Why Didn't I Just...
Chapter 14

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 14 - Jimmy Gordon has spent his life drinking, smoking and making money. Now, his lifestyle has caught up with him and he has no time left. At home, drinking and feeling sorry for himself, he finds the one thing he really needs, a second chance.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Time Travel   Historical   DoOver  


Tiny had already left for work when I got up on Thursday morning. When I'd gone to bed, at eleven, Terri and Tiny still hadn't gotten back from fishing off the rocks. I got up and cleaned myself, putting on fresh clothes. I tried to put my dirty clothes in my laundry bag, but it was missing. I went out in the kitchen and Terri was putting the finishing touches on a big plate of eggs and bacon, with buttered toast.

"Terri, did you see my laundry bag anywhere?"

"I'm doing your wash now, Jimmy. It will all be ready for you when you come home tonight."

"You don't need to be doing my laundry, Terri, that's not right."

"Jimmy. I know how much you've been doing for us. I really want to try to pay you back, at least a little bit. Let me do the things that I can to show how much we appreciate your help." I didn't know what to say to her, so I said nothing. "I caught the two biggest fish last night. We didn't get home until after one. Tiny didn't want to leave until after he caught at least one as big as my two. We had a lot of fun, thank you for that too, Jimmy. Tiny and I talked together more last night than, well, ever since I can remember. He really does like to fish."

"Well, it's a good thing that the two of you found something else that you can both do together."

"You mean besides argue over money?"

"Something that you both enjoy. Money isn't the best reason to be arguing. My parents argue all of the time. I think that they both must like it, they sure do enough of it."

"It usually happens because both people see things differently. It's hard for me to see things the same way that Tiny sees them. His father was a bully, he told me that last night. I'd never known that before, because his father was very sick, and died soon after Tiny and I got together. Tiny thinks that that's part of the reason that he doesn't stand up for himself more than he does, because he doesn't want to be seen as bullying people."

"My dad can be a bully sometimes, but, he'll do anything for a friend. People who just meet him for the first time, they don't see that part of him, the loyal friend part. My mother pointed that out to me, right before I flew out here. After she mentioned it, I could see that she was right about him. Plus, she told me that he's hardest on himself, and I can see that now too."

"I think your dad is a big softie. He never once ever said a mean word to me."

"Probably because he was hoping to get in your panties."

"Jimmy, that's a terrible thing for you to say. Your dad is a big flirt though. I can see that it drives your mother crazy too. If Tiny was like that, I'd bounce a frying pan off of his head. I've always liked both of your parents. I'm so glad that they're coming out here. Tiny wanted me to ask you if you thought that he and I should take the boat out this weekend, to make sure that everything is okay before your dad gets out here? He just wants to go fishing in it, but so do I, can we?"

"Sure. That's a good idea, take it out for a test run. I sure have no objections."

"What are you doing today? You always seem to have so much to do, everyday."

"Today, I'm heading out towards Riverside or Chino. I want to look at what's been happening out there. I might go over to Huntington Beach later to take my girlfriend out to dinner."

"You have a girlfriend already?"

"I do. Her name is Donna, and she's a nice girl. I'll probably bring her by soon so that she can meet you and Tiny."

"You give me some advance warning, I'd like to meet her, and I'm sure Tiny would too, I'll make a nice dinner and we can sit down and get to know her after."

"Oh, I already know her."

"You know what I meant." I got up and put my empty plate in the sink, and rinsed the egg yolk off of it. I went and got my keys and wallet and went out the front door, waving goodbye to Terri as I left. I wanted to go over to the college to pick up a couple of the required reading books for Finance.

Jimmy, have you thought about Connie any more?

<Don't you already know the answer to that question?>

I'd like you to meet her today, just for a few minutes, so that you'll have a better idea of how she really is.

<Would you expect me to talk to her, or just to see her in the flesh?>

I said meet her. You could talk to her a little, just so the ice is broken between you two in case you do decide to help her later.

<Is it just me, or are you really pushing me to do this for you?>

Suppose I gave you permission to have intercourse with her? I've been thinking, and, perhaps, a single indiscretion wouldn't be too much for her to confess to. It wouldn't be as bad as what happened the last time.

<All right, I'll bite. Exactly what happened that you're trying to avoid this time? If I knew, maybe I'd be more inclined to cooperate.>

It would be a lot easier if I showed you, Jimmy. It wasn't her fault. He got her drunk and then they all took advantage. It was only that one time.

<I'm not sure that I want to see something like what your talking about. I can see where having one guy to confess to would be better than that though.>

Will you meet her?

<If that's what you want. Once I meet her, you'll leave me alone to make my own decision about her though?>

The more time that passes, the harder it will be for me to prevent the rest of it from happening if you decide to not do it.

<Can't you fast forward to see if I do or not?>

I cringe sometimes at your ignorance.

<Does that mean that you can't?>

If you haven't decided whether you'll do it or not, how can I see if you did?

<This is giving me a headache. Show me your movie and I'll decide right now.> For the next period of time, the whole thing played out in my mind. It was a party, and someone had spiked the punch. Several girls were taken advantage of, to one degree or another, but it was Connie's date who kept her at the party after the others had left, and shared her with four other boys. For the most part, Connie was passed out through the entire ordeal. It was after the party, in school, when the boys all bragged about what they had done to her. She knew that she had been violated, but remembered nothing about the specifics. As the story got told, it got bigger, and they made it seem like Connie had been an active and willing participant. She decided not to tell her husband the story, years later, until the night of their wedding. A big mistake. He took it poorly, throwing it back in her face for many years after. I doubt the whole display took more than a few seconds, but it was like watching a two hour movie. <I'll do it. Nobody should have to go through what she did. I'll try not to seduce her, but I'm not promising anything.>

Jimmy, there are times when I wonder how you managed to screw up your other life so badly. You have an inherent goodness, and a high degree of empathy for others.

The voice told me where to go so that I could "accidently" run into Connie. When I had parked, and gone into the hardware store where she was working for the summer, I recognized her right away. It was an Uncle's store, and she was minding the cash register for him. She wasn't any beauty. Clean cut is pretty much how I'd describe her. She was about five four or five, had shoulder length brown hair and breasts that seemed about right for her height and body build. Her figure was decent, but not exceptional for a seventeen year old. Still, there was that spirit, or charisma, whatever you call it, that drew people to her. You just wanted to get to know her. I can't explain it. Some people have it, some more than others. Connie had a lot more than her fair share. I don't know if what she had worked on everyone, but it sure worked on me. I hadn't even said hello yet, but I was already smitten with her.

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