day 73 of 1408 H.E.

"Any sign of him?" asked Cindy, and Jim entered their underground bedroom.

Jim shook his head as he undressed and climbed under the covers with Cindy. "No. And the new snow is undisturbed by the burrow."

"Hell, he probably died then. There's no one left to carry the body out. This is so sad Jim."

Jim nodded. There didn't seem anything left to say. It was approaching four weeks since A'moth had left. Two of the last three Paleo boys had died a week ago, both from heart attacks. From the Hopewell history book, Cindy and Jim knew the boys were suffering fatal doses of adrenaline from hyperactive adrenal glands. Jim nestled against Cindy's naked body and petted her gently.

"How are you coming with the books?" asked Cindy.

"Oh... fine... It could be a lifetime of study, understanding the ten quantum books. There are five authors, Mayoni, Kalea, Havika, Hiapo, and... and me... me... posthumously... my papers... from Oxford Press... scary..."

Cindy smiled and then laughed. "I'll never forget the look on your face when you first saw them..."

Jim sighed. "Mayoni's mind was the most brilliant. Her intuitive grasp of quantum physics was... beyond belief. Unfortunately she died... will die... on the mission to West Virginia." Jim sighed again. "It could be a lifetime of work, understanding all they created..."

Cindy leaned over and kissed him. "Forget physics for a while. It's Christmas Eve!" She rolled her naked body on top of his. "It's the season of love and acceptance." She wiggled her hips in invitation across his. "I'm feeling very accepting..."

Jim smiled and petted her flanks. He soon coupled with his precious bride.

Earth time: Friday, 9:41 PM Mountain Standard Time, December 24, 2010

Aina time: 11:02 AM day 73 of 1408 H.E.

"Sarah all tucked in?" my wife Lisa asked. She looked up from her work of sliding the last of the presents under the tree. She saw the frown on my face and frowned back.

I had just come downstairs. "Yeah. She asked me to read her the Christmas story. Her dream mom Carlotta used to do that. It felt kind of strange... taking Carlotta's place... Sarah was crying a bit at the end..."

"Oh..." My wife locked eyes with me for a moment. I opened myself for reading, allowing her to share my recent memories. Then she nodded at me and popped out of existence. I finished putting up the stockings, picked up a book, tried to read the newspaper a little, finally turned on the TV at 10 PM to watch the daily half-hour science summary on the plague. The show ended. I closed my eyes and just thought for a while.

A'moth has kept a close watch on Miami and Santiago, to see how the child traffickers would react to the disappearance of Juan and Isabelle. At first, Juan's underlings were frantic about losing their boss and not understanding what was going on. Finally Juan's superiors took over and the shit hit the fan within the organization. The higher-ups were furious that so much effort had been made only for revenge. There's no profit in revenge. There never is...

A'moth said Juan's two buddies were liquidated as a warning to the others, and the countrywide police bulletins about an abducted girl were pulled. They said it was all a clerical error. We're pretty safe now. Well, not quite safe enough to go back to Santiago. A'moth is sure the ringleaders are still fuming and dying to know what really happened. They're focusing their efforts hunting for Juan. Good luck guys... Search any crevasses lately?

It's been peaceful here in Pine Bluffs. A number of school personnel came over to test Isabelle / Sarah and go over our curriculum for her. They were none too enthused about home schooling at first. But then they saw the results of their tests. Sarah's IQ is off the charts, above 200, where it's almost impossible to define good metrics. But she's definitely 99.99999+ percentile, and maybe in the handful of the smartest people in the world. And she still only eight years old. With her Sarah ID, she turns nine in February 2011 instead of October. The school is happy to let us handle things. They say they wouldn't know how to teach her anyway.

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