N is for Naughty

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2005 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Nick and his wife Darlene enjoy secretly watching their next door neighbor.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Nick had just finished mowing the lawn. Sweaty, sticky he came through the kitchen stopping just long enough to give his wife Darlene an affectionate kiss, along with a playful pat on her ass.

"Going up to shower."

"Good, you need too!" she said holding her nose.

"Very funny." He might be sweaty, but he knew he didn't stink.

"As soon as I finish this last batch of cookies, I might just come join you," she said with a flirtatious wink. "So take a long one," she added with a smile.

At forty-four, Darlene still didn't look a day over thirty. Sure, she had a few extra pounds, but who didn't? Her breasts were still full firm and heavenly. Though she kept her light brown hair short, she always looked as though she'd just been to the beauty parlor. Nick laughed thinking to himself, though she complained about her ass, claiming it was "A little too broad in the beam" as she put it, Nick had a hard time keeping his hands off it whenever he passed by, just as he'd done in the kitchen moments ago.

He stopped briefly at the mirror of her vanity. His hair was still mostly dark, but had a lot more silver in it now. Still, he didn't look his fifty years either. A few extra wrinkles here and there, a semi-crooked nose from his time in the service. He'd never have a flat stomach again, but he didn't have a beer-belly either. All in all, Nick was still a reasonably good-looking guy.

Nick pulled his dirty tee shirt over his head, walking towards the clothes hamper. He glanced out their bedroom window, and froze.

Carol Abbot, their next door neighbor and one of Darlene's very good friends lay outside in her backyard on one of her lawn chairs. Though ten years younger than Darlene, the two of them had taken to one another almost immediately the day Carol and her husband Greg had moved in. That was a little over a year ago now. What caused Nick to stop dead in his tracks wasn't the fact that she was laying out, she did that often. He'd gotten used to seeing her running around half the time in shorts, halter and even a bikini.

No, what caused him to forget to finish even pulling off his tee shirt was the fact she had just rolled over onto her back, sunning topless. They often visited, had barbeques together, played cards, went out to dinner, and sometimes... flirted with one another. Just as Darlene and Greg had. But even through all that, he'd never once even seen a flash of nipple, let alone anything else, even though he'd naturally wondered about it. And now... here she was.

Nick finished pulling off his tee, tossed it somewhere towards the hamper, reaching up inside his closet. Seconds later he returned to the window, pulling the curtains closed a little more, and focused his high-powered binoculars.

"Damn!" he said to himself as he stood looking at her. Her breasts weren't quite as large as Darlene's were, but were certainly more than a handful. Her areolas were a light brown the size of his fist, covering a goodly portion of her firm breasts as she continued to lay there unaware she was being "spied on" Nick thought half guiltily.

He stood looking at her a few seconds longer, decided he'd seen enough to satisfy his curiosity and that it was perhaps time to take that shower, when she moved. It wasn't sitting up, rolling over, or anything like that which caused him to forget all about his shower for a moment, but the fact she had reached up one hand and had begun toying with one of her nipples.

Damn became fuck. "Fuck!" Nick exclaimed audibly. He actually felt his cock twitch as his brain sent signals down to it letting it know that it was becoming interested. "Hold your horses!" Nick said talking to his dick, reaching down to give it an affectionate adjustment. "Just give me a second, then we'll see about that shower."

The fact that Carol was touching herself like this was interesting enough, but the fact that he was watching her do it suddenly seized him with that "Naughty boy" feeling he'd had growing up whenever he'd stumbled into, or onto something he shouldn't be witnessing, just as he was now. He watched as she switched hands, now toying with her other nipple. Through the binoculars, she was as close as though he were standing right there beside her. Her nipples were rock-hard now as she continued to thumb them, teasing them gently. Suddenly she sat up looking about. Like a thief standing outside her balcony, Nick yanked the binoculars down stepping away from the window. His heart was beating a hundred miles an hour, and his cock was growing longer and thicker by the second. He counted to ten, and then cautiously approached the window, once again parting the curtains.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed once again. "Fuck!"

It was obvious that she was in a rather amorous mood. Though whatever had set her off was curious, he was just happy to be seeing the cause and affect from it. Once again she was lying down, but now she'd pulled aside her bikini bottoms. It was obvious what she was doing, even without the binoculars as Nick brought them once again back up to his face. She had gone from toying with her nipples, to now obviously fingering her cunt, or more appropriately perhaps as he stared even closer with the binoculars, rubbing the tip of her now exposed clitoris.

"Honey? What are you doing?" Nick spun from the window, the binoculars in hand, his cock sticking a mile out as he'd absentmindedly un-zippered himself, drawing it out to stroke it as he'd stood their watching their neighbor.

He was had and he knew it. There was no point in denying it, the reality was... he'd gotten caught. His best defense under the circumstances was an open offence. He and Darlene had always been open with one another, sharing pillow talk, which sometimes bordered on being fairly kinky in nature.

"Carol's lying in her backyard masturbating," he said simply. "I just sort of stumbled on to her doing it, and wasn't sure that she was... so I decided to use these."

"Ah huh," Darlene said crossing their bedroom towards him. "Let me see."

Her comment took him by surprise. At the very least he'd expected some small form of chastisement. That he'd been honest about what he was doing had probably defused the situation somewhat, but that he'd also been playing with himself should have gotten a bit stronger of a response than that.

Darlene stood at the window, slightly back and away from the parted curtains adjusting the binoculars until she could see more clearly. She laughed. "She told me she was going to do that some time," Darlene suddenly shared. "Told me over coffee a few weeks ago she's had this little fantasy about playing with herself sometime when Greg wasn't home, but not just doing it inside either, but outside in her backyard. I guess today was the day!"

Hearing his wife share this tid-bit of naughty information surprised him a little, but he was smiling when she turned handing back the binoculars. "Oh for heavens sake, go ahead and look," she told him. "If Carol's crazy enough to actually do it, then she also must be willing to run some risk she might be seen. The fact it just happens to be you shouldn't come as any surprise."

"You're... you're going to tell her?" Nick stammered worriedly.

"I don't know... maybe. I'll think about it," she answered confusing him entirely. Darlene parted the window a little more, peeking out once again, though this time without the binoculars. "Oh, you should enjoy this," she said stepping away inviting him over.

Like a kid being told he could choose any toy he wanted off the shelf, Nick stepped back towards the window, the binoculars already coming up to his eyes as he did.

"Damn!" he said though his mind was saying, "fuck!"

"I thought you might enjoy that," Darlene said now standing behind him.

Below, Carol had removed her bottoms entirely. She now lay, her legs bent at the knee, spreading herself obscenely as she lay there, one hand actually patting her mound rapidly. Nick couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing, nor could he suddenly believe it when he felt Darlene's hands suddenly coming around grasping his cock.

"You're hard as hell!" she said unnecessarily, now stroking him softly, slowly while he continued watching their neighbor. "You're going to owe me BIG time for this one you know," she informed him with a small giggle, now milking his prick until capturing a small drop of lubrication that oozed from the tip which she now used to further stimulate him with.

"Anything you want..." Nick barely managed to say. The feel of his wife's hands playing with him, all the while watching as Carol continued to lay there hand-slapping her own pussy was beyond anything he could ever hope to imagine.


"Well what?" Nick said shakily.

"What's she doing now?"

"She's still... no, wait! Damn!" He exclaimed excitedly. "She's got a fucking vibrator!"

"Now this I've gotta see!" Darlene said stepping around him taking the binoculars away almost forcibly.

And then to Nick's surprise, Darlene reached up with one hand and began caressing her breast. "Ok, this is making me pretty horny too!" she admitted. Nick was grinning from ear to ear though she couldn't see him. Stepping up behind his wife, he replaced her hand with both of his, now caressing her smooth breasts, lifting the top she was wearing up and over them, undoing the catch on her brassier. His cock hard as it had ever been, now pressing against her still covered ass in wanton expectation.

"Fuck me!" she said.

Nick laughed. "That's what I said," he informed her.

"No, I mean it. Fuck me... now Nick, now!"

Unable to believe his good fortune, Nick unbuttoned his wife's shorts slipping them down her legs along with her panties, which she helped by stepping out of. Once he had, he took the few seconds it took to remove his own shorts, once again coming up from behind his wife.

"Put it in!" she demanded. "Hurry!" He did.

"Damn!" he moaned pleasurably. Darlene was wet. Really wet. Sopping wet! His cock slid in and out of her pussy effortlessly, delirious with the thrill of fucking her from behind, as they stood there nearly falling out of their own bedroom window. Darlene handed the binoculars back to him.

"Here, now see what she's doing."

Darlene leaned even further forward, her hands now resting on the window seal for support. In doing this, she provided the means for Nick to remain inside her, happily fucking away, all the while staring at their naughty little neighbor through the 'nocks' as he called them. Below, Carol had rolled over onto her front, though now kneeling on all fours, reaching behind herself as she inserted the long thick vibrating toy, fucking herself with it as though being fucked doggy-style from behind.

"Good god!" Nick moaned. "I can't fucking believe she's actually doing this!" he stated.

"I can't fucking believe that we are either!" his wife reminded him.

Nick tossed the binoculars he'd been looking through onto the bed. Picking his wife up, still impaled on his hard erect cock, he walked them over towards the bed, placing her down on it, still deeply inside. "Well believe this," he told her. "Because I'm about to fuck you silly!"

They'd had plans to get together the next day for a barbeque and a swim. Having now seen Carol in an altogether different light, Nick wasn't exactly sure how he'd react around her. Though he knew he'd be secretly grinning and imagining her as she'd masturbated, the entire evening. After their fast and furious lovemaking session, Nick still thought Darlene would wish to discuss it further, but she didn't. Not wanting to push it, since he'd gotten off damn lucky, Nick decided not to even mention it again. More importantly, he was still hoping that Darlene had been kidding about telling Carol about it, as he wasn't sure he'd be able to look her directly in the face if she ever found out.

The barbeque went just as any other had done that they'd shared and enjoyed together. Small talk, a few laughs, and even the occasional flirting, though Nick had to admit, doing that with Carol had suddenly heightened his aroused awareness of her. When it had finally gotten dark, they'd decided to head outside for a dip in the pool. Nick quickly joined Greg as they sat dangling their feet in the water waiting for the girls to emerge. Minutes later they did. Carol was wearing the same bikini she'd had on the day before, though only briefly. Nick quickly jumped into the water as he felt the first stirrings of excitement, triggered by the damn suit she was wearing!

As they also usually did, they bobbed up and down in the water together still talking, sometimes splashing water back and forth. It was also a near moonless night, so it was reasonably dark as well. Darlene was her usually frisky self, which was one of the things Nick truly loved about her. He felt Darlene grope him beneath the water several times, and he had of course done the same thing back to her as well. No doubt, Greg and Carol had been playing their own similar games as he'd heard her squeal in laughter several times, then swimming out of reach of her husband. It was during one of these, that Greg suddenly held up Carol's bikini top waving it around his head in an effort to keep it away from his wife.

"Nick! Here! Catch!"

In the next instant, Nick found himself holding onto Carol's top as she began swimming towards him yelling over to Darlene for help.

Darlene began making her way towards him as well then, so he tossed the top back over towards Greg, watching as Carol abruptly changed directions heading back towards her husband. Darlene however continued moving towards him as though to hover close enough nearby to keep Greg from tossing Carol's top back over to him.

Greg didn't. Seeing that particular avenue now blocked, he flung her bikini top out of the pool altogether. "You want it? Now you have to get it," her husband challenged. Carol was cursing him, but in a playful way.

"Fine! You boys want to see tits, I'll show you tits!" she said, then pulled herself out of the water, sitting down along the side with no intention of retrieving her top. "Come on Darlene, come sit by me. We'll torture them by letting them look... but no touching, and then see how they feel not being able to come OUT of the water!" she laughed.

Nick was surprised when Darlene giggled, immediately undoing the clasp in front of her own suit, tossing her top as well. She quickly joined Carol on the side of the pool as they now sat together side by side, topless.

Greg made his way over towards Nick. "Damn! Isn't this great?" he asked. "I've always wondered if Carol would ever be gutsy enough to do something like that!"

"Oh if you only knew," Nick thought quietly. "Yeah... pretty wild," he answered instead.

In time they rejoined the girls who'd eventually gone back inside to change. All in all, even with Carol and Darlene flashing tit, the evening had ended in a bit of a let down. The way it had started out, Nick had actually found himself hoping for just a little bit more than that.

Soon after they called it a night. Nick finished locking up the house, turning off the lights. Making his way upstairs, he was surprised when he entered the bedroom and found Darlene lying in the middle of the bed playing with herself.

"Horny?" she asked. "Cause I sure as hell am!"

"I can see that," Nick said grinning, thinking the night wasn't going to be a total loss after all.

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