Why Didn't I Just...
Chapter 11

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 11 - Jimmy Gordon has spent his life drinking, smoking and making money. Now, his lifestyle has caught up with him and he has no time left. At home, drinking and feeling sorry for himself, he finds the one thing he really needs, a second chance.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Time Travel   Historical   DoOver  


Donna woke up about fifteen minutes after I had. She seemed less sure of herself around me, at least until I told her how wonderful it had been for me. We were talking and touching and just being happy about being together. She had gotten up until she was laying right on top of me.

"Are you going to feed me now? You made me all hungry." Since she was already laying on top of me, I took advantage of it by putting my hands so that they were each cupping one of her ass cheeks.

"What do you want to do? Make love again, and then leave and go get something to eat, or get dressed and go get something, and then come back and make love?"

"What time is it?"

"It's only two o'clock, we didn't sleep that long."

"Can we do it again, then go out to eat, and still come back and do it again?"

"We can try. Is that what you have gotten used to? It might kill me if I have to maintain a three times a day schedule."

"I just thought that you'd want to, since you already paid for the room. We may as well get your money's worth out of it."

"Donna, you shouldn't worry so much about the money. What we already did was worth far more to me than the cost of the room. Why don't we take a shower together, and then go out and find a nice restaurant? Afterwards, we can come back here and see if we can do as well as we did the first time."

We went in and took a shower. It was a long shower, and we both got a little carried away when we were soaping each other for such a long time. After we were nice and clean, and we had toweled each other off, we somehow wound up back on the bed, and I had my face buried between her legs. I really had to work hard to convince her that it was all right for me to do that to her. She told me that she'd never had it done to her, and that she had never done that to a guy. I was surprised at that, because the voice had hinted at least that she had been promiscuous since she was thirteen years old. Surely, one of her partners would have introduced her to the joys of oral sex?

When I finally got myself situated, and was getting really well started on eating her, she was all tensed up and uncomfortable. I'd told her to relax, but it wasn't doing any good. She seemed to have a big hang up about oral, for some reason. I decided that if I quit, she might never let me have another opportunity to show her how good it can be. I continued light kisses on and around her pussy, hoping that this would seem less of a threat to her. It took me a good long while before I felt her relaxing, and allowing her muscles to unclench. With one of my hands, I started lightly stroking and moving my fingers around her pussy, while, at the same time, I was kissing her thighs and her outer pussy lips.

I could see her pussy starting to open, and bloom with color as the blood rushed down to her there. Sometime, and I'm not exactly sure when, we crossed that divide that separates tolerate from desire. Her hips took on a slight, sensual movement, and she stopped withdrawing from each new point of contact. Instead of withdrawing now, she began pressing herself forward slightly, trying to get even more contact and stimulation from me. By the time she started rubbing my hair and caressing my ears, I knew that I had made a new convert. I brought her to an orgasm, withdrew my lips from her, and allowed her to come back down, and then, quickly, I brought her back up beyond where I'd taken her before.

I wanted her to experience something that she would remember, so I worked carefully, and she started to give off signs of greater arousal. Using both my fingers and my tongue, I attacked her pussy, sucking in her clit and thrumming it as I tapped on her G spot and blew on her mons to create any type of vibration to stimulate her further. She let go with a vengeance, screaming and thrashing, and squirting out copious amounts of her juices on my hand and fingers. She was having pulsating contractions all up inside her, as she forced out all that she could.

When I moved up over her, and tried to mount her, she tried, at first, to push me away. She then realized that I wanted to be inside her, and she pulled me back to her and gasped as I plunged into her, as deeply as I could, in a single thrust. She came again soon after, as did I. She was crying, and charged with emotional energy when we just lay there afterwards. I was on top, and both of her arms were squeezing me tightly to her. She was shaking for some reason, and I was starting to get worried that I'd done too much, or taken her past some limit that she had. Each time I tried to get off of her though, she just tightened her hold on me and brought me back. We stayed locked like that for another ten minutes or so. In increments, she slowed down her shaking and shuddering, until finally, she sighed and released her hold on me altogether. I carefully lifted up and rolled off of her.

"Now we have to shower all over again." When she said it, I laughed.

"At least this time, we'll know better than to get each other worked up again. If I don't get something to eat, Donna, I'm going to turn into a cannibal."

"You already are. That was so embarrassing to me at first, but then I just stopped caring any more. I had no idea, Jimmy. I've heard people talking about guys doing that to girls, and I've been asked lots of times about doing it to a guy, but I wouldn't ever do it. I'd do it with you though. If you do it to me, that's only fair. I couldn't take too much of that though, what you did to me. It's just too much."

"But, you did like it, once you relaxed, right?"

"Do you even have to ask me? That was incredible. It was too much all at once. I almost had to crawl right out of my skin from it all."

"Let's get a quick rinse and go eat something. I could use a thick steak and some fries."

"I'd like some shrimp if they have it. Maybe some spaghetti if they don't have any shrimp. And a dessert. I hope they have chocolate cake, that's my favorite."

We rinsed off and got dressed. It took us awhile to find a restaurant that featured steaks and had shrimp, but we found one and had a great dinner. After we ate, we went back to the room, but all we did was cuddle and talk some more on the bed. At eight, we checked out of the room and I drove Donna home. I drove her right up to her house. It was an old house, very small, in a neighborhood that looked pretty rundown for Orange County. I just stopped and dropped her off without any kiss or anything. She had told me that she didn't want anyone from her neighborhood telling Danny stories before she had a chance to break up with him in person. I told her that I had classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday that week, and that I'd be expecting to hear from my parents sometime towards the end of the week. I gave her Tiny's phone number, and told her to call me in the evenings, after seven. She didn't have a phone at her house, and would have to use someone else's phone to call me.

<That went better than I expected. I'm going to have to be careful not to fall too hard for her.>

It went perfect. I couldn't have hoped for anything better. There's no way that she'd ever consider going back with that jerk now. You don't have to be with her every day, Jimmy, but you do need to stay in close contact. Talk to her on the phone, and take her out a couple of times a week. Treat her nice. This is pretty new to her, and it will take her some time to get used to being treated well.

<I'll see her again on Thursday, maybe take her to dinner and a movie. Do you think she could go away for the weekend with me somewhere, if my parents don't get here by then?>

She can get away if she says that she is staying with a girl friend. She's done that before, when she wanted to spend some time with a boyfriend. If you head up the coast towards Santa Barbara, I know where there is a lot of money that you can find. If you found it with Donna, maybe you could share some of it with her so that she could go out and buy some new clothes?

<Tell me where the money came from.>

It was hidden by a man, but he died without telling anyone where it was. He had saved that money for a number of years.

<How much is it?>

Nineteen thousand and change, but I've got a need for you to send some of it to two different places for me. This would save me a lot of time later too, if you would do that.

<Send it where, and how much?>

Four thousand to the Red Cross in Jupiter, Florida, anonymously, and seven thousand to a small, private mission program in Los Angeles. You'll need to deliver that in person, to Paul Frenchak. I'll tell you more about that when you have the money.

<We can split the rest?>

I was thinking more like three hundred dollars for Donna for clothes. She'd have a hard time explaining more money than that. You can spend a lot of it on her, taking her places and doing things with her. We can always get more money if you need it.

<What am I supposed to tell my parents about all of this money that I suddenly have? They are going to ask me questions about it.>

Jimmy, they won't think anything is out of the ordinary with you having money. Unless you want to make something up for them, we can just keep them from wondering about it.

<Can we fix it so that I get them to buy the house in Fullerton for me, and they can live in it free? I'll give them the money for the payments and everything.>

It might be better if they open an account that you keep making deposits into, and they buy the house. I can fix it so that they never think about where they got the money from either. Your parents owned two homes in your first time through, and both of them took a lot of pride in being home owners, rather than just renters. You might not want to take that away from them.

<Your way is better. They will end up leaving me everything anyway. Whatever you can do to make it better for them, that's what I want.>

Your mother is cutting back on her smoking even on the trip out to here. She's telling your father that the smoke is making her throat sore, and that's why she isn't smoking as much. When you get to Tiny's, there's going to be a small problem. Terri told him about the money that you gave her. They are fighting about her taking it from you right now.

<What should I do?>

I'd tell Tiny that it was your money, and he has no right to tell you what you can and can't do with it. Terri already wrote out the checks and took them to a mail box. He just needs to realize that it is a done deal. Maybe if you could think of some way that he could repay you with labor or something. He likes to do yard work and gardening, and your mother and father don't. Maybe you can hire him to come over on Saturdays and work the money off that way after your parents buy their house. The extra activity might help keep Tiny in shape longer too. He gets along great with both your parents too. They were good friends before, and this would give them another excuse to get together.

<That sounds good, I'll try it.>

When I got to Tiny's, he and Terri were really going at it. They both got quiet when I walked in the door. They were arguing long distance, Tiny was in the living room, and Terri was in the kitchen. I'd heard the two of them as soon as I turned the corner onto their block.

"Don't stop fighting just because I'm here. All of the neighbors are dying to find out what you guys are going to say next. Hey Tiny, I guess Terri told you about the money, right?" He looked at me, ready to take his anger directly to the source of it. I held up my hand in the universal sign language for stop. "Look, what's done is done. It wasn't like it was some kind of charity I was giving you. You're going to have to work off every penny of that money. I paid you in advance just because I knew that you could use the money now. Before you're done, you'll wish that I'd paid you more."

"What do you mean? What work? Terri said you gave her the money."

"I did, it's a gift, but it has some strings attached to it. I knew that you wouldn't just take my money, Tiny. My mom and dad are coming, and my dad is going to need some help with the new house that they're buying. Both my parents hate yard work, and I'm going to be too busy with school and making my own money to help them with it. You seem to enjoy that sort of thing, and the house I'm looking at has over two acres of yard to take care of. I figured that you could help them out eight hours a week with their yard. On a day when you weren't working at your job. I figured that twenty five bucks a day, taken right off of your debt should cover it. We'd give you the money for anything you needed to buy to take care of the yard, like hoses and mowers and lawn fertilizer. Whatever you need. My mom loves roses too, so you'd have to put in a lot of roses, and other shrubs and flowers for her."

"I can't take that kind of money from your parents for helping them with their lawn."

"Tiny, you'd be taking it from me, not them. I can make a lot more than twenty five dollars a day just going around looking for things to buy and sell. Besides, I know my dad wants to buy a small fishing boat, and you and him both love fishing. He's going to need help picking out a good boat. He knows nothing about what he'd need, and you know a lot about boats. You'd be doing all of us a favor if you just accepted this deal. It isn't like you don't have the time."

"I didn't know he wanted to buy a boat. How big?"

"That's why he needs you to help him. How big do you think the two of you would need? Something that fits on a trailer and could be towed with a regular car."

"I know where there's some good deals on some small runabouts. We wouldn't need more than a fourteen footer for the kind of fishing that we'd be doing around here. We'd need to get a Scott Atwater engine though, with the brass fittings, if we were going in the ocean and the lakes. Salt water corrodes."

"I'm glad that you're already thinking of things like that. It will give you guys a head start for when they get here. I think you should tell Terri that you're sorry for yelling at her. She was only trying to look out for your best interests. Sometimes, a man doesn't appreciate all that a woman does for him. You should let her know that you do appreciate it." I left him and went into my bedroom and shut the door. I didn't learn what was said, but there wasn't any more yelling or fighting that night. The next morning, after Tiny had left for work, I got up, and Terri was warming me up a big plate of lasagna and some garlic bread.

"Thank you, Jimmy, for getting Tiny calmed down last night. I wasn't going to tell him, but I was worried about how mad he'd get if he found out about it, and I hadn't already told him. I don't know how you settled him down so easily. One minute I was afraid he was going to tear the house down, and the next minute he was coming in and apologizing, and then running out to the garage to get his Field and Stream magazines. I never saw him change like that, so quick, from one minute to the next."

"Terri, Tiny is a nice guy. You just need to give him a reason for things, one that makes sense to him, and allows him to feel okay about things. He was just as worried about things as you were. About the money and the bills. You can't just be worried though, you have to do something about it. Sometimes you need to just do something first, and then worry about your pride afterwards. That's what we did with Tiny. We had to find a way that his pride would be okay with taking the money, and we did."

"Today, Tiny was a lot happier about things. I think it's also that your father is coming out here. Tiny doesn't have many friends you know. Is your father really going to buy a fishing boat? Also, how is he going to afford to buy a house with such a big lot? I know that the Navy doesn't pay beans to it's enlisted men, that's why I made Tiny get out."

"My father is secretly wealthy. He just stays in the Navy because he likes boats and free chow. I can't tell you more about it, but I'll just bet you that things improve for you and Tiny after my parents get out here. You know how bossy my father is? He'll have Tiny working full time somewhere before you know it. Tiny listens to him too, not like you and I. You'll see. It's going to be better real soon."

"It already is better. I slept good last night for the first time in a month. Just knowing that I don't have to worry about losing the house, or getting my electric turned off. I can't begin to explain it, but it sure makes a difference." All the time that she was talking, I was digging in to her lasagna. It was different from my mother's, more cheesy, and I liked the sauce on Terri's lasagna better. I wouldn't tell my mom that though.

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