Antelope Freeway
Chapter 24

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 24 - The Conclusion of: 1) Love's Equal Loss 2) Path of the Blue Spirit 3) Curse of the Blue Spirit 4) Close Encounter 5) Return Encounters 6) Antelope Freeway (Complete at last!) A.F. is the finale of the series, and is the story of Earth's side of the plague years.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Historical   Humor   Tear Jerker   Vampires   First   Anal Sex   Petting   Lactation   Body Modification   Slow  


After tucking Sarah in, my wife begged to take a shower first, before we talked. I changed into a new tee shirt and cotton shorts, and sat of the king-size bed in our bedroom waiting for her. I was so tired. After a few seconds I lay down to rest. My mind was desperate to think about something pleasant and non-threatening. I started thinking about the house...

It's a good house, comfortable, simple, a non-pretentious boxy cape. It feels like a home. Foundation size is about 10 meters by 12 meters. There are four nice-sized rooms on the main floor, living room, kitchen, dining room, and play room. The upstairs is interesting, just two bedrooms, but with lots of closet space and a full private bath for each. I like the colors, mostly earth tones, with occasional splashes of bright color... My wife has good tastes... My wife... My wife?!

I blinked my eyes awake. I must have been dozing. The shower wasn't running anymore, and after a moment the bathroom door opened and Lisa walked out, drying her thick black hair with a towel and wearing just a bathrobe. I felt a pang in my heart. Gosh, she was so beautiful...

"Lisa," I said. "We need to talk, back in our old identities."

"Yes, I agree Gary," said Lisa, transforming into A'moth. "I owe you so many explanations. First off though, about sleeping. Our cover identities don't force us to act immorally. You're very kind to cuddle with me when I feed, but otherwise, I'll jump to the basement to sleep."

"Huh? No way! I'll be the one sleeping in the basement."

"Huh? Certainly not! As A'moth, this is my house, not yours! I can't treat a guest that way! And you're my dearest friend, not a guest!"

A'moth was smiling in playfulness. I felt like playing too. "But I'm the guy, and you're the woman! I must be allowed to be chivalrous! I insist!"

"I insist too! I'm sleeping in the basement! And if you follow me down, I'll... I'll call the police and accuse you of a sex crime!"

That brought me up short. A'moth and I just smiled at each other until we both laughed.

"Besides," said A'moth, turning serious, "Isabelle is up here. What if she needs you?"

"Ah, Isabelle... A'moth, she's thinking of you as her real mother now. She's not acting."

It was A'moth's turn to be brought up short. "That's true. I know."

"As her mother, it's just as important for you to be there for her, when she has her nightmares."

A'moth grimaced. "Does she have them often?"

I nodded. "I think she'll be okay tonight. She looked very peaceful when she went to sleep, more relaxed than I've seen her in a long time."

A'moth was silent for a moment, and then sat on the bed. "Let's table our sleep issue. Will you hold me for a while?"

We were soon lying down, gently holding each other. I was petting A'moth's head. Gosh, she smelled so wonderful. "I love you," I whispered.

"And I love you. I came so close to losing you... I was frantic when I was searching for you... I didn't find out which hotel you were in until after you left for the courthouse. And if I had come just a few days later... It would have been too late, at least for Isabelle."

I shuddered. "Losing Isabelle... How could her bio father be so cruel, to sell her into slavery?"

A'moth shook her head. "Not slavery. Death."

"What?!" I whispered.

"The plot was to have you frantically searching for her, and then find her just in time to witness her rape and murder. And then you would be pinned for both crimes."

I stared at A'moth in horror. I tried to speak but couldn't.

"Juan Perez was furious when he learned that Carlotta had died of the plague, not that she was dead but that she had escaped his plans for revenge. But if he could destroy her beloved daughter and have her new husband executed for the crime, his revenge would be complete."

I lay there in shock, still unable to speak. My daughter! "How do you know all this?" I finally managed to whisper.

"Remember the first time we met? I can produce organic chemicals... with my body... control chemicals... I jumped into Juan's bedroom, several hours before dawn. I made Juan very weak... and then I read him... read his mind... I wasn't planning to kill him, not at first. But then I read him, read right down to the core of his diseased soul..."

A'moth shuddered in my arms. "I know everything, far more than I want! His sick desires, how he tried to destroy Carlotta's spirit, how he used to scream at young Isabelle. I know it all. Oh God, how I wish I could forget!"

A'moth was shaking so hard I thought she might vomit. I held and caressed her, told her I loved her. She held me tightly, and whispered her love back.



"It's been thirteen months... May I feed you?"

She nodded. We kissed for a while. Her hand slipped into my loose shorts, her fingers soft as feathers as she caressed me. I drifted into the sexuality, felt myself get eject, felt myself sliding into warmth and wet softness, felt her throat beginning to suckle me. I sighed and floated. Her wonderful fingers, soft feathers across my sac, then penetrating to fondle my testes, dropping to open my anus, something swirling around my anus, wet and insistent and so, so sexy...

I sighed and relaxed, and then blinked as I realized I was being penetrated. But I could also feel A'moth's fingers from both hands, kneading my testes, and holding my butt cheeks open for...

For what? I suddenly realized it was her tongue. My cock was engulfed in her mouth and her tongue was still able to slide out and seek my anus. I felt it wiggling inside me, corkscrewing deeper in a wet, wildly sexual search for my prostate.

My hips started thrusting up and down. A'moth's mouth kept my cock locked in position, her throat with a suction pull on my penis head, and her feeding teeth deep inside me at the base. I could feel her incredible tongue, sliding across my testes, sliding up my wet butt, sliding across my rectal walls...

There was a hot spark of pleasure, from the tip of her tongue pushing down on my prostate, and I exploded, gasping for air as the waves of pleasure rippled through my body and mind. I kept thrusting up into her mouth, pushing my seed deeply into her suckling throat.

She pumped me until I finally collapsed exhausted. I lay there for a moment catching my breath, and then I turned to my side to cuddle with her.

During the months of 2008, when A'moth and I were doing monthly feedings, she confided to me that she found our feeding encounters sexually arousing for herself too. We experimented a bit, lots of playful trials with our bodies, until we finally found something that would help her unwind from her arousal.

Right after feeding, she would lie face down with me by her side. I would pet her back and butt and the backs of her thighs until her breathing relaxed. She especially liked me to trace out the curve and indentations in her backbone. I gather her spinal cord is better protected than in humans, and her backbone feels distinctly non-human when I massage her.

After getting her back massage, A'moth wants to fall asleep. She'll turn over and lie on her back, and I'll stroke her breasts and stomach until she sighs and drifts off. I don't let the petting go below her waist. Her pubic fur is incredibly thick and silky, deep black and as dense as a mink. I resist the urge to pet it. It's very inviting, but being stroked there is very arousing to A'moth. What she wants is to be cuddled and loved and to drift away from her arousal.

Tonight though, there was a dramatic change. A'moth's body was twitching as she unlocked my penis from her mouth. Her skin was flush and sweaty, and she had a glassy look in her eyes. Without a word, she spun around and mounted me, not sheathing me but laying her body over mine. She lifted her bathrobe to expose herself below her waist and pushed her pubic against my penis, burying my shaft in her thick black pubic fur. It felt rich and silky and so sexy. A'moth stroked my shaft with her silky pubic for a short time, panting heavily. And then she pushed down hard and orgasmed.

At least, that's my word for it. What she did was beyond human intensity and duration. Her entire body spasmed, all the muscles in her arms, legs, abs, her butt... They were all rock-hard muscle, ropes of muscle visible in her arms and below her breasts. Her breasts were flush and ripe, the nipples expanding and becoming reddish in color. Her back was arched into a deep curve, and her face was a rigid mask of... of what?

At first I thought it looked like pain. But then I probed with my empathy. Wave after wave of searing pleasure, pleasure so intense I think it would have burned a human mind. I gazed at her in astonishment and awe. I don't think I could have remained sane, being subjected to such intense physical pleasure. She was breathing in strange gasps. I don't know how else to describe it. It was a very non-human breathing rhythm.

It finally ended. The tension disappeared and her body collapsed on top of me, all feminine curves and softness now, her muscles in a deep state of total relaxation. I turned to my side and carried her body by her hips and shoulders to the bed beside me, kissing her and whispering that I loved her.

I was getting some strange feedback. My senses weren't detecting any change in her body, but my empathy was telling me she was hearing me clearly. And then even that disappeared. A'moth was fast asleep in my arms, a sleep so deep... maybe a better word would be unconscious.

I got up and undressed her, taking off the slightly damp bathrobe. She was so beautiful. I climbed back in and curled up with her, bringing the sheets and covers over us. My arms were holding her in the same way Carlotta would like to be held in sleep. A small part of my mind noted with amusement that I didn't feel guilty at all. I felt that Carlotta would be happy for me. I fell asleep by A'moth's side, caressing her breasts and feeling the rise and fall of her breathing.

It was in the dead of night that I woke up. I was in a strange state, relaxed and excited, awake and asleep, in control and driven... I noticed a faint odor. It was alluring... very alluring... sexually. It was the strangest feeling. I had a stiff erection, but I didn't feel like having intercourse... I looked at A'moth. She was so beautiful, but my mind was filled with her smell. My hands were on her breasts, her beautiful breasts, stroking and massaging her beautiful breasts... They seemed ripe, full, begging to be suckled.

The urge to feed became irresistible. I moved my body, lowered my head to her breasts and sniffed her nipples. They're oval, never round, never human, but still so beautiful and sexy... Yes... My mouth opened and I suckled a soft oval nipple into my mouth. I moaned in pleasure, opening my mouth wider to engulf her breast, sucking half her tit into my hungry mouth. My fingers began to work the breast beneath my suckle, gently at first, but then pushing firmly, deep down into the milk duct tissue. The breast swelled, becoming engorged under my stimulation.

I worked the nipple, pushing it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue, locking the nipple with a suckle and pushing my tongue into the ripe teat below. I suckled strongly and stripped my tongue through the full tissue behind the nipple, stimulating the milk ducts to flow. I felt the nipple expand and ripen, and the breast swelled. Outside my mouth I held her breast and squeezed it. It felt very heavy and full as my fingers probed it.

I increased the intensity of my suckle, pulling on the swollen tip with a steady rhythm. The breast discharged. A warm fluid began to flow. I shivered in the sexuality and suckled greedily, swallowing every drop. Far sooner than I wanted, the flow stopped. I whimpered in frustration, until I remembered her other breast was still ripe with promise. It was only was I drained her second teat that my sanity returned. My gosh, this is not human milk! What have I done?!

"A'moth!" I hissed. "Can you wake up?"

She looked at me very sleepily, her eyes almost closed. "Gary?" she murmured.

"A'moth, I've just suckled you. You're lactating. I drank from your breasts... Both of them."

She looked unconcerned for a moment, just sighing and snuggling with me. Then her eyes blinked wide as she finally realized what I had said. "Gary, are you okay?! Lie down! Show me the memory. Let me read you..."

A'moth was soon present in my mind. We've only done this a few times before, but this time it felt a lot different. It was a lot easier to make the mental connection, and I was getting a whale of a lot more feedback on the link than I was used to. It was as if our two minds had finally learned how to talk with each other.

A'moth's mind focused on my visual and tactile memory, while my mind explored the new depths of our emotional intimacy. The connection was pure delight for me, beyond sexuality, pure love and delight. I drifted in the love. A'moth finally smiled at me and through the mental connection asked if we could begin to untangle the mental embrace we were in. We broke the last of the mental contact about ten seconds later.

"Wow Gary, wow... Did you read me well enough to understand what's going on? How do you feel?"

I thought for a moment. "I feel fine. Sexy... Sexy and happy... Do I understand? Not much. I think I could have understood more. Your mind was completely open to me. But to interact with your emotions, all that wonderful love... It took all my attention."

A'moth nodded and smiled. "I'm glad you're feeling okay. That tells me a lot. Gary, if you don't want me as your wife, I owe you a lifetime of apologies. And I'm not talking about Lisa now either. Think! How much do you understand?"

"Your milk... It changed how we can read each other, hasn't it?"

"Oh, it's done more than that! To answer your question, yes. But oh, it's done so much more than that!"

"I feel fine. I feel wonderful in fact. What's it done?"

"Gary, before I answer. Do you want me as your wife? Your real wife? Being unsure would be a perfectly reasonable answer."

I lay there and thought. "No, there's no doubt. None at all. I do want you... as my wife... if you want me."

A'moth was still for a long moment, and then whispered. "I do... more than anything." She stretched out and lay by my side. "Gary, you are so patient with me! I see you staring at me sometime when I'm eating regular food, but you've never pressed me for an explanation, about why I need your blood and semen."

I kissed her. "Well, I'd thought you would tell me sometime. I didn't mind waiting."

A'moth kissed me back. "I'm driven to it by my reproductive system... The urge to feed, it's part of my sex drive. Didn't you ever wonder why I need your semen?"

We petted each other lightly while A'moth collected her thoughts. She continued. "Chungieran females, when they reach breeding age, are purchased by a male, and then feed only from that male. After a full cycle of feeding, more than four years in Earth time, the female body adapts to the male being her only feeding source."

A'moth sighed. "She produces a special milk that the male drinks. The milk completes a feedback loop between the couple, the milk changing the DNA of the male's sperm and blood, and the female picking up these changes in her next feeding. The process continues until the female is completely dependent on that one male for feeding. He becomes her master. The female also becomes extra fertile for him..."

I lay there stunned. "You mean... You and I can have children?!"

"I don't know. Maybe. I'm almost as surprised about this as you are. But after 5,000 years of satisfying my reproductive system with human sperm... Well, I guess it's adapted."

"Wow... So you've only fed on me..."

"I started the night we first met on the train, just before dawn on Saturday, July 7, 2007. I'll remember the day forever."

I laughed. "Me too!"

"My last feeding before that was in 2004. It's completely out of my system now. My reproductive glands are now locked to you... Gary! Did you think I was also feeding on others?"

"Well..." I felt very sheepish. "Last night... It's been thirteen months... I thought you would need at least a pint and a half... But I think you took a lot less... I was wondering... Forgive me for thinking this... But I thought you might have fed on Juan, before you killed him." I paused and then whispered, "I'm sorry..."

"That piece of filth?! Yuck! I'd rather go insane, than pollute my body like that!"


A'moth reached over and kissed my cheeks several times. I blinked in surprise, but then realized she was telling me she forgave me. "Gary, I need to apologize too. It should have occurred to me that this might happen. My body was deeply aroused, sexually, the last few times I've fed from you. I should have realized this might happen, that my body would lock onto you."

A'moth grinned and petted my head. "My pheromones must have been very enticing to you, urging you to suckle me, to take me as your mate. I'm so sorry for not warning you about this earlier. To take me as your mate, that should be your free choice."

"Oh, it is!" I leaned over and kissed A'moth's cheeks several times. She got the idea. She cooed and wiggled in happiness. I petted her and she actually started purring. "What exactly does it mean?"

"Well, part of what it means is that my body wants to be your sex kitten. I'll try to keep myself under control, but my body is... well, I can manage it... maybe..."

I smiled, continuing to pet her lightly. "Wait! The plague!"

"For us? It won't matter. You're immunized anyway. Isabelle is too."

"My gosh, my gosh... I forgot about that! Can Isabelle have children?"

A'moth was quiet for a long moment. "I don't know. She's fine, but the sperm of infected males is not. The plague manifests in the placenta, but is present everywhere, except for you and Isabelle. Once Isabelle becomes an adult, I think she would be fine with pre-plague frozen sperm, but other than that, I don't know... Maybe not..."

"Infected males?! Is the plague a virus then? I haven't heard anything like this on the news. Has there been a breakthrough?"

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