Why Didn't I Just...
Chapter 40

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 40 - Jimmy Gordon has spent his life drinking, smoking and making money. Now, his lifestyle has caught up with him and he has no time left. At home, drinking and feeling sorry for himself, he finds the one thing he really needs, a second chance.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Time Travel   Historical   DoOver  


It was June 30th, eleven days before Diane and I were to be married in Salem. Except for me buying my own wedding suit and getting airline tickets for Tiny and Terri, Diane and Florence were handling the rest of the preparations for the wedding. Diane had flown up to Portland the day before, and was planning to be in Salem right up until our wedding day. She had phoned me twice already since she left. I had made reservations for us to have a ten day honeymoon on a small island off the coast of Washington. I had put aside any doubts and jitters, trusting to my feelings about taking this momentous step. I felt ready, and was filled with hope for a long and successful marriage. This lasted right up until I was contacted by a voice from my recent past.

Jimmy, this is Hal. I've hesitated to disturb things before now. With the way you are thinking about this marriage, I cannot continue remaining silent about some information I've recently learned.

<Hal, before you say anything, I don't want to know anything about any event that might have taken place in Diane's past. I love her enough, nothing she might have done will ever change that. Don't tell me anything like that, okay?>

It isn't anything about Diane, Jimmy. This concerns you, your past. We were reconstructing all of the information recovered from the guardian that you called 'the voice', attempting to determine where certain recovered properties should be returned. We discovered a hidden cache of visual and audio deceptions and untruths that entity used in an effort to control both your state of mind, and your actions. It was primarily through these methods that he insured your willing cooperation with his plans.

<Yes, I knew some of that, or I suspected afterwards, he was manipulating me with misdirection and lies. I recently found out he had altered Connie in order to ensure that I would be drawn to her. Once, he pretended he was preparing to kill me when I refused to follow his rules. Later, he claimed it was only a sham, and he never intended to let me die like that.>

There is more, Jimmy, much more, I'm afraid. The most important deceit we've found concerns Carolyn. She is alive, Jimmy.

<That can't be true. I saw her die.>

You saw an altered presentation that purported to depict her death. Had you acceded to that entity's offer to show Carolyn being intimate with her cousin, he had prepared a similar forgery to display to you. A display which would have fraudulently depicted exactly what he was then representing to you. He wanted you to be willing to relocate to California. Carolyn remained an obstacle to his goal. I assure you Jimmy, the young woman is alive, and is residing at this moment in North Carolina. If you wish it, I can show her to you whenever you care to have a look.

<Hal, why now? I'm in love with another woman. For almost two years now, Carolyn's death has been a reality I've lived with. Why bring this to my attention now, when I'm to be married in less than two weeks?>

We only uncovered this information a short while ago, Jimmy. Less than one of your day's ago. I was assigned to contact you about it less than one hour ago. I did hesitate to tell you of this, primarily because you are on the verge of marriage. I have witnessed your profound grief for this young woman, the entire time believing, as you did, that her death was a fact. I understand the depth of feeling you had for her. The decision of whether or not to make you aware of this new discovery wasn't mine to make. It isn't guardian policy to withhold another guardian's treachery from you. Informing you of the deception was thought by the chambers of decision to result in the lesser harm to you in this instance. You were wronged by this entity, the chambers of decision is charged with the task of rectifying any damage done to you.

<Hal, I really can't deal with any of this right at this moment. I'm going to need time to think about what you've just told me. I need to find out where all of this leaves me. I'm happy she's alive. More than that, I'm overjoyed, for her sake, and her family's. I can't know yet what it might mean to any of my present plans. Can you let me have a day to be by myself to think?>

Jimmy, you may take as long as you wish. In fact, having told you, no further action will be required. I will await your future contact so we might discuss our reparations to you for any suffering that deceit has subjected you to.

I was faced with a tremendous contradiction. I was very happy to learn that I had been deceived, and that Carolyn was still alive. On the other hand, all of my plans for the rest of my life were thrown up in the air because of this news. It wasn't anything I could have anticipated, but it's impact would be felt by everyone close to me. I didn't want to fuck this up. Surprisingly, my fears extended beyond myself. I first thought about Diane, about how much she had come to mean to me, how much I loved her. Even the passing thought that she could easily be hurt by this, tore at my insides. I had to do something to try to prevent her being hurt.


Yes, Jimmy?

<I need to establish a three way link with Diane, myself and you. I need to be able to speak with her first, then I want you to play back the conversation you just had with me. I want her to be able to see and hear everything that passed through my mind. Every reaction. I don't want to take any chance on her believing I withheld any part of this from her. I don't know what's going to happen, but I know I want Diane with me so we can both share whatever happens.>

Jimmy, to do exactly what you wish is possible. There is an alternative option which might be preferable for you both. May I suggest it?

<Sure, go ahead.>

I can bring you both here, which makes what you desire far easier to accomplish. It has the added advantage that no time will pass where you now are. Also, it is an environment where you won't have any distractions or new variables to deal with. Often, in situations like this, emotions can come into the equation and skew rational responses. If that occurs here, it would be easier for both of you to deal with it.

<Won't it freak her out?>

I believe the fact that you would be present should mitigate or nullify those concerns. Seeing you will be a happy surprise for her.

<Yes, probably at first at least. All right, let's try that. How soon can you>

I was in the same kind of room as before, the one where the walls seemed to provide the light for the room. It was instantaneous to me.

I'm going to bring Diane in just a moment, Jimmy. Are you prepared sufficiently for her arrival?

<No. I want to think about exactly how I'm going to present this to her. Jesus, I know this is selfish of me, but it really couldn't have come up at a worse time for me.>

Had I waited to inform you at a later date, that might have been a worse time. I've watched you change, Jimmy. I see the different way your mind is working now. Events have altered you. Given a choice, you would want to be informed sooner rather than later. You need to believe in this course that you've decided upon. It is consistent with the man you've become.

<I'm ready now, please bring Diane to me.>

First she registered the happy surprise at suddenly being with me. Her happiness next turned to confusion, then fear, and finally, panic. I reached out and pulled her close to me, trying, with my closeness to protect her from her anxieties.

"Hello baby. Try not to worry. I need to see you, to be with you, right away. Something has come up that we need to both talk about, to understand, and then, to deal with. I want you right here with me while we sort it all out. When we're finished doing that, we'll both go right back to the same place and time as we left." I kissed her then, trying to give myself some reassurance that my life wasn't about to get turned inside out again. To me, this woman was the most precious person in my life. Her happiness was at least as important to me as my own was. "Instead of telling you about what has happened, I'm going to have Hal, one of my friends, and a guardian, play you another movie. When it's finished we can talk about it. Are you ready?"

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