Enduring Lust
Chapter 9

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Stephanie Jones

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 9 - A sequel to Unexpected Lust

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Lesbian  


The week passed rapidly, and it was Friday evening. Katelyn had put the children to bed early, with help from Hayley, and the house was quiet. Hayley had gone into her bedroom after tucking in the twins, and now she came out dressed in a sheer, white teddy, matching thigh-high stockings and high white pumps. The iridescent material framed her shaved pubic mound, and her large breasts were straining against the teddy, her nipples pink and full. Katelyn, still wearing a khaki skirt and white knit top, stopped on her way into her room and stared at her sexy lover. She felt her pink, silky panties getting wet just from the sight of Hayley's sexy body.

"Get over here," she demanded, grasping Hayley after she clacked over in the high heels and pressing her hard against the wall. Katelyn's mouth sought Hayley's, and they kissed feverishly until Katelyn lowered her head and licked a wet path down Hayley's slim neck, over her collar bone and then between her breasts. She grabbed a hard nipple in her mouth, sucking it and biting it through the sheer fabric and then doing the same to the other.

With Hayley still pressed against the wall, Katelyn dropped to her knees and licked Hayley's stomach through the sheer, white teddy until she got to her pubic mound. Katelyn licked it all over, wetting the material and then began to suck on the little pink clit which was swollen and ready for Katelyn's mouth.

"Ohhhh," Hayley moaned, grasping Katelyn's dark curly hair in her hands. Katelyn sucked on the pink clit with relish until the fabric was saturated with her saliva and Hayley's juices.

Then she got up and pulled Hayley into the master bedroom, closing the door behind them. Katelyn took off her clothes rapidly, finally tossing her bra and panties across the room. She pushed Hayley to the floor and picked up one foot in the sexy, high-heeled pump and licked the foot all around the shoe before working her way up the ankle and then licking Hayley's well-defined calf. Katelyn then traced her tongue up the little blonde's leg, tickling Hayley behind the knee and enjoying the feel of the stocking against her tongue. She dragged her tongue over to Hayley's kneecap and listened to the sexy girl moan as she began to lick up her thigh. She flicked her tongue rapidly to the inner thigh and sucked on the bare flesh above the stocking and traced her fingernail under the leg opening of the teddy.

"Oh, God, Katelyn, that feels so good," Hayley cried. "Suck me through the material again. I need to cum."

Katelyn obliged her lover by burrowing her face in the soaking fabric and licking and sucking the dripping pussy, forcing the sheer fabric into the wet groove as she worked on her lover. She then stuck two fingers deeply into the dripping hole and sucked the swollen clit and it's covering of white material into her mouth while she slid her fingers in and out, trailing them down to Hayley's little anus and working them in and then back up to the other hole.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" Hayley screamed and her whole body went into forceful convulsions as she climaxed beneath the sexy, naked brunette.

Katelyn continued to work on Hayley in exactly the same way until she climaxed powerfully twice more. When she had sufficiently recovered, she rose to her knees and grabbed Katelyn, pressing against her and kissing her wildly while she cupped and kneaded her lover's pointy breasts. Katelyn's plum-colored nipples were so hard they ached, and she let out a sigh of relief when Hayley bent her head and sucked one and then closed her mouth over the other while pinching the first one. Hayley stroked her fingers down Katelyn's stomach and tickled her belly button before caressing her pubic mound and then spreading her outer lips. Hayley thrilled at the feeling of Katelyn's juices dripping over her fingers. She pulled back for a moment and placed the dampened fingers to her nose and took a whiff before sexily sucking the juice into her mouth.

Katelyn's heart was beating fast, and as always with Hayley, she was lost to anything else but the private world they shared. The fact that her husband was returning home the next day was far from her conscious thoughts. Hayley began to stroke the wet pussy again, and Katelyn trembled against the probing fingers.

Hayley swirled her tongue in Katelyn's ear and whispered, "I want to eat you and suck out all your juice. Get up on the bed."

Katelyn climbed hurriedly onto the bed while the sexy blonde in high heels followed. They kissed deeply, their tongues swirling together. Hayley got up on her knees and kissed and stroked her way down Katelyn, sucking the hard mauve nipples again and listening to Katelyn moan. She licked and stroked her way down Katelyn's flat abdomen, teasing the flesh with her nails and caressing it with her wet tongue.

Hayley closed her hands around Katelyn's sexy thighs and spread them open. She knelt between Katelyn's legs and blew warm air on the dripping pussy. Katelyn moaned and raised her pubic mound toward Hayley's pretty mouth.

"Okay, Sweetheart," Hayley said huskily. "I'll give you what you crave." And she lowered her mouth onto the wet slit and began to lick and suck it ravenously, dragging her tongue from the clit downward and then back up again. She stuck her tongue in deep and pulled out Katelyn's sweet juice, drinking it down and then licking her moist lips.

"Mmmm, you taste so good, Katelyn," Hayley said as she bent her head for another round of licking and sucking, swallowing her lover's liquid gift joyfully as she continued to stroke the slick flesh with her hungry tongue.

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