Taking the Road Together
Chapter 9: Dancing in the Rain

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Lellan McLemore

Sex Story: Chapter 9: Dancing in the Rain - Darren and Stephanie have grown apart over the years. Darren decides to try to rekindle the passion in their marriage.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  


Two weeks had passed and spring was now in full bloom. Darren wondered if she had forgotten that it was her weekend when she bundled the kids into the car to visit her mother. Ah, well, he thought and turned back to the garage after waving goodbye. The lawn needed mowing and the shrubs needed trimming.

It was warm and humid and it wasn't long until Darren began to sweat profusely. He surveyed the hedge along the west side of their property. It had grown thick enough and tall enough that no one could see through it. He paused and gulped down a glass of lemonade. At least the shrubs are done now, he said to himself. He jerked his sopping t-shirt off and dropped it on the table beside his empty glass. Pulling his sunglasses down off his forehead, he started the mower. If he hurried, he could be done by lunch time and relax for the rest of the day. God only knows when Stephanie and the kids would be back.

He hadn't mowed much when he noticed Stephanie walk out onto the patio. She wore the bright green bikini he bought last month. She had never worn this swimsuit except on his fantasy beach date. He half watched her as he mowed. First she laid her towel out in an area he had just mowed. Then she sat on the towel and began to rub her skin with suntan lotion.

Darren felt his shorts tighten as he imagined his fingers spreading the slick lotion over her soft skin. He caught himself just in time to avoid running into the clothesline. I'd better be careful, he reminded himself. She is such a delightful distraction.

She appeared to be ignoring him completely as she lay down and pulled a floppy hat over her eyes and began to bake under the hot sun. Darren could see beads of sweat begin to pool between her breasts and around her navel. Darren turned away and began mowing the side yard where she would be out of his view.

When he finished the side yard, he turned back toward Stephanie, nearly tripping over the mower. She had loosened the straps that go around her neck and had peeled the top down to where her nipples were just barely covered. He also noticed that she had adjusted the bottoms of her bikini so that they were barely covering her mons. He wondered if she had shaved again as he started off on the next section on the far side of the back yard.

Darren kept a close eye on Stephanie as he mowed row after row. He kept hoping she'd feel comfortable enough to toss the top aside and tan topless. He slowed down, enjoying the delicious, somewhat forbidden thrill of watching Stephanie sun herself. Just as he was about to give up and move on to the other side yard, she tossed her bikini top toward the patio. Darren grinned as her nipples came into view. They pointed skyward, almost daring him to come wrap his lips around them. But he steeled himself to finish the lawn first.

When he returned from the far side yard, pushing the mower back toward the shed, Stephanie had rolled over. Darren admired her nearly white cheeks. She must have pushed the bottoms in between her cheeks, he decided. As he drew near, he realized that she had shed the bottoms of her bikini too. The kids must be staying with her mother, Darren thought as he watched her lay completely nude, sunbathing. Her softly rounded butt was whiter than the surrounding tanned skin. He didn't know why she always thought her butt was bigger than Alaska. He liked it the way it was; soft and round and not quite firm.

Darren stowed the mower and the hedge clippers in the shed. He walked slowly back toward Stephanie. He surveyed the backyard. Between the hedge on the west and the fences behind and to the east, no one could see anything that might be going on in their back yard. He wondered if there was something going on in their backyard. He knew what he wanted to go on. Stephanie still hadn't even acknowledged his presence. Could she have forgotten? Did she have a plan or should he take the initiative?

Quietly, Darren walked over to where her bikini bottom and top lay on the grass. He picked each garment up and carried them back to the patio and dropped them beside his shirt. His glass was filled with lemonade again. Thanks, Steph, he said quietly raising his glass to her naked frame.

Darren turned the stereo on, and soon the strains of some soft rock and roll music began to fill the backyard. He grinned. The next chore he needed to do was water the lawn.

Quietly he grabbed the sprinkler and moved it so that it would cover the area Stephanie lay in. Then he walked back to the spigot. He turned the sprinkler on and hurried to be between Stephanie and the backdoor.

Stephanie shrieked as the cool water rained on her bare back. She sat up quickly and glared at him momentarily. She pulled the towel around herself to cover up and searched for her bikini. When she didn't see it, she glared at Darren. Darren was almost laughing when she finally stood and walked toward him.

A soft ballad began to play on the radio and Darren reached out to her. "May I have this dance, ma'am?"

Stephanie looked at him incredulously for a moment. She was soaked. Her towel was soaked and now Darren was getting his sweaty frame and shorts wet. Darren was sure she could see the bulge in the crotch of his shorts, it was rather obvious.

She laughed, "Why not?" She dropped her towel and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Not exactly what I had in mind," she whispered as she molded her body to his.

They swayed to the music for a song or two and then began to kiss. Darren reveled in the feel of her wet, cool skin against his fingertips. He longed to explore every inch of her. The water didn't dampen his urgency. If anything, he was hotter now, holding her wet, willing body against him than he had been while mowing. He caressed her back. He squeezed her ass. He felt her hard nipples poking into his chest. He hoped they were hard because she was getting excited. The more he caressed, the more excited he got. He had to have her and now. Each curve of her body was alive and exciting in this fantasy rainstorm.

Stephanie frowned when he stepped back. He unsnapped and unzipped his shorts. They and his soaked briefs were off in a heartbeat. Darren watched as she sat down and lay back on the wet turf. It was as if she could read his mind. Her hands beckoned him. Her legs spread as he knelt to join her.

"I always wanted to do it in the rain, Darren," she said, pulling his face to hers.

They kissed again. Darren could felt his cock twitch as her hands pulled at him. He started to reach down to position himself, but she was there already. He felt the head rub once, then twice between her slick lips. And then it was centered. He wasn't sure who moved first, but they both groaned as he was welcomed deep within her.

Their joining was fast and furious. The cool water raining down on them only served to speed their motions. Soon they were struggling to keep their passions quiet. Darren pounded into her. He felt Stephanie pushing back at him. Her hands and legs urged him onward.

Stephanie bit his shoulder as he felt her shudder beneath him. With a groan, he spent himself within her. Panting, Darren looked down at the gloriously naked wet body beneath him. Stephanie was smiling as she struggled to get her breathing back under control.

Soon, the water began to chill him. Darren pushed himself up and off of her and stood quickly, offering her his hand. They hurried naked to the patio where Stephanie produced two more towels. Darren dried himself off as he watched her doing the same.

"You thought I had forgotten, didn't you?" she asked.

"I did."

"That was fun," Stephanie smiled, wrapping the towel around her.

Darren smiled back. "Yeah, it was. Sorry about the sprinkler surprise."

"No, you're not."

"I guess you're right," Darren admitted. "I hope I didn't spoil your fantasy too much."

Stephanie picked up her bikini and opened the door. She turned back to him and smiled. "I enjoyed it."

"Yeah," Darren replied, taking her hand and following her into the house. "I guess I should have waited. I didn't know what you had in mind, just that I wanted you."

"Isn't that kind of what you had in mind?" Stephanie asked, setting the pitcher of lemonade on the counter and turning to face him.

"Kind of. I really didn't want one of us to usurp the other's fantasy, however. And I've done it twice now."

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