Sexual Healing
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nurse at a hospital helps people in a special way...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Doctor/Nurse  


"Nurse?" whimpered the old man's voice, gaining the womans attention. She had been on her way back to a very much needed cup of coffee when she stopped to peek her head in the door. The old man was lying on the bed, in obvious pain, his weak hand shaking with the effort of lifting it off the bed.

"Mr. Gustufson, you should really be getting some rest you know" she said kindly as she walked through the door. The old man had been in the oncology wing for several weeks now, the chemo used to combat his cancer wasting away at his already frail body. She pulled up the chair and sat next to him, taking his hand. He grimaced as a wave of pain and nausea wracked his body, the nurse being quick with the catch basin to receive some bile from his stomach. She sat through the wave, holding his hand, holding the small basin, saying comforting words as the old man suffered.

"I have to get out of this wing before it kills me" she thought to herself as she cleaned up his face and pulled the blankets up his now sleeping form. Dumping the contents of the basin in the toilet, she brought the tainted basin to the bin near the nurses station and let it drop down the chute to be disinfected.

Carol, the head nurse on duty for the overnight sat at the desk reviewing some forms. She spoke without looking up, "Gus getting sick again?"

"Yeah" she said tiredly. There must have been something in the tone of her voice because Carol finally looked up. Her concentrated visage softened as she said kindly, "Janet, go grab an hour. I can handle them for a while. Keep your beeper on ya just in case, k?"

Janet nodded putting down the half empty cold cup of coffee and turning to the door across from the main desk. Going through it, she grabbed a pillow off the couch and went thru the door in the corner to where there was a room set up with some cots. Dropping the pillow and her body at the same time, she was asleep in moments.

Her beeper went off what seemed like a second later. Sighing and groaning, she got up and made her way to the front desk, wiping the sleep from her eyes. Stopping for a fresh cup of coffee, she tentatively sipped at the mug as she went into the hallway. Carol was not at the desk when she went out, but she turned to her left as she heard a commotion down the hall. She walked slowly down to where she heard the noise, the last room on the left. Leo Gustufson's room. A sense of trepidation swam over her as she turned into the door way.

She blinked her eyes and rubbed them several times trying to figure out what was going on. Lying in the bed was no longer the emaciated old man she had helped through a nausea spell only minutes before. He looked like he was at least healthier than before. Carol was checking his vital signs and shaking her head. Leo on the other hand was staring at her strangely.

"Hi Mr. Gus. Everything okay?"

"Good evening Nurse" he said in a strangely strong voice. "I'm doing MUCH better thanks to you!"

"To me? I just held your hand."

The old man smiled and closed his eyes. Carol wrote something down on a chart and motioned with her head for Janet to lead the way out the door.

"Nice Nap Janet?"

"Not really. I'm still wasted, and I thought I'd have more than a 5 minute rest."

"Are you serious? Janet, check your watch." Following Carol's strange look, she looked at her watch. It was 2:15. It had been 1am when Carol had told her to sleep.

"Wow, doesn't feel like I got much at all."

"Janet, are you sure you were asleep? It's not that I don't trust you, but something weird is going on here."

"What do you mean, am I sure?" The younger nurse demanded indignantly. "I crashed so hard I don't remember a thing. I ask again, Why Carol?"

Carol smiled, shaking her head. She looked up and down the hallway, seeing it deserted. She lowered her voice conspiratorially, saying "I ask because Leo kept trying to tell me that you had sex with him, and that's why he feels better."

Janet's eyebrows shot up as her mouth dropped open. Carol laughed saying, "It's cool sweetie, I didn't think you did, but he sure was convinced!!" She stammered out denials even as Carol walked behind the desk. Carol chuckled to herself as she handed her some charts to review and sign. "Carol... you know I wouldn't"

"Yeah sweetie, I know." she said cutting her off. "But you have to admit, the old geezer looks positively spry!"

Janet thought about it for a moment and smiled nodding. She looked down at the chart and began reviewing Carol's work when she felt something in her panties. The feeling began to grow as each moment past. Finishing the work she had, she said, "Be right back, Bio Break" Carol nodded and Janet went down the hallway to the womens bathroom.

Going into the stall and pulling her pants down, she realized that the feeling she had in the hallway was correct. She was wet, and there was sperm leaking out of her vagina. She stood there for a moment dumbfounded before she realized that her bra was wet as well. Unbuttoning her shirt and she felt the front of both cups on the white lace bra she was wearing and they were both damp.

"What the fuck?" she said softly. Reaching a hand inside the cup, the whole front of her breast was moist. She unhooked the bra and slid it forward, feeling wetness on both of her large breasts. Completely confused, she stripped out of her shirt, bra, panties and pants. Several things occurred to her. One, she was still leaking out of her pussy. She pulled some tp off the roll, wadded it up and stuck it between her legs, pulling her legs together to catch any more leakage. Two, when she touched her breasts, her nipples leaked fluid.

"Okay, now that's fucking impossible" she thought to herself. Not only was she single, she hadn't had sex in months. There was no way she could be pregnant, and lactation didn't start until after a baby was born. She pinched her nipple and caught some of it on her hand. Smelling it first, then licking it, it was quite sweet.

"This is too fucking weird." She pulled several sheets of tp off the roll and folded them, putting them inside each cup of her bra. She got redressed after wiping her vagina clean and went to the sink to rinse her face. After splashing her face several times with cold water, she dried off her face. Looking in the mirror, she realized that she looked different. Stepping back from the mirror she seemed fuller in places, and trimmer in others. A tall girl at 5'9", she had always had an athletic body with larger than normal breasts, but the way her waist seemed to be trimmer and her hips fuller, she looked more provocative, more womanly. Nothing sensational, just a hint of it.

Tucking a wayward strand of red hair behind her ear, she went back out to work. The rest of the night passed uneventfully for she and Carol. When their relief showed up, she grabbed her coat and walked past Mr. Gustufson's door. Expecting him to be asleep, she was surprised to see him wide awake, sitting up and watching TV.

"Good morning Mr. Gustufson" she said softly from the doorway. She felt awkward and partially self conscious. Her breasts seemed to swell when he looked at her and smiled.

"Janet my dear, I don't know what you did to me last night, but I feel amazing right now. Honestly, I don't even care what you did, but I can tell you it did something."

She blushed moving closer to the bed. "Leo, I have to be honest. I don't know what you are talking about, but my underwear is wet, and my bra is as well. I don't have a child!"

"You don't remember?" She shook her head, looking to him for an explanation. He smiled and looked at the door. "Hello Sharlene, come to give me breakfast already?" He winked at Janet saying, "See you tonight."

Left feeling awkward with the other nurse in the room, she left and made her way home, her thoughts running a million miles an hour. She let herself into her apartment, sat down and put her keys on the table. Exhaustion washed over her so quickly it was all she could do to lock the front door, kick off her shoes, and collapse into bed.

She woke up to the sound of the phone ringing.

"Hello" she said in a sleepy voice.

"Janet, are you okay?" Carol's voice seemed concerned.

"Yeah, I just woke up, sorry. What's up?" she said turning on her light in the purely dark room. She had heavy duty shades on the windows so she could sleep during the day. She was used to waking up in pure darkness.

"Honey, it's 8:30 already! You comin in or what?" Carol said with a mixture of amusement and worry.

"8:30?!? Are you serious? Oh shit, I forgot to set the alarm!" she wailed jumping out of bed and staring at the clock. Looking down the hallway, she could see the streelights on outside her livingroom window. "Carol, I'm so sorry, I'll be in right away."

"Sweetie... SWEETIE! Wait. Get some coffee, eat something, don't rush. Jenny needs some extra hours anyway. Come in at 10, okay?"

"Okay, Jesus Carol, I'm so sorry, I don't kno..."

"Stop it, k? Just relax and come in at 10. Oh yeah," she said, pausing. "See Leo when you get in okay? He's been bugging the shit out of me since I came in."

"Okay, See you in a bit." she said hanging up the phone. Putting it back in the cradle, she noticed that the clock hadn't been set. She stripped out of her clothes and went into the bathroom. She felt her pussy and her tits, neither were wet. She looked in the mirror and looked at her body. She didn't notice the sexual curves she noticed the night before. She turned and looked at her body from several different angles, wishing for a trimmer waist, nicer thighs, and firmer breasts. All in all, she thought she looked pretty good, but not as good as the night before.

She showered and dressed as she had the night before, wolfing down some food, grabbed her keys and was out the door. As she drove to work, she stopped at Starbucks to pick up a latte for herself and a large cappucino for Carol, knowing the way she liked it. Carol's smile was brilliant as she walked up and placed the large container on the counter. "Yes dear, I even put cinnamon in it."

"Hey! Where's mine?!?" complained a voice behind her. Jenny came and pouted prettily, giggling when she finally leaned against the counter. "Half caf, vanilla, soy latte for future reference!" Janet smiled, filing it away in the back of her head. "Thanks Jenny, I appreciate it. I don't know what..."

"Yer body said fuck the clock honey, don't sweat it. I needed some overtime anyway. Night Carol." she said, walking down the hallway. Janet hung up her coat, took a big swig from her cup and grabbed the charts for the night. After perusing several, she stopped short in the middle of Leo Gustufson's.

"Carol, this can't be right." she said, turning to Carol. Carol smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah honey, I know. Doctor's are just as fucked as we are. The enzyme levels are different, his bloodwork is clean, and the old bastard actually got out of bed about an hour ago. Complained that, Quote 'He hadn't taken a decent crap by himself for so long and he was feeling up to it' endquote." She smiled shaking her head.

"Gonna go see him" she said putting the chart and her coffee down. She began feeling nervous as she made her way down the hall toward his room. Peeking her head around the doorway, she noticed that he was sitting up watching TV again, and looked healthy, well at least for an older man.

"Janet" he said pleased. "Come in, come in."

"Hi Leo, how's it going?"

"Never better, thanks to you. Close the door, will you?"

She shut the door and sat in her customary chair by his bed. The eyes that stared at her were less week and pitiful than before, almost powerful, or full of power. "I felt the angel of death on my soul last night Janet, absolutely knew that I was going to die. I saw my whole life flash before my eyes and I have so much to regret. Just as I thought I was going to die, you walked in the door. But you almost glowed. It was you, but it was more than you, does that make sense?"

Janet shook her head, but sat mesmerized, listening to the man.

He leaned back in the bed and his eyes got a faraway look like he was remembering. "You glowed even brighter as you removed each piece of clothing and came up to the bed. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. Your hair flowed around you like it was alive, or a wind blew it around. I put up my hand to you and you took it, placing it on your breast. You smiled and reached down for my sheets, pulling them down, pulling up my gown."

He paused for a moment, a smile crossing his face. "Janet my dear, I was hard for the first time in ten years, TEN YEARS!!! You lowered your face down, slid your lips around the head of my penis and I exploded in your mouth as you slid your lips all the way down to my balls. I couldn't help myself."

Janet began to squirm in the chair, her pussy moistening. "Then what" she breathed softly.

His eyes focused on her, but stayed focused. "You sucked on it for a minute or two, keeping it hard and climbed onto the bed, pulling me inside you. 'Drink' you said, pulling my mouth to your breast. Oh Janet, it was the sweetest nectar I have ever tasted in my life. I felt my body pulse with energy and vitality, my penis thrust deeply within you. You cried out as I suckled on your tit and you rocked up and down on my penis, taking me deeply with each stroke. We began to moan and carry on as I felt another orgasm explode into you. You screamed loudly as a large mouthful of fluid washed into my mouth and over my face."

Janet sat with her mouth open, the feeling between her legs getting hotter and slipperier by the second. "Jesus" she breathed.

"I don't know what it was that happened to you, or to me, but I tell you this. I feel 20 years younger!"

The door opened suddenly, scaring them both. "Janet, can you take the floor? Their bringing down a new patient."

"Um, sure. Yeah Carol, I'm on my way."

"Save him!" the old man said cryptically. His voice sounded desparate.

"Save who?"

"Save the new patient, you have something in you Janet, something amazing. Use it." His smile was broad as she walked out the door, puzzled.

She walked to the main desk, shuffling papers around, her mind a buzz. "He's got to be lying" one side of her brain said.

"What's with the spermy snatch and wet tits" the other, more vulgar side of her said.

"And why are you playing with your pussy like you're warming it up?" a third side said.

She looked down horrified, realizing her hand was buried in her snatch and she was rapidly approaching orgasm. Quickly pulling her hand out, she darted her eyes down either hallway, both deserted. "They'll put him in Seven" she said to herself, knowing that all new patients were on the other side of the wing.

She distracted herself with paperwork for the next several hours while Carol came and went from the desk, consulted with the doctors, and generally ran around like a lunatic. She finally sat down and put her feet up, finishing the last of her latte.

"Ooooh Janet, this is a baddie." the term baddie usually meant that not only was the patient in bad shape, but young. Well, younger than most of the 60+ aged majority of the patients they usually saw. Janet took the chart from Carol, wincing at some of the levels of charted material, the number of surgeries, and the age.

Sam Whitten was 22 years old and had been diagnosed with cancer early. At seven he showed terminal signs of lymphoma and had been operated on 6 times in the past 15 years. Normally Janet could handle the patients, as bad as they got, and as many of them that died.

This one however was different. Instead of making her sad and weepy, her pussy got wet. She got up and walked around the front of the desk, murmuring, "Back in a few". She made her way around the corner and down the long hallway, her legs rubbing together and making her panties soaked. As she neared the doorway to room Seven, she reached up and undid her ponytail, letting her hair cascade over her shoulders and down her back. A crackling energy excited her skin, making the hair on her arms stand up. An ache settled in her loins, setting her clit to throbbing.

She put a hand on the wall to steady herself from the waves of pleasure washing like waves over her body. She managed to make it around the doorway to look inside at the young man on the bed. He was hooked to so many tubes and meters, it was hard to see him at first. He was still except for the shallow breathing making the sheet move slightly. Looking down at herself, she recognized Leo's description of the glow that he had seen the night before. Quickly shutting the door she turned back to the bed. With each step, the sheet inched upwards from the man's waist. She reached the side of the bed and pulled the sheet back on a large hard phallus. She felt like an observer as her hand reached out and her mouth moved down to take him into her. She felt the head slide down her tongue and down the back of her throat easily as her free hand reached up to cup his testicles. Rolling them gently in her hand, she felt him twitch just before the back of her throat was scalded with hot ejaculate from the man. It flowed into her mouth and down her throat as she felt an explosion in her chest. Pulling her shirt open and shifting her bra out of the way, she moved around the iv's and machines to the head of the bed. She lowered the bed slowly, placing her full breast near his mouth. The simple rub of her nipple on his lips made him lick his lips. As he did it a second time, his eyes opened slightly.

"Drink" she heard herself say in a far away voice. The man's lips closed over her nipple and she felt him suck lightly at the nipple, getting little or no liquid. Using both hands, she squeezed the large full breast until she felt liquid gushing into his mouth. Coughing lightly at first, but swallowing, his lips became stronger, forming a seal around the nipple.

She pushed once more with her hands, feeling the liquid rush out of her and into his mouth. His eyes opened more, looking at her. She smiled as his weak hand moved up to cradle her breast, pushing it slightly to help move more liquid into him. The sucking action of his mouth became stronger and more sure. He drained her dry, so she gave him the other one, her skin glowing more with each passing moment. As he finished the liquid from the other breast, his chest expanded more with each breath.

"Who are you?" he whispered.

She put a finger to his lips and said, "It does not matter. You needed me, and I came." She felt a rush of energy down her arm and through her finger into his lips. His eyes fluttered closed and he breathed more deeply, now asleep.

She turned to leave, noticing the shadow in the door. Carol stood there wideeyed. Janet felt the energy that had been rushing around her body flee, leaving her lightheaded and weak. She heard Carol exclaim loudly just before she passed out.

She opened her eyes to see the inside of the sleep room. She was on the same cot as the night before, but she felt energized rather than exhausted. She rolled into a sitting position, and stood up when she didn't feel dizzy. She poked her head out into the hallway, seeing Carol at the desk.

"You okay?" she said, a strange look on her face.

"Yeah, I think so. What the hell happened?" she whispered.

Carol motioned her behind the counter. They sat facing one another Carol, looking nervous. "One minute you were glowing, half naked. The next you passed out and it was like a candle that was blown out. Good thing I caught you" she said a smirk on her face. She got serious once more, "Jan, I swear that kid wasn't going to last the night, and now, I don't know what the fuck to think. What did you do in there?"

Janet took several deep breaths, finally starting with what she had felt and remembered. She also told her about her condition the night before and how recounting it with Leo that night, had realized that something indeed was going on.

"It's like I felt his pain and it made me hot or something, I can't freaking explain it."

"Do you think you're healing them? Wait a sec Janet, I know it's fucked up, but think about it. Leo's responding like we can move him to the end of the hall or even off the wing and I swear he was gonna bite it. This guy in 7?" she said, pointing with her thumb over her shoulder at the wall, "I didn't think he was gonna last the week, or even the night." She stood up and grabbed his chart, holding it out to Janet. She saw the original blood levels, plus a second line scratched in by Carol in the margin.

"That can't be right!" Janet exclaimed. She looked down at her watch. Expecting it to be an hour, she was shocked to see it was almost 5am. "I've been out for 6 hours?" she almost shouted. Carol just nodded.

"What the hell is happening?" she said, sitting down.

"Wanna know what I think?" Carol said firmly. Janet just nodded. "I think you're channeling something, babe. I know, it sounds weird. A friend of mine is into gods and goddesses and all that stuff. It's pretty cool, but I remember her mentioning that there were several Healing goddesses in different religions. What if you're channeling it? Those two men were about to die. And I mean about to, and yet now, their levels are better, Leo's ready to move, and this new guy looks like he'll pull through."

A determined look came across Janet's face. "Something's happening..."

A second later the phone rang. Carol picked it up. "Yes? Yeah, she's here with me. Uh huh. Okay. Yeah, Jamie's coming in? Yeah, I can do it till then... Okay Mr. Grubbs."

Arnold Grubbs was the hospital administrator, a nice old man who had retired from being a doctor to run the hospital. "Grubbie wants you to come to his office Jan, said it's important."

"Car, am I in trouble?"

"No, actually he sounded like he was in a really great mood. Get going, Jamie's coming in early, he called her in it seems."

"Okay, now that is weird."

"Weirder than what you just did to the kid, or what you did to Leo? Go with the flow and don't ask questions kid, that's what my Grammie used to say."

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