It Started with a Coach Ride
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Alistair Acorn

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Caught in a cyclone whilst traveling on a coach and saving a woman from the wreckage led to spending days together in a cabin awaiting rescue. To be continued.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Size  


I wish I could have afforded the airfare rather than having to travel the 2000 kilometres by bus. My bottom was sore by having to sit so long in one position. One could only stretch their legs once every three hours when the coach stopped for one to get something to eat and go to the toilet.

For someone with a 6 feet 5 inch frame the seats of a coach are a real squeeze, I had to sit square on. The reason I had to share the seat with someone else, for in the holiday season the coaches were always well booked. My seat companion was an elderly woman of American extraction who was the thinnest person I have ever met. She wore these tight pants which made her look even thinner with her spindly legs and no bottom. Her hearing must be going for when she spoke she almost let the whole coach hear what she was saying and her thick American accent was grating to the nerves. One cannot pick their travel companions on public transport so I had to just grin and bare it.

The cyclone hit us during the night and the rain was falling that heavily the coach was almost crawling. The sounds of the rain beating on the roof was constant and even though this was happening most of the passengers were sound asleep in the dimmed light of the coach interior. Looking out of the side window hypnotised me watching the scant pieces of landscape that was visible from the window pass by.

Suddenly the whole bus was rolling and everything tossed around inside. I had the presence of mind to grab the elderly woman, bend her over my knees and lean over her as the roof crushed on to the seats. The shouts and screams of the injured was all around us, as the rolling stopped then we were back on the wheels again, but now water was slowly rising inside the bus. God I thought we are in a river and if I don't get out of here quick I'm done for.

The window was easy to push out; the difficulty came in turning my body to squeeze out of the shattered window. I was sure clad that I had swapped with the elderly woman and took the aisle seat and gave her the window seat for I would have been trapped. She was moaning on my lap and my penis must have been close to her mouth for I felt her hot breath through my trousers. Even though we were in this life or death situation I was getting a hard-on, maybe it was because of the fear of drowning as well.

I managed to wiggle myself through the window opening now about a third its original size. Once outside my feet could not reach the ground and I was treading water. I reached in through the opening grabbed the woman by the back of her collar and pulled her out of the window, not at all gently. I had no time for gentleness, only to save her life, for now the water was up to the window level. I pushed off from the bus side pulling the woman with me and moved my way to an embankment I saw in front of me. I heard a loud gurgling behind me and when I looked round I saw the bus disappear below the water, it completely vanished.

Struggling, I made it to the bank dragging the woman with me, up the slippery embankment to the top only to find that I had swum to the opposite bank than the one with the road. During this time the sky lit up with lightning flashes and the rain lashing down. Then out of nowhere a rush of water came down as high as the embankments and travelling at a fantastic speed. I saw the coach again being lifted out of the torrent and the last I saw of it, it was rolling parallel to the wave down between the embankments taking it away from the scene of the crash. I could see no-one else either on the opposite side of the river or at this side. Five minutes later and I would never have made it either.

No vehicles were travelling on the road for I could see no lights, I knew that this was a desolate place where towns were hundreds of kilometres apart, but I had to find shelter, to get out of this storm. Now the ground was like quick mire and every step was an effort. I tried to keep to the embankment, but because of trees and boulders I was being driven further away from the river. But I could hear it, boulders rolling and grinding together, because of the force of the river.

The elderly woman was exhausted so it ended me carrying her, her weight was negligible she was that thin and small. Suddenly in front of us set in among trees on a small rise was a hut of some sort and to this I made my way. It was padlocked and there were bars on the two windows. I put the woman down and leant her against the wall. I then looked around for a rock, once I got the rock, I smashed the padlock and the staple flew off. I took her hand and entered the hut, forcing the door shut against the strong wind and beating rain. At least now we were out of the rain. But everything was pitch-black. Only when we had a lightning flash did I catch a glimpse of the inside. There was one bed over in the corner and to this we made our way, groping with my hand in front of me and dragging the woman behind.

On reaching the bed I felt around and discovered a blanket, only the one, so it will have to do. All this time not a word had been said, mostly due to the wind and rain, for it would have been pointless even trying, our voices wouldn't have been heard anyway unless we placed out mouths to the others ears. It was bad enough now but at least we were inside.

"I can't do anything just now but I'm getting out of my wet outer clothes, there is one blanket here, you can do the same and we will share the blanket. When we have light we can assess our situation."

I never waited on her reply but started taking off my outer clothes and place them on a rough table I saw near the bed, spreading them out so they would dry after I wrung them out by hand. Then I lay down on the bed and drew the blanket over me, hoping there were no unwanted visitors lurking between its folds. The woman stood there for a few minutes, pondering what to do, but she too removed her clothing for I heard her remove her clothes then a second later lay down beside me with her back towards me. I wrapped the blanket around her and felt her bare flesh and naturally my hand went over her body and I drew her closer so we could share our body heat.

Still my heart was beating a lot faster than normal as I lay there on the bed with the woman pulled close to my body. I knew she was asleep for now her breathing was slow and regular, but I just couldn't drop off, I lay and watched the lightning light up the hut and I tried to see what was in it. I saw a wood-burning stove over against the wall a couple of chairs and a hurricane lamp hanging from a hook on the wall, but nothing much else. I would have to wait until the light was better. I looked at my watch and it was five thirty and it should have been light by now, so that meant the storm was still overhead.

I must have dropped off for the next I felt was this hand on my penis holding it away from the woman's bottom. God I must have had my usual morning hard-on and slipped between the cheeks of her arse.

"I'm sorry lady, it was purely unintentional," I stammered.

"You must make the young women very happy with that tool of yours, God I wish I was a lot younger," she said with a sigh.

By this time the light was enough to see the contents of the hut, so I got up and felt my trousers which were still wet, at least my underwear was dry now. The fire was all set with kindling, there was a large box of matches on a shelf above the fire, so I lit it and it soon caught. By the door was an old milk churn and when I took the top off I saw there was a little water in the bottom, so this must be where the occupants stored their water, inside. There was a kettle by the fire but it was empty. On the shelf was a jar of coffee, half full and two large tins of baked beans, they were the large caterers size so we had at least something to eat and drink.

Soon the fire took and I moved one of the chairs closer to the fire and hung my trousers over it so the heat of the fire would dry them. It was then I saw the woman getting out of bed, she was wearing bras and pants but her body was like a walking skeleton. Her breasts were non-existent and her hips were very small, not womanly at all. She looked about seventy years old.

"Drag a chair over here and get your clothes dry before we do anything else," I said.

"Yes, that is an excellent idea, how long do you think we'll be staying here? Oh by the way I'm Margo and I have to thank you for dragging me out of the wreckage, I owe my life to your quick thinking."

"Marco, that is my name, only one letter different - and it was nothing, but I think we are the only ones who got out. As for how long we will be here, we aren't going anywhere while this storm lasts, so we could be here for a couple of days yet. Better to sit here and let the rescuers find us."

"What if they don't, what will we do then, God what will my friends be thinking I was off for my 64th birthday party when this happened, I only have two weeks off work." She said more to herself than me.

So she's only sixty, I would have thought her a lot older than that. She must be one of those dieters who live on a cracker biscuit a day and only drink water.

Soon our clothes were dry, a bit creased but dry at least. The wind had swung round and was no longer blowing into the door so I opened it and the roof overhang gave protection from the rain now. Then I saw the water barrel which was overflowing, it was fed from the roof. The rain had not let up and was still pouring. Alongside the outside wall was a neat pile of cut wood for the fire. I took the milk churn and filled it up from the tap on the rain barrel and from it I filled the kettle and put it on the fire. Then I collected a pile of wood and stacked it alongside the fireplace.

"I have found a jar of coffee, Margo I hope you take it black for there is nothing else."

"I drink black coffee all the time, remember I'm an American."

"You don't have to tell me that, open your mouth and one knows right away. Also there is beans do you like beans as well, for that is all you can get?" I said to her with a laugh.

"There is many things that I like that I can't get," she said with a smile.

I may have picked it up wrong, but I was almost certain as she said that her eyes dropped to my crotch, but it was just a quick look. Don't say she wants me to fuck her, she is that thin, my cock is almost as thick as her body is. I've never had such an offer before from a woman except in jest.

All day we sat by the fire and she told me all about her life. How she had a grand-daughter who was a junkie, which tried so many times to give it up, but her boyfriend always got her started again. Things like that, which one doesn't tell strangers. All the while the rain came down and the sound on the tin roof was deafening at times. Yes there were two hurricane lamps, but both were bone-dry. Now the whole hut was lovely and warm and we were thoroughly dry.

Once darkness fell there was only one place to be and that was under the blanket and we agreed on the same arrangements as the previous night. I watched Margo strip down to her bra and panties and I couldn't keep my eyes off the width of her crotch. She had the widest crotch I had ever seen and I think this was because of the fact her legs were that thin and she had no thigh muscles, which accentuated the width between her legs. Eventually she got under the blanket and I dropped off to sleep.

I was woken up by Margo's fidgeting and then I realised that she had removed her panties and bra. I could feel no clothing where my arm was around her body and by dropping my hand slightly couldn't feel the top of her panties, which had been there before. Now she was turning to face me and small as she was she pushed me on to my back, then in one swift motion pulled my underpants down to my knees. Then clasped my now erect penis in her hand. Now I am a big man, extra tall and stocky, also an extremely large penis even for my size and here was this little woman holding it in her hand.

Not only was she holding it in her hand, but now she had moved her right leg over me and placing my purple gorged plumb sized crown between her legs. Once there she just lowered herself down and I felt the heat of her body slowly move down my shaft, as she consumed my massive cock; that was the word that went through my brain at the time. Not only did she take the lot, I slid in on a well lubricated cunt. With my size I must be half up her small body, yet here I was now buried inside her.

"My Marco you are a big man in many ways. Since my husband died I haven't felt such a lovely cock, I would even say you are better than he was."

"God Margo, how does a small woman like you manage to just take my cock so easily?"

"All women can take your cock Margo, don't let any of them say otherwise and you have such a lovely one too."

Now that she was mounted I wasn't going to take her off, but with her still sitting there I reached down and removed my underpants and raised my knees to support her. Now she started raising herself and dropping down driving me even further into her body, I then helped by thrusting as she was falling and the sensation was out of this world. The pace quickened and soon I was spending into her willing body. She sat for a while Just looking at me. I had just the faintest light to see this. Then she lay on my chest and in minutes was sound asleep. She was that light that her weight caused me no discomfort at all, so I left her lying there and that was where she slept all night.

I awoke with her again sitting up; in fact it was her movement of sitting up that woke me. I had my usual early morning, hard-on but this time it was inside her body. Usually after a short time after having sex, my cock just slips out all limp and sticky, but this time it had remained within her warm sheath and had hardened still encased in her moist passage. In fact all night I had been wearing Margo wrapped around my cock, fantastic I thought, who would have believed it.

"My husband used to do the same, he too used to leave it in all night and he said that was the only place it should be. I can see you were surprised, but I love it too," Margo said smiling down at me. Then she started again just where she left off the night before and once again I filled her with my spurting load.

She was reluctant to get off as she sat there encasing my almost limp cock. It was then I noticed her small breasts, they weren't a handful between them just small half lemon sized breasts with small pink aureoles and a nipple of the same colour, they were just like a little girl. Get off she did and I slipped out or should I say plunked out followed by a pool of our mixed secretions. Using an old cloth Margo wiped off the sticky secretion and started dressing. I quickly followed.

Now the rain was easing and I braved it to go outside, where I found a washbasin and soap with a sodden towel on a stand at the side of the hut. I rung the towel out and brought it indoors and dried it beside the fire. Once it was dry I was going to have a quick strip-down wash.

"Margo I have found a washbasin, soap and a towel which needs drying and I'm going to have a wash do you want one as well?"

"Yes I do and I would like to wash my underwear, think I could wash inside here?"

"Yes once I have mine I'll bring the basin inside for you, you can even have hot water for by that time the kettle will have boiled.

Outside I could still hear he water rushing down the river bed and the sound of rocks and boulders being moved by the rushing water which caused the rumbling sound. Usually these rivers recede as quickly as they happen with the easing of the rain. No doubt the weather people will call 'a rain bearing depression now the cyclone has passed we will see the rivers drop once again to a trickle. Until I could hear the rumbling no more we were stuck here. I made a guess and said two to three days.

Everything was soaking wet, the sky was still a dark grey and I couldn't see one blue patch at all, which would mean a change, so I returned to the hut. By this time Margo had washed and I saw her underwear spread on the back of the chair drying.

"So you are bare-arsed under these tights Margo?" I teased.

"Look I'll take them off then I will be totally, but what will you do then big boy, give mama a good fucking?" She replied.

"You still want more even after this morning?"

"Any time big boy, any time," she replied. With that she just wriggled out of her tights and stood there showing her dark love patch and wide crotch.

Stuff it I thought, just as well pass the time fucking Margo, the other alternative was sitting poking at the fire and I would rather be poking her than the fire.

She made no struggle, but when I held her she slipped her hand between us undone my trousers and took hold of my hard penis. I turned her around and bent her over the table and took her from behind grasping her pelvis and pulling her body on to mine. In doing so I lifted her feet right off the ground and the only thing supporting her was her arms on the table and my cock rove up her wet love-nest. It was me now who was doing the thrusting and all I got out of her was, "That's right ram it in hard, as hard as you can, I love it like that."

I had moved back and found that I had her whole weight grasping her by the pelvis and my cock deep within her. She was just like a covering for my cock and I could walk around the room with her so impaled. God it felt great, this was what she wanted and I was thoroughly enjoying myself deeply embedded in her body. It was just like I was masturbating but using her body as a hand, and this was far better than any hand. Again I felt her grasping my penis with her stomach muscles and she seemed to draw my orgasm from me with the action for I shot my load once again into her body. I gently lowered her and as I dropped out she turned and put both arms around my neck. "Marco that was wonderful, you can do that any time you want."

That night was the same as the previous one but this time she sat on my thighs with me inside her. She made her stomach muscles ripple up and down her abdomen, I felt the action on my penis and was the most extraordinary feeling I have ever experienced with a woman. Again we slept with me still within her and it seems to be one of Margo's abilities that I have never came across before and I think it's wonderful. I also believe it's because she is so thin that she moulds perfectly with my body.

The next morning we heard the sound of a helicopter flying around and went outside thinking it was the rescue party. It wasn't it was a small muster helicopter and when the pilot saw us waving he dropped down and landed in the clearing in front of the hut. When we told him what had happened he got on the radio to S.E.S (Search and Emergency Services). "Sorry I can't take you but as you can see the helicopter is only a single-seater. The SES will be here shortly, don't worry about the hut I'll see that its locked up properly again." Then he took of looking for stock which may be in trouble after the storm.

Two hours later, the orange suited SES party arrived and took us to the nearest town. It was here that we found out that they had found the coach all battered, ten kilometres further down the river. The bus only containing ten bodies, five others have been discovered at various points, but the others may either be under tons of rubble or rocks, or have been swept out to sea.

Both of us agreed that it would be pointless carrying on to where we were going for the celebrations we were to attend were now over. So we were taken to the nearest town with an airport and given a free ticket back home.

I had agreed to look Margo up the next day and she gave me the address where she lived.

We parted at the airport and I made my way home only to find a letter stating the company I worked for was in receivership and everyone was laid off. I rented a room and now I hadn't the money to pay the rent so I packed all my things into my utility and drove round to Margo's house. It was a modern large house about 300 squares and inside was as prim and dust free as I have ever seen a home.

"Well you never wasted much time, eager to get between my legs is that it?" She said smiling as she answered the door and waved me in.

"No I got this when I arrived home," I said handing her the letter.

"Great, you can stay with me until you get settled, I won't object at all," she said with her wicked smile.

It wasn't long after the doorbell went and standing there were two well-dressed gentlemen. We are from the Coach Company, and came see if we can talk you out of suing?"

I hadn't even thought about that, but the coach company had and were acting quick time.

"This is Marco he was the one who was on the coach with me and he was the one who saved my life," Margo said pointing to me.

"This will save us time for we were going to call on you next."

Well after half an hour we were happy with what the company was going to give us for not taking up the choice of suing. I dare say we could have got a lot more if we went to court, but then we may have got less. This way both parties were happy and the matter was over.

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