by Cherokee Minx

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Cherokee Minx

Erotica Sex Story: A Young wife is taken surprise in her own home by an unknown assailant while her husband is away on deployment...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   .


The young wife sighed as she came out of the shower and toweled her body dry. She faced another tediously long, lonely, night alone. Her Husband was still on duty over seas, and was not due back home for another month. She had been alone for six months now. She smiled as she dried her body, for she thought of her new husband and the way he had made her feel. She had been virgin the night they married, and her experienced husband had awakened things in her that had lay sleeping. She touched her body for a moment, remembering his large, strong, hands and the way they felt upon her soft, tender titties. She squeezed them gently as she imagined his lips there, suckling and licking. These thoughts made her pussy tingle and throb so hard that she had to touch it, had to fondle her hungry pussy until she knew she would have to satisfy herself again with her vibrating toy. She knew that when he got home, bliss would be theirs many times.

She slipped on one of Jim's big old T-shirt that she loved to sleep in, it was large and comfortable on her small frame. She wrapped a towel around her long silky hair, and headed out towards the kitchen for some milk. She was still musing about her husband as she walked. She heard their kitten mewl, and chuckled to see him standing there. She bent down to pat and scratch him in the semi-darkness of the hallway. It then dawned on her that he had been in the garage, how had he gotten into the house... ?

Suddenly, something large and strong slammed into her from behind in the darkness. The intruder pinned her up against the cold wall, and held her captive. It took her by surprise, and she cried out in fear. Hands rough and strong pinned her small slim ones up above her head, making her slightly off balance. His weight held her tight against the wall, his body pressed lewdly up against hers. His breathing was hard and excited, and she whimpered in terror. His right hand ran the length of her body to clutch her virgin ass in his hands, and she heard a hoarse growl in her right ear.

"Don't move." Her fear and shock held her paralyzed.

She panted in fear as her face lay flat against the wall, the towel had slipped down over her eyes, so she could not see who this man was. She shivered from the panic in her heart, and from the coldness of the wall.

"Please... please, don't hurt me" she whimpered.

All she received was an evil small chuckle, and this frightened her even more. Without one bit of warning, Jim's shirt was methodically ripped brutally down the back, exposing her naked form to him. She yelped out in abject terror as He roughly fondled her titties with one hand, as his other held her tightly.

He ground his groin against her ass once more, and slapped his hand against the naked skin there. The sound was incredibly loud in the small hallway. She could feel his hard cock against her naked ass. She was gripped by the back of her towel and shoved towards the bedroom, and she groaned inside. Oh dear God, this man is going to rape me in my own bed!

She still couldn't see, but knew the direction they were headed in. This man pushed her through the door, and they stopped in front of she and Jim's bed. The remainder of Jim's shirt was ripped from off of her body. She was roughly shoved down on it, and she cried out in fear once more. For her efforts, she received a hard slap to her ass cheeks and heard his hiss, "Shut up"

She was pushed down on her stomach, his knee in the middle of her back holding her fast. Her hands were tied to the ornate headboard with the ruined T-shirt, so she could not pull out of it, and she was hauled up to her elbows and knees. She was crying silently as the man's hands touched all of her private areas, without any regard for her thoughts on it.

His hands reached under her to pinch and tease her pert young titties, and his fingers sought out her tight pussy. He rubbed her pussy, cupping the hairy thatch there, and grinding the heel of his hand against her clit. She sucked in air through her teeth, and bit off a cry of fear and frustration. "No, please. We have money, I'll give you money, just please don't do that. Please."

She heard the laughing reply, "I don't want your money Girl. I want this pussy, and nothing you can say or do is going to stop me from taking it"

The towel was roughly yanked off, and before she could do anything, one of Jim's bandana's were wrapped around her head and secured over her eyes. This frightened her immensely. He came back down behind her and ran his hands over her beautiful little ass. She tried to be strong, and not think about what she knew he was going to do to her. He rubbed her ass for a moment, then a hard slap came down on her tight ass. She yelped out in surprise and a tiny bit of pain. Before she had time to do much more, she felt his tongue running over the place where his hands had struck.

Oh my God, she whispered into the pillow on their bed. His tongue lapped the stinging flesh there, and felt hot on her skin. She cried out in revulsion as he thrust his tongue deep into her tight virgin ass! He growled roughly and speared her ass over and over again. Part of her mind thought this was a vile act, while the other half loved it. She shivered as it dipped again into her tight hole, and she felt the man's fingers probing her pussy as his tongue reamed her asshole.

He moved down and he slurped her pussy from ass to clit, and she bit the material of the pillow to keep from screaming. Her Jim had done this the night before he left, and she had cum so very hard.

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