Lap Full of Chicks

by smokey mac pot

Copyright┬ę 2005 by smokey mac pot

Erotica Sex Story: story of a teenage boy with know luck with girls finally swamped vy two he has just met

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   First   .


As I sat in a pool side chair at my friends sixteenth birthday party, I recalled thinking about why hadn't anyone noticed me especially the chicks. I mean i was an okay looking guy, dark brown hair kept pretty short, 5 foot 10 and a half and i had an alright figure, I have to admit i wasn't the most toned guy on the planet, but i was decent.

I had been sitting down for about 10 minutes when a chick my age approached me and sat beside me.

hi she said my name is Danny

I introduced myself as Jimmy and we chatted for a little while. I soon found out everything about Danny, she was about 5 months older than me and it turned out that i was best friends with her cousin. We had a good amount in common as she was really into the punk scene and we exchanged tales of our rebellious nature. As the party became more crowded people began to look for seating. Danny had offered her seat to her friend Cat and they planned to sit on each others laps. Cat told Danny that she could not sit on her lap as her trousers were wet from swimming in the pool.

Being the gentleman i am, i quickly offered my seat to her but she didn't want to hear a word of it. so she sat on my lap, which i didn't really mind at all. We sat like that, her on my lap and me enjoying it for about ten minutes, when for some reason or another Cat whispered into Dannys ear. I did not hear what the girls had conversed about but i was soon to find out.

After a little while Cat turned to Danny and raised her eyebrows as in silent question, I did not understand this but Danny seemed too!. She quickly gave a smile and a little nod and all at once Danny began to bob on my lap. As we were surrounded by other teenagers many who i did not know, it shocked me. I was not protesting the attention, actually i was far from it but it certainly unnerved me experiencing this in front of strangers.

After a few minutes of gentle bobbing on my lap, Danny turned to me and whispered in my ear.

you hard yet? she said this in a seductive tone that had a lot of promise.

I shook my head in reply as at the time it was exciting but not exciting in a sexual way, at least not quite yet. Danny grinned at me and for a fleeting second looked at Cat. From the corner of my eye i was pretty sure that i had seen Cat nod with a slight glint in her eye. After this second weird exchange Danny turned to me and said,

well if your not hard i'll soon have to fix that!, i couldn't help but smile in the expression and enthusiasm in her voice.

Not only did Danny begin to bob again but every so often she would grind her firm ass against my groin, hoping to get a reaction out of me. More and more Danny would do this technique until her routine was a full blown lap dance right in front of my eyes.

Because of this attack, my cock quickly sprang to attention and found it's way nestling between the cheeks of her ass. This was only possible as she was in bikini bottoms after being in the pool. When Danny felt my member which i'm certain she did, her technique changed from a traditional lap dance to a mixture of bobbing, lap dancing, rubbing and squeezing my cock with her butt. When i first met danny only forty minutes or so ago i was so into talking to her that i did not realise her body, and what a body it was. I mentally kicked myself for not paying attention to it.

Danny's hair was a dark Brown that was dead straight and it fell three quarters of the way down her back. She had a tanned complexion, not over done but very golden and warm. Her eyes were a hazel and you just felt as if they were glimmering pools that you could fall into. She had an hourglass figure that flared just to the right extent and in all the right places. Her tits were firm and stood high on her chest, and i would have put a bet that they were a fourteen c. They weren't massive but suited her body perfectly. Her stomach was flat and silky smooth and it rippled with her breathing. She had a narrow waist which flared slowly and graciously into a great pair of hips which really accentuated her body. Her butt was firm and inviting just begging to be grabbed and her bottoms hugged it sensuously and her legs just seemed to go forever, with a nice toning in them But with a femininity still well portrayed.

As i came back to the present Danny was still busy on my lap and as i predicted, many peoples attention had been drawn to the sight of the two of us. It seemed as if the only people that knew that i was hard was myself, Danny and Cat. Cat was constantly staring at us now, and it seemed as if she was sort of gaging the reactions of me. People around also started to get hot and bothered and many who were around took off to there own little part of the courtyard. Soon enough Danny, Cat and i had a small clearing around us and the girls took advantage of this, Cat swung her chair so it was facing me and in the process had moved it to right beside me, so close in fact that our arms and legs were rubbing and bumping up against each other.

Danny's plan at this time was to get off me and turn around to face me. At first i didn't realise what was happening and nor was i aware of what was about to happen. Danny straddled my hips and lowered herself back down onto my lap, her pussy was clearly pressing against my cock which was straining to be released from it's cage which was my trousers. As this began, Cat started whispering to me about Danny. She would whisper such things as,

wow, look at Danny's tits, just bouncing and begging to be grabbed and sucked, and other things like, is Danny and Cat making your big hard cock strain to be released? and does it want to be sucked by Danny and Cats hot little mouths?

Danny was starting to pant and grind her hips harder against me and in one quick movement she placed my hands on her perfect tits. I started kneading them, every so often i would tweak her nipples which i could feel were getting hard through the fabric of her bikini top. Cat did not like to miss out on the on goings, so she placed her left hand on Danny's butt cheek and with her right hand, manovered her fingers between my legs and started to fondle my balls through my trousers. Because of the added stimulant to Danny and myself, both of us soon began to get further worked up as a result of Cats attention.

Through barely audible gasps and deep breaths Danny asked us if we would like to see if a room was free inside. Cat answered straight away with an approving nod, and without being able to give my answer, i was dragged away toward the house.

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