Revenge of the Pothead
Chapter 6

Copyright© 2005 by Col. Jack Harrison

Sex Story: Chapter 6 - A man who spent 5 years in prison for smoking pot is released by the new regime. He must now deal with his restored freedom and decide what to do with his life. The first chapter has no sex, but following chapters will.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Military   Science Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Spanking   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Anal Sex   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Squirting   Voyeurism   Nudism   Slow   Violent  

“So, how do you like the sandwich? Pretty good for a lunch, don’t you think?” Summer fished for compliments, not that she needed to, but obviously she had some insecurities.

“Summer, you’re a professional short-order cook. Have some faith in your cooking skills, please! I think that it’s cute how insecure you are at times, but, baby, you’re really the bomb in the kitchen, trust me! That wonderful breakfast, the fantastic dinner last night at your diner, this excellent sandwich that you made for lunch, I mean, how did you get the ham shaved that closely, anyway? It’s juicy as hell and that cheese, just right, trust me!” I told Summer, kissing her very lovingly on the lips and making my feelings about her and her culinary skills quite well known.

Summer’s blushing was absolutely adorable as I took her face into my hands and kissed her even harder. I loved how hot and sweet her breath was on my mouth as we made out in front of her brother and his girlfriend. That was when I got inspired and leaned in for a kiss with Barry, just to see how he react. He almost immediately grabbed my face and started making out with me, his tongue slipping into my mouth while mine entered his a few times. I looked over at Summer and Kayla, both of them smiling much to my relief ... and Barry’s. There was no question that the ladies were okay with this much physical contact, at the very least.

“Did you ... want to kiss your brother now?” I asked Summer, who beamed and blushed as she planted one on Barry, right in front of Kayla and me.

This was another test in terms of jealousy. Would Kayla react the same way to brother-sister incest kissing as to two bisexual (was I bisexual, apparently so) men kissing each other like lovers? Kayla and I both looked at each other, we looked at our significant others, and then we looked back at each other again, before Kayla burst out laughing. I was very curious as to how enlightened and liberated Kayla was, but now I knew, something reinforced when she gave me a curious look and planted a lip lock on me, with just as much tongue as we had all used before.

“So ... the four of us, then? Lovers?” Barry asked, reminding me that he could have gotten jealous, something that I had oddly forgotten for a second.

“If we all four wish it, of course. Do we ... all four of us, wish that?” I did a survey while finishing my sandwich.

“Count me in,” Summer smiled seductively at me.

“I want it,” Barry agreed, looking proudly at his lovely girlfriend as well as his sister.

“And me, of course, but I am due two kisses now. One from Barry, the other from Summer,” Kayla recalled, prompting both of them to kiss her on the mouth, first Barry, and then Summer, both with sufficient tongue to draw attention to them.

“So, should we take this to the bedroom, guys?” I suggested, drawing grins from all of them, as things happened naturally, if not quite to plan. Instead of the initial lay being between Barry and me, it was Kayla and me, Barry and Summer. I entered Barry’s sultry girlfriend from behind on the bed in the master bedroom, finding her wet and ready to say the least. At the same time, roughly, Barry slid inside his own sister, his strokes starting slowly, as did mine in his girlfriend. We were engaged in unprotected sex with each other’s partner, after all, and it was a moment to savor the first swap of our relationships, at least to my knowledge.

“I wonder what would happen if my first child were Ralph’s, guys,” Kayla teased us, which had the effect that she evidently intended, which was to increase my pace and raise my heartrate, just as it did for Barry, too.

“Or if Summer’s first kid were Barry’s ... if we all lived together, we can raise it together and it wouldn’t matter that much. We could have at least four children, Summer doing one for each and the same with Kayla,” I suggested, which only intensified the excitement as the four of us got it on in a group.

“Mother may I? Or sir, in this case!” Summer laughed as she took her brother’s cock far inside her with the next stroke.

“Yes, you most definitely may!” I encouraged Summer, swatting her tush playfully while I kept humping Kayla.

“Hey, where’s my swat?” Kayla complained, whereupon I landed one on her booty, which made her giggle a bit, “Your boyfriend’s a real sweetheart, you know. He’ll spoil us rotten. If he was like this to his ex-wife, she was a complete moron to dump him, prison or no prison.”

“Yeah, my sentiments exactly! He was a great guy in the joint, too. A real stand-up kind of man. He saved me from being raped three times, no less, and trust me, those fuckers were afraid of him. They called him ‘Ralph the Merciless’ behind his back. Yeah, he’s a softie with you, but he was a hard-ass in prison!” Barry admitted in front of us all, making me glad that I had saved his hide from prison rape those times.

“The key is to act at least a little crazy, maybe a lot crazy. People don’t want to fuck with crazies. The shaved head helped as well,” I chuckled as I continued pounding Kayla, who snickered some more before starting to moan.

I wasn’t quite sure why Kayla was suddenly so dripping wet, but she was, creaming herself and panting rather frantically as I reamed her good and hard from behind. Meanwhile, Barry continued his own frenzied, incestuous relations with Summer, and God was that exciting to observe! We pairs kept up the wild fucking for a solid half-hour, my precum leaking as I played with Kayla’s clit and pulled her hair. Barry and Summer were every bit as stimulated and we could hear their groans and moans of pleasure as Summer came at least twice, which triggered another orgasm in Kayla.

At last, neither of us men could take any more of this and I exploded inside Kayla, filling her slippery twat with my spunk, just as Barry gave his own sister the incest moneyshot. We all slumped for a bit, me on top of Kayla while Barry collapsed over Summer. We all grinned and thought of how great this was, the four of us sweaty bodies entangled in each other and enjoying the touch of each other’s flesh. I kissed the back of Kayla’s neck while Barry did the same to Summer, all of us grinning and laughing after burning off some calories during the horizontal mambo.

“Well, I would say that we’ve definitely opened up our relationships. Would you guys be open to a double wedding and actually sharing a honeymoon, if we ever get one?” I proposed, making Summer in particular smile quite readily.

“Oh, God, yes! I would adore the chance to constantly share a bed, the four of us, all of us getting it on with each other and exchanging bodily fluids repeatedly! Let’s not plan the pregnancies, though ... let’s just keep fucking each other and let things happen naturally,” Summer urged us, putting a smile on my face for sure.

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