It Started with a Coach Ride
Chapter 3: A new start

Copyright© 2006 by Alistair Acorn

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 3: A new start - Caught in a cyclone whilst traveling on a coach and saving a woman from the wreckage led to spending days together in a cabin awaiting rescue. To be continued.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Size  

It was ringing the doorbell that woke me up and I rose and opened the door. Standing there was Granette, I looked at my watch and it showed 9-30. "My, you start early," I managed to say and opened the door so she could come in.

She did but didn't sit down, but started walking through my apartment. I could tell she wasn't impressed by my collection of effects, but I left her and went into the bathroom to shave and shower while she completed her inspection. I had a shit and shaved and was standing in the shower when I heard the door of the bathroom open then the shower door opened.

"Just checking, I have the coffee on, you will have to hurry up we have a lot to do and the quicker we get started the better." She said looking me up and down as though examining a piece of meat. Then she was gone.

It appears as if my tutor is eager to get me started, I thought while drying and getting changed. I then joined her in the dining area where she was sitting at the table sipping a coffee.

"It will all have to go, don't worry it won't cost you a cent, I can assure you. Also you have to get rid of that ghastly utility you drive. We will go and visit a friend of mine; he will fix you up with something more fitting. Firstly though we will see about your wardrobe."

Even sitting Gran looked elegant, she just had that air about her you knew right away what class she came from, I thought as I looked at her over the rim of my coffee cup. Not only that she was a good screw as well and I bet she will want to be between the sheets tonight.

I was completely rigged out in one men's shop from underwear to suits and trousers; we left with a large bundle being loaded into her car. The clothes that I wore to the shop were now in some waste bin. I was wearing everything new. The style wasn't what I would have chosen but the salesman and Gran seemed to be agreeing, but then some salesmen will agree with anything to make a sale.

Instead of going to my usual fast-food outlet we went to a restaurant where we had to wait ages between courses and listen to all the chatter of the predominantly women customers around us. "Get used to this and them, they are the women who you will be mixing with, so get yourself comfortable being among them. If you don't know it they all have been eyeing you up and down. I bet you one of them will be over to speak to me soon, then if you pass inspection the word will spread like wildfire there is a new man around. If one comes over stand," she whispered this while leaning forward. The smell of her perfume and closeness caused a sudden reactive response from Junior.

She was spot on, a neatly dressed woman of middle age wearing a hat, which I only thought they wore to a racetrack came over to the table. I stood up and she looked at me just briefly, smiled and turned to Gran "Oh Granette, I haven't seen you for quite a while, how is your mother, I hope she's improving?"

"Yes, isn't it wonderful I was round last night and she managed to stand and walk a few steps. Marco here gave her a massage and that seemed to have done her the world of good," Gran said smiling to the woman.

"I must go round and see her then, it's been nice to speak with you," she said shaking her hand then turning to me. "I'll have to get a massage from you myself if you've helped Grace," she said smiling still. She turned and returned to the table from where she came and then the four all bent into the table, obviously getting the news from the woman.

"That was Beatrice, remember her, she is the powerhouse in her faction, I think you have made an impression with her."

"How could I, I never said a thing?"

"That's it, she looked at you and smiled and then even spoke to you when she left. If she had not done so it would have shown she had ignored you and that would have been it, as far as her lot were concerned."

"Are they that cliquish?"

"You bet they are, but you have passed with flying colours, look over and you will see they all have had a look at you and smiled. Every one of them I can tell you, will drop their knickers, if you asked."

"I think you are only guessing, how could you know what they would do."

"Once you get to know this group, you will soon understand, for now just look and don't touch. Anyway I want a bit of loving first," she said then let out a loud laugh.

"What did you laugh so loud for?"

"It lets them know we are friends and that I consider you one of our group. Oh you have a lot to learn about society people."

After lunch we returned not to my apartment but to her house. "Bring your things in, you will be staying here for a couple of days at least," she threw over her shoulder as she opened her door and left me to follow. Once everything was inside she led me to a bedroom. "This is yours for now, I want the keys of your apartment, someone is coming to collect them."

I handed the keys over, "Why am I giving you my keys?"

"I'm having a few changes done for you. I talked with a friend when you were in the tailors and she is doing a rush job for me. That's all you need to know for the moment."

Now I was being ordered around like a pupil by his teacher. Well in a way she was, for I was ignorant of the way to conduct myself within her group, but some of the women I saw even at the table where the woman came from were delightful.

She then came back in, "I forgot; your car keys, all of them." Like a lamb I handed them over. Now she had access to all the possessions I had in this world, which wasn't really very much.

I thought, or was it I hoped to get into bed with her that night, but I was disappointed. I got a good-night kiss and a lovely handful of her naked breast but that was all. In fact I appreciated the rest, for lately if they had conducted the survey of the number of times one had sex in a week I would have raised the national average by my actions alone. So maybe it was a good thing I had the night to myself.

I wasn't allowed to sleep late, at seven Gran came into my room (this woman never knocks) and gave me a shake. "Get up lazy bones we have a lot to do today." I reluctantly got up and performed my usual morning clean up and when I entered her dining room she was waiting for me fully dressed and looking as though she had stepped out of a fashion magazine.

"This afternoon we are going to a gathering. This is going to be your big trial. You will be under the closest scrutiny you have ever undergone, mother thought you had better be dropped into the deep-end from the start, I spoke to her last night after you retired."

"Will Grace and you be there?"

"We will, the woman who is holding the gathering is looking for a young man who is discreet and satisfy her itch, as she called it. She confided to Grace and Grace said she knew just the man who could help her — you. You are sure to recognise her for she is always having her face spread all over the papers and TV, but please don't let that put you off. Treat her as you did me and you will be all right. Of course she may not approve of you and you will never even know. On the other hand if she does come over and speaks to you, then you have been accepted and then it's up to the pair of you."

"What if someone else talks to me how will I know who you mean?"

"I told you she was giving the party if you want to call it or a lunch-party, she calls it a gathering, but I will point her out to you when we arrive. If she accepts you then you have no further worries, I will have become obsolescent, for you'll be taken into their womb. That is appropriate, and you can then have the pick of any of them that hang around with her. Also Carmen's faction will be clamouring as well."

"Who the hell is Carmen and you will never be obsolete to me"

"She is one of the women who was at the restaurant with Beatrice. Also I'm glad you think that of me, but we will see."

I pulled her towards me when she stood up and she lifted her dress and sat on my knees facing me.

"You like sitting like that; I've never met a woman who has ever sat with me like this voluntary."

"Its very comfortable, but of course I only sit like this on very special people."

I slipped my hand up her dress and cupped her mound, which felt lovely and warm.

"Of course it makes it easier for you to do what you are doing. Oh, don't take your hand away," she said as I started to do just that. "I like it when you hold me there, but as I told you, once every now and again is all I ask and I will let you know when I feel I need your personal attention. You can do what you are doing any time, as I said, I like it."

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